DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey


I didn't hesitate, my mind went into auto pilot, as I moved to her and cupped her heavy, dark flesh in my hands. They were firm and yet moved with such ease as I lifted them up captivated like I had just got a new present.

"Suck them, big breast lover," she ordered.

I leaned forward, her erect nipples hard like diamonds as I took her right one in my mouth.

"Mmmmm, that's it white girl," she purred, reminding me of the interracial piece in case I had forgot...of course I hadn't.

I swirled my tongue around her nipple as I would the head of a cock, constantly teasing, before putting my lips firmly on her breast and sucking it as if I was a newborn.

"That's it, slut, suck you're Mistress`s tits," Rhianna moaned, making a chill go up my spine knowing I was turning her on.

I moved to her other breast and replicated the slow tease before I moved my tongue between her massive tits and began slowly slithering down.

"Hungry for nigger pussy are we?" she asked teasingly.

"Famished," I replied, reaching her pussy framed so perfectly in her silk pantyhose. Surprising her, I think, as I sucked her clit through the sheer nylon.

"Oh you dirty little slut," she moaned, as I tasted her sweetness through the nylon, which was exponentially better than her toes earlier.

I continued sucking her clit until she moved her hands to her crotch and ripped an opening for easier access to her black perfection.

"Let's give you some direct access my hungry little slut," she purred, her fingers rubbing her pussy right before my eyes, opening her pussy lips for me.

I didn't need to be told twice, as I leaned forward, extended my tongue and began licking directly from the source. I have eaten pussy before, many, many times before, but her taste was unlike anything I had ever tasted: sweet, tangy and exotic. I started slowly, enjoying her taste and scent as I explored her pussy with my tongue.

"That's it cunt-licker, take your time getting accustomed to my cunt, you will be in this exact position many times after today," she promised, which sent yet another gush of juice out of me and down my legs, as I imagined doing this in front of you.

"That I look forward to," I responded, my cock again stiff and raring to go.

"So I see," Ashley smiled, looking directly at my erect member. "Are you getting turned on hearing about me getting made into a lesbian submissive?" She smiled, as she reached for my cock.

"Is that bad?" I joked, as she began stroking me.

"No worse than how wet my cunt got pleasing her or how much it turned me on to hear you tell me how you became a cocksucker," she smiled.

"But only for black cock," I pointed out.

"And only for black cunt," she countered. "So back to my story."

I licked, probed, and sucked her cunt, not missing an inch of her pussy; addicted to her taste in moments and craving to receive the full gush of her cunt.

As I swirled my tongue around her clit, she moaned, "That's it white bitch, worship your Mistress's pussy."

"You are my goddess," I replied, playing on her words.

"And you my servant," she replied, as she grabbed my hair and pulled me deeper into her oasis of wetness.

Taking that as a sign, I began a more aggressive approach on her cunt. I licked up and down, parting her cunt lips and getting directly to the source. Eventually, her breathing began to increase; I sucked her chit between my lips and was rewarded by her talking dirty to me. "Fuck yes, you dirty little nigger cunt eater, suck my clit."

Sensing her orgasm was on the rise, and knowing how to find a g-spot, I slid two fingers easily into her wetness. After a few seconds of exploring, I found her g-spot and tapped on it continuously. As expected, her orgasm came like a tidal wave crashing onto shore, or more literally on my face, as she too is a flooder.

My face was coated with her cum, her taste stronger and enticing as I hungrily swallowed every trace of her cunt juice.

Her orgasm finally peaked, she then pushed my head away, "You really are an eager little cunt licker, aren't you?"

My face shiny with her cunt juice, I answered, "For you, yes Mistress."

"Get on the bed on your back, slut," Rhianna ordered.

I obeyed, my pussy on fire, anticipating her returning the favour.

She pulled pantyhose from the bag she had brought and used them to tie my wrists to the bed. Then smirked, "I am going to help you add to your surprise for coach."

I watched suddenly nervous at the helplessness I was feeling as she bound me.

She then did the same thing to my legs, binding my ankles as well.

Once bound, she pulled out the toys and asked, "I assume you let coach fuck that white ass of yours."

"Yes, Mistress," I admitted, seeing the two toys and getting excited at the thought of bring double fucked by her.

