Debutant to Punk Princess


After the charity store I went to the salon to get a hair cut. All week I had just been mussing up my hair with water. I wanted a real fix to my good girl hairdo. I considered dying it but chickened out. I thought a new style should be first, then I could think about color in the future. I picked out the stylists with the most outrageous look to do me. I told the girl what I wanted. She liked my idea. Keeping the hair long in the front down to my collarbone, she cut it back on an angle to very short in the back so my neck was exposed. She then cut me bangs just above my eyes. It was a bob sort of style but with extreme length difference. I then had her make one side of the front shorter than the other so it was asymmetrical. It still framed my face nicely and it was original. No one had that style at my school at least. I loved it.

She asked if there was anything else she could do. I looked at myself in the mirror and asked, "Can you do some piercings?"

The stylist smiled and nodded. "How many?" she asked. When I walked out of the shop, I had two new holes in each ear, one mid ear and another at the top. I also had a nose ring. I was a whole new girl.

My next stop was the record store. It was amazing that the store was still in business with most music coming from the internet and the WalMart running so many small businesses out of town. The privately owned store still carried vinyl records and CDs. They sold Blue Ray disks to fill in the business. I liked the store because it was a place to find some rare, hard to find music. That's where I found my Forgotton Rebels, Elton Montello, Teenage Head, the Cramps and many other rare gems. The place also had tons of rock and roll knick-knacks, posters, memorabilia. I didn't find any new music but I bought some pins, and a studded collar. Miranda was working and I stopped and chatted with her. I had been in the store dozens of times but we had never said two words together before. I hated the way I used to be.

Miranda really liked my new hairdo and my piercings. Neither was as radical as her spiked up pink cut and the ten ear piercings, and her tongue stud. Her approval meant something to me. We spent some time talking music. She then showed me an advertisement for a show. "These just got dropped off today. Switchblade Coven is playing at the University pub next Saturday. I hear they're pretty kickass. Kind of like Bikini Kill," she told me.

"I fucking love them. I got a copy of their new song off of a pod cast. I'd love to see them," I told my new friend.

Miranda looked disappointed. "Says here it's a twenty-one and over show. Damn!" she informed me. That took the air out my sails and I sighed. I didn't own any fake ID. After a while, I left and went home with all my new stuff.

Needless to say, my parents weren't very happy with my new hairdo and piercings. They had always said that when I turned eighteen, I was old enough to vote so I was old enough to make choices concerning my body so I had that in my favor. There was nothing they could do about it.

Sunday was great. It was the first time in years that I didn't go to church. I felt so liberated. My poor parents no doubt had to endure the odd looks and comments from the other parents and from the Reverend. Instead I spent my time in my underwear, dancing in my room with my music at full volume. Of course I took some time to read some stories and masturbate until my wrist was sore. Lately all I could think about was the twins. I had finger banged myself to sleep every night of the week fantasizing about them. I loved how they were like two people with one brain. They often finished each other's thoughts. They got along so well with each other, never fighting or arguing. They were always together, inseparable. They had no personal space with each other either. They were always so close and they often touched one another. They fixed each other's hair. They put on each other's makeup facing each other like a mirror. It was so weird but so intimate. I wondered how close they were. I fantasized that they were much closer. I knew that if I had an identical twin, I would be fucking her all the time.

Monday at school I was feeling fierce. My look was far more severe than the week before. I wore a "Clash London Calling" tee shirt with the sleeves cut off. I wore a pink and black plaid kilt with a black studded belt with a hanging hip chain. I wore white tights with rips in the thighs and over the knee black socks and black converse high tops. I wore my new leather jacket too decorated with punk rock pins. My nails were still black as was my lipstick. My eyes were smoky and dark. I had small rings in my top piecings, slightly bigger rings in the middle ones, and big hoops in the bottom ones plus a small ring in my nose. I had a bunch of loose bangles on my wrists and the black studded collar around my neck. There was no evidence of the preppy girl that I was not long before. I strutted the hall with confidence taking in all the looks, some impressed, some of horror and others of lust.

