tagNonHumanDead Heat: Death For Breakfast Ch. 05

Dead Heat: Death For Breakfast Ch. 05



"Yes." She waved him forward with the gun. "On your knees and with your tongue." She watched him crawl forward, his eyes on her succulent snatch. "And no funny business."

Brodie gritted his teeth, trying not to rip into her because not only was he playing her game again, but he was also crawling. He was an ACE Droid, an android of the highest level and he did not crawl to humans. They crawled to him. But the smell of her pussy drew him like flies to honey. So pungent and sweet. He was in heaven. It was time to feed.

His tongue reached forward and slipped over her hairless pussy, slowly examining the outer lips. A shiver ran through her and he repeated the circuit again, flicking into the folds between her legs and near her ass. Her nectar began to flow and he tasted the juice, closing his eyes as a pleasurable heat flooded his body. She was so tasty. He couldn't stop himself. He pressed past the outer lips and suckled the slick inner lips, forcing himself to keep from dipping his bucket into her overflowing well.

Lauren couldn't stop herself, either. The feeling of his tongue laving her nether region was like having sugar dissolve on her tongue: sweet and complete. She closed her eyes and came, quivering like a slab of Jello and heard him moan in response. Each time his tongue swiped her weeping slit, she came again, her clit rising and filling with blood. She had hoped that he wouldn't notice it because she felt so overwhelmed already but he did. His lips went around the distended flesh, his teeth grating over it while his lips pinched lightly.

She exploded with a shout, thick pussy cream erupting over his seeking and greedy tongue and Brodie eagerly lapped it up. He pressed her secret button and was rewarded with a small trickle of piss. She shuddered when he drank it as eagerly as her cum. "Give me more." She obeyed his whisper, allowing another tiny bit of piss to come out. He hummed into her snatch, triggering another orgasm and she released more and more until she was peeing into his welcoming mouth.

Brodie shivered with the taste of the warm fluid that filled his mouth. This was a new thing to him and he was enjoying every minute of it. He swallowed, took another mouthful, swirled it around his tongue and swallowed again. She came again, her sweet cum mingling with the tangy piss and pre-cum pumped out of his cock as he drank his fill of her sweet essence.

"Delicious." Brodie whispered. "I would never have thought ... "

"Neither would I." Lauren confessed, her pussy still throbbing from his licking. He bent forward again, grabbing her hips and burying his face in her fragrant slit, sucking and tasting as she came on the tip of his tongue again and again. Her asshole pulsed and she gasped when he moved down, determined to give it equal time. "Oh, God!"

His tongue probed her sphincter, rubbing around it before pushing inside. His cock hardened in his fist, the scent of her ass filling his nostrils. She kept her asshole closed, giving him a challenge of sorts and he rose to it. He ran his tongue around her hole again, taming it, gentling it into letting him inside. He felt her relax and speared his tongue past her muscles, sinking into her ass and drawing a shuddering sigh from her as she came again. He pulled her hips closer to the edge of the bed and slid one thick finger into her creaming twat. She gasped, pressing down and driving both his tongue and finger deeper into her orifices. He hummed and she rocked forward, pressing them in again and he moaned in satisfaction.

Pleasure ruled Lauren's senses. The gun was a harmless toy in her hand as Brodie's tongue worked on her. She quit counting how many times she came. She only concentrated on the sheer pleasure that was enveloping her body. She was ready now. His fingers inside her were not enough. She had to have his thick cock riding inside her, filling her hole and pumping his cum into her.

Lauren gripped the gun again, forcing herself from the fog of sex into the sharpness of reality. No matter how much she wanted him, she had to remember who he was. An ACE Droid who had killed and would no doubt kill again, if given the chance. But she knew what she had to do.

Lauren laid down on her back, the gun pointing at him, and said, "Fuck me."

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