tagBDSMDetention with Ms Marshall - Day 01

Detention with Ms Marshall - Day 01


It was another regular day in early Spring, just a couple weeks after I had turned 18. English class with Ms Marshall. I don't remember what we actually done in class that day but I just wanted to go home and do something that wasn't schoolwork like everyone else.

"Could you wait behind please. I need to see you about your homework."

Damn, I just couldn't catch a break. Now I had to stay for five minutes to hear a lecture about putting in more effort.

Bell rang. Everyone left. I put my jacket on, stood up and walked up to the front desk. Ms Marshall waited until the last person left and she closed the door after them. She then turned the lock, which made me panic a little that I was in real trouble.

"I'm going to ask you a question. And I want a straight answer."

Here we go. The usual teacher talk about how you're a an intelligent student that could achieve a lot but you just aren't putting in enough effort.

"Have you ever masturbated about me?"

Time froze. My heart started racing with panic. I was something of a late starter when it came to females and beyond a first kiss at a party a few months back I didn't know anything about talking to women.

"What?" I stammered back.

"Have you ever masturbated about me?" She asked again, hands on hips. Ms Marshall was my English teacher. She would have been in her late 30s, maybe pushing 40. Something of a trophy-wife look about her - too much heavy make-up, bright red lips, platinum hair in a bob, neither slim nor fat but with a large chest for a woman her size. She was wearing a white business suit jacket and a short skirt with high heels.

"No, Miss." Now that was a lie. I went through a phase of jerking off about Ms Marshall a couple years earlier, mainly alternating between thinking about sucking her tits and her giving me a blowjob afterwards, but I had since moved on to younger models like 20-something French teacher Miss Whitton.

"Well I'm going get you to. Right now. Sit up onto my table."

To say that I was in a panic would be an understatement. I didn't know what to do or say so I simply complied. I sat on the end of the table and wondered what was happening.

"Lie down, and relax for a moment."

I awkwardly turned and lay down, staring at the ceiling. My heart was about to smash through my chest and I had that a terror feeling in my stomach. I turned and looked at Ms Marshall -- she was looking at me with a stern facial expression. This was actually happening. Was I being punished for something?

"I bet you have masturbated about me. I can see it in your face. You are going to do it in front of me right now. Pull your pants down."

I loosened the top button and shuffled them down my thighs a little. I looked at Ms Marshall's ample chest and wondered if I was going to get to touch a woman's breasts. This did little to help my panic.

"Start. Keep your boxers on, do it through them. Tell me when you are about to finish." She was still just staring at me with her hands on her hips.

I stared up at the ceiling and slowly brought my hand down to on top of my boxers. Nothing there. I was too nervous. I turned and looked to her again.

"Look at my tits, and start."

I couldn't believe my ears. There was something shocking about hearing a teacher talk like a girl in of a porn video. I gripped my cock and started pulling through my boxers. I stared at Ms Marshall's chest and after four or five strokes was getting hard.

"Good boy. Now keep going."

Now THAT was more of a turn on than any extreme thing I'd ever seen on the internet. This WAS really happening, and I was going to have an orgasm in front of a woman who wanted to see it. I sped up, as if it was somehow showing off. I imagined her ripping open her shirt and breastfeeding me, and quickly realised I was in trouble. I started flexing my feet to diffuse the building tension.

"Make yourself cum."

Now I could normally make a session in front of the computer last a good fifteen minutes of stop and start, but this was a whole new culture shock. I was on the brink after about twenty seconds and she knew it. I started to hold my breath and let out a squeaky sigh of pleasure. I was past the point of no return and was actually going to cum in my underwear in front of my English teacher.

I suddenly panicked, what was I actually meant to do? Just squirt it all out? Should I look at her or back at the ceiling. I held a strong grip and stopped for a second as the sensation built.

"Go on, do it, and keep pumping till you've squirted every last drop out."

My whole body shook for a second, one more tug and I came. I let out a moan as I felt the hot cum run out onto my legs. My hand was quickly damp as the wet patch on my boxers grew.

"Good boy. Get it all out."

The orgasm was over and a new wave of panic set in. What now? Reality came back -- I was lying on my English teachers desk having just cum in my pants in front of her. She firmly placed her hand on top of mine and mashed the cum into my groin. It was warm and sticky and having a woman's hand that close to my cock was nearly enough to make me cum again.

"Pull your pants back up. You can go now."

I didn't know where to look. I quickly gathered my things.

"Come back here tomorrow. I have chosen you as my subject for an experiment. You're going to experience a lot. Don't tell anyone about this."


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