tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Boy

Daddy's Boy

byMr James©

Gary crept along the landing, past Mark, his Dad's bedroom door. Even though it was a Saturday night, Dad would still give him a hard time, if he realised that he was just getting in at two in the morning. Nineteen, he grumbled to himself, and still expected in before midnight.

Mark's room was lit by the bluish, ghostly light of the TV and Gary could hear his dad grunting. Gary tilted his head and peered around the edge of the door, taking care that he would not be seen. Mark was lying across the bed, naked, with his cock sticking out of his fist. He was hard and swollen, as he slowly stroked his thick cock. On the television screen, an older man was standing in front of a youth, with his cock thrust between the younger guy's lips.

The young guy on the video was swallowing the length of the older man's cock, then pulling his head back so that only the head remained in his mouth. Gary could see the bobbing of his Adam's apple, as the young guy swallowed the cock as it slid over the back of his tongue. Gary could feel the front of his jeans pressing against the bulge of his cock as it swelled in his boxers. He glanced at his Dad and saw him stroking an impressively hard erection. Mark's cock seemed to be even bigger than the guy's in the video and Gary wondered if he had ever had a blow job from a young guy. Gary watched Mark stroking and caressing his cock, the swollen head purple and shiny with the thin smear of his pre-cum glistening in the light of the TV screen.

Gary moved back from the doorway and carried on, down the landing, to his own room. Stripping out of his jeans and T-shirt he looked down at the bulge in his boxers, where his cock had swollen and was pushing at the soft cotton. He looked in the mirror on the back of his wardrobe door and saw his smooth nineteen-year-old body, slim but broad shouldered with a hefty bulge in his boxers. Pushing them down to his ankles, he let his cock spring free, pointing towards his chest, with his balls tight at the root. His balls were covered in peachy fuzz, and his cock was swollen and purple.

Taking his cock in his hand, Gary began to slowly stroke the swollen length, gliding his hand back and forth along the shaft, peeling the fold of his foreskin back so that the single eye winked at him in the mirror. Closing his eyes, he imagined the taste of a cock, just before it spurted a thick string of cum. He had licked his fingers clean after a good wank, but never before had he even thought about being with another guy or, specifically, a man his Dad's age. His hand moved faster, his fingers curling around the base of his shaft and gripping his cock firmly.

Gary did not realise that the sounds from his Dad's bedroom had tailed off. The video had wound to a finish and Mark could hear Gary's grunting and heavy breathing from down the landing. This time it was Gary who was being watched, as he stroked his rampant cock until it throbbed and his balls tightened. Stepping inside the room and pushing the door closed behind him, Mark moved closer, his cock jutting out in front of him, until he could reach out and grasp Gary's cock. Slowly, he curled his hand around his son's cock and began to run his fist back and forth, along the length of Gary's shaft. Gary's eyes flicked open and he looked down to see Mark's fist engulfing his cock and Mark's own cock jutting out from under the curve of his belly.

Gary groaned and reached out, grabbing his Dad's cock and stroking it. This was the first time he had touched anyone else's cock and he ran his hands over the shaft, feeling the hot blood filling it, and pressing his fingers against the swollen vein along the top. Mark's cock twitched in his hand and he closed the fingers to capture the hard rod in his fist, slowly stroking it and feeling the slippery bead of his pre-cum moistening the tip.

"Kneel down." Mark ordered Gary.

Gary obeyed, lowering himself to his knees, so that the tip of his Dad's cock was almost touching his lips. He could see the clear pearl of his Mark's pre-cum oozing from the dark eye and he reached up to smear the slippery fluid over the shiny, plum-coloured tip of his Dad's cock. Mark reached down and rested his hand on the back of Gary's head, holding him still, as he tilted his hips forward, pushing his hard, erect cock, closer to his son's mouth. Gary could only watch as the swollen head drew closer to his lips. The sharp tang of his Mark's pre-cum filled his nostrils and, almost dazed, Gary opened his mouth and licked the shiny tip of his Dad's cock.

Mark pushed his hips forward, the tip of his cock sliding between Gary's lips and onto his tongue. Gary felt the swollen head filling his mouth and he tried to pull his head back, but Mark's hand held him there as he thrust his cock, slowly, into Gary's mouth.

Gary felt the bulb of his Dad's cock pressing against his tongue and moving to the back of his throat. Gary sucked on the hard knob in his mouth and tried to swallow to ease the pressure but, because he had never even thought of sucking a cock before, he gagged on the tip of Mark's shaft. Coughing and retching, he managed to pull away and knelt on the floor, chest heaving as he fought to draw a breath.

"You'll have to learn to suck cock, Son." Mark informed him, coolly.

"S-s-sorry, Dad." Gary replied, "It's just that I've never done anything with a guy before and your cock is so big, I thought I would choke."

