tagGroup SexDecember Diary

December Diary


What started out as an innocent lark - a so-called Christmas present to myself, turned into an uncontrollable, sexual inferno. My sexual desire and lust could not be satiated the month Christians celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

My sexual odyssey, during this timeframe was not intended to be sacrilegious. It was just a co-incidence or so I thought.

Anyway, I kept a little diary. I wanted to be able to remember my experiences and, perhaps, someday, not only be entertained by them, but possibly reflect about the folks I'd met along the way.

A couple of months later, when I began to read my diary, the sentences were - not written very well. I decided to make the sentences and the sequences of events more coherent. As I began the re-write, I began remembering more and more and more.

This exercise forced me to reflect what I had done much sooner than I had expected or wanted. Why had I made certain choices and was there a connection between my choices - besides sex?

When I came home from college the following summer, my big Sis found my hedonistic draft. Sis read it and then it appears - shared it with my Stepmom.

These events and their unfolding will be the subject of my very next series. It will be called "Anal Epic". I will probe deeply into all these matters.

December 1

I dropped in about 10 pm Saturday night. The large, adult theater room was about 50% packed.

A tall, muscular black dude about fifty years old sat down next to me. He immediately unzipped and pulled out a fat, six-inch, uncut cock, and offered it to me.

I could smell its fresh aroma, right away. In addition, it just made my mouth water.

As I leaned over and began to suck it, I wondered how big was it going to get. I was soon distracted when he reached around me, wormed his big hand into my shorts, and pushed his thick middle finger down between my cheeks.

When he noticed my anus was greased, he slid it in, all the way up my ass, and began to wiggle it around my prostrate. In less than less than two minutes, I was moaning and his fully erect cock was not only throbbing, but had grown another four-inches! Without further ado, he stood me up, bent me over the seat in front of me, pulled down my shorts, and told me to "spread'em."

I reached behind me and opened my cheeks, exposing my puckered anus to everyone in the theater. The guy then spit on his cock and slowly began pushing all ten inches up my smooth, white ass - the equivalent of a fluorescent light in the dark theater.

Four other black guys pushed their way through the small crowd and took turns skull fucking me, as I was unceremoniously butt-fucked. They also fucked my ass, after the first guy came in me.

After they had made their deposits, I collapsed in my chair, like a satisfied whore. My bowels and belly were bloated from all the semen.

I jacked off and then went home about thirty minutes later. I didn't know what else to do.

December 2

I stopped in, again, the following night about 11 pm. The theatre was full of black and Latino guys. In the last three rows, everybody was either giving or getting a BJ. I sat down in the last row and two middle-aged, black guys walked to the row in front of me, faced me, and unzipped.

When they waggled their soft cocks at me, I leaned forward and took turns sucking them. They smelled and tasted very clean. When they were both hard, they invited me to their van, which was parked on a side street.

It was thrilling - on all fours, and being fucked in the ass as people strolled by the sidewalk - only a couple of feet away. I could sense that some people even stopped to listen to the steady plop, plop, plop of a good butt-fucking. I would guess the shaking van and occasional human grunts had something to do with that, too. Each of the guys came twice in my ass in less than forty minutes.

After they left, I went back inside to clean up. While in a stall, I noticed another older black guy standing at a urinal, slowly stroking his extremely thick, semi-hard cock. It was obvious that he wanted me to see what he intended to fuck me with - if I opened the door.

Knowing this guy was not after a BJ, I unlocked the door, pushed it open a few inches, turned around, bent over, spread my white cheeks, and looked back. I watched the guy take a good look at what he was going to fuck.

After a slight pause, he grasped his meaty cock and walked over to my stall. With his free hand, he opened the door all the way.

As he entered my stall, I turned around, and dropped to my knees. He let me stare at his huge cock a few seconds, before he pushed the back of my head forward.

I sucked his fat monster and his big balls 'til his cock stiffened. Then he stood me up, turned me around, and bent me over. I grabbed the toilet seat to brace myself for the entrance of his huge, mushroom-capped cockhead into my little, greased anus.

To prevent me from squirming uncontrollably, he grabbed my hips tightly as he pushed into me. My back arched and my ass wiggled as the huge intruder opened me up.

