tagInterracial LoveCynthia: A Fantasy Ch. 04

Cynthia: A Fantasy Ch. 04


I loved the fluttering excitement I felt in my stomach that always came whenever I let myself into Nathan's apartment, something I'd been doing for almost a year. I had fun reflecting on what his neighbors thought seeing a lone pretty white woman entering the apartment of a handsome black man. Nathan insisted that I have a key to his place and encouraged me to visit when ever I wished. He made every effort to let me know that I was special and that he had no other lovers; still I only stopped in on invitation. Invitations came whenever my husband was out of town on business; something Nathan knew, since they worked together. Nathan knew Tom was OK about me seeing him as long as I told him everything that went on.

On the coffee table in the living room were two full champagne glasses along with a recently opened bottle in ice. I made myself at home on the sofa, kicking off my shoes and taking a sip from one of the glasses. In each glass was a fresh peach slice, a nice touch. That's one of the things I loved about Nathan, he was full of nice touches.

Shortly, Nathan appeared from the kitchen, naked and carrying a large plate of chilled shrimp. We had fun surprising each other. That past winter, I arrived stark naked under my long coat; the look on Nathan's face when I took my coat off was priceless.

I loved looking at Nathan's beautiful black body, and he knew it. He was tall and dark with well defined muscles and little body hair. "Is this how you greet all of your guests now?" I asked teasingly.

"I only greet one special guest this way," he replied with a broad smile that revealed his bright white teeth. I loved the way the whiteness of his teeth contrasted with his dark complexion just as I loved the way my pale shin contrasted with his black skin.

After putting the shrimp on the coffee table, he gave me a lingering kiss as he sat down next to me. He raised his glass for a toast. "Welcome my love. May your visit be a memorable one."

"Thank you Nate. They always are."

We chatted about little things as we finished our champagne, but the air was charged with sexual tension. To me, champagne was an aphrodisiac, and I was gradually becoming more excited as I sipped my drink sitting next to this handsome, naked black man. I could see his penis start to twitch and grow just being in my presence. With my glass empty, I ate my peach slice. Nathan reached over and fed me his. His penis was beginning to stand upright as I licked his fingers, running my tongue around them and sucking several as if they were tiny penises themselves. I felt myself getting wet in anticipation.

Nathan slid closer so his bare thigh pressed against me. He placed an arm around my shoulders and we melted into a long, deep kiss. His tongue entered my mouth; mine followed his back. Our tongues danced as he started to fondle my breast through the thin fabric of my dress. My breasts are small so I usually went without a bra, making me all the more accessible to my lover. I submitted passively as his hands roamed over my body taking what liberties he desired, but my moans and my stroking of his head and neck begged him to continue. Although he was already naked, he drew out this foreplay. My nipples were taunt, stimulated by the friction of the thin fabric of my sun dress as Nathan passed his hands over them.

Eventually he untied and let my dress drop to my waist, giving him unencumbered access to my upper body. My breasts were very sensitive and as he fondled, nibbled and sucked on each of them I shuddered as a small orgasm overtook me. It was so erotic for me to see the contrast of his dark face against my pane white skin. He nibbled his way down my stomach, pausing to tongue my bellybutton.

I raised my hips so he could slide my dress past my hips and over my legs. Reaching my vagina, he lowered his head and slowly ran his tongue around the outer lips, tasting the juices already running strong. He circled my vagina with his tongue, catching my clitoris with each pass. The more I moved my hips, the more attention he gave my clitoris. I clutched his kinky hair on the verge of another, stronger orgasm, and with that signal, he tongued my clitoris rapidly, driving me to another orgasm that spread in ripples out from my clitoris through my body.

He kept working his tongue inside me as I moaned and raised my hips to him, but by then I hungered to have him deep inside me. I needed to feel his hard penis filling my vagina. I pulled him up to me, and he obliged, kissing his way back up to my mouth. I could taste myself on him as he kissed me hard and deeply. At the same time he slid his penis completely into me. My butt was on the edge of the sofa and he towered over me as he thrust in and out in a slow rhythm. I reacted meeting his thrusts with my own, driving him deeper into me with each thrust. Soon I was starting to cum again from his slow, measured pace. Nathan was strong enough that he had no problem lifting me up still impaled on his hard shaft so that he was standing with only his strong legs supporting us both. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his thighs as I bounced up and down on his wonderful hard rod, quickening the tempo to match my quickening orgasms. My distended nipples rubbed against his chest, lubricated by our mingled sweat. My orgasms were reaching a crescendo, one after another, almost continuous, each greater than the last. The only thing left was to feel his hot cum pump inside me.

I was lost in the lust of the moment. "I need you to cum inside me," I panted. "Please!"

