Dear Lover


To my destiny,

I am writing to you, now, to tell you what I wish to do for you in the future. Everyone has a destiny to be profiled and maybe this is ours. I can only hope that you are the one and if not I pray that I will never be forgotten in your mind. So now I want express my emotions which are indescribable. I feel as though every minute I wait to be with you is going to make everything else more intense; like the way we look into each other eyes, hold hands, hug each other, kiss one another, make love to each other.

I cant wait for the moment I hear the way you call my call name. Take me into your arms and never let go. I only imagine the way you will look into my eyes with passion; so deep and filled with emotion. I cant bare it any more I need to know my destiny, our destiny.

The very day we give our love to each other can and only will be described in detail. And this is the case.

Me and you have been alone for quite some time, in your house. So I decide to take a bath. And you begin to run the bath water for me. While I get ready you decide to make your move. Fill the tub with bubbles and surround the tub with candles. You turn the lights down low. When I walk in the room you already have your clothes off and are in the tub.

You look so sexy. The way your skin looks wet and your eyes glisten in the dim light. Your lips look delicious and I want to kiss you. I am getting aroused.

I walk towards the tub seductively taking off my clothes teasing you. As I walk I take off my robe and slowly unbutton my black lace bra. I turn around to show you my back side while I slide the bra off and take hold of my breast with my left arm. You continue to stare. As I stand in front of you I reach for your hand and place it on my thong. Oh, I know, as I bend over in front of you that you wish you knew the flavor of me; maybe, cherry, vanilla or strawberry. As I bare all of my assets to you I turn around and lift my leg up on the side of the tub. I place my hand around your face and pull you near. You get on your knee and begin kissing my thighs. Your lips so soft and your kisses are so gentle on my delicate skin. As you make your way up you place two fingers inside of me and make me moan softly. Gradually you place your tongue on my clitoris and move your tongue in a manor you know will blow my mind. And yet, after a little while I command you to stop. And I climb in with you.

My back facing you, you begin to rinse warm water and oils all over me. It feels so good to be pampered for once. You glide the cloth along my skin and chills run down my spin as you place deep passionate kisses along my shoulder. You pull me closer to you in order to wash my neck, breast, and stomach. And then place your hands in between my thighs. I turn to face you, place my legs on both sides of you. I pull you closer to me and take the cloth out of your hand. I place the cloth back into the water and then wash your body as if was a rare piece of gold. You are precious and rare to me. There is no other like you around, so I will treat you as royalty. So I will care for you and make sure you have everything you need in a woman.

I look into your big brown chocolate eyes and demand your attention. Then you kiss me deeply and trace me lips with your tongue. I could kiss you for hours on end but I choose to do more than that. As you whisper in my ear the feelings you have for me I place small kisses on your ear and down your neck. To hear your voice so seductively seduces me. I move away from you steadily. You lean me back to observe my body and you lean forward to place your mouth on my breast. Your lips around my nipple make them swell. And I go under the water to alleviate to tension I hold.

As I come back up you take me out of the water and into your room.

Relax, and lay down across the bed for me. Let me take control of the nerves in your body. I pull out the lotion and rub it along your body, massaging each and every part of you. I massage your feet, claves and much more. Retracing your body with kisses is a tease, but I will hold you to it. I reach your inner thigh and start to place deeper kisses while I play with your testicles. I take you into my hand and stoke you gradually until you have a look of anticipation in your eyes. Then I place my lips on the head of your penis and leave it moist. Before I place my mouth on it any further I look at you and confess my emotions with one look. I place as much as I can handle in my mouth and swallow. Before I stoke and continue to kiss your penis I play with it with my tongue ring. I can tell you enjoy it. You tense up and grab me close to your face. Thats when I climb on top and you embrace me. You smell is so pleasant. Almost like a smell that brings back a memory.

Blind to what I am about to experience, I press myself down on you. Warm, thick, and throbbing is the feeling I have describing this love. I place my hands in yours and move to a rhythm of our own. Slow, we then eventually come to a world created in our mind filled with ecstasy. For hours we grind and wind in the nude where ever our passion brings us; all open spaces. From the bedroom where I ride my man and take control. To the hallway where we give each other a tease on the oral. To the kitchen on the counter where we share and taste each other using exotic foods and stroke until the day fades away into the night. All through the house anyone can hear you make me moan and scream your name.

This is all too surreal for me. But this is what was meant to be, this is our destiny. And in this case, forever, I hope to have more time and special moments in each others lives.

This is what I mean when I say im ur destoni.

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