tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDisciplining Young Gentlemen

Disciplining Young Gentlemen

byCharles Petersunn©

This story is a sequel to "Disciplining Young Ladies." To avoid requiring that you read the earlier story, some material from that story is repeated in this sequel. However, optimal appreciation of this story might be obtained through first reading the prequel. The sequel is in the CFNM tradition, with spanking and humiliation. If you don't like CFNM, spanking, or humiliation you really shouldn't read this story, and seek instead stories more to your liking (and, goodness, there are so many to choose from!). Please do note, all characters in this story are at least 18 years old. And, once again, my sincere thanks to StoryPal for his very helpful and instructive editing!

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Miss Harding had agreed to provide a demonstration of the New School method of disciplining young gentlemen to visiting faculty. Mr. Eric Stratton and Miss Mandy Pepperidge, from Longwood College, had asked Mr. Peters to provide them a demonstration of his disciplinary techniques. The New School method of college discipline was gaining considerable national reputation for its innovative approaches, and Longwood College was having a particularly difficult time with miscreant, insubordinate, and recalcitrant students (the members of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity were especially troublesome).

Mr. Peters graciously assented, and had provided the visiting faculty what turned out to be a very informative, useful, and even stimulating demonstration of the proper New School method of disciplining young ladies (see "Disciplining young ladies"). Mr. Peters felt it was most appropriate that they also view the comparable approach for disciplining young gentlemen, and this responsibility fell on the shoulders of Miss Harding. In the New School approach, optimal discipline is provided by a member of the opposite sex.

The students in Miss Harding's biology class had been told to expect this, and a few of them had in fact been disciplined before, but knowing that it was coming or having experienced it before, didn't necessarily make it any easier. In fact, knowing that it was coming could make it all the more difficult. The anticipatory anxiety, the wondering and worrying about what might happen, could in fact be worse than the embarrassment and humiliation of being so shamefully disciplined in front of fellow students. Well, it probably wasn't really worse, but whether it was worse or not, it was probably best not to worry about it in advance, as the worrying didn't really help. Still, it was so difficult not to wonder and worry.

"Alright then, boys, girls, listen up," Miss Harding said, getting the students to settle down and shift their attention to the front of the class. "That means you too, Benjamin," directing her attention specifically to Benjamin Cosby. He seemed to always be the last one to quiet down. "As indicated on the syllabus, today we will be demonstrating for our illustrious guests from Longwood College the method of discipline we use within this course."

Deep breaths of apprehension coursed through the class.

"We are, of course, very delighted to have this opportunity to assist our sister college, Longwood." She turned to her guests. "I assume that your experience in Mr. Peters' class was suitably illustrative."

"Yes, yes," Mr. Stratton spoke up, rather excitedly. "Very instructive! Very stimulating."

Miss Pepperidge glanced at him, a little surprised at his emphatic enthusiasm, but she concurred. "Yes, it was really very encouraging, even inspirational." It had in fact been a very stimulating experience for her as well but also, in the end, rather frustrating, the relief from which she hurriedly obtained once she was in the privacy of her hotel room.

"I'm so glad. I am, of course, personally familiar with Mr. Peters' methods."

Both Mr. Stratton and Miss Pepperidge wondered what precisely Miss Harding meant by being "personally" familiar. You could understand her statement in a couple of different ways, and Mr. Stratton felt himself swelling already at the thought of disciplining Miss Harding, or at least observing her being disciplined, as she was indeed a strikingly attractive woman.

Miss Harding was 34 years old, with blue eyes, long lashes, and curly blond hair that draped softly across her shoulders. The boys found her figure to be most attractive, and she didn't seem to mind showing it off. She would typically wear rather tight dresses, as she had done today, that accentuated nicely the curves of her bottom and breasts. Many of the boys had considerable difficulty keeping their minds on her lectures, watching instead the movement of her breasts and bottom when she walked about the class or lectured at the blackboard. It was particularly nice to see her bottom wiggle as she wrote on the board. It also didn't help that she was often so nicely scented with quite enticing perfume. Templeton College did not allow coeds to wear perfume, and so its presence on a faculty member was notably provocative.

