I would say that I imagine you, but I don't. It's more like a memory that hasn't happened yet - your scent and the feel of your skin is so real in my mind. Standing next to you, almost but not quite touching. It's somewhere public, but it could be almost anywhere - it's night and there are people around. With your back to me you can sense my presence, feel my desire for you sparking across the almost imperceptible gap between us.

You felt it from the moment our eyes met - that I want to devour you. The way your body stiffened slightly, the way your breathing came slightly faster, more shallow. I love that - sensing the effect my desire has on you. Without seeing I know your nipples are swelling under the fabric of your bra, your pussy is beginning to feel warm and empty. I touch your arm discreetly, sliding my hand down to your wrist where I feel your fingers reaching back to brush mine.

I lean forward just slightly and feel you lean back, pressing the back of your thigh against me to feel my hardness, as my hand slides over your hip to increase that pressure. I love the way you arouse me - the way you want me...the way you love making me hard.

You turn slightly, so that the angle of our embrace brings your hand directly over the front of my pants, with your body hiding your eager caresses. Your fingers slide along the length of my hard shaft - feeling me throb and pulse. I love the little moans in your throat as you delight in making me harder, teasing me...driving me wild with need to be inside you.

With a smile, you look directly into my eyes, trailing your hand up the length of my throbbing cock and then casually letting it drop under the hem of your skirt... Between us, no one would see...unless they were your fingers slip between your thighs, sliding quickly over your wet, swollen lips. Laughing and leaning in to gently kiss my ear, you trail the tips of your fingers across my lips. In the breath that follows a fluttering kiss on my neck, the tip of your tongue tracing a sweet figure in that heartbeat, I hear you whisper, "Taste me, Lover, I'm wet for you."

I take your hand and lead you further away from the people - to a quiet spot where I can press you back against a tree, the overhanging branches providing almost total privacy (or is it the inside of a closed bedroom door during a friend's house party...or is it the inside of your office door at work...). My lips find yours - such intimate passion, such communication of mutual hunger in the touch of eager tongues. My body presses against you, your breasts against my chest, your thighs open slightly to grind your tingling pussy against me.

Our hands pulling shirts free, pulling your skirt up, fumbling with my belt as our kisses are punctuated with eager moans and hungry gasps. Your fingers find my long, hot cock and a moan escapes your lips as your hand begins to slowly stroke up and down. At the same time my fingers, no longer content to feel how wet your thong is, pull the fabric aside and very gently begin to touch your very wet and very swollen pussy.

With each pass of my fingertips, your thighs spread open a bit more, your hips thrusting up towards me...I can feel each movement of your body whispering, "Please!'

"Mmmmm, I love making you wet, Sweetness, " I moan in your ear as my fingers slide inside you, "I bet you'd love to feel my tongue on your clit."

My words change you. You are not whispering, "please," now. The moan that escapes your lips, as the image of my mouth on your hot sex enters your mind, is different. It is not the sound of a request, it is the sound of a demand. Your hands grip my hair and with surprising strength for such a fine woman, you push me to my knees, hissing, "Lick me...make me cum!"

Only resisting your force enough to make you pull my hair a little harder, I make you pull my mouth between your spread thighs to your dripping pussy. With just the tip of my tongue, I lightly flick over and between your swollen lips. I can tell by the way you pull my hair and move your hips you want more contact...deeper, harder...but I do love teasing you. Flicking my tongue along that sensitive line at the top of your thigh, right next to your pussy, makes you pull my hair harder - trying to get my mouth on you. As much as I love teasing you, I love satisfying you. I only enjoy teasing you, Sweetness, so that it feels better when I do this: Spreading your swollen pussy with my tongue, making it stiff, I probe inside your wet, sucking pussy, bring a long awaited and longed for moan from somewhere deep inside you.

Your thighs spread wider as your body responds to the pleasure and your desire to have me taste you deeper. Dragging my tongue along the length of your wet slit. MMMmmmm. And up over your clit, making you gasp and shudder. Again. And again. Back down to suck your swollen lips into my mouth one at a time. I love the way you taste...the way your pussy feels on my tongue. I want to lick you for hours, bringing you close and not letting you cum; making you cum and then, after gently kissing your sex until you recover, making you cum again.

My hands caressing your breasts, your belly, the inside of your thighs. Feel my hands slide down your thighs to grip behind your knees. Pushing your knees up and apart as my tongue traces down the length of your pussy to trail lightly over your tight ass. Flicking, circling, teasing. The tip drilling little circles into your tailbone and then a long, slow lick right across that squeezing little bundle of nerves. Relax for me, Sweetness, I want to lick you there...i know you want to contract...relax for me...

And then, spreading your pussy open with my mouth, sliding up the length of your wetness, pushing the hood back with my lips to expose your swollen clit to my soft tongue. Sucking you gently, the tip of my tongue circling your sensitive sex, brushing, flicking...sucking tongue centering in for a moment quickly, then slow, loving caresses. You can feel my desire for your orgasm. You know I want you to cum now, while I'm sucking you. I want to taste you when you cum.

The sounds you I love that. Feeling the tremors in your thighs, the way your belly flutters and your eyes close. Feeling your pussy contract around my fingers as you get closer and closer...your hands caressing my hair, pulling, pushing, thrusting...G-d!, I love turning you on! Cum for me...cum in my mouth.

"Yes, fuck yes..." among the incoherent sounds that escape your lovely throat as you drip and contract and explode in a wonderful, gasping orgasm. MMMmmmm. My tongue continuing to gently caress your clit as I feel your pussy, so full and tight and wet, cumming around my two fingers deep inside you.

As you begin to regain your senses, you glance around to see if, in our passion, we have given ourselves away. Seeing no one, your attention quickly returns to my still throbbing erection. Making you cum, tasting your pussy, has only made me harder...

to be continued.

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