tagBDSMDaddy and Babygirl Ch. 05

Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 05


*Story not intended for readers under 18. Daddy and Babygirl are both over 18, and are not related, they are simply pet names they have given one another*


Daddy walks into the office and tells Babygirl to get off the computer and get ready to go to town.

Babygirl turns around and pouts at Daddy "but Daddy I'm in the middle of talking to my friends! Can't we wait just a little longer, please Daddy?"

Daddy walks over to the computer and unplugs it from the wall. "Now!" Daddy says sternly as He points towards the door.

"Yes Daddy."

Babygirl gets up from her chair and turns around to walk out of the office. Daddy slaps her ass hard once as she walks by Him. "Next time don't make Me tell you twice!"

"Yes Daddy." Babygirl rubs her ass as she walks out of the office and into the bedroom to get changed.

"You have 5 minutes to be downstairs in the car, don't test Me girl ... you will lose."

"Yes Daddy, I'll be right there."

Babygirl hurries to change her clothes and freshen up and then runs down the stairs and out to the car where Daddy is waiting for her. Her 5 minutes is up just as she shuts the door and grabs for the seatbelt.

"You're just bound to push it aren't you? "

"No Daddy, I just..." Babygirl stops talking as she feels Daddy's hand connect with the side of her face.

"You will be quiet when I am talking to you girl, I have had just about enough of this damn attitude of yours. You either get it under control or Daddy will adjust your attitude for you! Do you understand me?"

"No Daddy I don't understand! I don't understand why I couldn't just finish talking to my friends. It would have only taken a few minutes Daddy, why couldn't I just finish it! It's not fair! You always do that to me!" Babygirl crosses her arms and pouts.

Daddy looks over at Babygirl sternly, "are you serious? Are you serious! That's it, I have so had it with this little attitude act of yours. If I hear one more word come out of that mouth of yours, I am going to pull this car over and ..."

"And what Daddy? Spank me? Please ..." Babygirl challenges.

Daddy hits on the breaks as He starts to pull the car over to the side of the road. Babygirl starts to squirm in her seat, not thinking He would actually do it. He had always threatened, but He never actually did it.

"I'm sorry Daddy, I didn't mean it. I just..." Babygirl pleads with Him.

"Enough! You're not sorry, but you're sure going to be!" Daddy threatened.

Once Daddy has the car stopped on the side of the road, He opens His door and walks around to the other side of the car. Before He gets there Babygirl quickly locks the door so He can't open it. She knows she'll pay dearly for that, but she has to try to reason with Him before He really spanks her!

Daddy had His hand almost to the door when He saw her going for the lock. "You better unlock this door right now if you want to be able to sit at all for the next two weeks! You have until the count of 3 to unlock this door or so help me you will pay dearly. One ... Two ... Thr ..." Babygirl unlocks the door before He gets the word out. Daddy takes a deep breath before opening the door, trying to calm Himself.

Babygirl is really squirming in her seat now as Daddy opens up the door and just stands there glaring in at her. "Daddy, please I ..." Daddy slaps her hard across the face. "I think I've told you plenty of times to be quiet. If I was you I'd be doing just that."

Daddy starts to unbuckle His belt as Babygirl stares wide-eyed at Him. He reaches in and unlatches her seatbelt. "Turn around in your seat, now!" Babygirl looks at Him with pleading eyes as she leans her seat back and turns around in it. She places her knees on the edge of the seat with her feet sticking out of the door between Daddy's legs, and places her hands on the back seat.

Daddy folds His belt in half and starts smacking her ass and thighs with it. "You want to pout like a child, you want to test me like a child, and you want to talk back like a child then so be it. I will treat you like a child!" Daddy continues to land blows against her very tender ass. He stops momentarily to slide her pants and panties down. She reaches back to try and stop Him, not wanting anyone to drive by and see what they are doing. He hits her hands with the belt once, hard.

"Aaarghh!! That hurt Daddy!"

"Get your hands back where they belong, I never told you to move." Daddy slides her jeans and panties just down past her ass and brings His belt back again. He hits her bare ass 5 times hard and then stops. "Now sit in your seat and quit that damn pouting of yours."

Babygirl is sobbing as she reaches back to pull her pants back up, "yes Daddy." She winces as she sits down on her very sore ass. She leans towards the side to take some of the pressure off of her cheeks as Daddy gets in and pulls back out onto the road.

After a few moments of silence, Daddy brushes His hand against Babygirl's face and brushes the tears away. "Are you ready to be My good girl?"

Babygirl leans into His touch, "Yes Daddy, I'm ready."

"Good girl. Show Daddy how sorry you are for making Him angry."

"Yes Daddy," Babygirl leans over and unzips Daddy's jeans and pulls His cock out of His boxers. She spits on His hardening dick and uses her hand to rub it all around Him. She kisses Daddy's cock and then pushes the head into her mouth as she twirls her tongue around it, making it nice and wet. She sucks it tight into her mouth as she pushes her head further down. Daddy takes one hand off the steering wheel and pushes her head down further. She starts choking on Daddy's cock as He pushes her head further and further down. He finally lets up and she comes up for a big breath of air.

Babygirl continues using her mouth on Daddy's cock, squirming in her seat. Daddy reaches His hand over and rubs Babygirls ass. She flinches away from Him at first and then gives in to the pain. She moans around His cock and feels Daddy cock jump in her mouth.

"You've got 3 stoplights to go Babygirl, you better hurry it up!" Daddy challenges her.

Babygirl picks up the speed on her sucking and tightens her mouth around Him. She pushes her mouth down as far as she can, choking and gagging as she forces His cock in past her throat. Just as they pull up to the 3rd stoplight it turns red.

"Oh yeah baby, keep doing that, Daddy's almost there!"

Babygirl pushes her head down one last time and Daddy grabs the back of her head and forces her down further as He starts cumming into her throat.

Daddy pulls into a parking spot and zips up His pants as Babygirl wipes her mouth.

"Daddy I didn't know you were taking me to a movie! How am I going to sit for two hours in those seats!" Babygirl whines as she grabs her sore ass cheeks.

"Not really my problem now is it. Maybe you should have stopped the first time Daddy told you to, huh? Next time you need to listen, Daddy always has a reason!" Daddy winks at her as they walk into the theatre to get their tickets.

"Yes Daddy. I'm learning that ..." she hugs Him tight and places a kiss on His cheek. "I wonder what kind of fun we'll have in the theatre," she thinks to herself!

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