I wished I could have see seen how wide his big, fat hog had stretched my asshole. His shaft was so thick, my sphincter couldn't even squeeze it.

After he was in me, he grasped my cheeks and held them open, as he nudged his cock in and out, loosening my anus. He did this for a couple of minutes, until he felt my rectum relax, and then he slowly fucked me.

After several minutes, I was tiring rapidly, but could sense he was almost on the verge of coming. His breathing was slowly quickening. Suddenly, I felt him shudder.

The somewhat brief length of time he was in me had nothing to do with how much cum his plump balls released. His warm sperm just poured, non-stop, out of his big piss hole into my rectum. He was one of the few guys that could give you a sperm enema.

When he pulled out of my creamed ass, I expelled a lot of trapped air. Hearing snickers, I turned my head around. About six guys were standing behind the black guy, looking at my ass. Since I could feel cool air entering my rectum, I knew my anus was well expanded.

Realizing that my ass did not need more cock, I quickly pulled up my pants and left for home.

That was it for this night! Well, not really.

I barely made it back to my dorm room. All that cum was cramping my intestines...

December 3

I went to an ABS bout 3:00 PM. I sucked one cock. It was medium-sized and hard as a rock. Eventually, the guy put his hands on the back of my head and fucked my face good, until he filled my belly.

A little Latino guy watched as he masturbated. I tried to suck him, too, but all he wanted was to be jacked off.

There were a couple of nice looking, younger guys there, but they disappeared. I guess I just need to get there earlier or later in the day.

December 4

This afternoon I went to ABS and theater combo. I ventured back to the small theater rooms. I checked them all out. Not much was going on that time of day.

I decided room four had the best fuck flick, so I went in and leaned against the back wall. About ten minutes later, a big, beefy, black guy positioned himself next to me.

When he pulled out his cock, I did the same. A couple of minutes later, I was on my knees, trying not to gag on the big, uncut organ that had impaled my throat.

When he was hard, I stood-up, and stripped naked in the empty, dark theater. I then assumed the position - head down, ass up and spread wide on the couch that was next to us.

Although it took the black guy a few minutes to lube and loosen my horny ass, his cock remained hard. I am sure he was highly anticipating my tight little ass convulsing around his big black cock.

When he finally got his entire length in me that is exactly what happened. He fucked my ass strongly.

I was even disappointed when he finally flooded my bowels. He certainly knew how to use that big cock.

When I turned to say something to him, I saw at least six to seven black guys lined up behind him. They were stroking their cocks, waiting to cum in my hot hole.

They all did. One after another, they quickly dumped their loads in my ass.

After they were through, I just laid on the couch with my asshole gaping and sperm freely running out. I saw a number of guys and couples stop to look at me, and then move along. I went to sleep. I very was so exhausted.

When I woke up, a guy was on the other end of the couch, fucking a naked woman! I immediately got hard, sat up, and watched.

After the guy came, he let me fuck her sperm filled pussy. I came very quickly. As I crawled off her she said, "Eat me!"

When I gladly lowered my head between her legs, her friend mounted me from behind. Without hesitation, he drove his hard cock all the way up my sperm-filled ass.

When the woman saw me wince, she smiled and said, "He has a big cock...doesn't he...I'm too small for him to take me up the ass..."

I just nodded and as she positioned herself, so she could watch me slurp the warm cum out of her pussy and her friend fuck my ass silly. I was quickly learning, that couples most often, used the female as bait.

The third time she came, the guy exploded in my ass. After a very brief respite, they switched positions. He gave me his cock to suck and she fisted me!

After she had eased her entire, little hand into my ass, she told the on-lookers that I had a very hot ass. I didn't hear much else because I was trying to remember if she had long finger nails or rings on her fingers. I admonished myself for not checking.

After a few minutes I relaxed when I realized I was okay and began to enjoy the way she slowly rotated her little fist against my prostrate. I even raised my ass up when she reached between my legs, pulled my cock back through, and determinedly jacked me with her free hand.

In no time, I had a gigantic orgasm. My cum literally exploded out of my cock. Despite having his salty cock in mouth, I hollered the whole time I came!

