tagGroup SexDecadent


byMany Feathers©

It had started out as a simple game, a way to signal one another in a single word of a mood or a desire, a need.

Tracy was as wild and uninhibited a woman as you would ever want to meet, and I felt lucky, and fortunate enough to have found her. Little did I know how wild and crazy she could actually be. Something I have thanked my lucky stars for ever since, though I might also add with a little reservation thrown in for balance.

That first year of our marriage, we had become so in tune, so comfortable with one another that the word "spontaneous" became the norm. Neither of us knew when the other would suddenly want, desire and need the other. So it became a game, a simple signal, a word to give some sort of notification that the crazy, wild, insane was about to happen.

"What better word?" Tracy had said smiling. "Decadent! We're in agreement then she asked?"

I could only begin to imagine. Long before we had married, I had always considered myself the wild one, willing to take a few risks, a few chances for the thrill of it all. Hell, next to Tracy I was an amateur.

"We're in agreement," I acknowledged, though truth be told, I was agreeing to a lot more than I'd ever imagined.

"So, if either one of us uses the word, then whatever we want to do, we do? No limits, no guilt, no saying no, yes?"

"Yes," I said once again, sounding a little less convincing.

"And the only real rule is we take turns, if I use the word, then I have to wait to use it again only after you've used it correct?"

"Correct!" I said agreeing with her, beginning to feel like one of those bobbing head dolls on the dashboard of a car.

It was in a way, the only control to the game. At least when I felt decadent, had a thought, a desire that might go beyond the norm, Tracy who seemed to have those thoughts and feelings all the time would still have to wait her turn before using it again.

"Ok," she giggled excitedly. "Decadent!"


I think it was my wife's photo that was situated along side the word exhibitionist in the dictionary. At least even if it wasn't, it should have been. She was simply incorrigible whenever it came to making her wear clothes, which point in fact I gave up trying to make her do, and in many ways, got a bit of a voyeuristic kick out of it whenever she didn't, surprising the mailman, or the pizza guy or some other door to door salesman as she'd most often open the door, her lovely full bare breasts just sitting there in all their glory. She could stand there, chat about the weather, the mail, getting her checkbook, or whatever without cracking a smile over the various startled looks or expressions on those she encountered. Most often, afterwards, that simple act alone would make her horny enough to want to jump my bones.

Whenever I was in the mood, I simply ordered pizza. Though to be honest I really didn't even need to do that. But the pizza was always good for afterwards.

At 5'10", Tracy was tall for a woman with equally long legs that seemed to go on forever, an equally nice sculptured ass, with a beautiful looking mane of reddish-brown hair that cascaded well down to the middle of her back. She had emerald green eyes, with natural eyelashes that any woman would die to posses, though she and I both considered her best features to be her breasts, which were full, perfectly proportioned, and had the thickest thimble-sized nipples you've ever seen. She loved showing them off, and I loved looking at them. As did most everyone else she ever ran into.

"I thought we were going to flip a coin," I told her watching her pout. "Ok, ok, obviously you already have something, or someone in mind," I said giving in.

She was of course grinning by now.

"Mark and Debbie are going out this evening," she began.


"So...they've asked Rachel to come over and baby-sit for them again."

I knew who Rachel was, she was the daughter of another set of friends we knew, though not closely. "She's just a kid!" I stated, still not knowing where Tracy was actually going with all this.

"She's eighteen!" she responded back, and I know her. I mean not really personally, but we've talked, and I know she has these curiosities.

"What curiosities?" I wondered, still not getting where all this was leading to.

Mark and Debbie's house sat next to ours. From their family den, you could see easily into our back yard. I knew from conversations with Mark, that he had seen Tracy sun-bathing in the nude on numerous occasions. He certainly didn't seem to mind, nor did Debbie for that matter as she and Tracy were pretty good friends.


"After the kids go to bed, we're going outside to the hot-tub and fuck!" she said simply.

"I'm still not sure where it is you're going with this."

"It's simple, we're going out to fuck, and Rachel's going to be watching us!"

"How do you know that?"