When I finally met up with the twins, they were all over me with compliments. They stood on either side of me and played with my hair. I got a tingle as I felt their fingers touch me. I had to breath deep. My pussy was getting wet from the attention. I may have even moaned a little. "Fuck bitch, you look smoking hot!" one the twins said. I had no idea which one it was. They each looped an arm around mine as the three of us walked down the hall together to my first class. That caused even more attention.

I spotted Tiffany coming our way. She had a horrific look on her face as she saw me, like she wanted to throw up. She looked right at me and was about to say something when I made a sudden move like I was about to attack her but I stopped. She flinched and let out a little scream and ran off. The twins and I laughed our asses off at her frightened departure.

I met with them again at lunch and Miranda and I brought up the topic of the Switchblade Coven show at the University pub. I again brought up that I didn't have fake ID to get in. The twins looked at each other in a wordless conversation then turned back to me. "It's your lucky day Molly. You don't need any ID to get in," one of them said.

"How's that?" I inquired enthusiastically.

The other twin answered me, "Well, it just so happens that our older brother Rick is a bouncer at the University pub. He's got us in there for shows before. You're going to have to drag us along with you though. Is that a problem?' They both smiled wide with a knowing look. I think they sensed that I liked them beyond just friendship. I wasn't sure of their intentions and it was driving me batty.

My relationship with Jenn and Sylvia continued to get closer as the week progressed. We talked about what we would wear to the show. They informed me that their brother was cool with letting us in so it was a go. We were talking outside one day after school when we spotted Tiffany. This time we noticed that she steered well clear of us and tried not to make eye contact. She was frightened of me and I was outwardly glad but inwardly I was feeling a bit guilty. Jenn, at least I think it was Jenn, asked, "So what is the deal with you two? You used to be besties."

Sylvia, I think, added, "Uh, more than just besties I recall. Remember junior prom? That was a serious lip lock you two shared. What happened?"

I turned my head away as to not give any facial clues. It was an important moment. I felt like that was my chance to come out to them but still not sure how they would handle it. I sucked in a deep breath and steadied myself. After an awkward pause, Jenn said, "It's okay Molly. You don't have to tell us if it's too hard. Sylvia and I will understand."

I turned and faced the twins. Clearing my throat, I said, "I was a fool. I had very strong feelings for Tiff. I wanted that kiss to happen because I really wanted to kiss her. She suggested the idea because she wanted to attract some attention. I figured that the kiss would make her come around to my feelings but it didn't. Afterward she felt disgusted by it. She achieved her goal of turning on some guys and wanted nothing more of me. She started distancing herself from me. She was the reason I fucked up my wrist. She dropped me in cheer practice. She just kept getting bitchier and bitchier. She was trying to put herself up over others by acting elitist. She even started dating the boy who tried to rape me just to piss me off. I gave up on trying to win her over by that point. Now I just hate everything about her. When she insulted you two, that was the last straw."

Both of the twins hugged me and stroked my hair sympathetically. I had to squeeze my knees together as my pussy began to steam up. I was seriously turned on by all their touching. One of them asked me, "So does that mean that you're into girls or just the Barbie types?" That managed to raise a giggle from her sister. That brought some levity to the situation.

"Oh, I'm done playing with Barbie dolls. My taste is a little spicier now," I teased back as I bit my lip. If they didn't know I was into them by then they never would. As I got into my car, I saw them whispering to each other as they waved goodbye to me.

On the day of the show, I ran out to an accessory store and bought a few more things. I told my parents that I was going to a show with my new friends. They didn't have much to say to me. I dressed in a black and white "Sex Pistols" tee shirt with my blue two toned cheer skirt, fishnet stockings, over the knee black and white striped socks, my black converse, my little leather jacket, a bunch of bracelets, my chain belt and my collar. I made my makeup as severe as I possible and headed out. I picked up the twins at their home, a town home in the housing complex. They invited me in to meet their mother, a sweet European momma from the old country that spoke very little English. She was so nice to me. She pinched my cheeks and fed me kielbasa. She spoke to her daughters in her native tongue. The twins were both fluent which surprised me as I had never heard them speak it to each other.

I asked them what their mother said. One of them told me, "Momma says that we are lucky girls to have you and that she says you're very pretty." I blushed and thanked their Momma which made her pinch my cheek again.

