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"You corrupt me."

Moran Grimwold lay upon her bed, naked. A sheen of sweat still covered his body from their recent, and what could only loosely be called, lovemaking.

"Do I, Paladin?" She turned her back to him; he didn't notice the corner of her mouth turned upward slightly at his involuntary flinch. "Strange, I don't recall dragging you in chains to my bed." The Sapphire Wichta pivoted enough to silhouette her nude form in the moonlight that streamed through the window. The light illuminated her, giving an almost ethereal glow to the pale skin of her breasts as they rose and fell with each breath. He could feel his passion rise again, damn her. Damn him.

"Your chains are not those that can be cut by steel and fire, yet they bind me as fast as those that would bind a dragon."

She turned to face him, slowly, teasingly. "And have I bound that dragon, Sir Paladin?" L'ree approached him again, the sway of her breasts and her hips taunting him, promising him more pleasures. "Have I tamed that strong heart that beats, Paladin?" She taunted him, dared him, tested him. "Can you say you have tasted and want no more?"

His breath ragged, he could feel his heart leaping from his chest. Indeed he had tasted, tasted her warm kisses, tasted her willing flesh. Indeed - it wasn't enough. Damn her. Damn him. He could only shake his head, trying to say 'no more' and only meaning 'no'.

"L'ree." He said her name, rolling it on his tongue, tasting it. Bitter. Sweet. "Is that your true name, or only the one you choose to give?"

"My Truename is for none to know. As for 'L'ree' it is the name I've had since my thirteenth year. So, yes, it is my name."

"What was your name before, the name given by your mother?" A pained, dark look crossed her face. He swore he saw her emerald eyes flash with a light of their own.

"There was no before, Paladin. Only now. Do not ask again."

Moran felt a brief twinge of fear. Was it that, or the pain he saw in her eyes that excited him even more?

L'ree's countenance softened again. She stood beside the bed and placed one knee upon it invitingly. Moran reached out to touch her, to caress the smooth, pale skin of her inner thigh. A glimpse of the glistening dew gathered between her legs was the final spark that renewed his fire of desire. Reaching upward, he brought his hand up to her flower and stroked gently, marveling at the wetness that ran down his fingers. She closed her eyes and moaned as her hips gyrated slowly.

Leaning over him her mouth closed on his. Her tongue dove in, intertwining with his as it played about teasingly. He could feel her breasts rub lightly up and down his chest as her body rocked to the motion of his hand between her legs.

Placing one hand on his chest, her nails scraped his flesh lightly as her other hand found his manhood. With a feather touch she ran her fingers down its length then stopped to cup his balls gently. Her own breath was heavy as his fingers continued their wet explorations. He massaged her clit gently, then sent his fingers inside her.

Moving her hand to his hardness she grasped it briefly, teasing. She ran her fingers along the length of his cock, brushing the head with her fingertips, then back down again. Her hand matched the rhythm of his, moving up and down his shaft, her fingers exploring his length as he explored her depths. He moaned softly when she grasped his cock more firmly and began stroking it.

He intertwined the fingers of his free hand in her long, chestnut hair and pulled her down for another kiss. Her sighs of pleasure stoked the flame of his passion even hotter. Letting loose her hair, his fingers traced a line of fire to her breasts. He cupped one, rubbing his thumb across her nipple and around the areola. L'ree responded by evoking a low squeal of pleasure as she rocked her hips even harder against his hand.

Running his fingers lightly from her breast up to her neck, he felt her shiver and her breath quicken. Releasing him suddenly, she brought her other hand up to his chest, digging her fingernails into his skin as her hips bucked in climax.

Squeezing her eyes shut tightly she let out a small cry as her hips gyrated against his hand. She clenched and unclenched her fists, scraping her fingernails against him as the wave of pleasure carried her along.

Finally, she pulled away and sat back on her leg. Moran watched in fascination as she brought his hand, wet with her juices, up to her mouth and slowly started licking his fingers. L'ree ran her tongue from the palm of his hand, sending a lightning bolt of pleasure down his spine, to each finger. Slowly she licked around each finger before taking it into her mouth, sucking softly before moving to the next. When she was done, she took his hand in hers and brought her other leg up on the bed. Then she threw her leg over him, straddling his chest.

"Now you," she said softly. "Taste me, Paladin."

L'ree felt his hands grasp her ass. He could smell the scent of her passion as he brought her glistening nether lips closer. Taking her into his mouth, he reveled in the warm, wet taste of her. He teased her clit, flicking it back and forth with his tongue. She wrapped her hands over the rail at the head of the bed as she rolled her head around. The pleasure was almost unbearable. L'ree bit into her lip as she forced back a cry.

