tagErotic CouplingsDanny's Problem

Danny's Problem


Danny was ashamed. Sexually active for several years, he had never been unable to please the women he loved. Now, though, he had a major problem. The last few days, he had been unable to produce an erection. Two nights ago his girlfriend had left him when he couldn't perform. Even though Danny had always been faithful, his girlfriend assumed he had another lover and no longer found her attractive.

No matter what he tried, porn, phone sex, cyber sex, even erotic stories, his dick remained soft and sleeping. It was with much trepidation that he decided to call for medical help.

"Lake Cumberland Proctology, Alexis speaking. How may I help you today?"

Swallowing his pride, Danny said, "Well, you see, I've been having this problem for the past few days."

"What seems to be the problem, sir?" Alexis inquired.

"Well, it's just that, um well, it's kind of embarrassing, really. I can't uh, well, I can't get an, an erection," Danny finally managed to say.

"Oh, I see. Well, how old are you, sir?" Alexis knew that most erectile problems were due to increasing age.

"I'm only 21, I thought only old men had these kinds of problems," Danny replied.

"Well, sir, it is most common among seniors, however, younger men do occasionally have the same problems," Alexis spoke in a calming tone. After getting all of his information, Alexis scheduled Danny for the next day.

Danny signed in at the main desk the next day, his stomach turning over with embarrassment. Soon, the attending nurse aide called him back. After getting his vitals, she showed him into an exam room to wait on the doctor. Danny sat on the exam table and stared around, hoping the doctor would hurry up, wanting to find out what was wrong so he could enjoy his sex life again.

Just a few minutes later, a very sexy woman in a tight fitting nurse uniform walked in. "How are you today? I'm sorry the doctor won't be able to see you directly. My name is Alexis and I will be examining you. Now it says here that you are having trouble achieving an erection?"

"Well, yeah, I am," Danny admitted, blushing with embarrassment.

"Okay, I'm going to need you to strip from the waist down, so I can...examine you," Alexis purred. Shyly, Danny pulled his jeans and boxers off, revealing his limp cock.

Alexis walked over as Danny sat down. "Just lay back and relax, okay?" As Danny lay down, Alexis began to gently massage his balls. A soft moan escaped Danny's lips, causing Alexis to stop. "Am I hurting you, sir?"

"No, it actually feels really great." Alexis went back to massaging, trying to awaken Danny's dormant dick.

After a few minutes, Alexis stopped rubbing. "Well, everything seems fine, physically," Alexis said. She sat down on the doctor's chair and began to think, a look of concern on her face. Finally, she rolled between Danny's legs and took his limp cock into her mouth, sucking softly on the soft member. When her hot mouth failed to provide Danny with an erection, Alexis had another idea. "I'll be right back, sir. Just relax and we will fix this problem." As Alexis walked out, she pulled the curtain around the exam table, presumably to give Danny privacy.

In the ladies room, Alexis dropped her panties and quickly frigged her clit, amazed at how wet she had become. And she knew just what to do about it. Pulling her panties and skirt up, she made her way back to Danny's room.

As she entered Danny's room, she locked the door behind her, and then quickly stripped. She quickly glanced in the full length mirror, proud of her firm 36c tits and her shaved, smooth pussy. She grabbed the edge of the curtain and pulled it back, walking seductively towards Danny. "Let's see if we can get this sleeping beauty to awaken," Alexis spoke in a soft, seductive voice.

"Uh, uh, um, s-su-sure!" Danny managed to splutter in response, amazed at how lucky he was becoming. Alexis bent over towards Danny's cock, her ass and pussy inches from his face. As she began to slip his cock in her mouth, her ass and pussy swayed in his face, her sexy scent filling his nostrils. The combination of seeing and smelling her intoxicating pussy and her hot mouth slurping his cock, he finally managed an erection.

"There we go!" Alexis jumped with glee, seeing his hard cock. She guessed it was at least 7, if not 7 and a half inches long. "Just right, "she thought. Out loud she said, "Do you like to lick pussy, sir?"

"My favorite!" Danny exclaimed. "Just climb up on the table and lay back, "Danny grinned.

Alexis climbed up and said, "Do I get to be the patient now?"

"Of course! Lay back and let Dr. Licks-a-lot take care of you." Alexis lay back giggling. Danny pulled the stirrups out of the bed and placed her feet in them, causing her legs to spread open and expose her pink, soft pussy. He sat in the doctor's chair and rolled between her spread legs, bringing his face inches from her hot, wet pussy.

He began to lick and tease her clit, inhaling her sweet aroma. As his tongue ran circles over her sex, she began to moan loudly, grabbing his head and holding it in place. He added a finger to the mix and began to slowly probe her pussy, easing between her puffy red lips. Once his finger was in, he quickly found her g-spot as his tongue continued to lick her engorged clit. Soon, his probing and licking had her cumming so hard her juices sprayed out onto his face. As she came down from Heaven, he stood up between her legs and teased her folds with his achingly hard cock. "Are you ready, baby?" he teased.

"Fuck me now, please!" she almost screamed. Danny began to slide his hard cock into her pussy, amazed at how tight she was. As his cock entered her, Alexis' moans became louder and more frenzied. "Yeah, fuck me baby, that's it! Shove that cock in me!" she begged for more of his cock, and he was happy to provide. As they continued to fuck, Alexis started to get close to another orgasm. "I'm going to cum soon, baby. Are you getting close?"

"Yeah, just let go and cum on my cock, that's it." As Alexis began to shake and cum, Danny felt the pulsing of her pussy and couldn't hold himself any longer. With a loud bellow, Danny shoved his cock deep into her and began to spurt his cum.

As they both came back to Earth after their powerful orgasms, Danny let his cock slide out of her cum drenched pussy. As they got dressed, Danny thanked her for helping him. "No problem, "she said, "I was more than glad to help." Knowing her shift ended in 10 minutes, she asked Danny to hang around until she got off. They walked out of the office hand in hand, toward Danny's car.

To be continued...

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