DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey


"Only to black pussy and you," she smirked back.

"Don't you mean me and black pussy?" I asked.

"Don't you quibble about semantics, just get your cock in me now," she demanded.

"Which hole?" I asked.

"I'm feeling pretty dirty right now," she smiled, rolling onto her side. "Fill my ass with your cock, baby."

Rolling beside her, I cradled her into my arms, as I slid my cock into her extra tight back door.

"I love you, baby," she moaned, as my cock filled her ass.

"I love you more," I countered, as I began slowly fucking her ass.

"Semantics, Cocksucker," she retorted, the intimate moment over as quickly as it started.

"Takes one, to know one," I quipped back, as I cupped her breast for leverage as I shifted from slow strokes, to deep hard thrusts into her ass.

I fucked her ass hard for an eternity, just enjoying the closeness of our bodies together as both of us had thoughts of our black submission. Eventually, we both came a second time as I filled her ass with cum and she flooded a second time staining the sheets.

My cock still in her ass, but slowly shrinking, Ashley asked, "So are you going to give Troy your ass?"

"I don't think I have a choice," I replied.

"Do you want help preparing yourself for him?" She asked.

"How?" I asked.

"I have a few butt plugs in my toy chest," she smiled, turning around, my cock slipping out of her ass.

"What else is in your toy chest?" I asked, as I looked into her eyes.

"That is for me to know and you to find out," she smiled back, flicking my nose.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked, my ass clenching just at the thought of a butt plug.

"Do you trust me?" She asked.

"Of course," I said.

"Wait here," she smiled, getting off the bed and going to the closet.

A moment later she returned with five, yes five, black butt plugs of different sizes.

"Oh my," I said, especially when I saw the biggest one.

"Lube," she said out loud, returning to her closet. It was then I realized she was planning to start this now.

When she returned the second time, she ordered, "Stand up and bend over."

"Last time I heard that was at the doctor," I joked, trying to get myself comfortable.

"This is exactly the same, but it won't be leaving you," she smiled, as she generously lubed a rather small butt plug.

I bent over and closed my eyes not wanting to watch myself being sodomized by a toy.

I felt her cold sticky hands on my ass. Ashley said, "This may stung a bit at first, but you will get used to it fast."

"If you say so," I replied, not convinced she was right.

"Would I lie to you?" She said, her tone sing-song happy.

"I hope not," I replied, as I felt her pull my ass cheeks apart.

"You have such a cute little rosebud," she exclaimed.

The compliment seemed so bizarre, as did what I felt next...her tongue. "Let's loosen that ass up baby," she purred, as she began licking my ass.

The feeling was unlike anything I had experienced before. It made my cock grow rapidly.

After a couple of minutes of ass licking, she asked, "You ready, baby?"

"As ready as I will ever be," I replied, feeling my ass tense up.

"Relax, baby," she suggested, as I felt lube being poured on my ass. "I am going to finger you first. Get your ass nice and ready."

"Kkkkk," I whimpered, as her finger easily slipped inside my ass.

"Good boy," she complimented, rubbing my back with her free hand even as she began slowly finger fucking me.

It didn't hurt or burn and oddly as she fingered me, I wanted more. I didn't want to admit it though, as shame cascaded through me for enjoying being finger-fucked. She noticed, though, as I started rocking back, causing her finger to penetrate me deeper. "Such an eager asshole," she commented, causing my face to turn red.

My cock again stiff as a rock, she finally pulled her finger out and announced, "I think you are ready for butt plug one."

I clenched my teeth, expecting a searing pain, but was surprised when she pushed it in and all I got was a small burn, although it was wider than her finger.

"You are to keep this in your ass until I replace it tomorrow for you with butt plug two," Ashley commanded as she gave my ass a firm slap.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Training your ass will take time and walking around with one in your ass will speed up the process," she explained, before adding, as she got off the bed, "We don't have a lot of time before your Master plans to take your ass whether you are ready or not."

Hearing her refer to Troy as my master sounded odd, even though it was appropriate after all we had been through.