Miss Harding, apparently oblivious to the double meaning of her statement, continued, "Mr. Peters is certainly the master of the New School approach, but he does tend to entrust the disciplining of young gentlemen to me, and I do hope that you will find our session this afternoon to be at least as comparably instructive as it had been with Mr. Peters."

"Oh yes, I'm sure it will be!" Miss Pepperidge enthusiastically intoned, prompting now a glance from Mr. Stratton.

"Alright then, let's get right to it. Anthony Segerstrom, why don't you come on down." She smiled to herself, feeling like she was imitating Bob Barker, or actually now, Drew Carey (although it wasn't actually the host who said that). Anthony had indeed won the lottery of being the first model for her demonstration.

Anthony, though, didn't feel like he had won anything at all. "You picked me?"

Miss Harding responded a bit sarcastically. "Well, let me see, did I? Well, I did call your name. Yes, it would appear that I picked you."

"No, I mean, does it really have to be me?"

Miss Harding smiled. "Actually, Anthony, precisely because of that response it does have to be you." She turned to her guests, Miss Pepperidge and Mr. Stratton. "In the New School approach we like the punishment to fit the crime, and the first crime we will punish today is disrespect. Anthony is generally a very good student, and he doesn't get into any serious trouble. I have not in fact ever had to discipline him before. But, he can at times be a bit disrespectful: questioning authority, questioning decisions, questioning the instructor. Now, Anthony, if you would."

"Do I really have to?"

Well, if there was any doubt as to the appropriateness of this punishment, Anthony had dispelled all doubt with that comment. Miss Harding just smiled. She was going to enjoy disciplining this young man, although she did in fact enjoy pretty much every such session of instruction. "Yes, Anthony, it really has to be you. Now, before you make me decide to add an additional session, please get your bottom up to the front of the class."

Just her mention that his bottom would be the focus of her attention, and that of the rest of the class, made his heart race. He extricated himself from his desk and proceeded as instructed to the front of the class.

Miss Harding provided further introduction and explanation for today's events as Anthony reluctantly walked up the aisle. "Now, I'm sure you're disappointed, Anthony, that we won't be videotaping this session."

He stopped dead in his tracks. "You're going to videotape this?"

Miss Harding furrowed her brow. "Is that what I said?"

Tracy Flick, front and center of the class, where she always sat, raised her hand and offered, "No, no you didn't, Miss Harding. On the contrary, you said that you wouldn't be videotaping it."

"Yes, yes, thank you, Tracy, that's precisely correct. It's good to see that someone was listening."

Tracy smiled proudly. Tracy was a very good student, although a bit of a toady brownnoser. She was also though rather pretty, with long wavy blonde hair, round blue eyes, pretty pink cheeks, and the most endearing, engaging smile. She knew that someday she would be a big famous scientist, or maybe a politician, or maybe a model. She knew she could pursue just about any career and it all lay before her.

"As I was explaining, Anthony, we will not be videotaping this session, as the demonstrations will at times involve the entire class and, unfortunately," she added, glancing around the room, as if she was looking for someone, "some of the parents did not provide consent for their children to be videotaped."

All of the students were at least eighteen years old and consent of the parents was not actually needed. Templeton, however, was a rather conservative college that worked closely with the students' parents, never implementing programs that they would not approve. It was in part for this reason that Templeton was a rather popular private college. The parents knew that their children would be well taken care of, and would not be allowed to engage in any untoward, unruly activity. And, the administration of Templeton was fully cognizant of the fact that it was the parents who paid the rather exorbitant Templeton tuition. They were not about to offend any deep pockets.

Anthony arrived at the front of the class.

"Excellent, now let's get started."

Mr. Stratton and Miss Pepperidge proceeded to the back of the class, as they had done for Mr. Peters' demonstration. They preferred to be out of sight of the students so that they would be unobtrusive. They did not want their presence to have any impact on the proceedings as they wanted to observe the New School method as it would normally occur.

