David's Friend Vivian Ch. 03


I caressed her buttocks through her smooth nylon knickers and inserted my finger tip gently into her anus. I watched it twitch as I softly stimulated her little crinkled rose. Meanwhile my tongue was wiggling about inside Vivian's moist orifice and I watched in wonder as her juices slowly flowed.

Neither of us was able to talk and instinctively we both knew how to stimulate the other and we took our time. I was in no hurry to 'come' and I don't think Vivian was too.

We continued stimulating each other solidly for the next half hour. I lay there with 'all my nerve endings exposed', as it were, feeling her weight on top of me and her moist flesh gripping my tongue. She was a gorgeous creature and I felt proud that she appeared to fancy me.

If someone had told me that I would be spending the whole day being 'jerked off' by a beautiful tall long-legged 20-year old blonde girl wearing a black skirt and black stockings I would have called them 'mad' but here I was, enjoying every second of this joyous activity, and it was real, one hundred percent real.

In the semi-darkness under her skirt I withdrew my tongue and pulled her knickers leg further to one side. I intended concentrating on her clitoris now that I knew where it lurked. My first thrust made her quiver and I felt her suck more firmly on my penis as if to tell me to continue. I lapped at her bud again and she began jerking me off with increased gusto.

"That's really nice," she said and sucked gently, but firmly, around the stretched margin of my foreskin.

By now I was feeling almost delirious with pleasure and decided that it was the time to take Vivian to her climax. I lost no time in licking her most sensitive part and soon she was squirming her ample buttocks backwards and forwards over my face. Her odours overwhelmed me and I just could not help but nuzzle her arse up and down her exquisite cleft.

"Do that again," said the girl as I alternated between licking her clitoris and stimulating the soft puckered skin surrounding her anus.

"This is fun," said Vivian opening her thighs even wider and pushing her derriere firmly and forcefully against my nose. On my back with my head propped up against the sofa cushion all I had to do was to nuzzle her and lick her as she presented one orifice then the other to my lips and nose. All the time I felt delightfully concealed under her skirt while my penis was being mercilessly milked by her lips and now expert fingers.

"I'm going to have a 'wet' one," said the twenty year old as she rubbed her sopping cunt and arse vigorously over my face.

It was like being wiped ferociously by a damp warm fishy smelly hairy sponge, there was so much moisture.

"I'm going to come too," I groaned as I grabbed her head so that I could extract every last ounce of sensation from her tight mouth.

My penis head was touching the back of her throat and it all became too much for me. I watched Vivian's arse shudder, judder then shiver above me as her vaginal muscles gripped my tongue.

At the same moment I gripped her head, feeling her long cool blonde hair cover my stomach, lifted my arse off the carpet then 'came' in one huge thrust.

I had never ever before expelled so much semen in one jerk. I couldn't explain how I did it but it seemed to fill Vivian's mouth completely.

She collapsed on top of me and the two of use lay panting with her stomach across my chest. I pushed back her skirt and breathed in the cold evening air. I was completely exhausted.


My Ninth Wank

We lay recovering on the floor for a good ten minutes or so. I could have easily fallen asleep and I wondered whether Vivian could have done too. The coldness of the room woke us up and I reluctantly extracted myself from between her beautiful legs.

"You're gorgeous," I whispered and she laughed.

"I know I am," she said and stood up to join me. We kissed delicately and I took her by the hand and led her to the kitchen.

"I'm going to have another shower and change again," said the long legged blonde girl putting on her high heels and clunking up the stairs.

It was about six o'clock and I decided to prepare some tea for both of us. I put the central heating on and gradually felt warmer. I could hear Vivian use the shower which was immediately above the kitchen. I imagined her completely naked again and my penis stiffened. I felt completely ravenous; I had used up so much energy squirting out semen and producing fresh reserves that I could hardly stand up or think properly but I was determined to ejaculate once more that evening.

The tea was a simple affair and I set it out on the kitchen table.

Vivian reappeared wearing a pale blue check flared shirtwaister dress which buttoned up the front and supported by the three stiff petticoats she had worn earlier. I noticed that she had even changed her stockings and was wearing dark tan ones and also her black high heeled shoes. She had pulled her hair back into a ponytail and she must have brought a shower cap because her blonde tresses were completely dry.

"Will I do?" she asked and put her arm around my waist.

"You'll do very nicely," I replied and asked her whether she'd like to eat.

"I'm starving and you can probably guess why," she remarked and smiled at me cheekily.

"Me too," I said and watched her breasts move under her dress.