The girls took me aside and produced the wristbands that their brother obtained for us to get into the show. We all put them on. I then pulled out my gift for them. I handed them each a small box. They both had confused looks. "Open them bitches. They're presents from me," I demanded. They each opened a box up and pulled out the necklaces that I had bought them. They were both a silver chain, one with a big silver J on it and the other with a silver S on it. "I know they're a bit tacky but I have my motives. This way I can always know which one of you is which," I confessed.

The girls laughed at my confession then Sylvia, holding the J necklace, turned her back to her sister and lifted her long mane of black hair. Jenn, whom I had given the S necklace to, put the chain around her sister's neck. She then turned and repeated the gesture as Sylvia put the J necklace on Jenn. I had got them mixed up again. At least they took no offence by it.

As we got into the car, the twins fought over who got to sit in the front with me. Jenn finally said, "Fine, you can have it on the ride there but I get it on the way home."

Sylvia sighed, "Fuck, I wish I thought of that." Were they fighting over me? That brought on a serious thought to me that frightened me. What if they both were into me and I had to choose between them. I don't think I could. I had only ever thought of them as one. How could I date one of them and not the other? I supposed that if one of them was gay and the other wasn't it would be academic but I seriously doubted that. They were far too identical. Either they both were or neither was. It might be a problem. I couldn't tell them apart let alone choose one over the other. I tried to forget about it as I put on some music to get us in the mood, some Green Day.

Sylvia asked me, "What's the best concert you've ever been too?" She must have figured that with my taste in music, I must have been to some cool shows. My face reddened immediately and I tried to hide my face. That got their attention and they wouldn't let it go. "Tell us!" she demanded.

Embarrassed, I finally confessed, "Okay, I'll tell you but don't judge. I've only been to one concert. It was a year and a half ago. Tiffany got the tickets from her parents for her birthday. She was sick for Justin Timberlake at the time. As her best friend, she asked me to go with her. I hated it but I went anyway." They both laughed hysterically. I turned beet red with shame. One more thing to hate Tiffany for.

The twin's brother, Rick, a big, dark haired guy, showed us in and we found a good spot up front. Right away, guys were buying the three of us drinks. Who doesn't like free vodka? I kept eye balling the twins trying to figure out my dilemma. Other than the fact that Sylvia was in a red skirt and Jen was in a black one, hey looked identical. They both wore torn black tights underneath with solid black sleeveless tee shirts, and Docs.

Out of the blue, Jen asked me, "Hey Molly, is that your cheerleader skirt?" with a seductive smile.

I nodded as I winked and did a little twirl and shook my ass at them. Sylvia sucked on her drink and commented, "Hot! So does this mean we get our private show tonight?" My answer was to start dancing. The house music was still on.

Miranda showed up finally. She was accompanied by a familiar looking guy. He was tall and had dark spiky hair like hers. I recognized him as my first lay, Marty. They came over and said hello. Turns out Marty was a sound technician for the band. He met Miranda at the record store the week before and they started dating.

Marty looked at me for several minutes before he finally clued into who I was. When Miranda introduced me as Molly, the light went off over his head. "I thought you looked familiar. You have a different look than you did in the summer. What happened to you that day? I wanted to talk to you again but you kind of freaked out and disappeared on me," he asked.

I did owe him an explanation I figured. "Sorry about that Marty. It was me. I was trying to figure out who I was and whether I was straight or not. As it turns out, I'm not. I apologize for leaving without an explanation. You're a good guy. You just be good to my girl Miranda, okay?" I explained to him. "No hard feelings?" I added.

"No hard feelings Molly. Thanks for the info. I love your new look by the way," Marty told me.

The band finally took the stage. Switchblade Coven was a four piece punk rock band with a female lead singer, bass player and drummer. The guitar player was a drag queen who was hot enough to make me reconsider my choices. The lead singer had a full Mohawk dyed blue. She wore tartan plaid tights and a cropped red tee shirt with a black anarchy symbol on it.

