tagGroup SexDesperate Measures: The Caterer

Desperate Measures: The Caterer


Author's note: Desperate Measures is an anthology consisting of stories related by theme, rather than by character, chronology, or storyline. Accordingly, they can be read in any order, as each installment is a stand-alone entry.

* * *

Sonia Castro switched off her cell phone and raced to the rear deck of her home.

"Luis," she shouted. "Guess who called!"

"Your mother," Luis answered, "again?"

"That was earlier."

"Your sister?"

"No. It was nobody you know."

"Then how am I supposed to guess if it's no one I know? When did I become clairvoyant?"

"Stop being a bitch. You know what I mean. It was a client–my first client! I have a catering job this weekend!"

"That's wonderful, baby. Which day?"

"That's the amazing part. It's for the entire weekend."

"All weekend? Where? Who?"

"I was speaking to a Mr. Ramirez. He has a vacation home in the Keys. He and his wife and two other couples are going to spend the weekend there, from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. I was hired to cook for the six of them–Friday dinner through Sunday brunch. Isn't that great?"

"How much are they paying you?"

"Twenty-five hundred dollars. Plus, they provide all the supplies."

"Twenty-five hundred? That's a nice payment for one weekend."

"It's cooking five meals for six people. That's pretty good, I think. Hell, I'd do it for half that amount. We need the money, you know."

"I know, I know. You don't have to remind me."

"You aren't working this weekend, are you?"


"Do you have any plans?"

"Nothing set in stone. Why?"

"Well, they suggested that I bring an assistant. Someone to help with service and clean up."

"What about your sister? She's probably not doing anything all weekend."

"That wouldn't work. There's one other thing I didn't mention."

"Go on."

"Well, it seems that they are sort of, um, nudists."


"Yeah, nudists. I don't think Eva would be able to handle that."

"What makes you so sure you can handle it?"

"I'm down to forty-nine dollars in my checkbook. That has to last me until you get paid again. Right now, I don't care if they're Satanists. I can handle just about anything for twenty-five hundred dollars. But I would feel better if you were there, with me."

"I see. That's an interesting proposition. Tell me about these people."

"All I know is there are three couples. They're all Latin, ranging in age from forty to fifty-five. The husbands are all professionals. Mr. Ramirez is an architect, another is a chiropractor, and the other one is a professor at the university. The women are all housewives. That was all I could gather from my conversation with Arturo."


"Mr. Ramirez."

"What kind of food are they expecting from you?"

"Well, that's another reason why I hope you will go with me. They like seafood, of course, and anything Caribbean. I can do Cuban, but those things are not really my specialty–especially seafood."

"Sounds like I don't have much of a choice then, do I?"

"Baby, we need the money. It's been hard since you lost the restaurant. I know you're doing everything you can, and I want to help. This is my first good catering job. I need you to help me make it work. You said you would do whatever you could to help me get started. Who knows, these people could help me launch my business."

"Who's going to watch the kids all weekend?

"I can ask Eva. She wouldn't mind."

"And if she says 'no'?"

"Let me worry about that. I just need to know if you're with me on this."

"If that's the case, then when do we leave?"

"Friday morning. It's only a two and a half hour drive, but I want to get there early so I–I mean we– won't be rushed with dinner."

"I'll have the car fueled and loaded by ten a.m. Is that early enough?"

"That would be wonderful."

"At least it won't take long to pack our suitcases."

"Why's that?"

"It's a clothing optional vacation, right?"

"Baby, we'll be working–not vacationing. And besides, they're the nudists–not us."

* * *

Sonia slept for the first half of the two hour plus drive from Miami to the Lower Keys. She awoke when Luis stopped at a dockside restaurant in Islamorada for lunch, and then settled in for another snooze as they commenced the second leg of the trip. She was surprised to find that sleep evaded her.

"What's wrong, Sonia, can't get comfortable?"

"I don't know. I'm restless."

"Are you nervous?"

"No. Maybe–just a little."

"You don't have anything to worry about. I'll be doing most of the cooking. And it's only going to be six people."

"I know, I know. Still, this is my first big engagement. This could open some doors for me."

"What else do you know about these people?"

"Well, like I told you already, there are three couples. Arturo and Kika are both around fifty-five or fifty-six–I don't remember exactly. Ernesto and Rosa are fifty-two, I think. And the other couple–Antonio and Liliana–are forty-eight and forty."

"So Liliana is the only one our age?"