Soon I felt his whole body tense. We both paused as I felt him ejaculate; filling my vagina and womb with is seed. He seemed to cum forever; I could feel the small jerking motion that accompanies each jet of his sperm.

He collapsed onto the couch, still hard inside me as I straddled him. I lay on him, my head on his shoulder, slick with sweat, for I don't know how long as we both caught our breath.

I was always amazed how long Nathan could stay hard. By the time we were both breathing normally, his penis was still stiff inside me. He lifted me off his well soaked manhood and moved behind me, entering me from the rear, that time lubricated by his own cum. I had the sofa to lean into as he repeatedly thrust into me. His pace was rapid and aggressive. Clutching my hips, he practically rammed us together. I could feel his balls slam against my clitoris with each thrust as I pushed my butt back to receive him fully.

That modified doggie style was a favorite position of mine, and I loved it. I came again quickly. After I moaned through my orgasm, Nathan came too, stopping mid-stroke as he filled me with even more cum.

We rested, naked on the sofa, as we drank more of the champagne and feasted on the shrimp. Occasionally we fed each other. It had been several weeks since we last were together, and we each brought the other up to date with the happenings in our lives. After we finished the shrimp and champagne, I had a pleasant buzz.

While feeling very full and satisfied, I felt I could still use just a little more of this handsome man. I begin to fondle Nathan's penis. Soon he was hard again, and I pulled him off the sofa by his penis to lie on the floor.

I straddled Nathan with my vagina just over his upright organ. I teased us both by brushing my labia against its head, sometimes allowing just the head to slip inside before I pulled away. He would raise his hips trying to follow me and stay inside. The head of his penis soon became shiny, lubricated by his own cum, left over from our last session and now flowing from my vagina along with my own sex juices. I placed my hands on his muscular shoulders to better facilitate my teasing.

He began to tweak my nipples between his strong fingers. The more I teased, the harder his nipple play became. Before long, he was pinching and twisting hard enough to cause real pain. What surprised me was that I was becoming even more excited with the pain heightening my arousal. While it hurt, I didn't want him to stop. I kept sliding on and off his penis biting my lower lip; never letting more than just the head pass my labia, swollen from excitement. I was growing hornier by the second.

Finally, I could take it no longer. I again needed to feel him deep inside me. In one quick movement, I impaled myself on his shaft, letting it sink into my natural sheath. I watched as his gleaming black penis was enveloped inside me. I loved to watch his blackness disappear into my white body. I always found that sight extremely erotic, displaying as it did the joining of opposites, man and woman, black and white.

I felt his firmness expand my vagina until I could feel the tip touch my cervix as he reached full depth, filling me completely. I rode him with wild abandon. The nipple play was over, as we both engaged in serious love-making.

Almost immediately orgasms overtook me in great waves as I bucked up, down and around on him. I heard myself half moaning, half screaming in ecstasy. I felt light-headed and dizzy, but my body craved more. He reacted with a rhythm and movement that drove me wild. It seemed forever until he came, and I kept riding one orgasm after another until he was finally limp inside me and I was completely exhausted.

I slowed and stopped, still straddling him, his softening penis barely inside me. We rested that way until his soft penis dropped out of my soaking vagina. We had finally worked ourselves to fulfillment.

Sex with Nathan was the best sex I had ever had, and having him as a lover added a dimension to my life that I never dreamed possible. First of all, he was a great physical specimen of a man. He was also a skilled, attentive and accomplished lover. We had been together enough by that time that we each knew what pleased the other, but not so much that our love making had become routine. To top it off, there was the element of the exotic and forbidden: interracial and extramarital sex. There was a special feeling that only Nathan could give me; we had a special bond.

I was amazed that my husband never tried to prevent me from seeing Nathan alone. At first, he might have objected, but I never asked his permission. I did however; always tell him afterwards in lurid detail what Nathan and I did together, which played to the voyeur in him. I also always made sure my husband knew that he was the man I loved and how much I admired him for having the self confidence to allow me to have a lover too.

Often I showered with Nathan before leaving, but that day I had other plans. After a while, I got up, retrieved my dress and slipped it on. I noticed bruises on my breasts and my nipples were tender from Nathan's rough attention so that the friction of the fabric hardened them again. They were quite noticeable as I kissed him good bye. It was already late, as Nathan and I had made love through most of the afternoon.

As I was about to kiss him goodbye, he surprised me by saying, "I love you and want you to stay here with me, always." He held me in his arms, tightly, reluctant to let go.

I was at a loss for words. I didn't want to hurt him. I had no intention of leaving Tom, but I suddenly realized that I had very deep feelings for Nathan also, and that he had become more than just a sexual diversion.

He offered no resistance as I freed myself from his embrace saying,"I need to go now Nate."

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