They got right into it without delay and they were as good as advertised. They tore it up. We started dancing and didn't stop until the break after their first set. More drinks got handed to us as guys tried to pick us up. I gave mine to the girls and got a bottled water as I knew I had to still drive after the show. We did a good job at ignoring the guys to give them the message. During the next set, they would really understand.

As I danced with the twins, it started to get erotic. The girls were feeling unabashed and were grinding on me. One was rubbing her crotch into my ass from behind as the other was pressing herself into me from the front, squashing her breasts agaist mine. We moved around so much I couldn't tell who was in front and who was behind me half the time. I let my hands roam over the twins bodies, hugging, squeezing ass, running my fingers through their long black hair.

I was so wet and so intoxicated with lust, with the music blaring and driving me that I didn't care who was watching me. As we grinded on each other, I felt a mouth on my neck, kissing me. I moaned with pleasure. Then two hands squeezed my breasts. I felt a hand squeezing my ass and another pulling my head to her face. I opened my mouth and one of the twins pressed her lips to mine and her tongue immediately invaded my mouth. I sucked on her mouth muscle with our lips smashed together. The other twin was licking my neck and kissing it. She even bit me a little. Then I was turned around and the twin who was on my neck was kissing me. The other one took over kissing my neck. Four hands felt me up in all my sensitive areas. My tits were squeezed and my ass was pinched. Fingers glided between my thighs and felt up my crotch through my black silk panties. I grabbed and touched whatever I could. I didn't know which twin was which. I was in ecstasy. It was if the three of us were in our own little world.

Sylvia and Jenn continued to make a sandwich out of me for several more songs. Our antics drew a lot of attention not only from the crowd but from the band. During a guitar solo, I heard the lead singer announce into the microphone, "Look at this baby dyke in the Goth girl sandwich." I looked up on the stage at her and she was right above us, staring at us with the microphone between her thighs, holding it like it was her penis, mimicking a guy jacking off. She leaned her head back and made like she was having an orgasm, a male orgasm and imitated blowing a load all over the three of us. The crowd applauded. She held a victory pose and said, "Wew, that was good. Who doesn't love lesbian porn? Other than that guy over there." Then the song continued and she left us alone. I was only a tiny bit embarrassed but I actually felt liberated at being so publicly outed.

When the show finally ended, we stuck around for autographs and said goodbye to Miranda and Marty. The girls were a little tipsy as I drove home but I had Jenn's hand rubbing my thigh all the way back to their house. Once there, they invited me inside. I was too horny to say no. The house was quiet. Their Momma was asleep. Her room was next to the kitchen, so we headed upstairs to the twins' room. The upstairs had two bedrooms. One was for their brother Rick who was away at school so his room was vacant. The twins shared one room together. Before I went in, I texted my Mom that I was staying over at my friends' house so that they wouldn't worry. Having done that, I entered the twins dark and mysterious room.

It was painted all black and decorated like a horror movie. There were two twin beds but they had them pushed together so it was like one double bed. The twins were as horny as me, I could tell. They had evil grins on their faces like I was going to be their human sacrifice. They sat on the edge of the bed side by side, holding hands and staring at me. I started to slow dance in front of them, grinding exotically to music that wasn't there. I bumped and grinded like a stripper. I seductively dropped my jacket to the floor. The twins started quietly humming a beat for me to dance to. I picked it up and moved my hips to it. I slowly removed my tee shirt over my head and flung it at them. I turned and wiggled my ass in their faces. That got them excited. I twisted my hips as I lowered my cheer skirt down to my knees. I then pranced out of it and kicked it in the air. Catching it, I flung it at the girls as well.

I kept checking my audience who continued to cheer me on as I removed my bra with my back to them. "Tits, tits, we want tits," they cheered. I turned to face them holding the loose bra over my boobs. I teased a bit longer before flicking it at the twins like a sling shot. They whooped at my exposed, perky breasts. My nipples were so hard and pointy, they could have cut glass. I danced seductively a bit longer and felt myself up. I rubbed my soaking wet pussy through my panties. That made their eyes open wide. I dipped my hand inside the wet silk and jammed two fingers into my love canal. As I removed them, I slowly moved them up to my mouth and took a long slow suck on them, while maintaining eye contact with my audience.

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