"Oh, we'll know," she said smiling. Rachel always sits in the family room watching TV after the kids go down. Trust me, I know she'll be watching us."

At best it was chancy that she would. I mean after all, she'd have to be looking for it in a way, so perhaps we'd simply enjoy a nice fuck and Rachel would never even know that we had. If Tracy felt, or perhaps wondered if Rachel really was watching us, to be that decadent a thing, then why the hell not? After all, then it would be my turn.

"Ok, sure...why not?" I stated.

"As if you really had a choice," Tracy reminded me with a mischievous wink.

We had just finished clearing the table from dinner when Tracy glanced out the window looking up. "She's in the family room," she announced.

"How you know that?" I asked.

"Because the lights on for one thing, and for another, the curtains are still open and I saw her pass by the window."

I wondered. Not that Rachel would have any reason to believe we might actually be caught fucking at some point, nor that she'd be looking for it. But it was still a very curious thing.

"So whets next then?" I asked.

"We get naked and fuck of course!"

"Of course!"

With a flip of the switch, Tracy lit up the floodlights that would highlight the hot tub. And as she did, I remembered Mark telling me that every time they came on, he knew we were out tubing. It was like sending a signal beacon out whenever we did.


"See what?" I asked as we stepped outside, naked, carrying a couple of large terry-cloth towels with us and nothing else.

"Now the lights off!"

I glanced up towards the window. "Could be she's left the room," I suggested.

"To do what? Sleep? Take a bath? I don't think so. That's where she'd be watching TV, but with the lights off now, I truly believe she's watching us standing a little ways back from the darkened window."

Admittedly there was some logic in that, and I actually did find myself getting aroused at the prospect of being spied on.

"We'll know for sure if we see the hallway light come on outside of Mark and Debbie's bedroom," she added. "She can see us a lot easier from there."

I had to laugh at that, knowing full well that was Mark's favorite vantage point whenever Tracy was sunbathing in the nude outside. "I wonder how many times that Mark has jerked off spying on you," I stated.

Tracy grinned, "A lot I would imagine. At least I hope so!"

We slipped into the tub, but it was immediately obvious that Tracy wasn't in the mood to be wasting any time here. I had barely situated myself in the corner when she stood up out of the water, positioning herself on the edge, spreading her legs and balancing herself in the opposite corner from where I was, but strategically facing our friend's house.

"Come eat me," she said simply. "That should get her attention if we already haven't."

We had done this before, and I wondered how many times that Mark, and possibly even Debbie had watched us doing just that. After only a few minutes of flicking my tongue against my wife's hot little pussy, she giggled.

"Just saw the hallway light turn on, and then off," she mentioned. "Am sure she's moved into their bedroom."

Even I had to admit Tracy was probably right, that we really were being watched at this point. And I also had to wonder what, if anything Rachel might be doing to herself as she did.

"Wonder if she's playing with herself about now," I mumbled into my wife's cunt.

"I know if it was me, I certainly would be!" she countered.

"That's a given," I said playfully sucking her clit firmly between my lips. Tracy groaned audibly, though I doubted that even as loud as it had seemed to me when she did, that Rachel could have heard her, even with the windows open. Still, I guess it was possible.

"Ok, your turn," she announced. Lay down on the side board for a moment, let her get a good look at this nice hard cock before it disappears inside my mouth," she instructed.

I did so, enjoying her continued manipulations of my prick as she slowly began stroking it up and down, careful so as not to block the 'view' as it were from the window.

"Don't be too obvious about looking over there," Tracy warned me. But keep an eye out and see if you notice anything, or see movement of any kind," she announced.

For several moments I did. And then I did.

"Damn, I think she left the room. Just saw the hallway lights turn on, and she didn't turn them off again."

"Hmmm," Tracy thought as she slipped back inside the tub with her back towards me. "Well, guess we'll wait and see," she added. "In the meantime, come here and fuck your wife."

I slipped easily inside my wife's slick tight little cunt and began fucking her from behind just the way she liked it. After several exquisite minutes of this, she whispered back to me, turning her head. "Don't look up, and for hells sake, don't stop fucking me either, but I just saw movement by the fence!"

