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Dickgirl Werewolf


Sherri is cute. Five foot six, not really a petite build, more of the short, curvy girl-next-door type. Curly black hair, dark eyes. She looks hot in her ranger uniform, especially when she violates regs and unbuttons the top two on her blouse.

We're park rangers, or were. I'm Brad. Sherri and I worked out of the main ranger station at Henety Lake State Park, assigned as partners on the same patrol. She was really shy – maybe mousy would be a good word – but if you got her to loosen up she was fun. We weren't an item. I wouldn't say the thought never crossed my mind, but, you know, that's usually a bad idea when you work with a partner.

So we were out one day, just doing the regular patrol route in the park, talking about our plans for the weekend. I pulled over at the side of the road for a moment because I thought I spotted an abandoned backpack, and we got out. Turned out it was a cardboard box for a camping stove that somebody had wadded up and shoved into the end of a fallen log. I was just going back to the car for some more trash bags when I heard Sherri scream. "Brad!"

It was a wolf. Not really a big one, though they don't make small wolves. It came from nowhere – maybe it was sleeping inside the log – and it had her by the forearm. Sherri panicked, and was screaming and trying to get loose. I cursed and sprinted to the car to get my pistol. It's required uniform for the senior ranger to always wear it, but in the car it always bumps against the belt buckle fastener and I'd never needed it before...

In the few seconds it took me to get back the wolf had let go of Sherri and was running away through the woods. She wasn't too badly hurt, but I bandaged her bite up and took her to the hospital before she went into shock.

Yeah, I got in a shitload of trouble. They started Sherri immediately on an anti-rabies regimen of vaccine injections. My boss chewed me out for not wearing my firearm, and for not shooting the wolf so that it could be examined for rabies. I deserved the suspension, too – Sherri could easily have been killed. Anyway.

So I'm at home the next day sitting on the couch, watching TV and trying not to think about the incident, when an assload of cops and EMTs in hazmat suits show up. They drag me to the hospital for quarantine. Turns out that, no, the wolf wasn't rabid. It was carrying lycanthropy.

You know, the werewolf disease. Nobody much gets it these days; it's almost eradicated. Last reported case was in the late sixties in Idaho, apparently. But the wolf had been carrying it, and now Sherri had it, and, naturally, they figured that I might have been exposed.

* * *

"He's fine," said my doctor quietly to someone out in the hall a couple days later. The intensive care quarantine unit is not really a noisy place, and I think they thought I was asleep. "He's clean. No exposure. Good thing, too. I don't envy his partner."

I couldn't hear what the other person said, but I could feel the guilt like a kick in my guts.

The doctor rustled around some papers. "The immunoglobin treatment for the rabies she didn't have reacted unexpectedly with the lycanthropy virus. Turns out that she had the recessive futanari gene, and the interaction may have triggered it."

Some muttering.

"Difficult to say," came the doctor's voice. "Oh, she's still female, all right. But if her condition progresses her clitoris could develop relatively quickly into a functional penis. She's already begun developing a Skene's sac in her lower abdomen, so in theory she could produce semen. Hopefully nothing will push her over the edge, though, and her condition will remain stable."

* * *

I tried to visit Sherri in the hospital after I was discharged, to apologize for what happened. But she was still in quarantine. Eventually she was discharged. I guess they thought she was okay. Instead of coming back to work, though, she went on long-term disability. Everybody talked about it at the time, especially about the lycanthropy thing. Treatable with medications, I heard.

* * *

About two months later I was out jogging one night near my apartment in Henetysburg. It was a great night in early summer, not too hot, with a huge full moon. About ten o'clock my cell phone rang. I checked it, and almost dropped it when I saw who it was.

"Sherri!" I said. "Uh, it's great to hear from you. How are --"

"Braaad," slurred Sherri, in a hoarse, barely recognizable voice. It didn't sound like she was drunk, but I couldn't figure out what could be wrong. "Please... need help... please..."

"Sherri?" I shouted into the phone. "Stay there. I'll call 911..."

"N-no," coughed Sherri. "Come here, don't... please... just come help..."

I ran to her place.

The door on the rental house wasn't locked. I could see from the street that one light was on upstairs, but everything was quiet inside. "Sherri?" I yelled from the porch. No response. By the bright moonlight I could see into the living room window. It looked like some things had been knocked over. I debated calling 911 for a moment, then went in.

"Sherri?" I yelled again. The living room was a mess. The coffee table was overturned, the couch cushions had been thrown about and had knocked the pictures off the walls, and the DVD rack had been smashed and the boxes scattered around. I cursed myself – again – for not having my pistol with me. "Sherri?"

Then I heard it. An inhuman, eerie moaning, like a person talking while inhaling. It was coming from the kitchen. "Sherri!" I yelled, jumping over an overturned lamp and dashing in. "Where are you?"

The kitchen was bathed in silver moonlight, which poured in through the open blinds. And there she, or it, stood. The werewolf was taller than her usual form, and bent over in a crouching position. Every muscle seemed swollen and bristling, making her look suddenly bulked out. Her fingers appeared elongated, almost into claws, and her lips were drawn back sharply, exposing long canine teeth. She was covered in a fine, velvet-like coat of glossy black fur. But those crazed, staring yellow eyes were set in Sherri's face.

I was too stunned to speak, and it took a step forward as I took a step back. Then I could see that she was in heat. Her heavily hanging breasts were ripe and swollen, and her nipples stood up, piercingly erect. I could actually smell the faint musk of her pussy... but, to my shock, I could see straining between her thighs a huge, bestial cock, long and thick, stabbing upwards. Pearly trickles of precum oozed down its throbbing length, gleaming in the moonlight.