When I got home, I immediately soaked my ass in hot water.

December 5

The following night I dropped in around 7 PM. I went directly to the theater side.

I caught a guy's eye, leaned against the wall, and let him suck my cock, 'til I was oozing a precum. At some point my cocksucker decided he did not want to be watched, so he asked me follow him to a dark corner of the theater. I obliged.

After we had jacked each other's cocks hard, again, I dropped down and began sucking the precum out of his big cock. When he couldn't take anymore, he pulled me up, and started to play with my ass as he sucked my cock. I was so turned on that I turned around and spread my cheeks. I wanted him to fuck me with his big cock, but he had something in else in mind.

He kneeled down and began to rim me! Was he good and uninhibited! His tongue went deep into my horny ass!

When he finally tired, I turned back around and shoved my throbbing, oozing cock right into his hot mouth. After only a few strokes, I came so hard I thought I was going to fall over! I completely emptied my balls.

There was no way I could top that experience tonight. I left him with his belly full of my cum.

December 6

Wow! What an exciting night. Got here about 7 PM, but nothing was going on. About an hour later, a nice looking, glamorous couple came in and sat midway down the main theater aisle. It did not take long for a large crowd to gather around them.

The female, a blonde, started slow - just rubbing her big tits and pussy. Then to everyone's disappointment, the couple got up as if to leave. Surprise! The couple decided to move down front for more room and that is when the mini-orgy began.

As the crowd gathered around them, again, the couple stripped completely naked. The blonde pulled out a strap-on and buckled it on as her guy bent over theater chair and braced himself. She then greased his ass and the dildo and began to butt-fuck him as guys took turns sucking his big, porn star cock.

At this point, there were at least 30-40 people watching. The couple were very entertaining - they really enjoyed the attention.

As I stood back and watched, I noticed a single female enter the theater and seat herself, far away from the crowd. Regardless, I walked over to her and casually displayed my hard cock. I was not really surprised, when she, unhesitatingly, opened her mouth.

As her warm mouth engulfed my cock, a small crowd started to gather around us. Soon, she was stroking a hard cock with each hand as her mouth worked my cock. Boy, could she suck cock!

Since I did not want to cum just yet, I stepped aside, and watched her suck and stroke everything she could reach, but not for long. Apparently, one of the guys told her about the blonde and convinced her to move to the front.

I was sure glad he did. The two women, strangers to each other, took turns going down on each other!

After the two women finished playing, they took on the lust-filled crowd. The woman got into a sixty-nine position - side by side on the floor, so that the horny guys could fuck either wet hole or splash sperm in their faces. It was quite the show!

Before I left, I emptied my balls down a young, married woman's throat. Her hubby sat right next to her - watching, as I stood in front of her, gently gliding her brunette head up and down my thick cock.

Although I pushed deep right before I came and tears sprung into her eyes, she swallowed every drop of sperm. She even continued to nurse on my cock after I came! This was the best visit ever!

December 7

I went to a men's spa this afternoon. There were about 25-30 guys there. I sucked four guys off in the steam cave, right off the bat.

After a very long cold shower, I let a black guy lube my horny ass and take me in front of several guys in the video room. He fucked me hard and fast and came quickly. I chilled a few minutes before I ventured over to the Jacuzzi.

There was no one in the Jacuzzi room when I walked in, so I stretched out on my stomach, along side it. A few minutes later, a guy came in and sat down next to me.

Soon, I was between his legs giving him a slow BJ. This guy was a grower! His white, semi-hard cock grew HUGE!

When my mouth tired, he mounted me, and fucked me right there. About eight guys watched his big cock stuff my little asshole as plunged his meat in and out of me.

Right before he came, he pulled my shoulders back, and forced his cock deep into my rectum. I swear I felt his cockhead enter my intestines moments before he began spurting.

As soon as he pulled out, at least two more guys mounted me. These guys came as soon as they penetrated me.

Exhausted, I went back to my room to take a nap. I was about to lie down, when the manager knocked on my door and asked me to leave. He never did say why.

December 8

I went to a different spa today. I immediately eyed a nice looking guy changing in the locker room. I followed him out to the showers and then to a huge steam room.

