tagBDSMDaddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl


When I came back home he was already there. Slowly I started to undress, carefully taking off my skirt and silk shirt. I unhooked my bra and slipped off my panties and set them next to the pile before putting my collar on. Quickly I ran to the bathroom to check my makeup (I wanted to look perfect for Daddy). After a quick fix, I walked to the room we called his office.

He sat in front of his laptop working quietly, still in his day clothes. He was so into his work he didn't notice me standing naked in the doorway. I cleared my throat to try and get his attention, but once he looked I blushed and averted my eyes. I took my time walking to him, and I slowly lowered myself to my knees beside him at my rightful place.

"Good girl," I heard him whisper as he kissed the top of my head and went back to work.

More than an hour passed before he was finished working. My knees hurt from the hardwood floors but I was in no place to complain. I knew he was finished when he hooked his finger through the loop of my collar and lifted me up to give him a kiss. "Did you miss Daddy while he was at work?" he asked me. I silently nodded and gave him a little smile. He pecked me on the cheek and stood up. He clipped my leash to the collar around my neck.

I sat patiently on the bed playing with my leash while Daddy stood in front of me, soaking up every inch of my naked body with his eyes; my perky breasts, my hard nipples, my shaved pussy. I wanted so bad for him to touch me but I was to remain quiet. He smacked his whip absentmindedly on his thigh as he thought. I was getting wet in anticipation. I knew I was going to be punished.

"Up." he said, motioning for me to stand. I stood quickly, trying not to look him in the eyes. He took my place on the bed and took hold of my leash. Forcefully he pulled me to him and laid me down on his lap. "You misbehaved today, didn't you?" his breath was hot in my ear. I nodded and he yanked once, hard, on my leash. "I want to hear you say it," he growled. "I misbehaved today Daddy," I whimpered. He smiled and ran a hand down my back and down to my ass. His hand squeezed and massaged it and I closed my eyes, knowing what was coming next.


I inhaled sharply. His spankings always stung... And I loved it that way. But that was only his hand. He still had his whip. Just as the thought of the whip crossed my mind, I felt it. He ran it lightly against my thighs and back to tease me. I shivered and he chuckled.

"You were a bad girl today..." he mumbled, and...


This time it was his whip that smacked my ass again, and again and again. I cried out in pain and my eyes teared up. Daddy laughed and kissed where he whipped me, before giving me another spanking. "Poor baby," he whispered as he pulled my head up by my collar to look at my face. i averted his gaze, which made him a little angry. He grabbed my throat forcefully and put his face close to mine. I looked, and he loosened his grip. "Be a good girl and get on your knees."

Daddy stood up as I lowered myself to my knees. I looked up at him and gave him a sweet little smile. He patted my hair and unzipped his pants. My mouth started to water as he removed his thick hard cock from his boxers. I started to lean forward when he yanked my leash hard, making me fall back on my sore ass. "No. You get to beg for it, pet" he grinned.

"Daddy," I whispered, "Oh Daddy please. Please, I need your dick so bad. More than anything. I know I don't deserve it after being bad but oh, please may I have a little taste?" Tears rolled down my cheeks. Thats just what he wanted.

He smiled down at me and stepped closer. I took that as a yes and grinned. My tongue licked up his shaft and swirled around the head ever so slowly at first, like a little girl licking an ice cream cone shes waiting so long for. I then wrapped my full lips around him and started to suck. He then took me by surprise by grabbing my ponytail of brown hair and forcing my head down to shove his dick deeper down my throat. My eyes started to water as I tried to take it all in. I could feel my dripping wetness between my thighs and wanted so bad to feel him touch my pussy but I knew Daddy needed to be pleased first.

I heard him moan and looked up to see him biting his lip in pleasure. He let go of my hair just a bit. I continued to suck, and started to squeeze his balls too. He moaned a little louder. I could hear him telling me I was a good girl, a good pet as I felt his precum drip into my mouth.

"So yummy, Daddy." I giggled as I wiped my mouth after he pulled me away.

He smiled and once again pulled me up by my collar. "You did a good job, but you still need to be punished."

I was tied to the bed by rope. My hands above my head and my legs spread. A ball gag was placed in my mouth. "Now, no cumming until I allow you to."

Already a fair amount of my drool was dripping down my chin and onto my breasts. Daddy was also at my breasts, playing with my nipples. One had pinched and pulled and squeezed, while his mouth did work on the other. I closed my eyes in ecstasy as I felt his tongue swirl around. His teeth gently pulled and nibbled at first, before biting harder. A moan escaped from my gagged mouth. Daddy switched nipples, making each wet and swollen and sore. His other hand was in my dripping wet pussy. Slowly inserting one finger at first and playing around with my clit, then shoving in another. I moaned loud. More drool dripped down. He was finger fucking me hard now, and I moved in time with him.