"Shall we watch telly tonight Davy," she said tucking into some flan which my mother had cooked previously.

"Well we could, unless there is 'something else' we could do instead," I said with a suggestive wink.

"Well I thought that we could do both," said Vivian smirking at me like a lioness stalking her prey.

I must have turned bright red with excitement and embarrassment because Vivian asked me if I was unwell. I was choking on some celery and I had to get up to get some water. I felt Vivian's eyes on the bulge in my trousers which was painfully tight and craved relief. My mind was in a complete spin as I wondered what Vivian had meant when she talked of 'doing both'. I wanted to ask her whether she meant 'do both at the same time' or just 'do both'.

I finished my meal quickly and made some coffee. Vivian watched me dart around the kitchen and asked me for a box of tissues. I found an unopened box of Kleenex and handed it to her.

"We'll need these for later," she said and laughed out loud.

I think Vivian was just as excited as I was at the prospect of spending the evening together in front of the television stimulating each other and masturbating wildly.

In the lounge I put on the television on while Vivian sat on the sofa. It was a quiz programme which I didn't care for but which Vivian apparently regularly watched.

"Lie on your back Davy," she said, "and take off your trousers and underpants."

I had never undressed so quickly in my life. Unfortunately I forgot to take my shoes off first so I ended up hoping around the room trying to undo the laces with my trousers around my knees.

"You look really funny," said Vivian removing her high heels and placing them neatly next to the coffee table.

Eventually I calmed down and lay on the floor in front of her naked below my waist except for my socks.

I found myself say "Ready," as if playing hide and seek. I quickly corrected this by saying "I'm all yours Vivian," and smiled down at her like a chimpanzee.

My erection appeared painfully stiff lying along my stomach. Vivian's eyes seemed to watch each involuntary twitch and throb as I made myself comfortable on the carpet at her feet.

My head was midway between the sofa and the tv set and I judged that Vivian would wish to face the TV in whatever position she chose.

"I'm going to sit on your face now Davy; is that OK?" she asked and pushed the Kleenex box up to my waist. I fished out several tissues and watched her stand up.

"Oh my God," I said as I stared at her dress. I had forgotten just how wide her dress was with all those voluminous petticoats underneath.

She slid her stockinged feet along each side of my ankles as she shuffled over me. I watched with awe as she caressed my knees with her toes looking at the television and casting a quick glance at me. My penis seemed to almost turn itself inside out it was so totally distended. Vivian edged up my body with her legs astride me. She appeared to be mesmerized by the quiz programme.

"The Druids," she said in answer to a question.

I listened to the quizmaster as she slipped one foot over my stomach and slid it under my shirt. The coolness of her feet and rough smoothness of her stockings on my belly were driving me slowly insane.

I reached down and caressed her ankles and watched her petticoats come into view. Although I had seen the curved zigzags of her ribboned leader-line hems before the mere fact that I was beneath them and was about to be engulfed by them made my heart race. I saw the lace edge of her 'best' pink one waiting for me, and I felt utterly intoxicated by the sight in front, and above, and over me.

"President Roosevelt," said Vivian correctly answering another quiz question.

I looked up at her as she walked further along my body removing her smooth stockinged foot from under my shirt. By now the front hem of her dress was immediately above my face, hovering and swaying heavily from side to side. I was willing her just to sit on my face and put me out of my misery so that I could breathe in her 'between-the-legs' odours but she appeared more engrossed with the quiz programme.

I was about to plead with her to just sit on my face and to hurry up but in that same instance she slid one foot, then the other to each side of my face and just stood there, perfectly still, while I stared up her dress at her knickers which hung three feet above me.

"60 degrees," she squealed and clapped as she realised that she had once more given the correct answer.

I watched in wonderment as all the many overlapping layers of her stiff net petticoats shook above me.

"I've got only one question wrong so far Davy," said the long legged girl standing astride my face.

Whilst saying this she pulled her dress and long blonde pony tail to one side and stared down at me beaming with pride and glee.

"That's very good," I said reaching down to my erection and wrapping some paper tissues around my shaft.

I had decided that if she wasn't going to sit on my face that I would begin wanking anyway as I couldn't wait any longer.

Vivian let go of her dress, and her petticoats sprang back into there former positions filling out her full circle skirt. Above me, between the pink and white nylon froth, I looked up at her knickers which were somewhat lost in the shadows. They were white and made of thin nylon and had a broad lace trim on each leg. They were pulled up tightly and seemed to emphasise every detail of her vaginal opening which lay beneath. I could even make out pubic hair which caused an irregular shape immediately above her 'mons pubis'.

