tagInterracial LoveDarren...Soo Convenient!

Darren...Soo Convenient!


"Oooo, Yes Darling! Just like that! You feel so wonderful in my ass. Why haven't we thought of this sooner?" There I was, 8:30 am, prior to work on a Monday morning, on all fours in an empty office suite, Darren making love to my large bubble butt with his thick, black, hard 10 1/2 inch shaft. I was adorned in my smokey gray business suit, which included a mid-thigh pencil skirt, satin blouse, blazer, 8-strap garter belt holding up light gray rh&t stockings, and 5" high-heeled two-toned black & gray pumps. My hair is no longer long and snowflake white. When I turned 48 this past spring I decided on a change. Now it's platinum blonde, still wavy, but just above the shoulders in length, in a style that is similar to how Marilyn Monroe wore hers. I love it, and besides, it's amazing how much less time it takes to manage it.

"I just couldn't wait till lunchtime for you to pleasure me again with that sexy, talented mouth of yours."

Let me back up and fill you in on this ever going scenario. I met Darren a little over a year ago. At the time he was 19 to my 47 years of age. And I remember exactly what I was wearing...a black pleated skirt, red with white polka dot blouse, nude ultrashine stockings, and 5 1/2" high white-patent pumps. And my hair was snowflake white, long, wavy and full of bounce. While having lunch a few blocks from the office at one of those sidewalk cafes, I noticed him strolling down the street with two other young men, both of them white. What was not to notice about him...tall (6'4"), lean, handsome, young, and black as night. As they got closer I crossed my shiny, nylon encased legs. As they passed by I made eye contact with him and gave him a wink and a slight smile. They continued past me and made their way out of sight. I later found out they were on their way to grab some lunch. Five minutes later, I got up from the table and started heading back to the office, in the direction this young, hot looking man was headed in. At the end of the block I turned the corner and there he was, alone, looking down at me.

"What was that all about miss? Why did you wink at me?"

"Well, you are an extremely good looking man. You have a problem me noticing that and complimenting you with a smile?" I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was packing something quite impressive.

"Not at all, but I have a feeling you have something else on your mind."

"I do indeed. Would you care to help out an older woman in need or do you have to return to your friends?"

" No I don't, but I have to return to work in about 45 minutes. And let me say that you are very attractive yourself Miss..."

"Petersen....Victoria Petersen. And thank you? And your name?"

"Darren...just Darren!"

"OK, Just Darren (lol)....Please accompany me, I know of a place we can be alone." I led him to a nearby hotel that had a side entrance. I knew of this place because I used it before to relieve myself a few times in the past. It has a ladies room that is infrequently used that is far from the main lobby. After checking that it was empty I motioned him inside. I sat down in one of the stalls while he stood in front of me with the stall door closed behind him.

I crossed my legs, unfastened his pants and simply said, "Please let me suck your cock. I'm so addicted to sucking black cock and I need it now." He didn't say a word as I wrapped my shiny CSL's around his thick, flared, cockhead.

Then he started to moan and said, "I can't believe this is happening...suck my cock you beautiful bitch!"

"Mmmm....the pleasure is all mine darling." He was a thick 10 1/2 inches long and extremely black and I was in cocksucking heaven. I got his entire length wet with kisses and licks before getting down to serious business. In no time at all he was stone hard so I proceeded with my deepthroating magic. I was determined not to stop deepthroating him until he was close to unleashing what I wanted so bad. He grabbed my head and literally fucked my throat with lightning speed. All I did was moan and groan, keeping my red, shiny CSL's outturned on his impressive blackness. I knew I was going to cum so I pulled my skirt up around my waist and started rubbing my bald pussy.

Darren said, "Oh shit, this is a first for me bitch. I never got my cock deepthroated before. You are one talented bitch. God, I'm getting close!"

I pulled him out of my throat momentarily to say, "Cum for me darling...(slurp, slurp, kiss, kiss), Oh please cum for me!" His balls weren't that big at all, but boy could this kid cum. The first three ropes were long and gooey as he shot them directly into my open mouth from about three inches away. I quickly relished the taste and texture before swallowing. Then I assisted him by jacking him off with both my hands when he delivered four more ropes, although not as long as the first three, right into my niggercum-loving, welcoming mouth. Then I deepthroated him to the root, clamped my CSL's around his black base, and slowly withdrew, trying to squeeze out every precious drop. I did this numerous times until I thought he was spent.

"That was unbelievable Miss Petersen! I have to see you again."

"That's not going to be a problem whatsoever Darren. I'll suck you off whenever the opportunity arises. And believe me darling, I'll make sure the opportunities arise!" We exchanged phone numbers and I headed back to the office with a tummy full of delicious niggerjism and a glow to my face.

