tagBDSMDiscovering Domination

Discovering Domination


Cindy met Lucy at her locker after school. “Lucy, can you do me a favor?”

Lucy closed her locker. “Sure Cindy, what is it?”

Cindy gave Lucy her house key. “Can you drive over to my house and get my new tennis shoes? I forgot to bring them with me. They’re next to the dresser. I need them for cheerleader practice.”

Lucy smiled. “Sure Cindy.”

Cindy hugged Lucy. “Thanks.”

Lucy thought about their friendship as she drove over to Cindy’s house. She’d been Cindy’s best friend for the last two years, and spent lots of evenings talking with Cindy in her room. They grew close when Cindy’s mom, Helen, had died unexpectedly. Cindy needed someone’s shoulder to cry on, and Lucy offered hers. Lucy pulled into the driveway, let herself in the back door, and went to Cindy’s room. She found the shoes and had just shut the bedroom door when a sharp cracking sound startled her.

Curious, Lucy crept to where she thought she heard the sound. She jumped when she heard the sound again. Stifling a giggle for startling so easy, she snuck through the dining room and peered around the door into the living room. She could see Cindy’s father, George, lounging on the sofa watching television.

“Must be watching a movie,” Lucy thought. She was about to leave when she noticed the unusual outfit of the woman on the television. Curious, she got down on her hands and knees and crept as close to the television as she could without George seeing her. She knelt entranced watching two women whip and verbally abuse a man suspended in chains. Lucy’s moist, quivering pussy called out for attention. Wistfully, she crept backwards out of the room. She left as quietly as she could out the back door.

Lucy let out a big sigh as she started the car. On the way back to school, she stopped at the hardware store and had a copy of Cindy’s house key made. She hurried back to school and found Cindy dressing in the locker room. “Here’s your shoes.”

Cindy took the shoes and the house key. “Thanks. You’re a real friend.”

Lucy smiled. “Don’t mention it.”

Lucy wanted some time alone to think, so she went out to the field and sat in the bleachers while Cindy and the other cheerleaders practiced. She lit a cigarette and took a puff. It felt good to relax after being cooped up in classes all day. Knowing she wasn’t supposed to smoke on school grounds made her feel even more audacious.

Lucy knew she thought different than most of the other girls. All they wanted to talk about was boys and clothes. She cared little about fashion and even less about boys. They’d ignored her until her breasts and hips developed. Even now, they still mostly ignored her and talked to her chest.

Lucy took a puff of her cigarette and fondly recalled when the most popular football players asked her out. How she dressed to show off her chest and pretended to be shocked when they wanted to get their hands on them. How she gained the well-deserved reputation of cock tease.

After the popular jocks stopped asking her out, Lucy checked out the shy boys. She’d gained confidence going out on dates, and didn’t think twice about picking out a boy and going after him. Shy boys were much more courteous on dates and lots more grateful for the interest of an attractive girl.

Lucy dated several boys before she asked Harold out. The first date was nothing special, but Lucy sensed that Harold had an unusual desire to attend to her. She cultivated that desire over the course of several months. He did homework with her, went shopping with her, and took her to Taco Bell every Friday afternoon after school. She smiled recalling all the little ways he served her.

Lucy put out her cigarette and threw the butt on the ground under the bleachers. Most of the girls quit talking and hanging around with Lucy after she started smoking. Cindy didn’t like Lucy smoking either, but she didn’t want to lose Lucy’s friendship. Lucy was cool with that, and she didn’t smoke around her friend.

Lucy looked at the copy of Cindy’s house key. She knew she enjoyed teasing boys, but she thought she was alone in her feelings. She was excited to find out that other women teased men. Lucy looked up and waved goodbye to Cindy as she walked past the bleachers with the rest of the cheerleaders. Lucy got up and walked alone to her car. Her pussy kept twitching as she thought about the movie while driving home.

Lucy skipped dinner and went right up to her room. She got on the Internet and typed “woman whip man” into Google. She waded through dozens of pop up ads and junky photo websites before she found a couple of websites with information describing female domination. Wow, there was even a name for women that enjoyed teasing men, dominatrix. She read until her eyelids were too tired to stay open. Lucy spent the next several evenings after school studying female domination and reading female domination stories on the Internet.

