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I woke on Friday; sleep slowly dissipating from me as my slumber ebbed away with the spring sunshine breaking in through the gap in the curtains. At once I thought ‘shit I’ve overslept’ as John wasn’t there. His side of the bed an outline imprint of his body, the white sheets bare and wrinkled from his presence. But there on the pillow lay a crisp white piece of paper.

My eyes began to focus and I picked up the note. A note left on the pillow wasn’t unusual from him – he often left me poems or sweet pearls of his desire for me picked out in writing, as his chosen way of expressing his passion and desire for me. The note was simple and direct, ‘pack a bag for the weekend, you only need basics, as I've noted below and be ready at 7’. Direct and punchy was not something I expected from him - he usually was the romantic and indirect type, often needing to be coerced and sometimes his vulnerable and insecure side showed. Below was indeed a list – some toiletries & make-up. That was it no more no less, which made me wonder what sort of weekend could he have planned. Usually I would have needed time to get organised and want to take a selection of clothes so I had a choice. I tried to call him and text him to find out more – his mobile was switched off. I packed as instructed and headed for work. I spent my day wondering what he had arranged, and thinking of what treats he had in mind for me. My job is demanding so time passed quickly but I eagerly anticipated a surprise weekend away.

At 7 his car pulled up and I jumped in, and as I kissed him asked ‘so where’s this surprise then’, hardly able to contain myself. To which he replied simply ‘you’ll see’. We drove for about an hour and he resisted any of my questions. Soon we pulled up a hotel in some woods, with a vast sweeping drive and surrounded by lawns. This was indeed special and while pleased that he had obviously picked a luxurious hotel, annoyed as I had packed as instructed and didn’t have a thing to wear for dinner. Any protestation from me where I with ‘don’t worry its all arranged’ and my worries passed when I saw he had a large bag with him.

Once checked in we headed for our room - a gorgeous room too. The room was dominated by the huge four poster bed, with drapes and wide enough to take three pillows. The whole room was sumptuous and I smiled both inside and on my face at the effort he had made for me – I turned and put my arms around him expecting a long passionate kiss, but he said in an assertive voice ‘I want you to do as I say, exactly as I say. Don’t question me just trust me and you will have a time of your life’. As I looked into his blue eyes they held my gaze and there was a steely glint to them. I knew that too many he didn’t look like butter would melt in his mouth but I knew him better and he was as confident a lover as could be wished for.

‘I want you take a bath and get ready, I’ll lay your clothes out for you’. Despite demanding to see his choice of clothes which he refused, I was able to relax in the bath. I lay there in the bath using a salt scrub and body polish over my skin, leaving it lush and smooth. I loved the feel of my skin like that and with my gym workout had toned my body my thighs especially. My hands moved over my body gently caressing my breasts with the thought of him making love to me - I felt good and he has made me feel like that, a sure way to get me horny too.

Lying on the bed was a black Karen Millen dress, V shaped both front and back which was edged in lace at the front and sleeveless. Id seen this before and didn’t pick up that that he must have noticed – however I had expected him to have bought underwear too as I followed the list. ‘No you won’t need any, just the hold ups and the dress’. I sipped the dress over my head and it fitted perfectly. The soft fabric clung to my body outlining my shape; the silk dress had a little Lycra for shape and felt like a second skin. However I worried as although only a b cup I normally prefer a bra, and how noticeable it would be without anything on underneath.

As we went to the bar I felt eyes on me and I was made even more self conscious by the sway of my loose breasts which were quite exposed in the deep V. The barman couldn’t take his eyes off me – John whispered ‘don’t worry, you look fantastic’. I sat and the dress edged up my legs, showing a hint of the lacy top to my hold ups, and felt the warm air on my pussy which aroused me even more. The waiter approached us and I noted how he looked like someone famous but could place who he was – square jawed, a dimple in his chin, black hair combed back and deep dark eyes. His eyes slowly ran along my legs drinking in my calves over my knees and to my thighs and I was about to unfold my legs in case I was showing too much when John’s hand held my leg there. And as he took his hand off he left the hem slightly higher showing exposing even more, perhaps some of the top of my thigh creamy white contrasting so obviously with the hold ups. The waiter’s eyes were now moving up my body and as I was sitting there my boobs were delicately balanced in this dress and exposing a lot of cleavage. I felt warmth between my legs at this and barely could utter my order as my pussy began to moisten.