"I think so."


"They like to drink–a lot. They prefer rum, red wine, and vodka."

"Mixed or on the rocks?"

"Rum and coke, mostly, and vodka and tonic."

"That's easy enough."

"Oh–and pina coladas."

"Do they have a blender?"

"I don't know. We'll find out when we get there, I guess."

"What else?"

"The husbands are supposed to be big time fishermen. They are expecting to catch some grouper, mahi, or snapper. Or–if they get lucky–maybe some tuna or wahoo. So think about what you can do with those fish."

"No problem."

"The wives should be there already. They drove down this morning. They husbands are coming by boat. We need to have dinner and drinks ready for them when they tie up."

"What time will that be?"

"I'm not sure, exactly. Depending on how rough the ocean is, it could be anytime between seven and nine."

"That might be a problem, you know."

"We'll work it out."

* * *

Luis turned on the GPS while crossing the Seven Mile Bridge. Twenty-five minutes later–guided by the precise directions of a mechanized female voice– he was pulling into a crushed shell driveway leading to a home on the Atlantic side of the island. The house was a typical Keys-style residence built on stilts, with a cement block ground floor addition. A poured concrete stairway on the side of the house led to a wooden deck that wrapped around the entire main floor of the home.

Sonia led Luis up the steps to the second floor. As they climbed the stairs they discovered that the wide deck overlooked a canal and dock on the East side, the Atlantic Ocean on the South, a brushy marsh on the West, and the highway on the North. There was a Jacuzzi in one corner of the deck, and a dominoes table in another corner. The lilting sound of three female voices cut through the gentle roar of the crashing waves as Sonia and Luis approached the corner.

"Well, here goes nothing," Sonia said, as she adjusted her sunglasses.

"Should we take our clothes off first?" Luis asked.

"Shhhhhh!" Sonia punched him in the side. "We're just the hired help, remember?"

"Oh yeah."

Turning the corner, Luis and Sonia were greeted by the sight of three women lying on lounge chairs in various states of undress.

"Show time," Luis whispered to Sonia.

"Knock knock, hello!" Sonia called. "I'm Sonia, and this is my husband, Luis".

"Welcome! I'm so glad you are joining us!" a tall woman wearing only a large, floppy hat and sunglasses stood up and squealed. She was around five feet, eight inches tall. She wasn't heavy, but her body was far from firm. She had several small tattoos scattered about her ankles, back, and upper arms. Beneath the hat her hair was cut short in a stylish red bob. Her unnaturally firm breasts appeared to be C-cups, and her pussy was shaved bare. The nude woman stepped toward Sonia, wrapping her arms around the dazed woman before she could back away.

"I'm Kika," she added in a thick Spanish accent, before planting a quick kiss on each of Sonia's cheeks. "These are my friends, Rosa and Liliana."

Rosa–who was wearing a plus-size bikini bottom in addition to her floppy hat and sunglasses–also stood and approached Sonia. Standing in her bare feet she was about two inches shorter than Sonia's height of five feet, four inches, but outweighed Sonia by at least twenty-five pounds. Most of that weight was in her pillowy breasts, which rested on her pale belly like small watermelons. Luis couldn't remove his eyes from them.

"Sonia, is it?" Rosa asked as she also hugged and kissed her. "I'm Rosa. We are all so happy that you'll be here to help us this weekend. We're going to have such a lovely time."

"And I'm Liliana," the third woman added as she in turn also hugged and kissed Sonia. Liliana was the smallest of the three women, and also wearing the most clothing. She had on sunglasses, a visor, and a floral beach wrap. She stood about five feet tall, and weighed in the neighborhood of a hundred and twenty-five pounds.

"Luis, is it?" Kika asked as she pulled Luis toward her. "Thank you for bringing your wife to cook for us. It's going to be a wonderful weekend."

"I think we should be thanking you, actually," Luis replied.

Luis felt his cock starting to swell in his shorts as Kika disengaged. Rosa quickly stepped forward and pressed her enormous breasts into his belly while embracing him. Luis was helpless as his cock became fully erect.

"He's a cutie," Rosa said. "I think I'm going to like this one."

"Well, I think I'm going to have to keep him in the kitchen all weekend so he doesn't get into any trouble," Sonia said.

"He can be our cabana boy," Rosa replied. "Cabana Boy, bring me another drink! Cabana Boy, I need a towel! Cabana Boy, rub some sunscreen onto my back! Oh, this is going to be so much fun. Thank you for bringing him along, Sonia."

