tagGroup SexDidi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 01

Didi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 01


What wonderful reaction to my last two stories, "Answering A Random Ad" and "Sheila's Taste." This story picks up a recent event. I have to add that while most reactions were quite positive, a few were just plain stupid. Thanks to all as I was very entertained. Meanwhile, enjoy.


I received an invitation to my house, Sheila received one at her place. The invitations read:

A Boat Party
You are invited to Didi and Ken's Annual Boat Party which starts at 7pm. Dinner will be served
at 8pm.

You are asked to leave your inhibitions home.
You may bring a guest.

The party was three weeks away. Sheila and I wondered which of our friends we'd invite. Cheryl was an obvious choice, so Sheila called and left a message to call us back. We were stuck on the second person. There were several choices but, for one reason or another, mostly personal, we were not in agreement on some and others were unanimous.

Cheryl called later around dinner time. Sheil asked if she could come over as she had something she wanted to ask. Cheryl agreed to stop by in an hour.

It was an easy hour as we prepared dinner. It was my night and I chose Dirty Rice and Andouille (with Melted Blue Cheese). Just after I set the table, Cheryl arrived and she was looking fine wearing a tee shirt and little pink terry shorts. I set out chilled Coronas smiling.

The food was the subject for some time. The dish was a success and most delicious. (Next time, I'll make some Voodoo Shrimp.) Still, mighty tasty.

Sheila began to explain the invitations and our relationship with Didi and Ken. Cheryl sat wide-eyed the whole time, you could just sense what was going on in her head and around her body. Sheila finally asked her if she would like to join us and she smiled, nodding.

"Sure, I'd love to join you. Thank you so much for asking. Every since our first time together, you two have been on my mind a lot, not to mention my fingers!"

We laughed at this and I told her how much we enjoyed each other. I asked her how her sex life was since last we met. It wasn't arrogant but I was curious how her thoughts had developed.

"It's funny you say that because everyone seems to look me differently. Because I am, I suppose. I had a few different colleagues who I think were coming on to me, pay more attention to me and ask me kind of leading questions. I went home for a few days and it was the same thing."

"Do you think that maybe you have an aura?" Sheila speculated.

"Yes, maybe I do ," as she thought about this. "And here," I added, "I was going to ask you if you had someone that you wanted to bring as we have one extra guest invite."

"Well, maybe I do. I know of two people who might just enjoy this, although who knows if they might get cold feet? One is my best friend at school. I told her about you and she's been curious every since. The other is a gay friend of mine, or, at least, he's still in the closet and in denial. He's always chatting me up with 'what-ifs.' Lately, he's been suggesting more and talking more graphically. Last week, he told me that I had a 'fresh, just-fucked look' on my face. Indeed I did, having just come the lady's room and diddling myself!"

Laughter again. Sheila said that she would wait for an answer, whichever way she went, by the end of the week before sending the RSVP.

Cheryl said, "Ok, now I want to hear about the boat."

I explained the stats and described the public rooms and facilities. With wide-eyed interest, she asked for specifics. It was making me hard just talking about it.

"Am I going to see some of my fantasies?

"Yes, of course. And, as a bonus, you can participate!"

We laughed again.

"Well," said Sheila, "I don't know about you two but I'm very squishy right now. Can we make out for a while?"

Cheryl got up and sat down in Sheila's lap with her legs wrapped around the chair. She women began to kiss. I watched a small licks soon turned into a deep lip lock. Their tongues danced a samba. Sheila pulled Cheryl's tee up and over her head. She pulled her own off. Now they were deep in embrace, their breasts mashed together, their tongues, their hands wandering.

I stood up and quietly disrobed. Going commando makes this job easy. I walked over so that my cock was pointed at their lips. Both of them began to lick my dick from either side. Cheryl got off Sheila and dropped her shorts showing off her ass wrapped with a pink thong. Sheila slipped her short and her panties down quickly. Cheryl moved back down into Sheila's lap and their resumed their kiss, now breast to breast. Sheila slipped her hand down and pulled Cheryl's thong aside. Now pussy to pussy, their bodies rocked and weaved.

I stood aside and stroked my cock. My stroking became quicker as their heat increased. When Cheryl reached into their groins and pulled up at her clit , they both began to convulse and rock furiously.

"oooooooh...so good, so good," as they came and quietly nestled. Cheryl turn her face to me and made an "O" with her lips extended. Sheila did likewise and snaked her tongue at me. I began to jack harder and faster.

"I'm cumming...here it comes," as I began to squirt at their mouths. While some landed on their tongues and some landed down their throats, a lot more seemed to land on their faces. Streams of white rope shot out and they began to giggle as their licked each other off.

My dick, now emptied and flaccid, I joined them in a three-way kiss.

Next time: Cheryl makes her decision.

If you like my memoirs please leave a comment, astute or stupid. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

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