tagMind ControlDo You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress?

Do You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress?


John sat at the hotel bar sipping a drink after another long day at a finance conference. Most of the sessions he went through were fluff and seemed to drain more out of him due to the fact he simply was not interested. Time always seemed to drag more when you had no questions to ask and nothing to gain from listening to another puffed up ass who liked nothing more than listening to himself speak. "That's okay, " John thought to himself, " a couple of good drinks would do just the trick to take the edge off."

He brought the glass to his lips to take another sip. Liquor was not his usual choice but then again this conference seemed to need a better remedy than some red wine or a couple of beers. His mind seemed to drift not really centering on one thing and the sound of the chair sliding next him sliding back brought his gaze to rest on the culprit. Dark, red hair was the first thing he noticed about the woman. She was wearing a black skirt suit that covered a white button down blouse that showed the barest hint of cleavage in which a small diamond pendant rested. John smirked thinking how many lures woman liked to put out there. A diamond was pretty but it was really useful to draw attention to certain attributes...like a nice set of cleavage and probably surgically enhanced at that.

The woman asked the bartender for a glass of chardonnay as John's eyes traveled up to see her face. She was likely early to mid-forties but definitely had a confident quality about her which made her sexy despite being around ten years his senior. Her voice was very pleasant and her generous lips were colored a deep red. Her black-rimmed glasses matched her heels and hose which completed the ensemble.

John felt he must have gazed a bit too long for the woman seemed to finally notice him as the bartender placed a glass of wine in front of her. She smiled when she looked at him and asked, "are you here on business?"

"Yes, another one of those conferences we all love," he said with a little light-hearted irony.

"Mmmm," she hummed in recognition," me too but sometimes I actually like some of them."

"Meaning you are enjoying this one?" he questioned.

"This one has been pretty educational," she replied as she caressed the base of her wine glass with manicured white-tipped fingernails.

"I see. Now I am suppose to ask you what it is about," he said with a grin and turned to face her in his chair.

She looked over at him and said with a smile, "you seem to catch on pretty quick. If I did know better I would say you are a psychiatrist too."

"So you are a head shrinker," his hand finding his drink to take another sip," and now I just have to know what the conference is all about."

"Well since you asked, it's about treating patients with hypnosis."

"Does that stuff really work?" he asked skeptically.

"It can if the person allows it to. It can be good for changing habits, boosting self-confidence, losing weight, relieving tension and so on."

"Relieving tension probably comes in handy," he said taking another drink," but this seems to help too. I am John by the way," he said as he extended his hand towards her.

She gently shook his hand and replied," I'm Vanessa, it's good to meet you John. So is the conference inhibiting you from relaxing?"

John thought for a minute, "now that you mention it I guess so. Is this where my head starts getting smaller?" he jibed.

Eyes rolling, "I got into this business to help people John...even smart asses in town for a conference."

John held up both hands smiling, "point taken Vanessa. I'm sure you get enough of the pscyh jokes without me adding to them. Damn and I wanted to be different," he said with mock disappointment.

Vanessa laughed softly, "well I guess you are forgiven."

"I can always buy you a drink to make up for it."

She turned and looked at him with a raised eyebrow, "perhaps when I am done with this one, " she returned pointing at her half full glass. "You know John I can give you a few drills that may help you relax."

With a little tilt of his head John replied, "I am always open to finding new ways to relax."

Vanessa turned on her stool to face him with one leg crossed over the other. John stole a quick glimpse of her stocking covered legs and 3" black heels but quickly moved his eyes up to meet hers but got sidetracked. His gaze lingered for a moment on her cleavage which appeared deeper than he previously thought, "that's right" he heard Vanessa say softly.

"What?" John asked he finally met her gaze.

"Oh nothing, "she said, "now this one is simple. I want you to breathe in and draw your breath to here," she said as she pointed to her solar-plexus. John looked to where she was pointing as he breathed in, "good. Now hold it for a moment, "she said waiting for a couple of seconds, " and let it out."

