tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDear Diary Ch. 02

Dear Diary Ch. 02

byKelli Bleu©

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May 15

Sorry for the delay, dear diary, i had lots of homework last night, and no time to finish the story. Jason and i are truly broken up now; we had a huge blowout fight in school, i don't know why i bothered to date him at all. I know i told you before how he was fantastic, and i was in love. I was wrong. He's a prick, and always has been, i just didn't realize it.

I left off with Anthony leaving the car and Michelle complaining about the taste of his semen in her mouth. Shouldn't suck cock if you don't want the taste, as far as i'm concerned, but then Michelle probably couldn't help herself. Did i mention that she's a tramp and a whore? She is.

As you may have guessed by now, she's part of the reason i broke up with Jason. Anyway, here's what happened. After the movie, Jason took everyone home. He dropped off Anthony and Michelle at Anthony's house, then dropped me off. He tried to get me to let him sneak upstairs and make out in my bedroom; i told him no, and he left, still mad. As i closed the door, i saw him leave; in the wrong direction. I got worried that i'd made him so mad he was going to go wreck his car or something, so i grabbed the keys to my Dad's car and got in, tearing off down the street after him. I was pretty far behind, and was barely able to keep him in sight. Finally, he slowed down and turned into a neighborhood. I was pretty much lost. He pulled up to a very nice house, and turned into the driveway.

I coasted quietly to a stop and watched. He didn't notice that i had been following him. Too busy being mad at me i imagined. He walked up to the front door, opened it, and went into the house. I was amazed; i'd been to his house before, and this wasn't it! I got out of the car and crossed the street, keeping to the shadows, asking myself what the hell i was doing even as i crouched down next to the house under a window. It was a hot may evening; many of the windows were open. I could hear Jason as he walked through the house, but the lack of lights on in the house kept me from knowing where he was.

I dove to the ground as headlights swept toward me. I picked grass off of my shirt (now ruined) as i heard another car pull into the driveway. High heels clicked on the sidewalk as the car's driver walked to the front door and opened it. I peered into the window again, as hidden as i could make myself.

And watched as Michelle came through the door and switched on the lights. She was dressed the same way she had been earlier: tight white half shirt barely covering her boobs, too-tight jean shorts, and high heels. Like i said, she's a tramp. Her makeup was redone, perfect red lips set in a perfectly adorned face. I could hear her as she yelled "Jason? Where are you?"

So i'm thinking to myself, what the hell is going on here. She's obviously not suprised to find Jason here; either they planned it earlier that evening, or she recognized his car. I watched as she kicked off her shoes and started walking through the house. "Jason? What kind of game are you playing?" She switched off the light as she left the room, then walked through the house in the dark. Fortunately, the house was a single level, and i was able to follow her progress by the windows. Great, i thought to myself; now i'm a stalker. This is the best night of my freakin' life.

I wound up a room behind her; it's hard work trying to sneak quickly. I finally heard her say "There you are! Is that a present for me?" Wondering what Jason had bought her, and why, i snuck to the window the noise was coming from. What i saw almost made me burst into tears.

Jason was laying back on a bed, naked. His erection, while not as big as Anthony's tool, was sizeable, and due to a trick of the moonlight coming in through another window, the first thing i saw. I was unable to move as i watched Michelle step out of her shorts and peel off her shirt, revealing a blue thong and bra set. She climbed on top of Jason and reached back to grab his cock with one hand while her mouth devoured his, her tongue slipping deep into his mouth. Jason returned the kiss passionately, more passionately than he ever kisses me. Michele's hand continued to work on his erection as he popped open her bra, allowing her oversize tits to fall out. He immediately started sucking on a nipple, while his hands reached down and cupped her ass, kneading it hard enough to make her moan. I was jerked out of my daze by her bra, which struck the window above my head after Michelle flung it off.

I thought to myself, that's it, i'm outta here. But i was unable to stop watching my boyfriend - correction, ex-boyfriend - and his torrid little slut Michelle. "Get inside me" she hissed at him, her head thrown back, her hips grinding on his stomach "now." Jason obliged, rolling her over onto her back, grabbing her panties, and ripping them off of her in a quick motion. He ran his fingers through her hair down there, and made a few moves with his fingers that caused her to jerk around like crazy, her boobs bouncing in time to his rhythm as she moved. I couldn't take my eyes off them, i watched as her nipples hardened with pleasure, and was surprised to feel my own harden as i watched.

I watched him push her legs back, and watched her grab her ankles and pull them toward her head. With one quick thrust he was inside her, closer to her in this one night than we'd been in 3 months of dating, her back arched, her "oh" of pleasure echoing off the walls. Then he was pumping furiously, ramming her over and over, his eyes glued to her tits as he fucked her, Michelle urging him on with repeated "fuck me baby"-s and "oh yes"-es. After about 2 minutes she came, screaming his name at the top of her lungs, which set him off; he pulled out of her and straddled her quickly on his knees, grabbing one of her tits in each hand and sliding his hard cock between them, squeezing them together, and spraying his cum over her chest and face.

He collapsed, exhausted, beside her, and i found myself able to move again. I watched as they lay there, spent, silent, except for the sound of Michelle wiping the jism from her face with her fingers and then putting them in her mouth and moaning as she sucked them clean. Neither Jason nor I was able to tear our gazes from her lips as she did that. Then i watched as the little slut crept down the bed and took his soft cock, glistening with their shared juices, in her hand and looked up at him. "ready for round 2?" she said, and at his nod of approval, began to suck his cock, moaning as his hands found her slick slit and started to stroke it.

I left then, unable to watch anymore. I let the air out of the tires of their cars, got in my own, and went home. I broke up with Jason the next day. All in all, it was a terrible experience, i thought.

It was only later, when i got home, that i realized how aroused i had been by watching them. I don't know whether it was the act of watching, or if i'm just obsessed with sex, or if i'm bisexual or something (which i doubt). But i can't deny that i was turned on, both times. I don't know what i'm going to do, dearest diary, but i can tell you this: you'll be the first to know.

Until then, XXXXOOOO Kel :)

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