Cindy invited Lucy over Sunday afternoon. They spent most of the time in Cindy’s room talking about cheerleading and college. They both planned to attend the University of Maryland in College Park in the fall. Cindy was hoping to get a cheerleading scholarship, while Lucy planned to major in Political Science and someday work on a congressional staff.

George popped his head in the room. “Dinner time Cindy. Will Lucy be staying?”

Cindy turned to Lucy. “Would you like to have dinner with us?”

George wasn’t that good a cook. Usually Lucy said no, however today she wanted a chance to observe George. “Sure. Let me call home and let them know.”

Cindy washed up and helped her father serve dinner. Lucy called home and told her mother that she was eating over at Cindy’s.

They ate meatloaf and mashed potatoes with peas. Lucy tested George by asking for more to eat and drink. She wasn’t sure if he was just being a gracious host, or if he enjoyed serving her. After dinner Cindy cleaned up and Lucy went home.

The next Thursday, while Cindy was at cheerleader practice, Lucy went over to Cindy’s house to spy on George. She let herself in, and snuck into the living room. He was lounging on the sofa watching the same female domination movie. She took a digital camera out of her purse. The optical zoom on the camera allowed her to get close-up pictures of the women on the screen, and of George masturbating. She stifled her snickers until after the back door closed behind her.

Lucy studied the pictures after she got home. She printed some of the better shots. She lay down on the bed, closed her eyes, and masturbated; rubbing her clit sore thinking about all the things she’d read about on the Internet; things she could say and do to George.

The next Thursday couldn’t come fast enough for Lucy. She drove home after school and pulled her favorite outfit, a white wool sweater and a dull red plaid pleated mini-skirt, out of the closet. She hurriedly dressed and drove over to George’s. She let herself in and crept to the living room. She could see he was watching the same movie.

Lucy waltzed into the living room and stood in front of the sofa with her hands on her hips. “Well, well, what do we have here?”

George hurriedly zipped up his pants and turned off the television. “Lucy, what are you doing here?”

Lucy smiled at George’s awkwardness. “The question, George, is what are you doing here? Does Cindy know what you do while she’s at cheerleader practice?”

George looked down at the floor. “No, she doesn’t.”

Lucy smiled at George’s change in attitude. “Would you like to keep this between us, George?”

George looked up at Lucy. “Yes. What do you want?”

Lucy pointed to the floor near the sofa. “Right now I want you to strip and kneel down.”

George stood up, flustered. “Just a minute young lady. What makes you think that you can just walk in here and command me like that?”

Lucy smiled. “The movie you’re watching. These pictures.” She handed him the prints she’d made. “Would you like Cindy to see these?”

George tore the pictures in tiny pieces. He struggled to subdue the rage in his voice. “Get out before I throw you out.” He pointed at the door.

George’s response rattled Lucy. She put her hands on her hips and silently counted to three to calm down before responding. “George, I’m losing my patience. Strip and kneel down or I show copies of those prints to Cindy at school tomorrow. You have ten seconds. One, two, three…”

George wanted to strangle Lucy, but he realized she was serious. He didn’t want to take the chance of losing his daughter’s affection. Defeated, he started to remove his clothes and she stopped counting. He put his clothes on the sofa, knelt on the floor, and put his hands behind his back.

Lucy calmly sat down on the sofa and looked over at George. His stomach had a bit of a paunch, but his flaccid cock looked nice. She took the digital camera out of her purse and snapped a couple of pictures of him. “Good slave. Get a soda for me.”

George got up and went to the kitchen to get a soda. He returned and put the can on the coffee table.

Lucy sighed. “Slave, you have a lot to learn. I want my soda in a glass.”

George took the can back into the kitchen and poured the soda into a glass. He returned and put the glass on the coffee table.

Lucy sipped the cola. “Slave, why are you standing there? Kneel when you’re not serving me.”

George knelt down on the floor by the sofa.

“That’s better. Slave, you will address me as ma’am. Is that clear?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. Did your wife Helen dominate you?”

George looks at the floor, embarrassed. “Yes ma’am”

“Really?” Lucy takes a sip of the cola. “What did she do?”

George thought a while before speaking. “After we had Cindy, we had to be careful. After she fell asleep, Helen and I would go into the basement. She would suspend me from the ceiling and whip me until my back and butt were red. She’d slowly strip in front of me, sit on the sofa, and masturbate with a vibrator while I watched helplessly. After she rested, she’d get up and unchain me.”

