tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDancing in the Mirrors

Dancing in the Mirrors


You are upstairs watching TV and I am in the dance studio. After a while of dancing I sit facing the mirror. I am suddenly really turned on looking at myself. I pull my feet back to bring up my knees and I spread them wide. My nipples are hard just sitting there looking at myself. I run a finger over my nipple making it stand more erect. Then I run my finger over the other nipple. They are so sensitive. I then run my hand down from between my breast, running over my stomach to my wet pussy. I rub myself over my shorts. I can feel how wet I am. I move my fingers between the fabric of my shorts and my soft skin of my lower thigh. I reach in until I feel the lips of my pussy. Oh God I am so wet. I slide my fingers over my clit and flick it a few times. The whole time I am doing this I am watching myself in the mirror. As I watch I slide two fingers between the lips of my pussy and slide them in and out. The feel of my fingers going in and out of my pussy feels so good. I am so wet I can hear the sound of my fingers penetrating my wet hot pussy. I begin to buck my hips, I lean my head back and just think of a man fingering me. I then pull my fingers out, oh I want to taste myself. I lick my lips as my fingers move towards my mouth, but before I get any closer to my lips my hand is grabbed by my wrist. I look up and see the twinkle of a mischievous little devil in your eyes. You pull my hand up and wrap your lips and tongue around my fingers and begin to suck and lick on them. You pull my fingers out of your mouth and smile as you lick your lips. You lean down and kiss me so that I can taste myself.

You stand up and look down at me and say "Get on your hands hand knees." I look up at you through the mirrors and slowly move and get on my hands and knees and not once taking my eyes off of you. You kneel behind me and tear my shorts off and throw them across the room. You then reach up with both hands and take the collar of my shirt and rip it down my back and it falls to the floor. You unzip your pants and pull out your hard hot cock, while we both look at each other in the mirror you stroke your hard cock in your hands.

"Do you want it," you say. While at you I nod my head yes. "Tell me what you want, I want to hear you say it."

"I want your hard cock in my ass, NOW!" I say. You place one hand on my hip and the other still stroking your cock you position your cock right at the entrance. We never take our eyes off of each other and you push into my as with force. I lean my head back at the feel of it all filling me up.

"No don't take your eyes from mine, keep your eyes open I want you to watch me take you" I pull my eyes back towards the mirror and look while you push your cock into my ass and you begin fucking me. You begin to fuck my ass until the friction is so intense. I begin to whimper and beg for more. God it feels so good to feel you in my ass. You grab onto my hair and begin to move in and out of me faster. We both are rocking back and forth, until the friction turns to heat. You reach around me and caress a nipple and then begin to twirl it around your fingers. Your eyes twinkle and then glaze over. You run your hand down my body to my stomach and begin to make swirling motions and the touch of your hand sends shockwaves through my body. You move your hand farther till you reach my clit and you begin to play with it. You start rubbing it hard, you know what I like. All the while I am watching you move in and out of me and slow movements.

Smack "I told you not to take your eyes from mine." I looked back at your face with the wicked smile upon it.

"You're the devil." I say smiling wickedly. You plunge in two fingers into my pussy and I cried out with excitement. While you where riding my ass and where fingering my pussy and it all felt so good. I started begging you for more and you gave me exactly what I wanted. The faster you moved in my ass the faster your fingers where moving in my pussy. The electricity you where building was making me go crazy. I screamed out at the intensity and at that moment we both exploded. I heard sounds on the steps and looked over and saw my husband. He smiled at me and reached for his fly and walked over in front of me.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his soft cock, "Open your mouth and make me hard." He slipped his cock into my mouth. I began to play with his cock in my mouth and in moments he was hard. He grabbed my hair and started mouth fucking his cock. I could taste the pre-cum, it tasted so good. I wanted more so I began to suck harder with more intensity. While I was sucking his cock, you kept up with your pace to keep the intensity going. You pulled your fingers from my pussy and grabbed my hips hard pulling yourself into my body. The slapping from your cock into my ass as well as the sucking of his cock echoed through the studio. God this felt so good to be with two men at the same time. The intensity mounted up again and before I could catch my breath I was having another orgasm and screaming at the top of my lungs. As I orgasmed the two of you filled me with your cum. I lapped at my husbands cock to taste all of him. You pulled out of me and slowly helped me onto the floor. I heard footsteps going up the stairs and then coming down and then I felt a blanket being wrapped around me and I was lifted and carried up the stairs and then laid on my bed.

I heard you say "Let her rest before we begin again."

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