At the table John sat next to me, and he teased me throughout the meal. At one point when the waiter was pouring wine, John’s hand was on my thigh making little circles with his fingers on my inner thigh. His hand slid a little further up above my hold ups and my dress moved with his hand, only the table cloth saving my pussy from being exposed to the waiter and the whole room. John’s fingers touched my pussy, already beginning to drip with anticipation and all the while he spoke with the waiter, ordering some water. My face blushed red and a shiver ran down my spine I was so aroused by this. As the waiter left, John took his hand away but left my hem there and took my hand off the dress when I tried to pull it down. Sweet juices were beginning to form and I could feel them - John knew what he was doing and this tease always made me turned on. He whispered to me how good I looked and how he would love to eat me there and then, on the table. How he would lick me and suck my clit – his words added to my discomfort as now I was sure my honey pot was as wet as it had ever been. His face glowed with a smile and I loved that look in his eyes and his voice was soothing and often his words could caress me as much as any hand or tongue could.

I managed to leave the table and head for the loos, my walk through the restaurant was slow as to not let my cleavage spill and I was sure I felt all eyes in the room on me. Perhaps they were admiring my body, the curves of my breasts the shape of my legs or the obvious clinging to my skin of the dress. In the loos I lifted my dress and stroked my pussy such was the urges within me. My fingers ran along my wet lips and they yielded easily. In the next cubicle I heard someone bolt the door, as I flicked my finger over my clit. I so wanted to orgasm but it would be impossible, I was sure id make too much noise. I slipped my fingers out and sucked at the sweet juices thinking of John doing that for me. The taste was delicious and the musky smell lingered. John hadn’t let me touch him at the table even thought I could see the obvious erection, he took my advancing hands off his trousers.

We finished the meal and headed for the lounge to have coffee. My pussy was still on fire, as the waiter had helped me out of my seat his hands brushed my skin and he was close enough that I felt his breath on me. As I sat down, the effect of the wine and the fire that was building in me worked to spin my head slightly. This time I made no effort to hide my hold ups and crossed my legs enjoying the eyes - men and women, who looked on and all too quickly looked away. Perhaps they could see my pussy, although not hairy it was trim and I was certain that they could tell it was wet and willing for some attention. Who would I choose – I looked around and judged each whether id let them eat me. I caught the eye of a woman sitting waiting for her partner, and held her gaze. She had passed earlier and must have seen my crossed legs and she didn’t look away, but smiled. Id often wondered what it would be like to go with another woman, feel them next to me and let them play with me. Our gaze was broken by the waiter pouring her coffee and I thought the two of them together would be my fantasy.

We headed for bed I knew I wanted to make love. I had to release the frustration that had built all night and knew I wanted his cock in me. His surprise had worked so far for me and the smile on my face brimmed over filling my cheeks with a rosy glow. John had been more assertive than I knew him to usually be and that was probably why I felt as I did – I wasn’t concerned now about him getting jealous of others looking at my body but he had clearly enjoyed it. In the room, I went to the bathroom to fix my make up and some perfume. When I returned John has placed a few candles in the room and on the bed lay a towel. His eyes met mine and to my surprise he lifted my dress off over my head in one deliberate movement. He took my hand and tied a scarf around my right hand and led me to the bed. His grip was firm but not hurting and as started to speak, he touched his fingers to his lips to shush me. He whispered that he had a surprise for me but I had to do exactly as he said but I was to trust him. My hands were tied to each of the bedposts and a scarf tied as a blindfold. I expected him to eat me next and was ready for his expert tongue to start working on my eager pussy.

However he commanded me to open my legs and he put some warm water over my pussy. Then I could smell his shaving oil – and his hands oiling my pubic area. ‘No John please don’t, I don’t want to be cut’ I pleaded, not trusting his skill with a razor on a sensitive region. My hands strained at the scarves, but eh told me lie still – I was to do as I was told and he wasn’t going to hurt me. I could feel his breath on me, whispering warm air over my pussy lips as he readied himself, and thankfully he used his other hand to pull the skin taught as the blade was pulled over my skin. I lay there my legs wide apart the nervous tension in me simmering as he shaved the remaining hair off my pussy – I could tell he paused and obviously admired his handiwork. He gently wiped away the oil carefully avoiding my lips and then used a cool soothing moisturising lotion over me. His hands slowly moved over me and I so wanted him to carry on, my now bare pussy was ripe for eating and my expectations were building. He could do anything to me and I trusted him – I had secretly enjoyed being in his hold as he shaved me I was utterly powerless to him