Moran's tongue moved deeper, thrusting into her. He could feel the tickling trail of her juices run across his cheeks and down his chin even as he strove to catch each intoxicating drop. Taking her nub between his lips again, he sucked and rolled it around. He grasped the witch's hips tighter, fighting to hold her close to him. His tongue played her, one moment hard, thrusting. The next, dancing with a nimbleness that was swiftly rushing her forward toward her peak again.

Grinding her hips against him, feeling his tongue explore the soft folds of her sex, she couldn't hold any longer. L'ree let go, her climax taking her completely, exploding through her with a fire that burned to her very soul. Moran didn't stop, his tongue still dancing, torturing her. Her breath heavy and her cheeks flushed, she looked down at him. Seeing him there, feeling his tongue between her legs, she came again. Her back arched as the waves of pleasure pounded her consciousness.

As the waves subsided, L'ree took his hands in hers and pulled away from him. She forced his hands back, to either side of his head, as she slide her hips down his stomach to rest on his manhood. The witch looked into his eyes as she moved her hips across his hardness, rubbing her clit down and up the length of his cock before taking him inside her.

He threw his head back and gasped for breath, her heat was like nothing he had ever felt before. Slowly she forced her hips down, taking him completely inside her, holding him there. Then, releasing his hands, she placed hers on his chest and began moving her hips, rocking them, sliding up his length threatening to release him, then taking his hardness inside again. L'ree's fingernails dug deep, red depressions in him, melding the pain and the pleasure into a single, hot, blood rush.

Moran cupped her breasts, squeezing them gently then ran his fingers across her nipples, up the soft curve of her pale skin to her neck. One hand he placed on the back of her neck, running his fingers through her silken hair, the other caressed her cheek. She thrust downward on him, feeling him inside her. Moran's hips rose to meet hers, sending a shiver through her body. She took one of his fingers in her mouth, sucking on it, playing it with her tongue as he had played her with his.

L'ree could feel her climax building. Each thrust of her hips down his manhood, taking him deep, enveloping him, brought her closer. His breaths too grew short, his hips bucking upward to meet hers, her hot wetness stroking him faster and faster.

"Tell me you love me, Paladin," she whispered.

In their frenzied passion, she couldn't tell if he heard her. She thrust down his length and stopped, holding him deep within her. "Tell me you love me."

'No', but he didn't say it, couldn't say it even though he wanted to. Damn her. Damn him.

L'ree rose up slowly, almost releasing his hardness before taking it in her again. She couldn't hold back her desire much longer.

"Can your goddess love you like this?" she said breathlessly. "Can you feel the pleasures we've felt this night with her?" Gods it was unbearable, she began moving her hips in a rapid rhythm, almost drowning out his moan of pleasure with her own.

He shook his head, almost imperceptibly, trying to deny it. She could see it in his eyes though, his face bright and red. She brought her lips close to his as their hips danced and thrust.

"She cannot, I can see it in your eyes. I can feel it with every thrust of your sex into me."

She deftly reached one hand beneath the mattress, holding his attention with her eyes and the thrust of her hips around him.

"Tell me of your love, my Paladin." She leaned forward further, bringing her head to rest against his shoulder, which slowed but did not lessen the motion of their bodies. She kissed the line of his shoulder blade, tasting the salty sweat gathered there. She rocked her hips faster; it almost didn't matter, so close was she. He throbbed within her.

Finding her goal, she flicked the scabbard off of the dagger's blade. Blue light flashed across the runes as she brought it to lay next to his head, Moran unaware of the deadly edge so close to him.

L'ree raised away from him slightly, it was almost too late, she could not stop herself from taking him, releasing their passion. She leaned close to his ear one last time.

"Tell me you love me."

Tears raced down her cheeks as she brought the blade to her mouth and ran her tongue along its edge. The bright flash of pain mixed with pleasure as her blood mixed with her saliva and she felt the first wave of her orgasm crash against her soul.

"Tell me you love me!" she cried, her climax turning it almost into a scream. He thrust his hardness into her once more.

"I love you."

L'ree took his mouth with hers, only a brief glimpse of ruby red blood on her lips did he have before the fire exploded through their bodies. They muffled each other's cries as their bodies danced together. Her tongue twisted in his mouth, the hot, coppery taste of her blood, the sweetness of her lips sent him to the edge of consciousness. The world disappeared as she took him body and soul deep within her, her spirit enveloping his, enslaving his.

Damn her. Damned him.

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