tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDare Me Not Ch. 05

Dare Me Not Ch. 05


Dare Me Not Ch. 05

Quick Recap: Now that Janine knows why she can't resist dares and bets (Ch 3), she is more aware of the things people say to her. Brad seems to have stumbled upon it and now she is in a heightened state of arousal waiting for a rendezvous with him the following morning (Ch 4).

I will continue to write each chapter such that it does not require the reader to go through all previous chapters, though it would shed some more light on Janine's predicament and unfortunate situations. Please leave me some feedback; I really appreciate them.


It was only mid-morning, somewhere around 10:30 she assumed, but Janine couldn't focus on anything. Brad was a lewd bastard, and to anyone else, his arrogant suggestion that she wanted him to do nasty things to her could simply be disregarded as a lot of fluff and wishful thinking. Unfortunately for Janine, he had managed to put it across in a way that she could not resist. Now, she wanted him to grope her, to degrade her and to fuck her. Before this week, she hardly even thought about sex and never used such strong language, but she was too wrapped up in lust to think straight. In the short few hours since their run-in in the deserted locker corridors at the back of the school, her vivid imagination had put her over the edge at least ten times. She couldn't control herself, and she knew that she'd be begging for him to do all those things to her by tomorrow, just as he said she would.

The current movie playing in her head had started off innocently enough. She saw herself walking to her locker after school. Unlike in the mornings, there were a few people milling about, chatting with friends and slamming stuff into lockers. She had reached her locker when powerful hands grabbed her from behind. She screamed and some people noticed, but instead of coming to her aid, they came closer for a better view. Her sling bag was ripped from her grasp and thrown a distance away. Brad's face was twisted in a harsh sneer as he mauled her breasts from behind. She fought him futilely, but could not escape his powerful grasp. He turned her around roughly and slammed her against the lockers. The circling mob cheered him on, and her screams and pleas were ignored. His fingers were at the buttons of her shirt, and opened the top two despite her struggling.

She managed to push him away momentarily and started to run but the other students would not let her leave their circle. They wanted their entertainment and Brad was happy to oblige. He had her dark ponytail in a fist and yanked it so hard it brought more tears to her eyes. He wasn't waiting for her to remove her shirt, he wanted it off. Gripping the offending shirt by the lapels, he pulled it apart effortlessly. The crowd roared in approval as her bra-covered breasts flew into view. His talons seared her flesh as he dug all ten fingers into them.

Her screams were drawing an even larger crowd of people, none of which seemed interested or inclined to help her out in any way. Instead, their eyes were all focused on her and Brad, mentally egging him on. "Go go go", they seemed to chant, like some bizarre cheerleaders. She kept fighting him, all the while realising that her body was reacting - enjoying - the assault. Her breasts yearned for him to grab her again, and she could almost hear the wetness between her thighs. But she had to fight it, she had to get away.

Summoning all her strength and focus, she swung her fist against his jaw and felt it move. He wasn't as much hurt by it as shocked and that moment's lapse was all she needed. She spied a gap in the human wall and charged for it. The gap looked smaller up close than it had earlier, or were the people deliberately trying to keep her in? She squeezed past the first two rows of people and gasped in horror as the wall of people started to grope her as she passed. The more innocent ones stroked her hair, others her arms and the bolder ones were grabbing at her breasts and ass. Her forward momentum seemed to have slowed considerably as more and more hands joined the mix. She turned around to see Brad still standing in the middle of the circle, laughing like some ridiculous cartoon villain.

Her shirt and bra were ripped off, giving the hungry mob access to her 34C breasts. They stroked across the tops and undersides and tweaked her nipples. She tried to fight back, but there were people still grabbing at her arms and keeping her locked in. Maybe twenty hands were at her hips and ass and thighs, caressing her through the thin fabric of her skirt. She yelped as more adventurous hands starting climbing up her legs. Trapped in a sea of hands, Janine was slowly succumbing to a mix of terror and pleasure. The fingers at her breasts knew exactly where to touch and her breathing was ragged with lust. The hands at her ass clawed her viciously, causing her to gasp in pain. The hands under her skirt had made the intrepid voyage to their destination and were now snuggling up to her wet pussy lips. It didn't take them long to reach up for the waistband of her panties and yank them down to her ankles.

She continued to struggle, but the hands holding her arms were now vices. They didn't hurt her, but they weren't letting her go as she pleased. Some of the hands encouraged her to bend at her waist, while others flipped her skirt up over her bare bottom. The scent of her excitement filled the air and there was a pregnant pause as everyone seemed to stop to enjoy the fragrance. Looking over her shoulder, she could see that Brad had undone her jeans and lowered his briefs. His warrior stood proud and ready to do battle. Her body prepared itself for the imminent invasion by producing even more lubrication, or was that the work of the fingers working around and across her pussy?

She looked forward and saw Drew Carter and Natasha Partridge, her friends. Surely they would help. She called out to them by name and they responded by coming closer.

"Help me Drew. Help," she begged.

"Yes Drew, why don't you help her," Brad remarked drily. He was right behind her now, and the hands had moved away from her entrance, as if to offer her sodden pussy as a sacrifice to the mighty warrior-god. The sheer presence of Brad behind her was driving her crazy, as if her insides were somehow drawn to him.

"Sure, I know what you need," Drew responded. Dropping his bag to the floor, he reached for the button of his jeans.

No! This is not what I want!

"Janine, this is what you want," Drew insisted, whipping out his penis an inch from her face.

She could feel Brad's hardness stroking up and down her pussy lips. It wouldn't be long now. Drew rubbed his cock brazenly across her lips, encouraging her to take it in. She opened her mouth slightly...

"Miss Tyler, I won't have you spacing out in my class."

In a flash, the movie was gone, dispelled by the female stern voice. Janine's vision was blurry and was slowly coming back into focus.

"I bet you know the answer to this question on the board, then?"

What class is this? It didn't seem to matter. The magic word had been spoken and her mind already knew the answer before she got to her feet. Professor Sandra Dalton was noticeably impressed, and cautioned Janine not to drift off again. But Janine could not control herself, slipping back into another dream by the time she was seated again.


By the time the last bell rang, Janine was in a state of delirium. She had felt so horny and pent up that she couldn't eat her lunch. She had taken two fifteen-minute breaks from her classes so she could relieve herself in the ladies. Her panties were just soaked through with the continuous orgasms and she had tried to dry them between classes only to soak them again in the next class. She didn't need a mirror to tell her, she felt burnt out.

"Janine you look tired." Natasha bounded up, overflowing with infectious energy. "I bet a trip to the mall would liven things up; it always works for me." Janine perked up instantly.

"I thought we were going to hang out at your place? The mall would be great."

"There are some things I'd like to get," Natasha eyed her friend curiously. Getting Janine to go shopping was usually akin to getting her teeth pulled.

"Okay let's go, I feel so much better already."

Janine has been acting strangely all week. Nah, it's probably nothing. Natasha brushed it off as she started after Janine.


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