John exhaled and as he did could not help but letting his gaze drift back to Vanessa's ample cleavage, "that's right, " she said, " take another deep breath and hold it, " John inhaled deeply keeping his gaze down thinking Vanessa might think he was staring at her mid section and not her breasts as she walked him through her relaxation technique, " now exhale, that's right. Again. Inhale deeply, " she said in the same soft tone she began with, "and hold it, that's right. Now exhale and feel all that tension flow out of you."

John listened and responded to Vanessa's instructions and found his gaze began to center more and more on her breasts, "that's right John, "her voice softly toned again. John kept breathing deeply and was feeling much more relaxed.

"Just let your breathing relax your body John. You feel so relaxed right now listening to my voice as I guide you through this relaxation technique. Feel all the tension leave your body as you stare at my breasts, " John thought to himself he should feel embarrassed about being caught looking at her breasts, "that's right John, just stare and breathe. Let all you thoughts simply fade away as you stare at my lovely breasts and you find yourself relaxing deeper, " John thought he heard the bartender ask someone for another drink and maybe Vanessa told him they were fine, "just let all outside sounds fall away as your thoughts fall away. Your eyelids are starting to drop down and you are trying so hard to keep them open because you know how good you feel as you stare at my breasts and relax. My breasts relax you so much you cannot help but feel so sleepy. Resist the urge to close your eyelids, that's right resist the urge so you can keep staring at my breasts and relax deeper, " her voice droned on as John listened feeling so good as a wave of relaxation washed over him, "followed by a wave of pleasure. Yessssss John, feel my voice and my breasts cause a wave of relaxation to wash over you followed by waves and waves of pleasure."

John could not quite seem to hold onto many thoughts and suddenly heard Vanessa's voice again, "now coming backup feeling your body again, now two remembering your surroundings, and one wide awake," and her fingers snapped as John's eyes opened.

"Well how do you feel?" she asked.

"Better, "he said, "much more relaxed. Was that...was that hypnosis Vanessa?"

Vanessa's eyebrows raised up, "my John you have a pretty strong mind, I was having a bit of fun with you due to your skepticism earlier but I was really trying to help you relax. Truth to tell you were not suppose to remember being hypnotized."

John thought he should have been alarmed at this woman trying to make him forget things but for some reason he did not seem to mind.

"I can show you a couple of other things to help too but I can't do it here there are too many distractions."

"My suite is pretty quiet, " he offered.

"So I'll be safe with you alone in your room?"

"Please Vanessa I may be a wise ass but I am also a gentleman."

She stared at him for a moment before replying, "okay then. Shall we pay our tabs and go?"

"Please, allow me, " John said signaling the bartender over to pay him for their drinks. He quickly paid the tab with cash before turning to see Vanessa standing waiting for him. He found her even sexier than before and thought to himself that the drinks were probably the culprit of that one. He was a leg man no doubt and hers were nice, especially in the stockings but his eyes found her cleavage what little of it she had exposed and felt a stirring in between his legs. She smiled at him as if saying "shall we" as his feet started moving towards her.

They walked to the elevator and getting inside rode up by themselves to John's suite on the tenth floor. He noticed a bit of tension on the ride up as she made idle chit chat. He had not even thought to ask if she was married or not as his mind wandered back to sex again. The bell signaling they had arrived at their destination brought him out of his reverie.

They moved out of the elevator and walked towards his room at the end of the hall. He led the way over the red carpeted floors which seemed to be the staple color for hotel carpets. Upon reaching his room he opened the door with the magnetic key and held it open for her to enter first.

"Can I get you a drink, "he asked as he let the door close.

"A water please, "she responded walking over to the suites sitting area.

John went into the mini fridge and grabbed two bottles of water and went to hand it to her as she had already taken a seat on the love seat.

"Thank you, " her hand reaching out taking the water and opening it then looking around. "Nice room John."