We sat next to each other and automatically began playing with our cocks. We let another nice looking guy get on his knees and take turns sucking us.

He was good, but I did not want to blow my load, just yet. Apparently, my new friend felt the same. We politely thanked our cocksucker and left to cruise the hallways.

Eventually, we found another young man in his room, waiting for action. We fucked him senseless and left him with a gaping asshole that was leaking our deposits.

We then went to the Jacuzzi to relax. After about 20 minutes, I saw my next target - a black guy with a cock that was sticking straight up.

I followed him to large room that had several bunk beds. He let me suck his cock 'til he almost blew. Then he asked me to assume the position, basically, in the middle of the room.

Having no shame now, I eagerly got on all fours. The black guy stood over me, then squatted down, facing away from me. He fucked me in front of a few guys.

At some point, a horny guy pulled my cock back through my legs and expertly sucked me, 'til I came. The black guy came in me as soon as he felt my ass lock up during my orgasm.

After spending about thirty minutes cooling down in the pool, I decided to call it a day. I went back to the locker room and saw a nice looking, hung guy standing in front of his locker.

When I bent over to pick something else, he casually said, "I see you have had a little action today already."

As he watched me shyly reach around and touch my anus, he stroked his big, stiffening white cock, adding, "I mean it's always best for my partner...to be loosened up."

I agreed, but left anyway. I was exhausted. Maybe I would see him, again.

December 9

Tonight, a tall, longhaired, black girl came into the ABS dressed in a mini and wearing spike heels. She had beautifully toned legs and an ass to die for. I immediately entered the booth next to the one she chose.

When I peeked through the gloryhole, she was sitting, but looking back at me, licking her luscious lips. I immediately pulled my cock out and offered it to her.

She sucked me like a Hoover with a hemi. I think I was cumming in her mouth before my orgasm even started!

Even though I was a little embarrassed about cumming so quickly, I bent down to the gloryhole to thank her. I was about to speak when she stood and lifted her mini. I was stunned when she exposed, a nine-inch, semi-hard cock!

I quickly opened my Vaseline jar, lubed my lips and tongue, and then opened my mouth as wide as possible at entrance of the gloryhole. I did not have to wait long for my reward. I swallowed about seven-inches on her first thrust!

This 'girl' publicly butt-fucked me three times over the next few hours. She did me doggie, bent over a chair, and last, standing up. She slapped my ass, too, each time she fucked me.

In between our public breedings, she let countless guys suck my ass off her seemingly, constantly hard, light brown cock. Most of these white guys had walked in after she had just fucked me. They had no idea her cock had just cum in my ass.

When will you come back, honey?

December 10

I visited a different ABS tonight, around 8:30 PM. It was very quiet with only four guys in the booths. I had plenty of time to undress and lube my ass.

A few minutes later, I lucked out when a guy slid his big, thick, white cock through my gloryhole. I deep-throated him for several minutes, before I stood up, turned around. I wanted his cock in my ass.

When I pressed my ass up against the gloryhole, he stuck his finger in my ass and waved it around for a minute. Then he withdrew it to examine the color of his finger.

Upon seeing I was clean, he pushed his swollen cockhead into my eager anus. He immediately began fucking my ass hard.

After a few minutes, he increased his speed even more, to the point where his thighs were slamming loudly against the cheap plywood walls. I was bracing myself against the wall opposite me, as if my life depended upon it.

At some point, the cashier, a fat, blonde woman, yanked my booth door open. She stared into my eyes and then at the huge cock in my ass, before she unblinkingly admonished, "Go into his booth... NOW! You're driving my customers away!"

When I immediately stood-up, I felt a big whoosh as the huge, white cock was jerked out of my ass. I grabbed my clothes and quickly scooted by the cashier, not caring for a second about my bobbing hard-on and gaping asshole.

Luckily, the other booth door was not locked and I was able to walk right in. I grabbed some bills out of my shirt pocket, feed them into the video machine, and took a deep breath.

When I heard the cashier walk away, I looked at the owner of the big white cock. He was young, tall, and had a slim build. We both smiled and shook our heads.

I sucked him hard, again, and even licked his freshly washed asshole, before bending over. This time, the young man kindly lubed me, before penetrating me.

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