Lucy laughed. “She sounds like quite the tease. Do you still have all your chains and whips?”

George looked up at Lucy. She looked gorgeous sitting there in her sweater and skirt. Her legs were crossed and she was slowly swinging her leg. She was wearing white socks and a new pair of white tennis shoes.

George’s cock twitched as he answered, “Yes ma’am.”

“Is the basement still set up?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Lucy smiled as she thought about all the times she watched TV in the basement with Cindy. “Good. Get up and show me.”

George stood up and led Lucy to the basement. He got a ladder and moved some of the ceiling tiles, showing her the hooks and chains.

“Nice setup, slave. Would you like me to tease you here?”

George looked down at Lucy’s protruding breasts. He imagined her suspending him and teasing him with her naked body. His cock hardened. “Yes ma’am.”

Lucy looked up at George and tickled his stiff cock with her fingernails. “Some other time, maybe. Clean up and come back upstairs.”

George put the ceiling tiles in place and put the ladder away. He went back upstairs and found Lucy sitting on the sofa.

Lucy looked up at George. “Slave, put all your domination tapes and toys in a box, and bring them down here.”

“Yes ma’am.” George went upstairs and pulled down a box from the top of his bedroom closet. He gathered everything together and brought it downstairs.

“Good slave.” Lucy looked though the box. “Has anyone dominated you since Helen died?”

George suddenly looked like he’d been punched in the stomach. “No ma’am.”

Lucy took three domination tapes from the box. “Slave, I’ll be keeping the tapes for now. When I get here next week, I expect to see you already naked and kneeling by the sofa. I expect to find an ashtray, a lighter, and a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 100’s on the coffee table.”

George winced. “Do you have to smoke, ma’am? Cindy’ll notice when she comes home.”

Lucy took a crop from the box and smacked George’s thigh hard. “That’s your problem, slave. Do what I tell you to do.”

George sighed. “Yes ma’am.”

Lucy pulled a leather and steel object from the box. “What’s this, slave?”

“That’s a cock cage, ma’am.”

“How’s it work, slave?”

George’s face reddened. “I lock it on when my cock is soft. It keeps my cock from getting hard.”

Lucy laughed. “That’s fantastic, slave. I want you to wear it while I’m here next week.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Lucy looked up at the clock. She knew Cindy would be home in a half hour. “We’re done for today, slave. See you next week.” She got up and left.

George got dressed, cleaned up, and put away the toys. He was lying on the bed masturbating when he heard Cindy come through the door.

Lucy went straight up to her room when she got home. She put the first female domination tape in the VCR and sat on the bed. She lay down and rubbed her clit while she watched. She turned the tape off after her third orgasm.

Lucy took most of the weekend to get through the tapes. Her clit felt raw and sore from all her rubbing. She’d orgasmed more than she’d ever dreamed possible. The power that exuded from the woman on the tapes was intoxicating. Lying in bed at night, she orgasmed quickly thinking about the power she held over George and Harold.

Lucy was letting Harold kiss her, but nothing else. She wanted to practice on him, to tie him up and tease him. The opportunity came on Tuesday when Lucy found out her parents were on their way out to dinner. She called Harold and asked him to come over. The doorbell rang within ten minutes.

Lucy answered the door and let Harold in. He’d brought his schoolbooks, thinking they were going to study together. She grabbed his shoulders and planted her lips firmly onto his. Her tongue danced around his mouth, and he dropped his book bag on the floor.

Lucy barely let Harold catch his breath as she leaned to his ear and whispered, “My parents are gone this evening. How’d you like to see me naked?”

Harold was shocked. It was a while before he found his voice and answered, “Wow! You bet.”

Lucy led Harold upstairs to her bedroom. She closed and locked the door while he sat on her bed. He’d never been up to her bedroom before, and was looking around at her dressing table and closet. She turned a chair around so it was facing the bed, and sat next to him. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Take off your clothes and let me tie you to the chair.”

Harold winced. “I don’t know. What are you going to do to me?”

Lucy took Harold’s arm in her hands. “Nothing. I just feel more comfortable taking off my clothes with you tied up.”

Harold hesitated. “I’m not sure.”

Lucy kissed Harold. “If you don’t want to see me naked, I understand. Let’s go downstairs and study.”

