tagRomanceCyber Fun Ch. 02

Cyber Fun Ch. 02


(Please read chapter 1 of Cyber Fun, and don't forget to leave comments and vote.)

Red looked at her phone as it rang, blushing, he hadn't done this before. Rob had always suggested that they take care of themselves then come back to the computer. With slight hesitation she answered her phone.

"Yes." She said quietly into the phone.

"What took so long?"

"I was trying to decide whether or not to answer." Blushing so much now that her ears were red. "Not sure I'm ok with the whole phone sex idea."

"You can mute your phone if you want. I just wanted you to hear my voice while looking at the pictures."

"So your going to say what exactly?" She asked quizzically, his voice getting deeper and more seductive with ever passing second.

"I'm going to tell you exactly what I'd do to you if I were there, that's all."

"We could have done that on the computer."

"I wanted to hear your voice, and I wanted you to hear mine."

"Oh," She finally understood. Even though he said she could mute the phone, he really wanted to hear her reaction to what he was saying to her. Getting giddy she leaned back in her desk chair getting comfortable and asked "So what would you do to me if you were here?"

"Are you comfortable?" Rob asked with a chuckle.

"Mmmhmmm." Came her response. She idly chose a picture of his chest that also included a small section of his naked hip. She really didn't need it, because the images he'd sent her were right up there on being burned into her brain, and she could remember every detail. But she chose this picture because it defined those lines and curves that gave that six pack look with the "V" shaped muscles going to his pelvis.

"Ok then sit back and imagine that I'm there." His husky voice drifted through the phone line, and Red sat back, "I'd start by kissing you, gentle at first then growing in force."

Red let her mind wander off as she listened to him describe the fantasy. * He started kissing her gently, and then increased the pressure on her lips forcing his tongue into her mouth. His hands holding her face close to his, her hands gripping his biceps in a desperate attempt to keep him close. Their bodies pressed urgently into each other's, Rob's hands drifted to the hem of Red's shirt and tugged it up and over her breasts revealing her black satin like bra. Their lips only disengaged for moments as he lifted her shirt over her head, then removed his own. Pressing his mouth back on to hers he grinned at feeling her breasts crushed into his and the feeling of the satiny material against his bare skin.

Red moved her hands from Rob's biceps and traced the line up to his broad shoulders then down his spine to his narrow waist. Rob shivered then reached behind his back and took her hands in his, pushing her into her bedroom door and lifting her hands over her head. Shifting so he could hold both of her hands in his left hand, he let his right hand travel down her arm, feeling her shiver as his fingers lightly brushed the inside of her arm on the way to her breast.

His mouth claimed hers again as his large hand grabbed at her breast. He kneaded and fondled her breast, feeling her nipple responding to his touches. Rob took her hardened nipple between his fingers and pinched it roughly, and pulled it away from her body. Red moaned and arched her back, pushing her aching breast into Rob's hand. He took a moment to reach behind her to unclasp the material that enclosed her mounds, and regained her breast in his hand not bothering to take the material away.

"Keep em up." Was all he spoke as he added his left hand to the assaulting of her breasts. He pinched and pulled on her right breast as he had done with the left, his full hands cupping her full flesh. His mouth left hers, leaving her gasping for air. He traced a line down to her neck, nipping and sucking, leaving red marks on her white skin. He lowered his head and took a breast into his mouth, sucking her nipple between his lips. His tongue teased the tip of the aching bud, and then gently nipped it between his teeth, his hand never letting up on her other breast. Rob moved from one breast to the other, leaving now a red and painfully taught nipple in his wake, using his hands he unbuttoned her jeans and undid the zipper.

Red moaned feeling her nipples assaulted by Rob's large hands, his pinching and pulling and gentle nips sent heat all over her aching body. She could feel herself getting wetter as he worked his way ever slowly over her half naked form. Red heard her zipper lower and her heart beat even faster, and took in a sharp breath as she felt his hand rub over her panties. His hand cupped her mound and his fingers found her soaked center with ease. The red head pressed her mound into his hand as his fingers stroked her wet panties. (to be continued ;) )

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