"I wish I could give you the hard fucking you need, but I have a meeting with another white submissiveness slut, Coach Carter. Actually I am already late, so I am going to have to continue you're slave training another day," she explained as she turned on the vibrator and shoved it in my hot cunt.

"Aaaaah," I moaned, the constant vibrations bringing instant pleasure.

She put some lube on the butt plug and rubbed the medium sized toy at my rosebud before pushing forward, my ass easily taking her toy. She laughed, "I guess I could have used the large plug, but Coach Carter has been wearing it all day."

"Ooooooh myyyyy," I whimpered both at the revelation about Coach Carter and the sensations of the vibrations inside me.

"Until next time," she said, leaning in and kissing me. I eagerly opened my mouth and kissed her back.

Breaking the kiss, she promised, "Next time I will fuck you, my slut."

"Yes, Mistress, I look forward to it," I replied, the buzzing driving me nuts but not enough to get me off.

"Smile," she said, her phone in her hands.

"Please no," I begged, of course I couldn't even attempt to cover up bring bound and all.

"Like you have a choice," she laughed, snapping a picture.

Resigned to my fate, I smiled, praying that this picture would not be used against me one day.

"Don't worry, slut. These are just for me," she reassured me as she put her phone away. When she reached the door, she stopped and said, "I will come retrieve the toys another day."

"Kkkkkk," I moaned. Then she left and the two toys teased me relentlessly until you came in forty-five minutes later.

Her story done, Ashley took my cock into her mouth and bobbed back and forth furiously. "Good to know you still like cock," I joked.

"Happy you like cock too," she quipped back, as she pushed me into my back and straddled my cock.

As I filled her cunt, she moaned, "So now what?"

"You ride me," I answered, as I watched her small but firm tits bounce as she did exactly that.

"No, you shit. What about Troy and Rhianna?" She asked, as she slid her cunt up and down on my cock.

"It is out of our control," I answered, before adding, "I told Troy that you would be ok with me with another guy and I would be ok with you and another girl, but...."

"But not me with a guy or you with a girl," she finished for me.

"Exactly," I nodded.

"Good, we are on the same wave length. You are all the man I need, baby."

"And you are everything I need in a woman," I replied.

She leaned down and kissed me passionately, my cock deep in her.

"I love you," she said, looking into my eyes.

"I love you too," I replied.

"I can't believe how fucked up we are," she smiled playfully as she moved back down and continued riding my cock.

I shrugged, "I was normal before I met you."

"I know, it took a while to fix you," she smirked.

"I didn't know I was broken," I joked back.

"Shut up and fuck me," she demanded, as she got off and onto her hands and knees.

Moving behind her, I positioned my cock at her back door and slid it in.

"You dirty fucker," she moaned as my cock disappeared into her ass.

"I am what you made me," I chuckled, as I began pumping my cock in and out of her tight ass.

"Touché," she half laughed, half moaned, as I slammed into her ass for a long, passionate fuck session.


The next evening, we won the championship game, rather handily 88-69, with Troy scoring 39 points and being named tournament MVP.

We celebrated as a team on the long bus ride home, Troy giving no hints to the power he had over me.

Once we arrived home, just after midnight, all of us exhausted, but still glowing in the aftermath of our school's first state basketball championship. Troy, once most of the players had left to other parties, shook my hand and said firmly, "I guess you owe me something, Coach."

"I guess I do?" I answered, not backing away from my earlier commitment.

"Next Saturday evening, the parents are gone to the lake and I have the house all to myself," he said.

"What about Jamal and DeDreana," I asked.

"They will be going with them," Troy confirmed.

"And Rhianna?" I asked.

"Oh, she will be there too, as will her new pet," Troy added, confirming he knew of Ashley's submission to his sister. "I understand she wants to watch."

"Yes, she does," I admitted, realizing that Ashley would get to watch me submit to black cock soon.

"Well, you should always give your girl what she wants, shouldn't you?" Troy asked.

"I suppose I should," I agreed, my head spinning with the thought of Ashley seeing me be used by Troy.

"By the way, if I were you I would prepare that white ass for me," Troy said smugly, "I am told I can really be an ass-full."

"I imagine you will be, especially in my virgin ass," I said, whispering the last few words, even though no one else was close to hear. I suddenly needed him to understand I was ready and willing for him to use me again and again.

