tagBDSMDeeper, Darker

Deeper, Darker


The long and flimsy white curtains bluster in the breeze of the huge open windows, and the moonlight plays with their shadows on the floor. My eyes adjust to the darkness, but I can already feel Her. My Queen is in the room, in Her bed. My heart races.

She lies there naked, Her arms stretched out and one leg slightly bent. I can almost hear Her smile, for She knows I am staring at Her form. She knows I am growing hard, despite fighting the urge to fall to my knees.

I am naked as well, except for two currently unattached ankle shackles. I am throbbing, and my breath quickens and shortens when I hear Her song of a voice. It lilts, because it's playing with me.

"My pet has needs..."

I look down at the floor. "Yes, my Queen."

"Has My pet completed all of his tasks for the day?"

"I have, my Queen."

I hear Her rise up on Her elbows to look at me.

Strangely, I can't lift my face to gaze at Her yet. Her voice still has that sound to it, that playfulness that sends me over the edge, but there's a touch of concern too. I imagine Her brow is furrowed just a bit. "You need to profess something to me?"

"Yes, my Queen."

"Please, tell me."

"My Queen....I don't know what to say."

There is a bit of admonishment. "My pet is sure of himself, and I know My pet will maintain his station."

"Thank you, my Queen." I meet Her eyes in what I feel is too bold, but I want to be strong for my Queen, and She deserves to see my eyes. "My Queen, my urge is strong. I want so badly, so very badly, to be inside you."

"Mmmmm," She emotes, and I get slightly dizzy. "You want to be in that deep dark place with me, do you?"

"Yes. I want that communion with you. And..." I pause. "I want to bring my Queen pleasure."

"That last urge is strong in you."

"It is, my Queen. I am for you."

Then, my heart almost literally drops to the floor as my Queen brings Her ankles up and Her knees to the side, unfolding paradise before me. She is glistening in the moonlight, and Her scent makes its way to my nostrils. There is no world outside this room; there is no need for anything else. "Come to me, my brave pet. Let me wrap my legs around you as you drive into the deepest parts of me."

My cock pounds my pulse as it drips for Her; I walk to the edge of the bed. I crawl a little toward Her and taste Her nectar with my lips and tongue as I move up Her perfect body. Her back arches at that contact, and Her breasts now high, are there to feed me.

I feel the tip of my cock suddenly warm and wet. I close my eyes, even though they could take in the beauty below me, but I want to feel everything as I enter Her. Slowly, inch by inch, She takes me in. She is hot and tight and enclosing. Soon, I am fully inside Her and I can almost explode from the joy in my heart. A tear drops from my eye onto Her left breast.

That breaks the spell I'm under. I bend down to lick it from Her, and swallow Her nipple with sudden abandon. I begin to move inside Her, out and in, with ever increasing speed and tenacity.

My Queen's legs wrap around me and Her arms are on my shoulders and arms, my back. If love could spontaneously cause orgasms my Queen would have instantly died a thousand times over from rapture.

I feel Her insides, and I am home. The breadth and depth of my contentment in the midst of mounting passion is a paradox, but my mind isn't in the mood to contemplate. I only want to do two things: make my Queen cry out in ecstasy, and leave part of me forever inside Her.

My Queen rakes my back with Her nails, and I pound my cock into Her all the harder. She leans up and sucks my nipples HARD, bites them and I go insane. She wants all of me, even and maybe especially in this, and I want nothing more than to give it to you.

I can feel my scrotum shrink and my cock grow inside Her. My Queen is bucking hard against me, and I can tell She's close.

She's whispers between coos and moans. "Cum inside me, my pet. I want to feel it."

I look down on Her, gritting my teeth. My body shakes and convulses as I slam into Her, my cock so deep inside Her and Her clit receiving the rhythmical attention. Five more thrusts....

Four more, She heaves Her breasts against my chest.

Three more, She wraps Her arms around my back. Two more, She digs Her ankles into my ass, pushing me deeper.

One more, I scream.

I erupt inside Her; I empty myself in convulsion after convulsion, spilling into Her. She does feel me, for the repeated jets inside Her send Her over the edge. She grips all of me and moans over and over again. She cries out and Her body is out of control. I stay there, hopefully an anchor as She rides it out, even as I send more of myself into Her.

I look down on Her absolute beauty as She rides the wave, and I stay as still as I can, as strong as I can.

She rides the wave, and it carries Her past the crest. I finally collapse on top of Her and move a bit to the side. I close my eyes, still buried deep inside Her, and hear Her sighs and coos and feel Her fingers in my hair. Heaven has nothing on where I am this moment.

Our sweat mingles as our hearts beat together. Our souls entwine as our bodies do.

We remain like that for some time, of which means nothing to me. Days could pass and I wouldn't care. My Queen shifts a bit and laughs softly. "Oh my, my pet is strong tonight."

I am still hard inside Her and laugh in spite of myself. "I guess I am, my Queen."

"Hmmm. Perhaps you have further needs?"

There's a quiet, because I am again afraid to speak. How do I tell Her without being out of place? What is proper? Despite my reluctance I am sure in the fact that my Queen will tell me and I will learn. Learning to be better in Her eyes is a continual process and one I always look forward to.

My face is in the nape of Her neck, smelling Her sweet sweat, my nose pressed up against Her damp skin in an almost primal, desperate fashion. My cock twitches, She notices. My desire for my Queen and my yearning to please Her waned for only a moment after climax, but my passion has reignited. I only manage two words. "Deeper. Darker."