He left the bed; I noticed how my other senses were heightened by not being able to see. I could sense each movement he made, smell his skin or the oils and lotions he used. I could hear him undress, and soon he returned. I heard him move around the room doing things and as he sat back on the bed he put some things on the bed. He started kissing along my legs, stroking and caressing my calves and the back of my knees. His strong hands moving in long strokes along my thighs as he nibbled my skin and moved up my legs. One hand caressed the top of my thigh the other enjoyed his kisses and little bites. He was over my wet exposed pussy, hairless now and begging for his attention. He wasn't going to disappoint and I heard the gentle buzz as he turned on a toy. I felt the head of something small but hard and cool on my clit, gently buzzing and vibrating. It sent little shimmers through my body. The sensations from my clit were flowing throughout me, energising my whole body. He increased the speed as I started to push my hips and pussy onto the toy wanting more of it as much as I could take.

I was ready for him and wanted all of him. His hard cock had touched my skin and I felt the hot hardness and knew he wanted me. However there was a knock at the door – John left the bed and I could barely hear what seemed a whispered conversation. The door closed - I asked who it was, but he said nothing. ‘Let me suck you’ I asked, and initially there was no response. A few moments later though I felt his cock on my face and my mouth licked at the hard member. His balls were on my face and I took one in my mouth sucking it in gently. He manoeuvred and soon I was kissing the engorged end of his cock so thick and rock solid. He tasted different as I took him deeper into my mouth, his cock rubbing the roof of my mouth. He started moving his hips pumping and fucking my mouth, his hands on my face, he held my head as his cock slipped in and out of my lips.

The buzzing toy he had been playing with but switched off as he had answered the door, was now on again. Pulsing, it made me shudder as it touched my clit – I felt his body between my legs, and his fingers enter me. But if he was between my legs, and I could feel his cock touch my leg, what or whose cock was in my mouth? At the realisation I gagged slightly, and John’s calm but firm voice told me to carry on. Id always wanted this – to have the attention of two men, two cocks, two mouths and four hands all over my body. ‘Suck his cock’ he directed, at me while his silent partners breathing laboured as I took his cock in my willing mouth. John meanwhile had my clit dancing with the stimulator gliding over the wet little head and he had two fingers in me giving it that ‘come to me’ movement over my g-spot.

I lay there taking his all in. This stranger’s cock in my mouth, while I lay there helpless and naked. If he wanted to fuck me too I couldn’t stop him – they could both take me and at thought I felt the first waves rise of my orgasm, lifting me as it if were the swell of the sea, flooded through my body. My clit the epicentre of an erupting volcano, that sweet innocent toy John was holding there guilty of sending me to such pleasure, and as my eyes blurred beneath my blindfold and my head crackled with electricity my whole body giving into the pleasure that engulfed me.

John stopped the stimulator and his two fingers in my dripping cunt were joined by a third and then a fourth finger. The stranger spoke his first words and I almost recognised his voice, ‘fuck her hard’ and John slid slowly but firmly his whole hand into me, instantly filling me. His tongue lapped at my juices and my clit was sucked into his lips, and the strangers laboured breathing now came in short staccato bursts and I could feel his muscles tighten he was clearly getting close to coming. The sight of John’s hand in my cunt was too much and the strangers cum exploded initially over my mouth but I greedily took it in and swallowed hard as he pumped into my mouth fucking away the last of his load, as he groaned and moaned with the final moments of his lust.

John’s fist in me and my clit being sucked was turning my tummy over and over with waves of pleasure rippling through me. I wanted him in me and needed him to fuck me hard. He must have read my thoughts or responded to my almost bucking hips as I ached for his cock. He turned me over and my hands twisted even tighter to the bed as he entered me from behind, sliding in deeply into my pussy. He held my hips and began deep thrusts from his strong and aroused body. My cheeks were opened and the strangers hand slid between them and with some of my cunt juice as lubricant slide a finger in to arse. Johns urgent pumping became more frantic at this and I wondered how much more could I take of this. His balls were slapping into me he was shouting and screaming, and my arse was on fire as we both simultaneously climaxed his hot cum filling me as my own body contracted and spasmed into one massive shudder.

I lay there for a while, exhausted. The stranger said nothing, dressed and left. John busied himself in the room, tidying away before untying me. I was about to speak when he again put his fingers to his lips – this was not for discussion I realised. We fell into a deep and fulfilled sleep. Next morning I found a small parcel for me, under my pillow. In it was a video case from a camcorder. I wondered what might be on the film….

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