tagErotic CouplingsDeja Vu Lust: Kayla

Deja Vu Lust: Kayla


I was single, heavy-set, not actively dating, and always horny. So 'Deja Vu' was like a second home to me. It got to the point where the waitresses, doorman, and of course the dancers, knew me by name. I don't know if it was my winning smile, friendly personality, or conversation skills, but whenever I went into the clubs the dancers would waste no time in coming to my table. You may be thinking that it was actually my wallet that attracted them, but that isn't the case. I would talk and socialize with any dancer who cared to sit down, but I would only get dances from a select few, and all the girls knew this. I just can't explain what it was, but if I could market it, I would. My dick saw more action with those dancers than it would have seen if I had a regular girlfriend. This is my recollection of a dancer named Kayla.

Kayla and I met one hot August evening. At first, we just exchanged 'hellos' as I was returning from, and she was going to, the restroom; just that one brief exchange lead to eventual ecstasy. It was really hopping in the club that night, maybe 75 horny dicks there that night. But when Kayla finished in the restroom, she sought me out. You're thinking, 'yeah right,' but she did. I happened to catch a glimpse of her returning and couldn't take my eyes off of her. Kayla is 5'7", brown eyes, brown hair down just below her shoulder, fit, probably a D cup, overall very attractive. That night she happened to be wearing, my favorite outfit, a white bra with matching panties a white garter and thigh high stockings. Anyway, Kayla walked back into the bar area, and glanced around the room. She then walked up to one of the waitresses, and before I knew it, she was pointing me out in the crowd.

Kayla, wasted no time in coming over to my table. Remember, the only thing I had said to her by that time was 'hello'. When she arrived, she immediately took the seat next to me at the table. She introduced herself, and extended her hand to be shaken. I shook it and introduced myself. Kayla then commented that, she didn't know exactly why, but she was drawn to me. There must have been some kind of chemistry we had, because we could take our eyes off the other. I asked her when she went on next, and she informed me that she had just gotten off stage when I saw her. She then said with the amount of girls there that night, that she probably wouldn't be back on the stage for a couple of hours, barring mystery dances and birthdays, etc. I then offered to buy her a drink and she accepted.

We sat in the main bar area for about 15 minutes, trying to talk over the loud music. Kayla then suggested that we seek out somewhere a little quieter to talk. I inquired as to what she had in mind, and she said she just wanted to talk at this point. Then the two of us got up and went into the V.I.P. room. We picked out a quite, secluded couch. When I say secluded, it is well known that there are 2 or 3 couches in that room that the cameras don't focus on. We began talking about this and that, when Kayla told me she was a little cold. I reached my arm around her and pulled her tight to me. She commented that it felt like snuggling up to her favorite teddy bear. We continued talking for a good period of time, our eyes locked on one another's eyes. It was then that Kayla leaned toward me, placed her hand on the back of my head, and planted a soft kiss on me. I was shocked! This wasn't the type of kiss a friend gives another, it was that of a lover's kiss. Kayla and I then began to exchange passionate kisses there in the club.

We continued kissing. Probing each other's mouths with our own tongues. Tasting the others lips, cheeks and eyes. If you didn't know that we had just met, you would have sworn that we were a committed couple. Kayla then reached down and began to stroke my rock hard cock. She then tugged at the zipper, and reached in. Her breathing got hotter and heavier, as did mine. I stopped kissing her long enough to ask her to dance for me so I could see her beautiful naked body. She then kissed me once again, and took my hand and placed it on her crotch. I could feel her pussy was sopping wet, her panties were soaked. Just when I started to reach inside, she abruptly stopped me.

"I can't hold out any longer. Wait for me at the bar, I'm gonna tell them that I'm sick and have to leave." Kayla instructed.

With that Kayla left my company, and I did as instructed. She went to her manager, and got permission to go home. Kayla then went into the dressing room, collected her things, and came walking out wearing a running suit. She then came over to me and said, "Let's go". We then exited the club together.

Once outside, Kayla asked where I was parked. Upon pointing out my car Kayla said let's get going. We got in my car and I asked where we were going. She said her place. I started the car, and she told me where to go. I knew the area, and proceeded to go there. The trip only took about 7 minutes, but it seemed an eternity.

