tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDorm Floor Bitch v. 05

Dorm Floor Bitch v. 05


Spring Break had finally come.

I was packing excitedly in my dorm. I was going to the beach with my girlfriend this year. My freshman year I had just stayed in my dorm, alone...I was to scared to go out for spring break. This year it was different. By now I had become more confident as a person, and had grown into college life.

As I was finishing packing, a thought struck my mind. I bent down and pulled out a small black bag that was concealed in the shadows behind my dresser. I unzipped it and smiled down into its contents.

They were my girl-clothes. Ever since about half-way through my freshman year I had been exploring my effeminate bisexual side, and these clothes were the end result. I had begun by anonymously giving guys blowjobs in the communal showers, then graduated to going into their rooms for some anal action. By now I had gotten really kinky and had begun dressing up in girl clothes, being a little slut.

It was all there; my black, white, and red sets of lingerie bras and panties, my miniskirts, my tight girl-t-shirts, and my stockings and heels. At the top was a new addition to my collection, two bikini-style bathing suits. I sat there, looking at them. What if my girlfriend found these clothes? What would she do? Should I risk bringing them? After all, I don't think I'll get the chance to use them...

Yet some irresistible force compelled me to bring them. I grinned to myself as I slid the clothes in under my normal ones in my suit-case.

It was a several hour drive to the condos we were staying at, so by the time I had arrived, I had forgotten all about my stuff. I began unpacking, when suddenly my cell-phone rang.

It was my girlfriend. She was extremely sick, with the flu of all things! She barely managed to tell me she couldn't come, but might feel better by the end of the week. I did what I could to comfort her, then hung up the phone, crushed. My spring break was ruined! What was I supposed to do here by myself?

As I went to repack my suitcase, I glimpsed the seductive lace edges of my black lingerie panties. Slowly it dawned on me...perhaps I could have some fun on this spring break after all...

My stomach was full of butterflies as I pondered it, then, with little thought, I went into the bathroom. I stepped into the shower and began to slowly shave my entire body. I've always loved that feeling, in a strange way; the blades slowly tickling my skin, the cool, clean feeling of utterly bare skin.

I then slid into the red bikini I had recently purchased, and slid my breast forms into the top. I then deftly maneuvered my hair into a ponytail, then sat down to paint my finger and toe-nails. When I was finished, I looked at myself in the mirror.

I looked like just another hot college girl on spring break. My slightly tan skin and thin, effeminate frame fit the bikini perfectly, and the breast forms gave a very believable illusion of small, but perky breasts. I turned around to admire my cute little bubble butt, the material of the bikini tightly hugging its smooth curve. I then went out on the balcony and laid out on a reclining beach chair to let my nail polish dry.

I took out a bottle of sun-tan lotion. As I did, I noticed two college-age guys walking down below me. They were wearing Hawaiian swimming trunks and had on flip flops. I could see that they worked out, as they had defined muscles, and toned ab-muscles. What a couple of hunks. As I started to slowly rub the lotion into my feet, I saw one of them notice me immediately. He tapped his buddy on the shoulder, and they both turned to look at me.

I continued to rub the lotion into my legs, now intentionally going very slowly and seductively. I opened my lips a little. I rubbed it in well, slowly making my way upwards, taking my time to thoroughly massage the insides of my thighs. I then did my arms, rubbing lotion into my thin biceps, then cupping my arms around my girly forearms and delicate wrists. I squirted my shoulders, and slowly pulled aside the straps for the bikini, sliding them seductively off of my shoulders. I rubbed it into my shoulders, then slowly began massaging it into my chest. The two guys stood there with their mouths agape as I inched down the top, until the very top edges were barely above my fake nipples. I rubbed the breast forms sensually, opening my mouth slightly. Then I squirted some onto my taut tummy and began to rub it in a circular motion, slowly inching my way downward. As I got to the bottom, I inched the bikini bottom down a tad and rubbed the lotion in above my crotch. I tilted my head back, closed my eyes, and opened my mouth a little wider, as if moaning slightly. I felt so sexy, giving these two random strangers the show of their lives.

I opened my eyes and looked down at them. They were grinning wolfishly. I winked down at them and purred "Either of you two want to help me get my back?"

Before I knew it I was in a hot tub in the condo the two guys were staying at. Their names were Greg and Marco. We had all had a few beers and I was feeling a little tipsy...and very horny. I could see that the way our conversation had turned that my new friends were...enjoying my company... by the bulges I could see protruding from their bathing suits. Luckily for me, I had tucked my own small shaft away between my legs, leaving only my small boy-clitty in front.

By now I was so horny I was ready for anything. So I lay back against the wall of the hot tub, letting the warm bubbles shoot up against my back and down into the back of my bikini, and stretched my arms backward, exposing my pert little fake breasts.