Soon, I was dressed, and Ashley had me walking around like I was on a runway. A first it was awkward, but over time I got used to it and almost forgot it was in me. We spent the afternoon like normal people, instead of deviant sexual misfits; we went for a walk, talked about the upcoming holidays and so forth. By the time I returned to my car early in the evening, I was completely accustomed to the plug in my ass...until I sat down in my vehicle and a searing pain hit me as the butt plug hit new depths in my ass. I sat in my car for a minute until the pain began to subside. I chuckled to myself as I drove home, reflecting on my odd journey from a completely straight man. One who had never once considered gay sex, to the reality that I was driving home with a butt plug in my ass as I prepared myself to be sodomized by my eighteen year old student and player...surreal, true and addictive.

10. A Double Load of the DARK Seed

Monday at school there was a big pep rally for our victory and as I spoke to the whole school there were two secrets I was hiding. One, I could still taste the load Troy shot in my mouth for lunch and two, I was wearing a second butt plug that Ashley had come by and inserted in me early this morning when she showed up at my house with the black gift.

After a rim job, she filled my ass with the plug and soon I was walking around with the second of four butt plugs in my ass. This one was wider and longer, and when I sat down it was impossible to not feel it fill me entirely. This time, instead of feeling shame, I felt disappointed that it didn't do anything: it just sat there lodged in my ass. I couldn't believe it, but I wanted to feel it going in and out of me; I imagined Troy's cock doing just that all throughout the day. Ashley also said I couldn't cum all week as part of the training; somehow agreeing to her order turned me on more; I wanted to be a faggot for black cock for her...I wanted to make her fantasy cone true...I wanted to impress her.

Tuesday was like living through the movie Groundhog Day as Ashley stopped by, inserted the third butt plug in me, one that two days ago I couldn't fathom fitting it in my ass, yet once in I still craved more. It filled me completely, but I undeniably wanted more, I wanted to feel what it felt like to be fucked in the ass. At lunch, Troy deposited a load down my throat and asked if I had started training my ass for him. I admitted I had and he patted me on the head like I was a dog as he left me on my knees in my own office.

Wednesday completed the trilogy of my week. Ashley again stopped by, again filled my ass with a thicker and longer butt plug and at lunch, I was again treated with my daily dose of Troy's addictive seed. My cock ached to shoot the load I was told not to, each act of submission turning me on more and more.

On Thursday, Ashley stopped by with the biggest of her butt plugs and I protested that there was no way I could take it in my ass and even if I could there was no way I could walk normally with it in me. She wouldn't take no for an answer though and soon I was at school, teaching class with a huge butt plug in my ass. I didn't dare sit down at school, knowing it could create a searing pain and potential yelp like I had when I sat in my car that first time. At lunch, Troy dumped his load down my throat and after three days of general blow and go, he asked, "Are you ready to give me your ass, Coach?"

"Ready may not be the right word," I replied, even as I licked the last of his cum from his shrinking snake.

"That was the wrong answer, Cocksucker," he said, pulling up his pants and walking out. Suddenly feeling guilty, knowing the answer should have been, 'Yes, Master, I can't wait to give you my ass.' That is what I wanted, to please him and please Ashley at the same time.

After school, I paged Troy to my office wanting to apologize for my disobedience, which may seem absurd to anyone reading, but it was exactly how I felt. Unfortunately, he didn't come. I couldn't believe how insecure I felt, not something I was used to feeling. I got ready to go home an hour later than usual when I received a text message from Troy.

Are you ready for your punishment, Cocksucker?

I didn't hesitate when I responded back.

Yes, Master!!!

A moment later he responded,

Go to the boys washroom at McCab's, go to the last stall and wait. NOW!

I confirmed I would be there without even remotely thinking about what my punishment may be.

Yes, Master, I'm on my way.

I arrived at the bookstore, which was relatively dead, and went directly to the bathroom. I walked to the last stall, locked the door and sat down. I instantly noticed a hole in the wall. I was at a glory hole.

My anxiety instantly rose as I realized what Troy was expecting. I prayed that he wasn't going to make me suck off someone else, but why else would he bring me here? Then I prayed it would at least be a black cock; white cock did nothing for me, and I didn't know if I could do that, even for him.

Five minutes became ten, and my anxiety only increased as I waited. Suddenly, the door opened and a chill went up my spine. I worried that it may not even be Troy. Would he send me here to blow the first person who came along?

"You're telling me there is someone in the final stall willing to blow me?" I recognized the voice instantly as that of Andrew Hood, our back up point guard.