My eyes open and look down Her body. Her chest is still rising and falling quicker than usual, and Her nipples are taut in the cool night air. Her left hand moves up and down Her body, Her fingers tracing Her belly button, the narrow strip of hair leading down to ecstasy.

Time is having its way with me still, for it seems that the words that come out of Her mouth make it up to the ceiling and back to my ears more quickly than the four close inches between Her lips and my ear. "Yes. I will grant you. You need it, I want it."

I prop myself up on my left elbow, close to Her beautiful face, ready to shower it with kisses of love and gratitude. There's a gleam there though, and a small upturn to the edges of Her lips. "But," She says, "you must clean up your mess first."

My eyes widen, first with a little surprise and then a strange happiness. I slide down Her body, and my cock slips out of Her with a wondrous gushy sound. I trail kisses down Her belly, past Her mound, until I behold what I sometimes refer to as the Royal Pussy. I smile, like an innocent child on Christmas morning.

I see Her stickiness and my mouth salivates. I think She pushes out a little, for then I see my cum ooze out of Her.

With long, slow licks, I clean the Royal Pussy. I take our mingled juices gladly into my mouth and swallow them. I revel in the blend of pungence and salt, of sweetness and blandness. I thrust my tongue as far inside as I can, coaxing as much out as I can. I lick Her lips, Her clit, and Her appreciative moans are like distant wind chimes.

My tongue pierces Her anus, that gorgeous puckered hole that drives me into fever. I slather it, wanting to slick it up. I push my tongue in as far as I can, ignoring the welling in my chest.

"I'm ready," I hear and sit up. I watch my Queen turn over on Her stomach, placing a pillow underneath Her. She's flat on the bed otherwise, legs splayed and Her arms above Her head. Her eyes are closed, and suddenly She looks asleep. Perhaps Her contentment matches my own.

I move between Her legs and drive my purple cock into the Royal Pussy. It's so slick, and I coat myself with Her juices. Then, I brace myself over Her with my left hand as my right takes hold of my cock and places it at the opening to Her deepest, darkest place.

I ease the head of my cock in, and instantly have to fight the urge to plunge into Her. I let my Queen feel just a little of me, allow Her to get used to such an invasion.

Then a little more, just an inch, and my willpower is being sorely tested. I wait, until I hear a barely audible expression of air. I push further into Her, a few more inches.

Her breathing is deep but even. I take a moment to look down upon Her, Her strong pale back, Her exposed neck and Her golden trusses. Slowly, I push the rest of my cock into Her, pushing as far as I can go. My right hand braces me on the other side of Her body, and we're only connected by my cock in Her precious ass.

I wait, though it is bliss. I am inside the deepest, darkest part of my Queen. It is the most decadent, dirty, and wonderful feeling in the world.

She whispers, "Now, my pet."

I pull out slowly and then press back in. I hear a throaty, "oh" from my Queen and that spurs me on. I begin to withdraw and thrust into Her with a slow but deliberate pace, trying very hard to ignore the blessed pressure on my cock. I try to set aside the profundity of the occasion and give in to my base instincts.

My arms are tiring slightly, but I move for other reasons. I move down to my elbows, and my arms go under my Queens body, crisscrossing. My right hand grabs and squeezes my Queen's left breast and my left does the same to Her right. We are now body to body, my chest to Her back, my pelvis to Her ass. The only movement is my tilting faster and faster into Her and my hands gripping Her breasts in time.

Her moans increase, my passion builds. Her hands claw at the sheets; I kiss and lick Her shoulder, Her neck, my nose deep within Her matted hair. Her legs below the knees move over and back through mine, wrapping further around me.

Here we are, so completely joined, and my willpower is fading. I need to empty myself into Her, I need that so very badly. I pierce Her over and over again, grunting into Her skin and She gasps back at me.

Finally, Her right hand comes up and Her fingers clutch my hair. She screams and I squeeze and thrust. Over and over again, in time, I don't slow or stop.

My cock drives into the most sacred part of my Queen, and She is riding wave after wave of orgasm. The heat coming from Her body is almost too hot too touch, but my skin is connected to hers so much and I don't mind being burnt by Her.

She hits another peak, a particularly frantic one, and I lose control. With one final body thrust I erupt inside Her. I grip Her breasts tightly to hold onto Her as well as reality. I am spilling into my Queen, into the deepest and darkest parts of Her, and I will forever be inside Her. That singular thought brings a smile to my tense and fevered face. Over and over again, my involuntary spurts coat Her insides as mini-shockwaves continue to pound Her. My arms are shaky and I'm certain my elbows have created permanent divots in the mattress.

I'm breathing heavily across Her right shoulder blade, my cock twitching inside Her gorgeous ass. She feels each twitch with over-heightened sensations and Her breath reacts accordingly.

I never want to move. I want to stay like this forever.

Making sure my weight isn't a burden on Her, I stay there as my cock finally shrinks inside Her. Her moans become sighs and eventually pleasant lyrical humming. My eyelids are heavy, though I am still Her pet and thus still at Her beck and call.

"My wonderful, wonderful pet...."

"Thank you, my Queen."

"I think it is I who should thank you."

My smile touches Her back. Our now matched breathing begins to slow.

Finally, She tells me. "Get cleaned up, and then draw me a bath. I wish to be pampered."

"As you wish, my Queen," I say with ultimate happiness in my heart.

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