"Okay, boys, enough with the small talk. I've had enough beer now to do what I came to spring break for."

I slowly sidled across the hot tub, and began to massage Marco's cock through his shorts. He moaned loudly, and Greg grinned at me. As he did, he stood up and got onto the seat, then sat down on the edge of the hot-tub. He slowly slid his bathing suit off, exposing his rock hard, 7''ish cock to the air. He began slowly stroking it. I grabbed the elastic of Marco's trunks, then sank underwater, taking the trunks off with me. When I surfaced, I waded over towards Greg, beckoning Marco to come with me. I got between Greg's legs and smiled broadly as I slid my lips around the head of his cock. Greg moaned, and Marco exclaimed, "Damn, girl...you are a SLUT, aren't you?"

I smiled, then went down on Greg's throbbing cock. Marco scooted over towards me, and I began to stroke his dick with my hand. As the thick shaft hardened in my hand, Marco sat up on the edge next to his buddy. I moved my mouth to Marco's dick, stroking Greg's manhood, which by now was dripping with my saliva. I started to alternate every minute or so, going down on one cock with my mouth while stroking the other one. I felt the cocks stiffening, getting ever so slightly longer and thicker and harder.

I pulled off of the cock I had been servicing and started to sensually run my fingers across their shafts. I then looked up lustfully and purred,

"Alright studs, who wants to fuck my asshole?"

Before I knew what had happened, Marco had slid off of the lip of the tub and had maneuvered around behind me. I was a little apprehensive...what if he discovered my...secret?

Luckily for me, Marco wasn't interested in pleasuring me, and the bubbling water concealed my hard-on. Without hesitation, he grabbed my legs and started to prod at my tight little asshole with his cock. I gasped as my puckered asshole unclenched, filling with warm water, then grunted as the mushroom head of his dick breached the now open doorway into me. It hurt slightly, but the warm water provided ample lubrication...and by now I had gotten accustomed to being filled. I moaned with pleasure as he slid into me, but it was soon muffled; I had been so preoccupied with the thick meat filling my boy-pussy that I had forgotten about Greg. My mouth had been gaping open in ecstasy, and without warning Greg had plunged his still rock-hard member into my open mouth. A yelp of surprise was muffled by the meat that had suddenly filled my mouth, but as soon as I came to my senses the yelp became a moan.

I felt my ass-cheeks slap into the base of Marco's pelvis as his entire shaft buried deep into me. At the same time, Greg grunted and thrust his hips forward, until my nose hit his crotch. They held the position for what seemed like an eternity; there I was, in a hot tub, spitted like a roast pig, two thick shafts buried to the hilt in my throat and ass.

Almost simultaneously the pulled back, and I gasped again as cold air filled my mouth and warm water rushed into my boy-cunt. They then started to thrust their hips, very slowly at first, pushing in and out in rhythm with each other. They started shallowly pumping in at first, but with each thrust they pushed deeper and deeper into me; Marco had grabbed my hips for leverage, and Greg had his hands on the back of my hair to push me down even further. Soon they were shoving mightily, impaling me on both sides, folding my body at the top of each push. After a few minutes, they were pumping with all their might, fucking me hard and fast and deep. Eventually I simply gave in, my body going limp, letting them use me without resistance.

After what seemed like an ecstatic eternity, I could feel Greg's member twitch in my mouth. I knew that feeling... sure enough, he moaned loudly and pulled out suddenly. He gasped as his seed shot out, spraying my face with juicy goodness. I sighed loudly as wave after wave of delicious semen sprayed from his throbbing, saliva-dripping cock, coating my face. Greg slid weakly back into the tub.

Suddenly Marco moaned to, and I gasped as he pulled out entirely, causing a rush of warm water to flood into me. He spun me around roughly and pushed me back onto the seat of the hot-tub, so that my face was directly in front of his twitching cock. It didn't take much effort before he too groaned loudly, and another jet of cum sprayed my face, some of it dripping down my chin and onto my chest, onto my breasts.

From there it got kind of fuzzy... the last thing I remember was leaving their apartment and walking towards my own condo. I was in my bikini, and my face and chest were still covered in cum. I got a few catcalls from wandering guys on the streets. I felt lightheaded, about to faint...but I was utterly satisfied and weary with pleasure, and the feeling of walking down the street covered in cum was incredible.

I got back to my room and drew myself into the shower. I lay down in a corner and removed my dripping bikini, then began stroking my own member. I came on myself, shooting thick streams of cum onto myself, it splashing against my face and chest. I turned on the showers, and fell asleep as the warm water washed away the delicious juices that my adventure had yielded.

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