Well, Darren turned out to be so convenient. He works in maintenance for a management company in the area. At first, we got together about twice a month, which led to once a week, and now a year later, at least twice a week, the usual time I spend at the office when I'm not on the road with sales calls. He either calls me or visa-versa and gives me an empty suite number where I meet up with him. And each time I just suck him off, until now. Oh, he has asked me numerous times about fucking me, but I always declined. He never complained though. I know he's in love with my mouth. Besides, he has a girlfriend to fuck him. Which brings us back to the beginning of this true experience.

"Yes, Baby, Yes! Don't you worry one bit darling. I'll be getting back to your beautiful, black pole with my cock addicted mouth before we're done. Now, fuck my ass like you mean it. Oooo...that's better...Yes! Tell me you hot stud...have you ever fucked a white woman in the ass?"

"No, never...you're the first woman I ever ass-fucked. Not even Dawn (his girlfriend) let's me ever think about it. Oh Shit! Your ass feels so good squeezing my cock! Goddamn it, why do you always have to dress so sexy?"

"Because I always do....Yes!...Yes!...What other way is there to attract sexy, young black men as yourself. It worked on you, didn't it?"

"Goddamn right bitch! Now shut up and let me work that gorgeous, fat ass!" With that said I started to rotate my big buns, trying my best to have him implanted as deep as possible in my whore ass, occasionally diddling my pussy with my manicured fingers. Oh God! I love getting fucked in the ass. I don't know if I ever mentioned it before, but that's another thing I have to thank the black man for...anal sex, and shortly thereafter, ass-to-mouth.

"Make me cum Darren! Fuck my ass and make me cum!" Sure enough, minutes later I was squirming in orgasm. But it wasn't enough. I needed more and the only way to get off even bigger was to suck his cock again. Deepthroating long, black cocks always brings on an intense orgasm within me. I leaned forward letting his black, throbbing cock fall from my between my ass cheeks. I quickly got up and sat in the chair, crossed my fabulous looking legs and slid his black member between my CSL's once again. Mmm, soo good, soo hard, and soo tasty. I love sucking cock after it was in my soaking wet ass.

"Dear God! You are one filthy bitch whore! Now make me cum you gorgeous bitch." I slowly swallowed his entire length by pulling him into my throat with my sensual lips, not stopping until my face was nuzzled up against his crotch. Then in and out, but only the last couple of inches, giving my horny throat the workout it desires. I can feel his thickness pulsing within my throat causing my pussy to explode, which made me twitch in my chair and cross and uncross my stocking-clad legs relentlessly. Finally, after a couple minutes of this he responded, "I feel it building Victoria...it's not gonna be long now. I haven't cum since last Thursday when you last sucked me off. Oh Shit!..Here it comes!...Open up bitch, time for breakfast!"

I pulled him out of my throat just in time, leaving him inches from my stuck out tongue and open mouth. The first rope was so forceful and abundant that some of it splashed off the roof of my mouth and out onto my lower CSL. I held on to his hips and immediately wrapped my lovely lips around the tip of his throbbing tool. He grunted over and over as he shot ropes two, three and four, all as powerful and copious as the first one. I had to swallow, with pleasure of course, to make room for any more to follow. All I could do was moan my satisfaction as he filled up my mouth yet again with ropes five, six and seven. After swallowing this scrumptious load I simply said "Thank You" and drove his beautiful black shaft back down my oral cavity so I could finish him off with my deepthroat and squeeze technique. And he was still spitting out cum! Each time I removed him from my throat I could feel another deposit in my mouth and on my tongue. Finally, after well over a dozen times doing this I let his shaft plop out of my mouth.

"You were absolutely incredible darling." This was by far the most cum I ever received in one encounter. Oh, the wonders of youth. This is why I've been targeting young, black men more and more over the last couple of years. The majority of them cum in quarts and stay hard forever. But Darren just hit a new level with me. I've sucked him off at least fifty or more times in the past year, but this time the volume of his cum was off the scale.

"And as usual, so were you Victoria. I'm never going to meet another woman who's crazy about sucking cock and eating cum as much as you, at least as not as pretty as you."

"Nonsense Darren. I'm sure there are lots of women out there who are just as cock addicted as me. Anyhow, thank you again! I believe it's time I better be going. Till Thursday?

"Count on it! Are you going to let me tap that ass again?"

"After this morning? You better believe it darling! And let's meet prior to work again instead of the usual lunchtime hour. This was way to exquisite!"

We both went on our way, but I stopped by the ladies room down the hall to freshen up a bit before heading to work. While touching up my makeup and hair I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened. Oooo, what a fabulous way to start the day and work week!

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