"Yep, he's a very eager cocksucker and just loves big black cock," Troy explained.

"As much as Eric does?" Andrew asked. I suddenly wondered who else knew about Eric?

"Much more. This cocksucker needs black cock," Troy promised, even as I blushed at the undeniable truth of his words.

"Well, now you got me curious," Andrew said, as he entered the stall beside me.

"Remember the rule. You can call him names, humiliate him, but he will not speak. His identity must stay a secret, he can't have his employer knowing he slobbers over black cock every chance he gets," Troy continued, my face burning with both shame and acceptance.

"Man now you have me even more curious," Andrew said, as he put his cock through the hole.

My hunger dissipated any trepidation instantly as my mouth opened and I took his smaller, but still very impressive juicy black cock in my mouth.

Andrew laughed, "No how do you do, faggot?"

Being called a faggot didn't appeal to me, it tarnished the task somehow and questioned my manhood. I still saw myself as a man, but no longer as straight as I once was. It used to be black and white, I was as straight as an arrow, but now it was a hundred shades of grey.

I loved the sensation as his cock grew in my mouth. The feeling of power never got old, the power of pleasing a black cock with my eager mouth. It didn't get as steel-like hard as Troy's , but it still felt great in my mouth.

"Don't just sit there faggot, suck my cock," Andrew ordered.

Obeying his instructions, I began bobbing back and forth getting into a steady rhythm as I hungrily sucked his cock.

"Shit Troy, this bitch is like a vacuum," Andrew groaned.

"He's gotten a lot better recently. What does Coach always say, practice every time like it is game time," Troy pointed out.

My eyes widened at that, but I continued bobbing, not reacting, even as Andrew responded, "Well this faggot definitely is in game mode."

Eventually I got all his cock in my mouth and grew frustrated by the steel wall between us, wanting to take all of his cock in my mouth, to feel his balls slapping against my chin, eager to deep-throat another big black cock.

"Don't move bitch, I'm going to fuck your mouth bitch," Andrew ordered.

My lips making contact with the wall, I knelt forward as he began pumping his cock between my lips. His body hit the wall with each forward thrust and I couldn't help but wish I could just crawl to the other side and let him face fuck me properly. Yet, I knew that Andrew was not known for keeping secrets. A couple of minutes of having my mouth fucked by another of my students and I heard his grunt and seconds later my mouth was filled with his cum. His taste had an extra salty taste to it and I swallowed it instantly, not wanting to have its odd taste lingering in my mouth.

Once done, he pulled out and said, "Thanks faggot."

I almost replied, but caught myself in the nick of time.

Andrew said, "See you at the pool hall, Troy."

"Give me ten," Troy responded.

"Going to shoot a load in your faggot?" Andrew asked.

"What do you think?" Troy replied, his confident tone serving to further arouse my submissiveness.

Andrew chuckled and I heard him leave.

Troy warned, "Next time you disobey cocksucker, there won't be any wall to protect your identity."

"Yes, Master," I replied, not doubting his threat.

"Want another load, Cocksucker?" Troy asked.

"Always," I replied, giving a proper answer.

"Open up," he ordered.

I opened the door and he walked in, put his hands on my shoulders and guided me onto my knees.

"I don't have much time, Coach," he said.

Like the hungry cocksucker I had become, I quickly fished his cock out of his pants and took it in my mouth. The wall gone, this blow job was more intimate and I sucked his cock hungrily, wasting no time with tease and please.

"Could you imagine if all the guys could see you now, Coach," Troy said, his tone clearly amused at the thought.

I just kept sucking knowing there was nothing to say to that.

"Imagine getting split-roasted by Andrew and I as the best post-game victory party ever," Troy continued.

I didn't know for sure what split-roasted meant, but I assumed, correctly (I looked it up when I got home), that it was one cock in my mouth and one in my ass at the same time.

"I bet Ashley would love to see you get split-roasted by two big black cocks," Troy continued, as I furiously bobbed on his cock, somehow getting even more turned on by the ludicrous suggestions he was making.

He laughed, "I bet your cock is hard thinking of being used as a gangbang fucktoy for black cock."

He was right; my cock wanted to burst as I worked as hard as possible to get him off.

"I am joining a black fraternity in the fall down south, Coach. Maybe I will have to let you come for a visit and let you service black cock after black cock after black cock. What do you think, about that, Coach?" Troy asked, as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began pumping his cock with his fist.

