tagBDSMDanya's Bitch Ch. 02

Danya's Bitch Ch. 02


I looked over at the clock, 10:48. Danya had already been gone for nearly 45 minutes. I was beginning to wonder whether or not she really was planning on coming back. The taste of her juices were still strong in my mouth, and every time I breathed in, it felt as though I were inches away from her pussy.

I began to wonder how the hell had I actually gotten into this position. Why was Danya even doing this? Why did she pick me? Maybe she knew I was a pushover, and she probably saw the way I look at her. The only reason I agreed to this bullshit bet, was because in the heat of the moment, its hard to say no. I figured she would probably have no problem getting someone to go down on her, I mean really, who wouldn't? Furthermore, I figured seeing someone going down on Danya was definitely worth being her bitch for a week.

Suddenly, the hotel room door slammed opened, and Danya and another girl burst in giggling. I quickly realized the position I was in, and had totally forgotten about another girl seeing the me like this. My face began to turn red before I even saw who it was.

As the girls came in the room farther, I saw who Danya had brought. It was Nicole, one of the many flirts in my grade. She wore some short, and I mean short, jean shorts, and a cute blouse that didn't leave much to the imagination.

Nicole stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me. I don't think she knew who I was, but was still surprised to see a male, especially in the position I was in.

"What the hell is he doing here?" She quickly blurted out.

"We were just having some fun earlier. That's why I came and got you. I figured, you know, we could all have some fun together."

"Oh. Ok. Is that your thong over his face?" Nicole curiously asked. I guessed she was probably drunk, because she accepted Danya's explanation as if it actually made sense.

"Yes it is! There's one in his mouth as well. That's why he's not talking right now. Why don't we go sit down on the bed next to him." Danya explained.

"Hehehe... ok."

I looked over at them, and as they sat down Danya placed her hand on Nicole's thigh, in fact, pretty far up Nicole's thigh.

"Oh My God, I love your lipstick! Is that watermelon flavor?" Danya curiously asked.

"Yes it is! It tastes soooooooo good. You want to try some?" Nicole replied innocently.

"Well, hell ya!"

As Nicole began fishing through her purse looking for the lipstick, Danya realized this wasn't going to work. She quickly grabbed Nicole's arm.

"Well, how about I just try it from your lips?"

"You mean like, kiss me?" Nicole asked.

"Yea! Why not? Its just you and me, and... him. Anyhow, I just want to try the lipstick."

Nicole looked over at me, then back at Danya.

"Ok. Why not?" Nicole replied, totally oblivious to Danya's intentions.

Danya then leaned in for the kill. From this point, I knew she was going to have no problem winning the bet. She started by tracing Nicole's outer lips, then thrusted her tongue into Nicole's mouth. To my shock, Nicole displayed absolutely no resistance.

As they began to get more involved, Danya gently tugged Nicole's shirt over her head, leaving me to inspect her firm tits. Danya then stood up herself, and dropped her own dress. After she sat back down, the two girls locked lips again. Soon, their hands made there way up each others backs, and they both bras were unclipped.

I gasped after I saw this, but they were too occupied to notice me. Seeing both girls, nearly naked, made me so horny that I thought I would cum at the first touch of my dick.

After another few minutes of making out, Danya started to make some more progress. She sat up, and gently pushed Nicole's head towards her chest. Nicole, as drunk as she was, caught on, and began working on Danya's breasts.

Nicole began with squeezing them into her face, then started licking around the nipples. It was evident Danya was getting off on having Nicole suck her tits. Will Nicole was busy with her tits, Danya pushed down her thong, and started hammering her pussy with her fingers. Once they were soaking with her juices, she brought them up to Nicole's already active mouth.

Danya then pulled her hard nipple out of Nicole's mouth, and replaced it with her sopping wet fingers. Nicole eagerly sucked on them, licking every last finger clean. After she finished, she looked at Danya questioningly.

"Did you like that? Because I got a lot more from where that came from."

"Yess, I loved it! Can I have some more?" Nicole replied like a hungry puppy.

Danya then got on all fours, as if she was about to take it doggy style, and stuck her ass out ever farther. Nicole knew what was expected, and to my utter shock, followed what Danya wanted her to do.

Initially, she seemed hesitant about actually going this far, but after she became accustomed to having her face in another girls pussy, she got into it. After all of Danya's dripping juices had been licked up around the outside of the pussy, Nicole began to tongue fuck her.

What a sight it was: Danya on all fours with her ass perked up in the air, with Nicole's face buried deep into her twat, and me, on the side handcuffed to the bed and gagged with panties.

After Nicole had taken Danya over the edge, and even swallowed a majority of Danya's cum, they both sat up exhausted. I then noticed a wet spot around the crotch of Nicole's tight jean shorts. She must be so horny that her juices have soaked through her underwear and shorts.

"Are you going to take care of me know?" Nicole asked pleadingly, pointing at her own crotch.

"Sorry Nicole, I'm no dyke." Danya snapped back.

Clearly stung by Danya's remark, Nicole looked around, as if thinking, what now? I too was thinking the same thing.

All of a sudden Danya jumped up and put back on her underwear.

"Well Nicole, it was nice having you over, I'll cya later." Danya said.

"But, thats it? What am I supposed to do now?"

"You know what, I guess you can finish yourself up on John if you want."

It was clearly not exactly what she was looking for, but in reality, Nicole wasn't really a dyke. She wanted men as much as any other straight girl. She jumped off her bed and climbed onto mine. After pulling down her shorts and thong a little, she slowly sat on my dick.

After all Danya had put me through, I felt as though I was going to explode as I fell the inner walls of Nicole's pussy tighten around my dick. Now in the cowgirl position, she began bouncing up down. I desperately tried to thrust deeper as I experienced a pleasure I thought never existed. It didn't take long before I began shooting thick clumps of my cum deep into her pussy. Nicole cummed soon after.

As she pulled off, our mixed juices poured onto my stomach, and she pulled up her thong and shorts. Nicole then reached over the side of the bed, and picked up the rest of clothes. After getting fully changed, she said good-bye to Danya, who had taken a shower while we were fucking.

Now that Nicole had left, Danya came over to the bed and pulled the first thong from over my head, and pulled the second one out of my mouth. The taste of Danya's pussy still lingered in my mouth.

"Boy! That was something else! I can't believe you actually did that!" I eagerly cried out.

"Well, it looks like I won the bet. Now your my bitch for the rest of the trip."

"Yea, Yea, Yea, I know." I submissively mumbled.

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