Mark's cock was still hard and throbbing, even more than earlier. He looked down at his son's red face and streaming eyes, realising that he looked just like the guy in the video. Mark had his hand on his cock again, stroking himself slowly, sliding his slippery foreskin over the tip of his cock and back again to reveal the shiny, slick, glans. Gary watched Mark as he moved his fist along his cock from balls to glans and back again.

"Bend over the side of your bed." Mark ordered, firmly.

Gary shuffled to the side of his bed and leaned over the mattress, his hands spread over the sheets and his tender ass raised in the air. Mark moved behind him and began to stroke the tip of his cock down the cleft between his ass cheeks, smearing pre-cum over the dark bud of Gary's virgin asshole. Gary tried to straighten up, but Mark's hand pressed heavily between his son's shoulders, holding him down. Mark took hold of the base of his cock with his other hand and guided the blunt tip towards Gary's tight asshole. Gary moaned softly as he felt the pressure of his Dad's cock against the tightly clenched bud.

Mark used the tips of his fingers to spread Gary's cheeks and open the tight ring of his back door. Gary whimpered as he felt Mark pushing against his asshole, slowly and painfully stretching it with the head of his erect cock. Gary's whimpering protest excited Mark even more and he held his son still, while he savoured the pressure of a virgin asshole against the tip of his cock. Mark pressed harder, the tip of his cock stretching Gary's asshole. Gary clutched at the bedclothes, moaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure, as he felt his Dad's cock pushing against his asshole. Mark looked down at his rigid shaft nestled between his son's buttocks with the bulbous head pressing into the hot tight hole. The tip of his cock had sunk a little way into Gary's anus, but the ridge of his swollen, purple bulb was still only just between Gary's cheeks. Mark inhaled deeply and gripped Gary's ass, holding him firmly. Then, with a convulsive thrust, he rammed the head of his cock past the tight ring of Gary's asshole and into his anus. Gary screamed as Mark's cock pierced his ass, feeling as though he was being torn in two. Mark just carried on increasing the pressure of his thrust, sliding his cock, slowly, into Gary's ass.

"Dad," Gary sobbed, "You're too big. It hurts. Please stop."

"Be quiet and relax," Mark ordered, "It gets better once I've broken you in."

Mark felt Gary's thighs pressing against his tight sac, and he could feel the trembling of his son's muscles as he surrendered his ass to his father. Mark paused, letting Gary become used to the feel of a cock buried in his ass. Gary moaned softly, firstly in pain and then, as he relaxed, in pleasure at the feel of a cock in his virgin ass. Mark waited, patiently, for Gary to relax and then began to gradually work his cock in and out. The friction of Mark's cock made Gary's ass burn, at first, and he whimpered at the new pain. Slowly, the burning pain subsided to a warm feeling of pleasant fullness and Gary's whimpers became soft moans of pleasure.

Mark had been waiting for Gary's ass to relax and as he felt the yielding of his son's virgin anus, he began to work his cock faster and harder. Gary trembled, all over, as Mark pounded into his ass, the slap of his balls against his son's thighs and ass loud in the room. Gary was grunting with every thrust, the sound of him taking his Dad's cock deep in his bowels exciting Mark until he was ramming his swollen cock hard and deep.

"Oh God," Gary sobbed, "Fuck me Dad, fuck me hard until you cum in my ass."

Mark grunted and took a firmer grip on Gary's ass, then thrust hard and deep. Gary lifted his ass higher, pushing back onto Mark's rigid cock. A low groan slipped through Gary's lips as he felt his ass filled with Mark's cock. Mark grunted as he drove the length of his cock deep into Gary's dark hole. The blood pounded within his shaft and he could feel the cum beginning to bubble along his cock. Gary whimpered as he felt his Dad's cock stiffening inside him, swelling and stretching his burning asshole even further. Marks' cock began to jerk and Gary could feel hot waves of cum spraying against the tender walls of his ass. The as the hot cum splashed against the tender walls of his bowel, Gary felt his own cock begin to jerk and thick strings of sperm sprayed over his belly and the front of his thighs. He groaned as his heavy balls emptied onto the floor, the spurts splashing from his cock in time to the stinging jets sprayed from Mark's thick cock into his ass.

Mark's cock slowly softened and slid out of Gary's bruised and tender anus. Looking down, Mark could see smears of cum and filth from his son's ass, spread along the shaft. The plopping sound of Mark's cock head slipping out of Gary's aching asshole sounded loud, over Gary's sobs of pleasure and pain. Mark watched as a thick glob of his cum oozed out of his son's slowly closing asshole and slid down the inside of his thigh. Without speaking, Mark stood up and left the room, closing the bedroom door behind him, leaving Gary to the realisation that he had just given his virgin ass to his father.

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