"Sher--" I managed to croak before she leapt upon me. Horror-struck, I tripped backwards over the lamp, crashing into the living room. Her hands and feet were clawing at me as I tried desperately to push her away with my legs, and I managed to fling her sideways and pull myself to my feet. An instant later she had leapt upon me again, however – I yelled and staggered sideways, toppling over her television set with a loud crash. No matter how hard I tried to fling her off my back, however, she held on with her claws, digging into my flesh and panting savagely. I tried to slam my back against the wall to knock her loose, and I think she laughed. Then Sherri did some kind of jump over my back and sideways, pulling me down crashing to the ground. I clocked my forehead on the corner of something, and saw stars.

I must have been out for a moment, because when I could think clearly again I was bent over the arm of the couch. Sherri ripped my jeans off, jerking me backwards and cracking my jaw against the arm. "Sherri, stop!" I yelled, my head reeling, trying to push myself up. But she gave that inhuman laugh again and tore off my shirt and boxer shorts.

It was only then I realized the danger I was in. Before I could move, though, Sherri was on me. Her nipples drove needle-like into my torn, bleeding back, as her weight pressed down on me. With inhuman strength she pinned my arms against the couch, and mounted me.

"Fuck no! Get off me, you crazy bitch!" I screamed, trying to wrestle free, but her knees were pressing painfully against the backs of mine now, and I could hardly move. Suddenly I felt her cock slap against me, heavy and massive, and she drew it slowly up and down my asscrack. "Sherri, no, don't do this... Sherri... you've got to listen..." I begged.

The only answer was a kind of moaning hiss, bestial and feminine at the same time. All of her muscles clenched, holding me in place, and then she humped her hips frantically against my ass, her wrinkled, pointed cockhead jabbing wildly. I fought frantically to throw her off me, when suddenly I felt a searing pain and her hot, oily length plunged deep into me. She groaned with triumph, leaning forward hard, and her swollen breasts pillowed against my back. I was too busy screaming with pain to notice.

She began to fuck me after that – short, plunging strokes, driving her bloated, slippery cock up and down inside my passage. Her body felt as tense as a guitar string, and her fucking was hungry and frantic, like her savage half-wolf body was desperate for relief. I don't know how long she had been mating with me when I felt a painful pressure at my ass, a huge swollen globe which throbbed with each heartbeat. Sherri jabbed fiercely, trying to force it into me, to breed me completely.

"Shit! No!" I yelled, trying to wriggle around to prevent it from going in, but with a sudden pop it was too late. I felt a sick stretching sensation as her knot plugged me tight, and then began to rapidly swell. It pumped bigger and bigger as it inflated inside me, until I felt like it surely must be the size of a grapefruit. Finally, her whole body shaking with barely-controlled tension, Sherri stopped fucking and held still. I could feel that we were tied completely.

I gave up fighting to get away then, because I could no longer move. She shifted around awkwardly for a minute, then swung one of her legs over until we were stuck together, ass to ass. Her cock jerked violently, and with a loud, low moan, she began to pour her cum into me.

Sherri held almost completely still, her body quivering, her knot a throbbing, blazing weight around which my whole body simply felt like a limp shell. I could feel her lust draining into my ass, not jets or blasts, but a continuous hot stream of goo forcing its way in. My guts gurgled and unknotted themselves, giving way before the thick spunk she was pushing into me, and my belly stretched and strained to accommodate the huge volume. Sherri shifted her haunches, beginning to bump her ass cheeks impatiently against mine and pump in more and more boiling girlcum. Tied to her, I was helpless to do anything other than take her cum and watch my belly swell out as she bred me.

After a while Sherri shuddered her ass against me one more time, and I could feel a final spurt fizz into my belly. Then she gave a sort of gasp, and lay down on the floor on all fours like a wolf, her knot still buried inside my ass. I must have fallen asleep too then.

* * *

I awoke, still lying on her carpet, to a major cramp in my side and a strange bloated feeling in my guts. I tried to roll over, only to find that I couldn't move –

"Ouch!" yelled Sherri, startled awake. I suddenly realized that I could feel her cock still stuffed up inside me, plugging up a pot belly full of her girlcum. "Oh... oh, gosh... uh, hang on," she winced, then I felt her pull her member slowly out of me with a gooey squelch. I rolled over clumsily, and the huge load inside me sloshed weirdly back and forth. Sherri was completely back to normal – that is, she wasn't half wolf anymore, at least – except for a few cuts and bruises. She sat up suddenly and looked at me, a look of shame and horror splashed upon her face, then hugged her knees and began to cry.

I didn't know what to do or say. I scooted over next to Sherri, and put my arm around her. She laid her head down on her knees and sobbed hysterically.

"I'm sorry I called you a crazy bitch," I tried.

"Wh-what?" she blubbered.

"I just, you just... never mind," I mumbled. Sherri leaned against me and wept.

"I'm sorry," she finally managed to say between sobs. "Did I – did the wolf – did I hurt you? When I...?"

"Nah," I said, making a mental note to put on a shirt before she could see my back. "Not unless I'm going to have cubs now, I guess," I joked, poking at my cum-swollen gut. "What a load." Sherri blinked at me, wide-eyed. She stared at my stomach. Then, in spite of herself, she began to laugh. After a while it turned back into sobs.

I held her tight against my shoulder.

* * *

I moved in with her after that. We just thought it was for the best. Sherri can manage her lycanthropy pretty well, as long as every full moon she gets her oil changed a couple times, if you know what I mean. The rest of the time, well, everything else on her still works fine. She's never bitten me, though I take Vitamin C and wolfsbane supplements just to be safe.

Sherri says she always wanted a June wedding. We're booked for the new moon, just to be safe.

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