"You want my cock right now, don't you, Cocksucker?" He asked, sensing my hunger.

My face went red as I realized the moment he asked me that I indeed did. "I wouldn't resist if you ordered your cocksucker to please you."

"Let's go to your office," he ordered.

"Meet you there in five," I agreed, glancing at the bus driver who was waiting for me to do a final bus check. "I need to finish with the bus bullshit."

"Don't be late, Cocksucker," Troy ordered. "I need a quick blow and go, I am pretty tired."

"Five minutes, max," I said, my mouth watering, eager to be filled by his cock again.


Five minutes later, I was on my knees, in my office, as Troy unleashed his sleeping giant for me.

It was completely flaccid, but still it was huge; the thought that it would one day soon be in my ass was surreal, although not as much as realizing that the thought of getting ass fucked was turning me on. I took it in my mouth, wanting to feel it grow inside me. I bobbed slowly, coaxing him to arousal. At first, his cock was soft and slightly squishy, a strange but true descriptor, but as I sucked his cock it became harder and harder, until it was eventually stiff as steel in my mouth.

My own cock was equally hard, as I began bobbing back and forth on his. Troy was silent for a long time as I sucked his black missile until he said, "Take it all Coach, a good cocksucker can deep throat."

I had a solid eight inches going in and out of my mouth, an unbelievable amount considering my lack of experience, but had not tried to go further. It was alarming how much I wanted to be a good cocksucker for my student; it was all I could think of as I took more of his stiff meat in my mouth.

"That's it Coach; you're a welcome addition to my cocksucker harem," he groaned, as a ninth inch filled my mouth.

The thought of being just one of many of his cocksuckers annoyed me, I wanted every load of his cum, having already become addicted to serving him. Wanting to be the best of his cocksuckers, I continued taking more of his beautiful rod until my nose was buried in his pubic hair.

"Shit Coach, you are one obedient, eager cocksucking bitch. You sure you haven't done this before?" He taunted me, as I fit all of his cock in my mouth. He laughed, "You don't have to answer that."

Happy to have achieved the impossible, I went to work on his cock, bobbing back and forth like a hungry slut. I craved his cum, I craved his approval, I craved his cock.

A couple of minutes of deep throating and I heard the magical words I had been dying to hear. "Here it comes, slut," he grunted, as his cum was sprayed down my throat. I swallowed the first spray, but did my best to catch the rest in my mouth. I wanted to savour it, to feel its texture.

Once done, he pulled out and said, "Tomorrow at church. Left wing bathroom at 10:30."

I nodded, even as fear filled my mind, my mouth still full of his cum.

"Is my cum still in your mouth?" He asked, surprised.

I again nodded, the texture like heavy yogurt, but salty. I swished it in my mouth as if it was fine wine.

"Coach you are the gayest straight cocksucker I know," he laughed, pulling his pants up.

"Only for you," I said, my mouth still full of cum.

"Well, I always have a load to shoot Coach," he smiled as he began to leave. "Again, I highly recommend you prep your ass for me."

"Yes, Master," I agreed, finally swallowing the last of his addictive seed.

As I got off my knees, my phone vibrated. I checked the message. It was Ashley. 'Get your ass home, Cocksucker.'

I chuckled at her gall to call me cocksucker even as Troy's aftertaste lingered in my mouth.

I replied: 'On my way, rug-muncher.'

That night, I fucked Ashley hard, coming in her cunt after plugging her ass for awhile. Ashley told me that she too was supposed to meet Rhianna in the bathroom at church at 10:30.

It was obvious...this was only the beginning.

9. Worshipping the DARK Side

The next morning, Ashley and I both were somewhat anxious about our 10:30 secret rendezvous with Rhianna and Troy respectively. 10:30 was half way through the service and a few minutes into when Reverend Rose usually began his sermon. It was probably the safest time to meet and not be caught but it still caused a lot of trepidation because:

A. It was still at church

B. We still could be easily caught

C. My career was on the line, as was Ashley's

D. Did I mention it was at church?

Yet, none of those very glaring concerns would have stopped either of us from sinning. We had crossed to the DARK side and like Darth Vader there was no turning back.

