tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDare Devils Ch. 02

Dare Devils Ch. 02


So there we were leaving the parking ramp downtown and walking down the street to the club. After the display I had just witnessed on our way here, I had to come up with something good to counter her boldness. As we approach the club I can hear the faint bass emanating through the walls. We enter the club and it is packed as usual. There are people of all ages and everyone seemed to be on their way to getting a pretty good buzz on. We make our round around the club to see if anyone we know is here tonight. The whole time I'm walking behind Gretchen and just staring at her ass sway back and forth as she weaves her way through the crowd. I start to think about how perfect her ass is. The size, the shape, the way when she bends over she doesn't have to pull her cheeks apart to give me a good view of her little anus. I'm broken from my daydream when Gretchen grabs my arm "Check it out!" she says leaning in close to me so I can hear her over the music. "There are those stupid girls from the Bronco," she says as a grin appears across her face. "I bet they'll love their souvenir I left them".

We stand and watch the girls for a while and realize that they are REALLY drunk and are still drinking. Gretchen taps me on the shoulder and says "I'm going to walk by them slowly, you tell me if the seem to recognize me, OK?"

"No problem" I respond back wondering what their reaction will be to seeing her in person. Gretchen starts her way through the crowd and gets right in front of the group of girls. They are all talking and laughing amongst themselves. Gretchen stands with her back to them and pretends to be looking for someone through the crowd. One of the girls starts to stare in Gretchen's direction and I can tell she is trying to figure out where she has seen her before. She taps her friend on the shoulder, points out Gretchen and says something. The other girl Stares at Gretchen for a second and then her jaw drops and she starts whispering to her friend. Soon the whole group of them are looking at Gretchen and talking. I walk over to her and lean over to her ear pretending not to notice the group of girls. "They noticed you alright". She doesn't say anything but just gets a huge grin on her face.

Gretchen looks at me and says "let's keep walking around, I have to pee anyway." We make our way through the crowd and I head off to get some drinks and Gretchen heads off to the bathroom. I meet her outside the little girls room as she is walking out. I hand her a drink and we start to make our way through the crowd. We find an empty table in a corner and sit down. The tables are covered with a tablecloth to make them look fancy and cover up the fact that they are cheep tables.

As soon as we sit down her hand goes straight to my zipper. She pulls out my dick and starts to play. I'm hard in no time and am enjoying the feelings of her hand when she gives me a double squeeze and then stops stroking. I look at her wondering why she stopped and see her looking towards the end of the table section. I look and see the group of girls from the Bronco. I guess we are pretty interesting to watch for some drunken sorority girls. I smile at Gretchen and she starts to stroke me again. The girls can't see her stroking me, but they can see that her hand is under the table. The thought of all these girls and Gretchen watching me get a hand job they can't see is getting to me. I'm starting to get close and Gretchen can see me squirming in my chair. She easies off and then stops so I don't shoot under the table and waste some perfectly good semen.

There is a half wall about four feet high next to our table dividing us from the dance floor. There are lots of people leaning on the wall and watching the crowd dance the night away. I have a great idea and lean over to Gretchen to fill her in. I'm going to make up for how daring she was in the car so the contest is back to even. We scan the wall and find a potential target. It's a young college girl and is just standing there watching everyone. She is average height and build. There is nothing striking about her at all. She is leaning on the wall with her right arm and holding her drink. Gretchen tucks my dick back into my pants, and zips me up. We walk over to where the girl is and I place Gretchen where I want her. I am standing directly behind the girl about a foot or a foot and a half away, and Gretchen is directly on my left. We have created a little square with our bodies and the wall. I have Gretchen pull my dick out and get me hard which doesn't take long at all. As she is stroking I scan the crowd for the group of girls. They must have gone somewhere else because they are not in site. In no time I am so hard it hurts. Our bodies and the wall separating us from the dance floor block the view of my cock to others. I just pray that this girl doesn't move and expose me to the world. The thought of it though is making my heart race so fast I can feel it all over my body. I start to jack off faster and faster. Gretchen has dropped her hand to her crotch and is rubbing her pussy through her jeans. The thought of what I'm about to do, seeing Gretchen rubbing her pussy, and the prior hand job from Gretchen leaves me little time for build up. I can feel my balls start to twitch, my anus clench, and my toes curl as my cum comes rushing out of my cock. Soon I am coating the girls' jean-covered ass in front of me with my cum. Gretchen is rubbing her clit vigorously through her jeans and I can tell is climaxing herself. I keep shooting wad after wad of cum. The shots start to taper off and don't reach as far falling to the backs of her legs then her shoes. Soon her back pockets are damp and I quickly tuck my cock back into my pants and Gretchen and I scurry away to a far area of the club giggling like little school kids.

"I can't believe you did that," Gretchen says still panting. My heart is racing as well and I can barely speak I am shaking so badly. "Lets go home I think I need to get you into bed and have you fuck the living shit out of me after tonight" Gretchen says with a smile. I nod and as we are leaving the club we pass the group of girls that were watching us earlier. Both of us have huge smiles on our faces knowing that they missed a good show.

On the drive home Gretchen fingers herself to a huge orgasam just to tide herself over until we arrive. After she has regained her composure, she looks at me and says "I guess I have a challenge on my hands if I plan on winning this contest, huh". I just look her in the eyes and utter my only response, "Yup!"



This is part one of a chain of stories I am writing. If you liked it and want to see what happens next, let me know.



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