Daisy Does The Dukes


Daisy made eye contact and smiled, saying softly, "This is your pussy guys. Let's see what you can do with it."

Bo, unable to contain himself, groaned as he shot a huge load of cum towards the ceiling, his long cock standing proudly by itself. Daisy stepped to the couch, leaning down so that her tits almost escaped their confinement, and kissed the bulbous head of Bo's cock. "Umm, you taste good. Why don't you get me a beer while I help Luke catch up?"

Bo jumped up and headed to the bar as Daisy stepped onto the couch, straddling Luke's hips. Reaching behind her to undo the Velcro fastener of the skirt, she pulled it from around her hips and flung it across the room, leaving her now-bare pussy just inches from Luke's face. He instinctively slid his hands up the backs of her thighs and massaged her ass as she slowly humped ever closer to his face. Finally able to kiss those puffy, blood-engorged lips, Luke did so with tenderness, as if the petals of Daisy's cunt were delicate flowers.

"Damn, Luke, lick it. Don't be shy!" said Daisy as she pushed her pussy further onto his face. Her clit was peeking from its hood and demanded attention. Luke did as requested and soon had his tongue buried in the folds of Daisy's smoldering cunt. As they continued their sensuous joining, Bo returned with a single beer.

"Spray it on my titties," said Daisy as she leaned her body back while maintaining contact with Luke's busy tongue. Bo walked to the back of the couch and shook the beer with his thumb over the bottle opening. Aiming towards Daisy's tits, he moved his thumb and sprayed beer over her entire chest, turning her white shirt sheer and causing her erect nipples to strain against the fabric even more.

Bo couldn't restrain himself any more, reaching for the knot holding her tits in place and practically tearing the flimsy garment off her chest and shoulders, exposing her massive breasts to the air and his mouth. He attacked the twin orbs, holding them so that he could kiss and lick them salaciously, then sucking each nipple until it extended even further. Daisy leaned towards him, resting her hands on his shoulders, presenting her titties for his consumption.

Luke, still licking her pussy, slid a finger into her wet cunt and began working it in and out. By now, Bo had covered her tits with a coat of saliva and was having trouble keeping them in his mouth or hands. Realizing this, Daisy squeezed them with her arms, giving him a better target. Luke slid another finger into her cunt and soon found her g-spot, his tongue massaging her clit.

Daisy grabbed Luke's head and crushed his face to her pussy as she climaxed. Bo held onto her nipples, pinching them in time with her moans and spasms. Finally, she looked down at her two lovers and said, "Well, since Luke's the only one who hasn't come, I think I need to fuck him first. Lie down on your back and let Daisy show you some more tricks."

Luke slid to the floor and turned onto his back, his thick cock swaying in the air proudly. Daisy stood over him and fingered her cunt, causing it to drip juice on Luke's chest, then his dick. "See how wet I am for you Luke? I'm gonna fuck you silly with this slick pussy. You ready?" she asked, swaying her hips from side to side.

"Fuck yeah I'm ready. Get that pussy down here and slide it on my cock. I can't stand much more teasing," he said, holding his stiff cock steady for her to impale herself on. And impale herself she did, sliding down Luke's fat cock to his balls in one move.

"Damn, you're big," she said breathlessly. "It'll take a minute to get going. I've never had my pussy stretched like this! God it feels good!" By now her juices had coated his cock and she began a slow humping motion. Not wanting to miss any delicious contact with his cock, she simply humped back and forth, occasionally moving her pussy in a circular motion. When she did this, Luke moaned loudly.

"You like that, Stud? I can feel your cockhead on both my pussy walls! Want me to fuck you like that?" she asked, never losing her rhythm.

"Hell yeah! Wiggle your cunt on my cock! I can feel your walls milking my cum. It won't take long. Fuck meeee!" he shouted, as he came, his hips jerking violently, almost throwing Daisy off. She stuck to the task at hand and continued to grind her pussy lips onto the base of his cock, not wanting to come, but enjoying the sensations of such a fat dick in her tight hole. Finally Luke's cock plopped from her pussy, and she stood up.

"Well Bo, what's your pleasure?" she asked, as she sat next to him on the couch.

"I'd like some of what he had," said Bo enthusiastically, leaning over to kiss Daisy's pouty lips and fondle her swinging breasts.

"How about I show you a few stripper tricks first?" she asked, climbing onto his lap, her back to his chest.

"OK" said Bo, "but I can last a little longer this time."

Using her thighs, she had managed to capture Bo's cockhead with her outer lips. Suddenly, it was as if a switch had been flipped in her cunt. She moved her ass, shaking it round and round, causing Bo to think he would lose contact. Her muscle control was amazing, maintaining contact between her pussy and Bo's bulbous cockhead, yet not allowing it to slide in. She gyrated round and round until Bo thought his dick would become unscrewed. She finally slowed and looked over her shoulder, asking," How's that Stud? Want more?"

"You fuckinA!" he yelled, wanting to fuck up into that steaming cauldron of sex, but holding off, waiting until Daisy had finished her show. And show off she did-working her pussy up and down, round and round, and finally holding perfectly still and letting her super developed cunt muscles to milk his cock rhythmically. Bo couldn't take much more and pleaded, "Daisy, slide down my cock and let me fuck you!"

"Luke, you think you're ready again?" she asked.

"Hell, yeah," he said, moving to Daisy's face and holding his cock level with her mouth. "Suck this while you fuck Bo's brains out!"

Daisy slid down Bo's long cock, allowing her cunt lips to mash against the base of his dick and balls. When Luke was close enough, she grabbed his cock and licked around the head, taking her time, and driving Bo mad.

"Damn, y'all! I'm going crazy here. Do something Daisy!" he told her.

Daisy, knowing just how far she could push her sexy cousin, took her time licking Luke's engorged cockhead, noting its size and color. "Luke, I think that's the prettiest, biggest dickhead I've ever seen. If I wasn't sitting on Bo's long, sexy cock, I'd give you the blowjob of your life! We'll save that for another playdate. Right now, just feed it to me slowly while I fuck your cousin."

As if on cue, she began a slow back and forth humping motion on Bo's dick, feeling it throb as her pussy massaged it. Luke slid his thick meat into her mouth, amazed that she could give absolute attention to both cocks simultaneously, yet glad to be the recipient of her oral ministrations. Never breaking eye contact with Luke, she increased the speed of her cunt on Bo's cock, realizing that he was close.

She increased the pressure on Luke's shaft, fondling his balls and squeezing them gently. Removing her mouth from Luke's cock, she asked, "You boys ready?"

"Oh, yeah!" they exclaimed in unison. Daisy swallowed Luke's cock in one motion, burying her nose in his pubic hair and at the same time, splaying her legs so that she was grinding her cunt on Bo's pelvis. As she increased her speed, Bo grabbed her hips and pulled her down even further as he shot a massive load of jism deep in her pussy. Luke held her head in place and fucked her face as he also emptied his balls of all their spunk.

Feeling all that cum drove Daisy over the brink and she let loose with a scream as she came with one of those mind-numbing, nerve-tingling climaxes that only come occasionally. Her body continued to fuck Bo and her lips milked Luke's cock for every drop. Finally, her breath became regular and the three disentangled themselves, lying on the floor, Daisy between the Bo and Luke.

"Welcome Home, Duke boys!"

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