tagGroup SexDear Diary Ch. 01

Dear Diary Ch. 01

byKelli Bleu©

The following is an excerpt from the author's diary... or is it just a fantasy? I'll leave you to decide :) Either way, if you like it, please vote for it, and feel free to drop me a line! xoxo Kel :)

May 12

The first entry of a new year always excites me! It's like some sort of rite of passage, or a sign that time is moving on, or something like that. This is an even bigger event, since this diary will probably take me from now, my senior year in high school, into the beginning of my freshman year in college... I can't wait for that freedom!

Anyway, let me start like I do every year. As I look in the mirror, I see looking back at me an average looking girl, about 5-5, 110 lbs. my red hair (dyed) reaches halfway down my back now in ragged curls (artificial)... maybe I should cut it. my eyes are somewhere between blue and brown, depending on my mood, right now they are dark blue. My half shirt shows off my belly button ring nicely. I have a good chest, and a better butt, and my clothes show that off pretty well. my parents hate that. my skin is good, I'm healthy, what more can a girl want?

I've got a boyfriend named Jason, a twin brother named Randolph, an older sister named Christine, and a younger sister named Ellen. And, as you know, dear diary, I'm Kelli.

Oh yeah, my ears are pierced twice each, high and low, and I really want a tattoo, but Dad won't let me have one. did I mention I can't wait until college?

That's all for now... I'm going on a date tonight with Jason, his friend Anthony, and Anthony's girlfriend. I think we're going to a movie or something. More later! XOXO Kel :)

May 13

Diary, you will not believe what happened last night! I got into a fight with my boyfriend, that asshole, which was bad, but the other thing that happened was so amazing I haven't been able to tell anyone!

The four of us went to the drive in. Jason drove, I was in the front of the car with him, Anthony and Michelle were in the back. Anthony's cute, in a tall dark sort of way, and really well built, he lifts weights a lot. A little too muscular, I think. Michelle is a tiny thing, like 5-2 or so, with really big boobs, very styled hair, and lots of makeup. Jason, my now EX boyfriend, is really sexy, a swimmer's body all long and lean, very blond and... I'll miss him...

Okay, I'm better now. I can finish my story. The movie was just an excuse to make out, and I was kissing Jason and it was real hot, and his hands were under my shirt, and mine under his, which is as far as we ever go. Things were weird though because of Anthony and Michelle in the back, and I had to stop him, and turn back to the movie, trying to ignore the sounds of their making out. Jason was mad, but I knew he'd get over it. I guess I must have fallen asleep or something, because the next thing I knew, I was alone in the front seat, Jason had left. Shifting quietly to a more comfortable position, I caught sight of what was going on in the rearview mirror and froze, unable to look away, the sleepiness falling away immediately.

What my eyes had locked onto was Anthony's huge cock. I'd felt Jason's before, through his jeans while we were making out, but this was the first one I'd seen in person. I didn't know they were that big! As I moved a little to get a better look I saw Michelle's fist sliding up and down it really slowly. My ears started to focus in a little, and I could hear Anthony's heavy breathing as Michelle stroked him. I couldn't believe they were doing this with me only 3 feet away! My eyes were glued, watching him quiver with each stroke, wondering how soon until...

Then Anthony whispered softly. "suck it, babe." I think I gasped out loud, but they didn't seem to notice. I was getting really excited myself as I continued to watch. I heard Michelle answer "no.. someone will see us." I could hear in her voice that she was turned on big time, it was real deep and husky, and her hand started to stroke him faster and harder, her fist clenching around his pole. "no one will see us, chelle, and you know you want to... do it" Anthony whispered again. I heard a zipper, michelle's, had to be, and then michelle moaned "oh, yeah... right there..."

I could only see Anthony's dick in the mirror, and not all of it, the angle was all wrong. I shifted around softly, frustrated, until I could see most of it, michelle's closed fist sliding up and down quickly, the top of it gleaming wetly, Anthony's hips bucking into michelle's hand. michelle moaned again, and she breathed "deeper." Anthony's whispered reply "then suck it." I heard a gasp from michelle as if something had suprised her, perhaps a special touch from Anthony, then a rustle of movement. The first thing I saw of michelle besides her hand was her ruby-lipstick-coated lips as they wrapped around the top of Anthony's cock.

I moaned softly, I was getting so turned on I could barely handle it. I'd always wanted to do this stuff, but was too scared, or too cold, or not turned on enough, or the time wasn't right, or something. watching michelle and anthony had me hotter than I'd ever been, and all I wanted to do was jump in the back with them and have anthony take me...

anyway. I watched, my tongue wetting my dry lips, as Michelle's crimson lips slid down, and down, and down, finally touching the flesh at the base of his huge tool, Anthony's indrawn breath as the last centimeter slipped inside, his hands visible now on the top of her head, pushing before, now resting as she slipped back upwards ever so slowly. I could see her tongue moving against her cheeks as she released him, inch by creeping inch. I tried to keep my breathing steady as she slid off of him and started to coat him with her tongue, licking up and down, then taking just the top in her mouth, whipping it with her tongue, her hand at work again lower down, stroking as she sucked. Occasionally she would moan with him in her mouth; he must have been pleasuring her with one hand while her mouth caressed him.

My mouth was dry and my body screaming as I watched, pretending to sleep, my first experience with real sex - i've never even seen a hardcore movie! The moans started coming faster from both of them as michelle did things with her mouth I'd never even thought of in my hottest fantasies. I couldn't stop my hand from pressing against my damp shorts, and my very soft moans were hidden by the sounds of michelle's sucking and anthony's gasping.

Michelle's hand and mouth were moving really fast now, and anthony's breathing was heavier than i've ever heard. she was moaning constantly around the tool in her mouth, repeatedly taking it all in her mouth then sliding it out, then diving on it again. I felt like I was going to pass out watching them, when suddenly there was silence, like everyone in the car was holding their breath. Then Anthony moaned "yes, yes, oh, yeah!" the last word an explosion of breath. I watched Michelle try to recoil and pull off of the rod embedded deep in her throat, but Anthony's hands held her head in place as his hips pistoned into her mouth in time with his heavy breaths. My mouth opened in a wordless yell as I shook with a small orgasm triggered by Anthony's climax.

Michelle got the worst of the deal. I shifted my view in time to watch as Anthony finally released her and she whipped him out of her mouth, coughing and wiping her lips. I heard a loud thump which I think was her punching Anthony as she whispered furiously "you FUCK. I TOLD you not to cum in my mouth!", folowed by another thump and Anthony's laughter. "I'll go get you a drink" he mumbled, still laughing. I heard and felt him leave the car, and heard Michelle's zipper as she fixed herself up. I could almost feel her looking at me, checking to see if I was still asleep. I must have passed inspection, because she didn't say anything.

I don't think I can finish the story tonight, diary. I'm kind of worked up, not really in a good way, just thinking about what comes next. I'll tell you the rest tomorrow. kel :)

* * * * *

To Be Continued....

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