I risked a quick glance, squinting my eyes as though concentrating instead on the sensations, and sure enough, she was right. There was movement, as a shadow continued to creep along the edge-line of the fence. I knew almost immediately where she was heading.

"Right in front of us," I whispered back. "See those split boards?" Tracy giggled.

"Yeah, I know...I've caught Mark peeking through them on more than one occasion," she told me.

"Mark tends to spy on you a lot doesn't he?" I responded teasingly, though half seriously as well. "I think he has a lot of reciprocation to be doing."

"Oh come on baby," Tracy purred. "You've seen Debbie's tits several times."

"Not nearly as much as Mark's seen yours!" I countered.

"Shih, she's at the hole." Tracy cautioned me. "Now...fuck me, and fuck me good!"


Though it was somewhat exciting to know that Rachel had actually come outside to watch us, it was somewhat of a let down however that we never knew, and could only guess and even fantasize about what she was doing or even thinking about while watching us. And even Tracy had been slightly disappointed that there hadn't been something more as we talked about it later on that evening before going to bed.

"I guess it wasn't all that decadent after all," she told me with a disappointed tone in her voice.

"I would guess that depends on your definition of the word. I thought it was."

"Good point. I think that there needs to be three things for it to be decadent, and before we use the word, I think that it needs to meet all the criteria."

"Ah oh," I said to myself. "Now what?"

"First, I think there has to be an element of risk, a little dangerous excitement perhaps."

"I thought there was," I countered, but she gave me a frowny-lipped look and continued.

"Secondly, I think it has to be just this side of the norm at the very least. Thirdly? It needs to be very...very...naughty. And forth..."

"I thought you said three things," I interrupted, once again getting a look.

"And forth," she continued, emphasizing the word. "The thrill of doing it has to be as intense as any orgasm itself afterwards."

As I thought about it, our naughty little encounter with Rachel had met three of those standards, but admittedly, the forth one Tracy had added there at the end had been a bit lacking.

"So...mine didn't count," she said grinningly. All I could do was shake my head and smile.


Late Saturday afternoon Tracy was being a bit fidgety, and more than a bit antsy.

"Lets go for a drive!" she announced suddenly.


"Decadent!" she responded with a lusty look that seemed to magically appear within her face. Obviously, she'd been thinking about something all afternoon. And I wasn't about to argue the point with her about whose turn it really was either. In the first place, I really hadn't been working on it, and in the second, I was suddenly horny and curious as to what it was she had come up with.

"Like I said, where?"

"You'll see. Oh...and I'm driving by the way!"

A short time later we were out the door and on the freeway. Obviously, where ever it was we were going was a little distance away or we wouldn't have gotten on this road.

"You gonna tell me what you have planned I asked?"

"In a minute. I'm still thinking it through, and I also want to sort of scout things out a little before I make my final decision."

"The criteria?"

She laughed, "Partially, yes. But just not sure about the location or possibilities yet," she answered.

We drove on for several miles until she turned on the blinker signal. I noticed only then that she'd taken the exit for one of the rest-stops located along the freeway.

"Need to use the restroom?" I wondered, though I already had a sneaking suspicion that wasn't why we were here.

"That depends," she once again giggled glancing towards me as she pulled our car into one of the parking places not too far away from the restroom area. Looking around, I noticed as was usually the case, that there were two large eighteen wheel rigs parked near by, and only one other car besides ours in the parking area.

"Now you gonna tell me?" I asked.

Tracy was glancing about without answering just as another man and woman emerged from the restroom heading towards their car.

"Wait!" Was all she said, though she opened the car door and stepped out, which is when I also noticed another eighteen-wheeler had just pulled into the lot.

"You stay here," she told me. "If I wave at you, then get out and come over to where ever I Am."


But she closed the door without answering and headed straight for the bathrooms. I sat there watching her go, and then watched as a few minutes later that the trucker who'd just pulled in to the lot, got out and headed towards the bathroom as well. Tracy must have been watching him too as she emerged from the women's restroom a moment later, walked over to stand by the door of the men's room and produced a cigarette though she failed to light it.