"Behave, Rosa," Liliana chided. "How many drinks have you had already?"

"This is still my first one," Rosa pouted. "But I'm ready for another. Oh, Cabana Boy!"

The other two ladies giggled, while Luis blushed.

"Just so long as he stays out of trouble, I guess," Sonia said. "And keeps his eyes inside his head."

"We really don't mind," Liliana replied. "We don't have anything to hide."

"Our husbands are much worse, anyway," Kika added. "Come with me, let me show you around the house."

Sonia and Luis followed Kika's bouncing butt cheeks through the opened French doors into the house.

"You've already seen the deck. There's a hot tub on the other, facing the marsh. That's where we'll spend most of the evening, I imagine. This is the main room, and over on that side is the dining area. The liquor cabinet is in the corner. The dining table is small right now, but it opens up to seat eight."

Kika turned and walked toward the far side of the house.

"These two rooms are the bedrooms," she said, indicating two open doors. "The bathroom is between the two bedrooms."

The larger bedroom had a king sized bed, a dresser, and two night stands. The smaller bedroom had a queen sized bed, one night stand, and no dresser.

"Only two bedrooms?" Sonia asked.

"Two bedrooms on this floor," Kika answered. "Your room is downstairs."

"But there are three couples. Where will the other two sleep?"

"Oh, we'll work something out," Kika grinned. "We're all friends."

Kika led the two past the dining table and through an entrance to a small kitchen.

"This is the kitchen. It's not very big, but you should have everything you need. Pots and pans are in this cabinet, silverware is in this drawer, utensils are over there, and dishes are up here."

Kika opened a door that led to the deck. A staircase led to the first floor.

"I'm not going to go downstairs, but your room is down there. The linens are fresh. I left some towels, and there is a basket with some fruit and a bottle of champagne for you. Take a look, and tell me if there is anything else you need."

Luis and Sonia descended the concrete steps, turned, and opened the door. There were two twin beds, a night stand, a small bathroom with a toilet, a sink, and a shower stall. The entire downstairs suite looked brand new. Even the bed linens retained creases from their packaging.

"Ummm, I guess I'll just have to be the one to say it," Luis announced. "What's with the twin beds?"

"They must use this room as servants' quarters, or maybe for kids. They weren't expecting a married couple, you know. Maybe we can push these twin beds together?"

"And one more thing. Where exactly is the third couple going to sleep? There are only two beds upstairs."

"That's their problem. If we get them drunk enough, maybe they won't notice."

"I just hope nobody is planning to sleep down here. There's barely enough room for us."

* * *

Sonia freshened up while Luis unloaded their bags from the car. Fifteen minutes later they climbed the stairs and rejoined the group of ladies on the deck.

"What would you like us to do?" Sonia asked.

"You can fix me another drink," Rosa answered.

"What would like?" Luis asked.

"Can you make a mojito?"

"Do you have fresh limes and mint leaves?"


"Then we're good. Anyone else?"

"Liliana and I will have pina coladas," Kika answered. "But fix hers 'to go'."

"Where are you going, Liliana?" Luis asked.

"We," Liliana pointed to Luis and herself, "are going to the grocery store to pick up supplies."

"I see."

Luis fixed Rosa's drink first and handed it to her. He then located the ingredients for the pina coladas, dumped them in the blender, and mixed up a pitcher. He poured Kika's into a tall glass, and then found an insulated travel container and a lid for Liliana's drink.

"Mix up another pitcher of each before you go," Rosa smiled. "We might need another round before you get back."

* * *

Luis backed out of the driveway and headed south on U.S.1.

"The grocery store is about two miles ahead," Liliana said. "It will be on the left side of the road."

Luis glanced at Liliana as she talked. The cool air from the air conditioner blasted her from several different angles. It was obvious that Liliana was wearing nothing under her wrap, as the shape of her erect nipples was unmistakable through the thin cloth. A slight shift of her butt against the seat caused the cloth to gap open around her hips, revealing only skin and confirming Luis' original theory.

"The other ladies and I are very happy that you are here with your wife," Liliana smiled. "Arturo is going to be surprised, though. He thought he was hiring two women for the weekend. This is much better–some eye candy for everyone."

"I don't think my wife ever said she was bringing another woman with her."

"Probably not. That's just the way Arturo thinks. That's the way his dick thinks, I should say. Women, women, women."