However, they also preferred the privacy of the back of the room for additional reasons, although Mr. Stratton seriously doubted that he would find today's exercise nearly as stimulating as had been the discipline of Miss Clorette DePasto. Miss Pepperidge, on the other hand, was considerably more expectant, and was now more appropriately dressed for the occasion. She was now wearing a rather long and loose pleated skirt and, most importantly, this time came prepared, having cut out the bottom of the right-hand pocket so that her hand could surreptitiously engage in some helpful, complementary activity.

The two visiting professors positioned themselves beside the last student in the first aisle, a very pretty young lady. Mr. Stratton smiled at that, and wondered if he would be as lucky today as he had been the day before, although he fully realized that without the darkening of the room, the likelihood of any dalliance with a student was substantially diminished.

"Anthony, if you would, drop your trousers and undies."

Anthony fully understood what was expected of him and began to remove his pants and underwear. He had not actually himself been disciplined in this manner before, but he had witnessed other male students being disciplined by Miss Harding, which made him all the more reluctant to proceed. All of the students figured that the most obvious choice for Miss Harding's demonstration would be students previously punished, such as Chris, Robert, or Ronald (see "Miss Harding teaches the boys a lesson"). However, Anthony's virginity with respect to the New School method was another reason he was a natural selection for today's demonstration. When illustrating the procedure, particularly for pedagogical purposes, it was best to have a novice student. The first initial miscreants that would be disciplined by Miss Pepperidge, or Mr. Stratton, would certainly be new to the experience. Besides, an experienced student might not have the more poignant reactions, perhaps being even somewhat jaded by the process. although Mr. Peters and Miss Harding had not themselves experienced this phenomenon. Only one or two sessions were typically enough to get the full effect.

Mr. Stratton watched Anthony with some apprehension, and sympathy. It was clear to him now that he would not find this to be a particularly arousing demonstration.

Miss Pepperidge, on the other hand, smiled as she watched the young man remove his trousers and jockey briefs. Her right hand slipped deep into her pocket, and through the hole.

Anthony at least had his back turned to the class when he pulled down his slacks and underwear, and he hoped that his shirt tail would provide him with some modest protection. Still, that was hardly much of a consolation. It was still embarrassing to drop his pants and jockeys in front of the class. Plus, he didn't realize that the girls still could see the bottom of his bottom peeking out from beneath his shirt. It really wasn't that long. There was a bit of tittering and giggling at the sight of the young man's white cheeks. As he began to step out of pants, Miss Harding corrected him.

"No, no, Anthony," Miss Harding asserted. She turned to the class or, more especially, the visiting faculty. "It is often best to have the naughty young man's trousers and undies remain around his ankles. This provides a very nice visual affirmation of his state of undress, plus it helps to constrict his movements during the course of the session." She turned back to Anthony. "Anthony, if you wouldn't mind, step over to the desk and assume the position."

He proceeded to the desk but quickly experienced the difficulty in walking with his trousers and underwear tangled around his ankles and feet. He had to avoid raising his feet off the floor, taking very small, sliding steps. This was really embarrassing.

A number of the students, both the boys and girls now, giggled at the sight.

"As you can see, it's a bit difficult for Anthony to even walk to the desk. He kind of looks like the naughty little boy who had an accident in his pants and is shuffling shamefully to his mommy for help, doesn't he, girls."

Miss Harding's imagery was facilitated by the fact that Anthony was a rather short, thin boy, with boyish brown eyes and tousled hair, and he did indeed feel like a very embarrassed little boy.

Anthony and Miss Pepperidge, actually everyone, did not miss the fact that Miss Harding had referred specifically to the girls of the class. Miss Pepperidge made a note of that. It added to the male student's self-consciousness to remind him of the fact that he was being observed by girls as he walked clumsily to the teacher's desk, his pants and underpants around his ankles.

"Excellent demonstration, Anthony," Miss Harding intoned.

"Yes, ma'am," he softly replied, as he proceeded awkwardly to her desk. But, he wasn't really walking this way on purpose, to help with her demonstration. He didn't really have much choice in the matter.

When he arrived he leaned over, resting on his elbows, his bottom facing the class. He didn't need to be instructed in that. He had seen a few boys, and girls, get into this position. It was a tremendous moment of expectation for him when it was a girl he was watching. It was a tremendous moment of expectation now as well, but one accompanied by anxiety and dread, rather than arousal.