Upon arriving at her apartment, Kayla took my hand and led me in. I let go of her hand and put it around her waist. My hand then proceeded to rub her ass as we walked. I could feel, through her jogging suit, that she was still wearing the outfit she had on at the club. We finally got into her apartment. She went in first, and as soon as I was in the door, she shoved me up against it, and planted another of her kisses on me. While she continued to kiss me, she reached behind me and locked the door. With the door now locked, we began undressing one another. I removed her jogging suit, she removed every stitch of clothing I had on. Her kisses then wandered from my lips, down my neck to my chest, and ended up on my cock. Kayla dropped to her knees and proceeded to give me a very sensual blow job. Her mouth and lips moved slowly up and down the length of my shaft. She would occasionally pause at the head, look up at me, and flick the head with her tongue, while pulling at my balls. I allowed Kayla to continue this for about 5 minutes, before I made her stop. It was then that I was led to her bedroom.

Kayla had a king size bed, with a book case headboard on which a few candles were placed. My male hormones kicked in, and I pushed her back on the bed. I kissed her, gently and deeply, before tracing my tongue down to her breast. Her skin felt soft and smooth, and she was wearing a lightly fragrant perfume that smelled fruity and flowery. My hand made it around behind her, and I undid her bra, allowing me full access to her nipples. I sucked at them, and licked little circles around them. My hands now move down her back and I slowly lowered her white laced panties. With her panties off, I now used my hands to caress her breast while my mouth moved southward to her deliciously wet snatch. I wasted no time in sinking my tongue into her slit and finding her enflamed clit. My tongue continued to flick at her clit while her well kempt brown pussy hair tickled my nose. Kayla's body writhed in pleasure as I licked and nibbled at her swollen clit. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head when I sank my tongue deep into her cunt. I continued licking her cunt, and lapping up its juices for a good deal of time. Just when I thought she was ready to orgasm, I withdrew my tongue and began licking her clit once again. That put Kayla over the edge. It was all I could do to keep my mouth on her snatch as her body convulsed during her orgasm.

It was at this point that I slowly worked my way back up to Kayla's mouth. We began kissing once again. Kayla kissed and licked my face, savoring the taste of her own cunt juices. She then pushed on my chest and rolled me onto my back, and she now was on top of me. Then Kayla reached down, and positioned my hard cock at the entrance to her snatch. She then carefully lowered herself onto my prick. Her motion was slow at first. It almost felt as if her pussy were like a glove around my cock. She was the perfect tightness. I could feel my cock gliding in and out of her, and it felt wonderful. Kayla then began to build up speed, but she always remained deliberate about her movements, so as to not injure me. My hand caressed her breast, and she responded by reaching down and stroking my chest. I let my hands wander down, over her ribs, and to her waist. My hands guided her movements now. I guided her into a path that I knew would get her off too by allowing my cock to rub her G-spot.

Kayla continued to bounce up and down on my cock in this manner for a few more minutes. I couldn't take it anymore. I pushed her off of me, and onto her back on the bed. Then I took up a position between her legs, and guided my cock into her pussy, I wanted to control the pace and force. Kayla seemed to enjoy my taking control, she let out a moan with each thrust of my cock into her hot pussy. I started slow and soft, and gradually got faster and with more force. My cock was pumping her pussy so hard that I could feel my balls hitting her ass. This continued for only a short time before I felt myself getting ready to cum. My balls tightened. I could feel the cum rushing from its holding place to the head of my cock. With one last thrust I sent my load of cum spurting deep in her pussy. The spurting of my hot cum on her G-spot put her over the edge. Kayla came almost at the same time I did.

I collapsed on top of her. We lay there for a good deal of time, both of us exhausted. Once again, we began kissing. Finally, I rolled off of her and she rolled and snuggle up next to me. While lying there, my mind began wondering, "How and why did this occur?". So, I asked. Kayla told me that she had been without a boyfriend for a great deal of time, a year or so, and was quite horny. I said that was fine enough, but why me? Kayla told me that she just felt an immediate connection to me, both physically and emotionally. It was to my horror that one evening upon entering the club I was told that she had been fired. I inquired as to why, the waitress told me she got in a fight with the boss over something and he just fired her. It was then that I was told that she had gone back home to Iowa. Kayla eventually got her job back, after being gone for a period of time, but we never did get back together. I guess we just lost the magic we had.


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