"Nothing wrong with that."

"But it's not for everybody. I don't need to see any more naked women around here. I wouldn't mind seeing more cocks. I'm sure you have a nice one."

Liliana licked her lips and looked into Luis' eyes.

"Show me what you've got," she urged.

"Excuse me?"

"Come on. Show me. You're going to be seeing me naked all weekend. Let me see you. Show me your cock."

"I'm driving."

"Is that the only reason? We're almost there. Turn here."

Luis pulled into the supermarket parking lot.

"Drive around to the back."

"That's not a good idea."

"Why not?"

"My wife and I–you people hired us–we're..."

"Are you afraid I'll take advantage of you? Or is that what you're hoping will happen?"

Liliana untied her wrap and pulled it off. As Luis suspected, she was completely nude beneath the wrap. Her pale skin was creamy and clear. Her small frame supported a shapely figure that was soft and supple; she appeared to have no muscle tone whatsoever. Her B-cup sized breasts hung loosely from her chest, capped by light brown nipples that had become tight and rigid in the air conditioned car.

"Show me your cock, Luis."

"Excuse me?"

"I'm showing you all of me. Let me see it."

Luis didn't move. Liliana leaned over the console and found his zipper. She pulled it downward, and then slipped her hand inside the fly. She found his cock and pulled it out into the afternoon air. Luis offered no resistance.

"Drive around to the back of the store."

"Liliana, what are you doing?"

"I'm marking my territory."

"What territory?"

"Listen to me, Luis. It's been a long time since we've had a new man in this group. It's in your best interest if I claim you first. Do you want to end up with one of those older sluts?"

"I thought you were all friends."

"We are friends. I love them all like family. But the truth is, they're all ten to fifteen years older than me. Think about it–which would you prefer, one of those old flabby pussies or my young fresh pussy?"

"I'm not going to..."

"Oh yes, you will, sweetie. You're going to end up fucking one of us before the weekend is over. It might as well be me, don't you think?"

Luis watched Liliana pinch her nipples, and then followed her hand as it traveled down her torso to her hairless crotch. He put the car in gear and drove to the back of the store, parking in the shadow of an empty semi trailer. Liliana knelt on the seat and leaned over the console. She lowered her face to Luis' crotch, but bumped her head on the steering wheel. Luis pushed the seat back to give her more room.

Liliana licked his shaft several times before wrapping her lips around the head and sucking it into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on his lap, swallowing more and more of his length with each downward motion.

Luis started to relax. He caressed Liliana's back with his right hand, starting with her shoulders and then moving down her spine until he reached her butt. He could just touch her ass crack, but her rosebud was slightly out of reach. He contented himself with rubbing her butt cheeks with one hand and running the other through her hair as she brought him closer to orgasm.

"Tilt your seat all the way back," Liliana said, pausing her oral ministrations.

"Excuse me?"

"Tilt the back of your seat all the way. I need more room."

Luis reached for the button that adjusted his seat. The seat back lowered until the headrest was touching the back seat. Luis laid back in an almost supine position. Liliana seized the opportunity–she climbed on top of Luis, swung her hips around to his face, and lowered her crotch to his mouth.

"No reason why both of us shouldn't enjoy this," she remarked. "Show me that you know how to lick a pussy."

Liliana swallowed the full length of Luis' cock and resumed sucking. Her shaved pussy was poised a few inches above Luis' upturned face. He inhaled her feminine aroma. The warm perfume shattered his final thoughts of resistance. He extended his tongue, eager to taste the nectar clinging to her pink flower.

Luis licked her petals, savoring the sharp flavor of her arousal. He licked up and down her slit several times before focusing his attention on her clit. Once found he sucked it between his lips and squeezed. Liliana bucked her hips and pressed her crotch harder against his face. Luis flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue, causing a loud moan to escape from Liliana's otherwise occupied mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, you do know how to lick a pussy," she cooed.

Luis bucked his hips, driving his cock another inch toward the back of Liliana's throat. He felt his orgasm approaching and was determined to bring Liliana to hers at the same time. He increased the speed of his tongue and applied more direct pressure to her clit. Liliana rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing her clit against his mouth. Her head bounced up and down as she alternately swallowed and then withdrew the thick shaft stretching her lips. Liliana tasted the precum seeping from the cockhead as it slid across her tongue, and knew it would be just a few moments more. She ground her crotch against Luis's face and sucked another drop of juice from his dick.

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