Without any introduction or warning, Miss Harding tossed Anthony's shirt up over his back, revealing to the entire class his white, round bottom. There was considerable giggling among the girls. A couple of the boys laughed as well, but a number of them felt sorry for Anthony, and a few of them looked away, finding it rather awkward to be looking at another boy's bare bum.

"Now, Anthony," Miss Harding instructed, "Be a good boy and arch your back. You want to provide a nice presentation for your spanking."

He obviously didn't really want to do that, but he knew better than to object. He arched his back and raised up his bottom.

Miss Harding smiled in approval. "Yes, much better, Anthony." She turned to her guests. "This presentation can be difficult for a girl, as I am sure Mr. Peters had instructed, but it can be especially difficult for a boy." She explained, as she lightly patted the young man's bottom, "It can convey the impression that he is presenting himself not just for a spanking, but for a homosexual advance."

Anthony's face was already a bit red, but it flushed deeply at that intimation. He was not himself homosexual. Not that there was anything wrong with that, but he didn't particularly like the suggestion. He turned his face back to Miss Harding. "I'm not a homosexual, Miss Harding."

She turned back to him, her hand still resting on his perky fanny. She found the feel of a young man's taut little bum to be so pleasing and pleasurable. She wasn't really sure why, but she so much enjoyed fondling and caressing a boy's soft yet firm bottom, and she allowed herself to enjoy the opportunity once again as she responded to his declaration. After all, Anthony's derriere was cuter than most.

"Well, if you say so, Anthony." She slid the tips of her fingers up and down his butt crack. "But, it is really a shame as your bottom is so awfully cute and tempting. It's really very pretty." A few more giggles could be heard.

He turned his face back away from her. His insistence in being heterosexual didn't seem to have the effect he had desired, nor did it help that she was taking such liberties with his exposed butt. He decided that it was best to just keep his mouth shut, his bottom raised.

Mr. Stratton could see why it was best, or at least easier, for a female teacher to discipline the boys. He would have difficulty with this part.

Miss Harding turned back to the class. "Now, another advantage of this position is that the boy's little testicles can often be seen peeking out from between his thighs."

Anthony instinctively squeezed his thighs together and, not surprisingly, Miss Harding corrected him. "Now Anthony, don't be a squirrel and hide your little acorns. Let the class see them."

Anthony squeezed his eyes shut but opened up his legs.

"There they are!" Tracy squealed.

"Yes, yes, indeed, Tracy," Miss Harding agreed, as Anthony's testicles came into view. "Poke your bottom up a bit higher, Anthony, so everyone can see your curly little tea bag."

He did as she instructed, feeling the eyes of the students, probably Tracy more than the rest, gleefully gawking at his testicles.

Miss Harding crouched down, reached in between his thighs, and lightly cupped them on the tips of her fingers. They did look very darling resting on the tips of her fingers, like two little bird eggs.

Anthony flinched a bit at the intrusive touch, but tried to relax, as Miss Harding took another opportunity to admire and to play with a boy's parts. She very carefully explored them, fondled them, and even tickled them a bit, causing Anthony to squirm and wiggle his bottom, much to the pleasure of the girls watching, but so very embarrassing for the young man.

Miss Harding explained. "Boys are often very apprehensive about their jewels." She bounced them up and down on her fingers. "They act all big and tough, showing off their muscles and everything, but they aren't so tough when it comes to these little guys." She instructed Anthony, "Up on your tippy toes, Anthony, let all the girls get a real good look.

Anthony wrapped his face in his hands as he got up on his tip toes and thrust his bottom up higher.

Miss Harding used her fingers to display them more prominently to the class. "Girls, don't you think they're so terribly cute?"

A few of the girls didn't think they were so cute at all, but most did feel that his pose and Miss Harding's teasing was cute, or at least pretty darned amusing.

Miss Harding removed her hand, stood up and, without warning, administered a series of spanks.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Anthony was naturally quite surprised and his bottom instinctively danced and pranced as he ineffectively, helplessly, tried to avoid the smacks, his little nuts swinging and bouncing between his thighs.

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