"The Pennines," said Vivian and laughed aloud.

"I'm going to sit on you now," she said and squatted down suddenly.

Her quick movement appeared to fill her petticoats with air and they lifted briefly then crashed down around my head so that my face was completely covered. Once again my face was under her dress and I gripped my penis and began to slowly wank. I had no time to admire her stockings or suspender belt which were now lost amongst the delicious feminine confusion of the nylon net and softer nylon of her three luscious underskirts.

She shuffled slightly so that the gusset of her tight white nylon panties was lowered firmly onto my nose. She slid forward towards the television until her arse rested on my upturned chin. The familiar odour suddenly hit me and I began to breathe in deeply. It was a heady mixture of pungent muskiness and urine trapped within the cotton and nylon crotch of her knickers. It was the most magnificent smell in the world and I couldn't get enough of it.

"Seventy two," said Vivian above me and I heard the quizmaster confirm that it was, in fact, the right answer.

I listened to the applause through her petticoats and the television now appeared muffled although there was a gap of warm space under her knees as she squatted on me which allowed some sound and the flickering light from the TV set to penetrate.

I was eager to masturbate for the ninth time that day so began jerking the tissue backwards and forwards over my exposed glans, tugging at my foreskin and willing myself to 'come' quickly.

Vivian's weight on my face was such that I could hardly move my head so that could not tongue her effectively. My nose was literally trapped between the tight folds of her knickered labia which were plugged firmly onto my face. I felt as if I was suffocating so had to breathe deeply at every opportunity. I have to admit that I found it amazingly exciting to breathe in air which had been filtered through Vivian's panties. Her knickers seemed to crackle with pubic hair and I felt their rough coarseness above me as she fidgeted from side to side.

"The English Channel," she said and giggled above me.

In the semi darkness beneath her dress and petticoats I lay there masturbating and thinking that I was the luckiest person to ever live. Her womanly curves pinned me down and I gazed with incredible lust at the sweep of her stomach where it met her knickers. The waistband had a tiny white nylon bow and embroidered rosebud at the centre and looked entirely feminine. I was swamped by the six or so crackling swishing petticoats which were draped over me. I was happy to remain under her wide dress forever and I did not wish the moment to end.

Her natural scent appeared so strong and I guessed that she was really enjoying having her cunt resting on my nostrils. From time to time she rubbed herself over me and I became aware of her juices spreading in a visible stain through her knickers gusset. I probed her with the tip of my nose and she bore down on me heavily, almost smothering me beneath her wide arse.

"Oh my God," I kept saying to myself as her odours became stronger and more intense.

By now my masturbation was almost reaching fever pitch. I slowed down the pace and allowed myself to take deep slow breaths through her now sopping knickers. I had not realised how damp women became when aroused and I was equally surprised that Vivian was so damp considering that she appeared to disregard my presence in favour of watching her television programme.

"'1984' was written by George Orwell," she shouted at the quizmaster and screeched with joy.

As she shouted her thighs quivered and I ran my left hand over her buttocks feeling them through her dress and petticoats. With her squatting on my face my head seemed to be like a convenient stool.

I visualised her perched on my face with her feet tucked under her against my cheeks and her knees splayed forward.

To someone passing the lounge window, looking in, it would appear that Vivian was sitting on a low footstool in front of the television.

Most of my body would have been hidden by the sofa and the tableau would have appeared totally innocent.

Had they walked into the room however they would have obtained an entirely different impression. They would have seen my upper body almost totally concealed under her wide crisp cotton shirtwaister dress and petticoats whilst my right hand would have appeared as a ferocious 'blur' as I wanked myself into oblivion. Only the television and Vivian's calm, almost indifferent, composure, would have confirmed their original surmise that here was a young woman merely watching a television programme on her own.

"Vivian," I shouted in muffled tones as I approached my orgasm.

"The Salmon," she replied and cheered. I rammed my face up into her pubic area and drank in her odours so savagely that I almost tipped her over.

"I'm coming," I yelled into her wet underwear under her petticoats.

I reached the very brink of my orgasm then felt the semen rise. I breathed in Vivian's odours and 'came', pumping out four huge globules of slime into the Kleenex tissues that held my shaft firmly.

"Oh fucking, fucking fantastic," I grunted and kissed her overhanging arse. Mentally I noted that this had been orgasm number nine and I lay on my back beneath her. I gulped in cool fresh breath and stared at the damp gusset above me.

Vivian yelled out, "The Can-can," then pinned my face down once again.

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