I answered, horny as hell and willing to do whatever he said, "I am yours to use as you wish, Master."

"Good answer," he grunted, as he shoved his cock back in my mouth just in time for me to swallow his delicious load. I bobbed hungrily, retrieving every drop of his cum and savouring it like it was candy.

Once spent, he pulled out and said, "Two o'clock Saturday, Coach. You and Ashley, don't be late."

"Yes, Master," I replied, looking up at him as he put his cock away. I asked, "What about tomorrow?"

"I'm going to be busy tux shopping tomorrow with the guys. Unless you want to come and entertain us with that cocksucking mouth of yours," Troy smiled.

"If you wish, Master," I replied, praying he wasn't serious.

"You are finally learning Coach," Troy said, patting my head. "You might be coachable yet."

I laughed, as did he, as he said, "See you Saturday."

"Yes, Master," I nodded, not getting off my knees until he left the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror, a minute later, I wondered just how far I was willing to go to please Troy? When in the act of submission my obedience seemed to have no restrictions, yet after the fact such future acts were scary...my career and reputation at risk. Split-roasted? Being secretly used by members of my team? A whole fraternity of black cock?

What was becoming of me?

I called Ashley and said, "We need to talk."

11. Ashley's BIG Strap-on Surprise

Two hours later I was at Ashley's and she could tell instantly I was stressed. I explained what just happened and all the things Troy had suggested that he may make me do one day.

Once done, Ashley joked, "I've created a monster."

"This isn't funny. My career is in jeopardy," I replied.

"Do you want to quit?" Ashley asked softly, taking my hands in hers.

I paused. "I don't know," I finally answered.

"Adam, I love you and when this whole crazy thing began I never thought it would go this far. If you want to stop, I will stop too," Ashley said, her voice so compassionate and sincere.

"I love you too, Ashley," I replied, kissing her gently. "This has just gotten out of hand."

"I know," Ashley agreed. "I ate a stranger's cunt in a church bathroom as the service was going on,"

"I sucked a student during the same service," I countered.

"Slut," Ashley joked.

"Whore," I retorted.

"Cocksucker," she volleyed back, rubbing my cock through my pants, her tone still playful but shifting to a sexual hunger. The name-calling was turning her on; it was also turning me on.

"Lesbian," I whispered with a smile, my hands cupping her small firm breasts.

"Nigger lover," she smiled, tugging down my pants.

"Right back at you," I replied back.

"So, now what?" She asked. I could tell she would quit if I asked her to, but that she didn't want me to.

"I can't explain it, Ashley. As soon as a black cock appears in front of me, my mouth waters, my morals dissolve and my brain turns into eager pleasing mode. It's like I can't control myself, I must have it in my mouth, I must obey," I explained, my cock getting hard in Ashley's hand as I tried to explain my misgivings.

"I understand, I feel the exact same way when Rhianna's black pussy is offered to me. My brain shifts into automatic drive but I am not the one driving," she responded.

"That's what scares me, the complete lack of control, the pull to submit and obey, the desire to please," I continued.

"I understand completely," she nodded. "I'm like a junkie, but my drug of choice is submission and black pussy, and twice as addicting."

"Do you want to stop?" I asked.

"Do you?" She asked.

The answer was obvious...yes, yes, yes...yet the words out of my mouth was, "No."

"Me neither," she said, hugging me, clearly a sense of relief in my answer.

When she broke the hug, she said, "We just need to be strong together. No matter what, we have each other."

"You really are perfect," I smiled.

"You're not too bad yourself," she smiled back playfully pushing me onto the couch.

"Mother fucker," I yelped, as the biggest of the five plugs to fill my ass reached new unchartered territory.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry," Ashley apologized profusely as she kissed me.

"That is not where it hurts," I smiled.

"Is that so," she smiled, as she moved lower.

Reaching my cock she began doing her trademark slow burn blow job which was like a water treatment massage for my cock.

I enjoyed the blow job for the next twenty minutes as she made love to my cock with her mouth. She milked my cock with precision as I eventually blew my load in her mouth even as she never once increased her pace, slow and steady indeed winning the race.

Once she had finished the blow job a couple of minutes after I finished coming, she asked, her tone playful, "Is my baby all better now?"

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