I could feel my orgasm coming. I tried so hard to keep it in but I had to let go. My back arched and my hips lifted, my eyes still shut tight. This one was big. My body shook and convulsed as waves of pleasure rolled over me. The rope cut against my wrists as I struggled against it. When it stopped I breathed hard out of my nose. Daddy was sitting on his knees with his arms crossed. He shook his head at me, disappointed. "Now, now baby girl. What did I say about not cumming? You've made a mess. Now you have to clean it up."

The wet ball gag was removed and I sucked in a big breath. Daddy ran three fingers along my pussy, making them very wet. Then they were shoved into my mouth. I licked and sucked my cum off of his fingers. Remove, breathe, lick, repeat until the mess is mostly gone. "Now, I want a taste," he smirks.

Daddy didn't put the ball gag in the next time. He kissed down my chest to my thighs. I felt his tongue flick against the outside of my pussy. I clenched my fists. The rope was rubbing my wrists raw. Slowly he inserted his tongue into my wetness as he stuck a finger into my tight asshole. Surprise. I gasped and I felt him smile. His stubble rubbed me as raw as the rope and it made me even more wet. His tongue flicked my clit 1, 2, 3, 4 times back and forth. I heard him slurp. "You are soaked," he whispered. My legs started to ache from the ties. I wanted his hard dick so bad, more than I've ever wanted anything at that moment.

"Oh Daddy..." I started, "Oh Daddy please... I need your dick in me," He was still licking my pussy as I start to beg, so between each word I shiver. I couldn't take it. "Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me now and fuck me HARD!" I pretty much yelled. I heard his laugh. "Since when did you give orders?" he growls.

I closed my eyes. Whoops. Not the brightest move. But even so, I felt him untying my binds. I sighed happily, but as I do he yanked my leash. He yanked very, very hard. "You don't give orders, pet. But even so Daddy will be nice and give you his dick. But we'll do it his way." I whimpered and my eyes teared up. He grabbed me hard by the neck and licked my cheek. I was then shoved onto my hands and knees.

He rubbed his dick along my pussy, getting it wet. He trailed it up my ass and around my tight asshole. Slowly pretending to begin and stick the head in to tease me. Again I whimpered. I wanted it. I wanted it so bad. I was about to beg but then he shoves it all in. All of it. His huge hard dick rammed into my ass and his balls slap against my pussy. I loved the sound that makes. I yelled. He wrapped the leash around his hand and tugs, choking me as he pulls out and shoves back in. So much pleasure, so much pain. I have the perfect Daddy.

I started to cry. Oh, Daddy loves when the tears come. He knows hes doing his job perfectly when there are tears. He leaned over me and licks them off. He moaned in my ear. I'm moaning, I'm crying, I'm nearly screaming. He was still ramming his cock in me. He alternates between spanking me, chocking me and scratching my back. But when he leans over on top of me and grabs my breasts I know he is close to cumming.

Suddenly and forcefully he pulled out and flipped me on my back. He was then on top of me, his dick in my tight pussy. It went in easily from how wet I am. I clutched the sheets and bit my lip until it bled I'm being fucked so hard. He was going as deep and hard as he was able and oh, God I was about to cum a monster of an orgasm. I knew he was too. I saw it in his eyes, and I could gauge it by how hard his nails were digging into me. He was breaking the skin and I felt the start of blood. Oh, God yes. I wanted more more more! I wanted to feel him cum hard. I was screaming then, out of pain and out of pleasure. My back was arching again, my hips were lifting again. Daddy was going slower but hes still fucking me hard. Just as the first waves of my orgasm rolled over me I felt him shake, too. His face was next to mine and his breath was hot in my ear. He groaned and moaned as his huge load emptied into me. He took his dick out but he still wasn't not done. Some of it shots onto me and I immediately wiped it up in my fingers and licked it off. My tongue lapped up his cum from my hand, just as it did when I was cleaning my mess. Suddenly it hit me. My mouth opens wide, but no sound came out. I closed my eyes and I was still clutching the sheets. My body shook and bucked as I came harder than I ever had in my life! I convulsed from it, I blacked out for a few seconds. I felt in between my thighs whats happening. Oh, God it felt so good.

I laid there panting, sweaty and sticky. I was sore all over. My pussy was sore, my ass was sore, my wrists were sore and my throat was sore. I was tired from that orgasm. Daddy laid next to me. He nuzzled his face into my neck. "You were so good, baby girl. You were so good for Daddy. I'm so proud of you baby. I love you," he said as he kissed my neck. We were still dirty but he pulled me to him. My head rested on his chest and he stroked my hair. He was happy and I was happy. He lifted my chin to kiss me passionately before I closed my eyes. I rested my forehead against his chin as our legs tangled together.

"I love you too Daddy," I said, before drifting to sleep.

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