Holding hands, during the first part of the service, we didn't see our Master or Mistress until the service started, sitting with their family, as we watched the clock slowly tick towards ground zero. At 10:25, Ashley gave my hand a meaningful squeeze and excused herself. I glanced over and saw that both Rhianna and Troy were no longer with their family.

I waited a couple more minutes, somehow feeling that everyone around was watching me and knew of my sinful intentions. At 10:28, I left my seat and headed towards my secret rendezvous with my 18-year-old student, my 18-year-old player and my eighteen-year-old black Master.

Arriving at the door, I glanced to make sure no one was watching, still subconsciously sensing that I was being watched, even though I knew that that was ridiculous, nobody could sense, just by looking at me, my depraved thoughts and intent, before I walked towards the washroom.

Arriving at the door of the bathroom, I glanced to make sure no one was watching, my subconscious still sensing I was being watched, before I walked into the room.

Troy was at the sink and he wordlessly pointed to the end open stall.

I rushed to it, and he followed me in and closed the door.

"Sit, Cocksucker," Troy ordered.

I obeyed.

He surprised me as he straddled the toilet seat, unbuckled his pants, allowed them to drop to his feet and released his cock for me.

It was directly in my face, semi-erect, and slightly shiny.

Noticing my slight look of confusion, he explained, "You get a special treat today, cocksucker. I drilled Eve's cunt before the service started, in her dad's office, so you will probably taste her cunt on my cock."

Somehow this seemed like cheating. I wasn't fucking Eve, nor was I going down on her, yet I was definitely going to taste her. Yet, as his cock dangled in my face, the technicalities of cheating faded as my mouth watered.

I opened my mouth to take in his juicy irresistible black cock when he ordered, "We are in a place of worship cocksucker, say a prayer of thanks first before eating."

The smug smile on his face was so cocky that usually I would be sure to wipe it right off his face in any other context, yet in my current position of submissive cocksucker all I could do was obey.

The words out of my mouth were so humiliating, so ludicrous and yet somehow turned me on even more. "Thank you, Lord, for creating this wonderful black cock. For creating both black and white and for being patient as society comes to understand who the Masters are and who the slaves are."

Troy said, "You may show your appreciation, Cocksucker."

I opened my mouth and took his semi-erect snake in. I sucked him slowly and deeply, causing his cock to grow inside me, a sensation of power I had already grown to love. Knowing I was making his cock hard made my own cock hard. I swirled my tongue around his thick mushroom top and created extra saliva to enhance the pleasure I was giving him, as Ashley often did to me when she was taking her time blowing me. Although not strong, I could taste Eve's pussy juice on his cock, which somehow made the submission even dirtier, more submissive.

Suddenly I heard the bathroom door open and I froze, my eyes going big. It was then I realized why he was standing on the edge of the toilet seat so only one pair of legs could be seen.

Paralyzed by fear, I didn't move, but Troy seemed even more amused by suddenly having an unknown audience. He began slowly moving his cock in and out of my mouth. I focused on not making the slobbery sucking noises as over half his cock slid in and out of my mouth.

The only sound in the bathroom was someone peeing at the urinal. Thankfully, after a minute or so, the man washed his hands and left, oblivious to the act of submission happening only a few feet from where he was.

As soon as the door closed, Troy chuckled, "You looked worried Cocksucker."

His cock pumping in and out of my mouth, there was nothing I could say.

Troy explained, "Just so you know, I love making my cocksuckers take risks, it adds to the thrill."

Thinking of him with Eve and with Eric, I guess that was rather obvious in retrospect. I pondered, as more of his cock filled my mouth, how far was he willing to go? I was not sure I could resist his demands even if I wanted to, the feeling of submission to him was so erotically fulfilling I had no control over my will. Yet I didn't want to lose my job or have this secret revealed to anyone. I still saw myself as straight, although once he took my ass that would be harder to sell.

As if sensing my worry, Troy added, "Don't worry Coach, I will keep your cocksucking secret safe as long as you obey like a good boy."

He pumped his cock hard in and out of my mouth, my focus now only on not gagging on his massive cock as he fucked my mouth ruthlessly for his pleasure. Suddenly, he pulled out and seconds later my face was covered with cum as he gave me a full facial.

Craving his cum, as soon as he was finished, I took his cock back in my mouth, although I couldn't resist licking my lips, feeling his stickiness everywhere on my face.

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