"Ahhh, I see." I said to myself from inside the car. "Well...sorta anyway."

Seconds later I watched as Tracy suddenly darted back towards the women's bathroom, spun, then slowed and began patting her pockets just as the other guy emerged. It was obvious that she startled him somewhat, but he immediately saw her waving the unlit cigarette, smiled, and fished a lighter from out of his shirt pocket. I also noticed as he did that, that Tracy had at some point undone another one of her shirts buttons. She'd not worn a bra, which I had already noticed the moment we got in the car, so I also knew that the guy was getting an ample look at my wife's deep cleavage. They stood talking for several moments, and then I saw the expression on the guys face suddenly change as he looked up in my direction. I froze in my seat wondering. Then watched, as they talked some more. Finally Tracy turned and waved her hand towards me. That was the signal I guess, for whatever, so I got out and casually walked towards them.

"George was it? This is my husband Brian, Brian? This is George, and he's agreed to participate in our little game."

George laughed nervously as we shook hands. We were approximately the same size, so I am sure he wasn't too worried about being robbed or manhandled or anything like that.

"At first, he thought I was a hooker or something," she mused. "Isn't that funny? Until I explained to him of course that I wasn't asking him for money, and that this was just a little naughty game we enjoy playing every once in a while. Once I had convinced him of that, he agreed."

I could only smile like I knew what was going on. I mean after all, I still didn't have a clue here. But Tracy continued, finally filling me in.

"I explained to George here that I have a thing for jacking off strange men, and how I love the feel of their hot cum spurting on my tits afterwards. Once I explained to him that's all I wanted, he agreed. That's also when I told him about you, and that you enjoy watching me do that, and could also act as a lookout for us in case anyone came. Oh yeah, and one another thing, that it had to pretty much be out in the open for me to really get off on it."

George was blushing at this point, still acting a bit nervous about the whole thing until Tracy began undoing the rest of the button's on her blouse. "And you can play with them as much as you like while I'm jerking you off," she added as further incentive, but afterwards, that's it...nothing else, agreed?"

George merely shook his head still looking at me for any signs of trouble or preferably, assurance. I smiled back at him giving him that.

"Where?" he glanced around worriedly.

"Well right here of course!" Tracy told him, already reaching out to begin unzipping his fly. Moments later Tracy had his rapidly hardening cock out and had begun stroking it. "Go ahead, touch them if you'd like," she urged. He did, and finally began to relax as his hands squeezed and fondled my wife's bare breasts. I watched, occasionally looking around to see if anyone else had entered the lot or might approach us from one of the other two trucks. So far no one had, even though we were obviously in plain sight from either of them where we stood, and where it was also very obvious that Tracy was happily and contentedly stroking the man's prick.

"Let me know when you're about to cum," she told him. "I want to make sure you squirt it all over my breasts," she reminded.

I had to admit, this was pretty decadent. Here we were with a complete and total stranger, standing outside where we could easily be seen as Tracy man-handled the guys hard stiff prick, her breasts bare for all the world to see, and me getting hornier and hornier by the second.

"Almost there," George said with a grimace of pleasured pain upon his face, once again looking towards me with some degree of uncertainty.

Tracy knelt down before him on the ground at this point, still stroking the man's prick, though now she aimed it, pumping it off directly against her firm exposed tits.

"Whenever you're ready," she teased him. "Shoot me a nice big hot load, really cover my tits George, ok?"

"Sure lady," he said with a grin on his own face now, then seconds later, granted her wish.

I stood there watching as Tracy pumped what seemed to be like a gallon of cum all over her tits. It was soon running down both breasts in tiny little rivers of white sticky semen. As soon as he was finished however, he stood back already tucking himself away with a sheepish look on his face.

"Want me to get you something? A paper towel? Some toilet paper?"

"Nah, I like it this way," Tracy announced. "I like feeling all that hot man cream on my tits."

He then thanked us both for an interesting time, and all but ran back towards his truck as he soon after pulled out of the lot and headed back out onto the highway.

"Well? We finished here then?" I asked.

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