Lucy got up from the bed. Harold remained frozen, weighing his choice. Of course he wanted to see her naked, but he was still scared not knowing what she would do. Lust overcame fear, and he said, “All right, I’ll let you tie me to the chair.”

Lucy watched Harold take off his shoes and socks. He stood up, took off the rest of his clothes, and sat down on the chair. She smiled seeing his stiff cock. He looked very sexy naked. He was in pretty good shape, not as well defined as some of the jocks she’d dated, but still an attractive body. She knelt down and tied his ankles to the chair with a couple of her dad’s old ties. She crawled behind the chair and tied his wrists together with another old tie.

Lucy stood up and admired Harold’s body. She felt her pussy dampen as she fought an urge to kneel and suck his cock. She reminded herself that she was teasing him. She took her time taking off her blouse and throwing it on the bed. She sat down on the bed, took off her shoes, and wiggled out of her jeans.

Lucy straddled Harold and kissed him. She let her hands roam all over his shoulders and back while they kissed. She pressed her bra into his chest and felt his stiff cock press against her pussy through her panties. After a while, in between kisses, he asked, “I thought you were going to get naked?”

Lucy laughed. “I said I’d let you see me naked. I didn’t say when. Are you tired of kissing me already, Harold?”

Harold squirmed. “No, I like kissing you. I’d just like to see you naked.”

Probably much more than see, Lucy thought. She stood up and took off her white cotton bra and panties. She stood in front of the chair for a couple of minutes, hands on her hips, legs open, letting Harold get a good look at her ample breasts and neatly trimmed pussy.

Harold was so excited to see Lucy naked that he forgot about being bound to the chair. He remembered when he tried to reach up and touch her breasts.

Lucy smiled when she saw Harold squirm in the chair. She knew he wanted to touch and fondle her breasts, like so many other boys. Her pussy moistened thinking about how she was teasing him. She watched him struggle for a while before she lay down on the bed. Might as well give him a show, she thought.

Lucy pulled her vibrator out of the end table drawer, lay back, and held it against her clit. She took one last look at Harold, closed her eyes, and thought about how much she was teasing him. She held the vibrator firmly against her clit until she shouted and her body convulsed in an especially violent orgasm.

Harold was speechless. He’d just gotten over the shock of seeing Lucy naked when she lay down and masturbated in front of him. He’d never thought of masturbating in front of anyone before. It was something he did in secret, thinking about Lucy. He was awed that she was so casual about it that she could do it in front of him. He could smell her pussy scent after she finished and rested. His cock was so stiff; he wished he could stroke it. He wished he could touch her. Why was she teasing him like this?

When Lucy finally had the strength to lift her head from the pillow, she saw Harold sitting there, staring at her. Smiling, she sat up on the side of the bed and walked around to him. His cock was dark red, almost purple. Silently, she knelt down in front of him and took the cock into her mouth. She wanted to tease him, to make him wait for an orgasm, but he was too excited. Almost as soon as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, he came. She swallowed, licked her lips, stood up, and kissed him. She leaned over him and whispered in his ear, “Did you enjoy the show?”

Harold couldn’t believe she’d sucked on his cock. It was the first time that a woman ever did that for him. His voice sounded hoarse as he answered, “Yes, very much Lucy.” He struggled a little. “Could you untie me now?”

Lucy laughed. “Just a minute.” She put her clothes on before she knelt down and untied Harold. As soon as his hands were free he wanted to reach over and grab her breasts through her clothes, but he didn’t want her to get mad at him. He calmed down, got dressed, and they sat on the bed and kissed awhile before she took him downstairs to say goodbye. Lucy went back upstairs and masturbated herself to sleep.

Home from school on Thursday, Lucy decided to go braless and wear a sheer blouse to tease George. She sneered as she thought of him leering at her stiff nipples. She put on her red pleated skirt and drove over.

Lucy strode confidently into the living room. She smiled when she saw him kneeling naked by the sofa. She noted the cigarettes on the coffee table.

“Good slave.” Lucy purred and petted George on the head.

“Thank you ma’am.”

Lucy sat down and opened the pack of cigarettes. She took one out, lit it, and took a puff. She leaned back on the sofa and looked over at George. She saw the cock cage was pointed at her.

Lucy smiled. “How does the cock cage feel, slave?”

“The cage keeps my cock from getting hard, ma’am. It’s uncomfortable.”

Lucy took a puff of her cigarette. “What’s getting you so hard, slave?”

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