"Thanks, work pays for it so why not have a nice one?"

"So," she said standing up again, "why don't you take a seat, "her hand motioning to the love seat.

John took a seat as Vanessa turned away from him taking off her coat. When she turned around John's eyes shot straight to her cleavage which was much more visible without her coat holding the blouse together. She walked slowly towards him, "now John let's start again by taking a deep breath in, " he breathed deeply in eyes locked onto her breasts. Her hands moved up undoing one more button, "now exhale, that's right....that's righhhhhht, "she drawled out sending a wave of pleasure through him.

"So relaxed already, "she continued as she took a seat next to him, "eyes staring at my breasts as they relax you again, " John's eyes were getting heavy as he struggled to keep them open, "just stare and feel a wave of relaxation fall over you followed by waves of pleasure, " John found himself almost shivering as the waves coursed through him. Thoughts flitted through his mind and were gone, "should I feel worried?", "what's she doing to me?", "will she notice my hard on?".

"Feels so good to relax and sleep for me, "his eyes slammed shut, "you are feeling so relaxed as my voice brings you pleasure John, there's another wave. Feel it course through your body. You feel so wonderful as I bring you pleasure you find your thoughts centering on things you can do for me to thank me for bringing you this pleasure, " her voice sounded do sweet to him he almost could not remember, "the difference between my voice and you voice John. My voice in your thoughts. My voice is your voice. Your mind tries to resist but as it does you go deeper asleep and my voice grows stronger."

Vanessa had him where she wanted him. He was kind of cute and she could use another sponsor. He was young and single. No one to question him on things. The married ones got too complicated for her, "now just feel yourself falling deeper as my voice brings your more and more pleasure."

Now she knew it was time to bind him to her. She reached down and unzipped his pants. Her hand moved inside and began to slowly rub his cock up and down through his underwear, "your will is getting weaker John, feel yourself growing weaker to the pleasure, "all John knew was the unbelievable pleasure coursing through his body. "As my hand strokes up your will gets weaker, as my hand strokes down my will gets stronger, up your will gets weaker, down my will goes stronger, "her hand slowly moved up and down on his cock. "Feel the wonderful pleasure I bring you little Johnny, feel it course through you as you grow weaker and weaker, weaker and weaker, "John felt like he was falling and it felt so good, "you cock makes you weak to me little Johnny, I am the one who controls your cock and soon I will control you little Johnny."

She kept stroking his cock, assaulting his mind with her words to make him subservient to her and only her, "you belong to me, you obey my commands, you belong to me, you obey my commands. Obeying my commands brings you pleasure, " Vanessa's voice slowly droned on as John felt himself lost under the control of her voice, "lost under the pleasure of obeying my commands. Up your will gets weaker, down my will gets stronger, and when you feel your final release your will is going to disappear entirely leaving only my will little Johnny."

Vanessa's hand began to move faster and the vortex of pleasure John felt himself in moved faster and faster. The pleasure was overwhelming his fears of losing himself. Fears of losing control to Vanessa were being washed away. A picture in his mind appeared of him laying on the loveseat with Vanessa hovering over him, her hand in his pants taking control of him through his cock, " and the thought of it makes you feel so helpless , weak and ohhh so helpless all you can do is release yourself to me, "John heard loud moans, almost screams as his body jerked and spasmed from the waves of pleasure that washed over him. He felt as if his body was dangling above a void and the only thing that held him to anything was the hand on his cock.

"And two coming back to your surroundings, and one eyes open, "at the snap of her fingers John's eyes opened and he saw Vanessa looking down a him.

"How do you feel little Johnny?" she asked gazing down at him.

"I....feel, well I feel relaxed Mistress, " he heard the words and was not sure why he called her Mistress but it just seemed right.

"Oh baby you have taken your new programming so well. You even remembered how to address me, that makes me happy, " she smiled at him and he felt a gentle wave of pleasure course through him. "I think you are going to make a wonderful slave."

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