Desperate White Wives


Dawn's body shook for several seconds than relaxed as Sue slowly stopped working her tongue on her. Sue laid down on the floor saying, "Come on down here and help your white sister lick my pussy."

Dawn was still exhausted from her orgasm but slipped down on the floor next to Lucy and joined her between Sue's legs as the two wives started to lick her pussy together. Sue was pulling them into her crotch as the wives seemed to be more in a competition now to see who could lick Sue's pussy better.

Maybe it was the money or just the way that Sue seemed to take control of the wives. They were acting like experienced lesbians. Sue spread her legs as wide as she could as she gave the wives encouragement.

Sue was ready to orgasm and began shaking her legs out almost kicking the two wives. Her breathing was rapid and she screamed out so loud that Dawn was now worried about the neighbors hearing what was going on.

Once Sue relaxed and regained her strength again, she pulled Lucy on top of her face and began licking her pussy. She motioned for Dawn to get down between her legs and lick her as she worked on Lucy's pussy.

Lucy has an orgasm within minutes of climbing on Sue's face and she was soon followed by Sue again and hit her hard as she almost through Lucy to the floor. Sue sat up and looked at the two wives and said, "See. I think the two of you are going to make it."

Sue got up off the floor and dressed and told the wives, "I want you to wear one of the hottest dresses you bought today. Don't forget to shave those pussies and I'll see you tomorrow night."

It was almost six the next evening and Lucy had just arrived at Dawn's house wearing a tight red dress that was barely long enough to cover her ass. She hoped none of the neighbors were watching as she cut across the lawn to get to Dawn's house.

Dawn was wearing an equally tight short dress in green and her cleavage as well as Lucy's was cut very low. Both wives were wearing five inch spike heels which made them appear taller. Lucy playfully lifted her dress and flipped the elastic on her thin red panties and showed Dawn her newly shaven pussy.

Thankfully it was beginning to get dark outside as the limo pulled into the driveway. They were driven to the high rise building where they had their interview with Shawn yesterday only this time they took the elevator up to the fourth floor where they saw Sue waiting for them.

Sue checked the wives over and said, "Nice. I think you two are going to be a hit tonight."

Sue took them into a waiting room where they all sat down as Sue said, "Remember what I told you last night. Act like you have a little class and be very accommodating to your dates."

Sue continued, "You will be going on separate dates so remember what I said and use your charm and your beauty and I don't want any complaints coming back from our customers."

Sue pointed her finger at the wives saying, "Our customers are always pleased with our white wives so please don't disappoint me tonight."

Dawn asked, "What should we do with our wedding rings? Should we take them off while we are on our date?"

Sue replied, "Heaven's no. Our customers are paying to date married white wives. We can't have you removing your wedding rings from your little fingers."

Sue had just finished her sentence when a tall black man walked into the room. Sue smiled at him and greeted him and brought him over to Lucy and introduced him as Clifford.

Lucy looked terrified as she shook hands with Clifford and glanced at Dawn on her way out the door.

Dawn's heart was beating faster as she sat wondering what her date was going to look like and she finally saw a huge black man walk into the room and was greeted by Sue with a little kiss on her cheek.

Dawn stood greeting the huge black man whom Sue introduced as Chuck. Chuck took Dawn's hand and kissed her on the cheek and acknowledged his approval to Sue and took Dawn's hand and walked her out of the room.

Dawn stood next to the huge black man in the elevator and could see Chuck starring at her tits that lay partially exposed. They walked together down to the parking garage where he opened the door for her.

They drove to a club in South Beach where they spent the next two hours having drinks and dancing. Dawn was beginning to feel better after her fifth drink. Chuck held her much closer each time they danced and by the sixth drink, Chuck was sitting next to Dawn rubbing the palm of his hand on her thigh.

Chuck boldly kissed Dawn on the lips. It was the first time she had ever kissed a black man and the first time she kissed any man since she got married.

Chuck put his arm around Dawn and he whispered into her ear saying, "I think I'll take you back to my place where we can get better acquainted?"

Dawn was feeling very high from the drinks as she got up taking Chuck's hand and walked out of the club.

Chuck got her in the car and gave her another passionate kiss before putting the car in gear and driving back to his place.

Dawn's heart was beating faster again as she starred out the window thinking about how she was going to get out of this mess.

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