tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDottie's Back Ch. 04

Dottie's Back Ch. 04


Waking up on the single bed in the spare room was not the best way I could imagine to begin a day. Dragging myself from underneath the covers, I made my way to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. The previous night's events were still fresh in mind: Stacy having slept with another man and then being informed that we will no longer be sleeping in the same bed. The warm water cascading over my body helped to wash away my troubles.

Stepping from the shower, I dried myself quickly and rubbed my skin down with flowery scented lotion. Wiping the fog from the mirror, I stared at my reflection. I was becoming who I had always dreamed of being. Halfheartedly, I smiled at my reflection, then stepped back to "check myself out". Not wasting too much time being vain, I lubricated my plug, and with little resistance, slipped it into my "pussy". Raising a leg onto the counter, I awkwardly passed my "clitty" between my legs and secured the ring that pierced my 'clitty' to the hook on my plug.

I walked to what was once my bedroom. Arranged on my dresser as usual, were the clothes I would wear for the day. I picked up the light blue thong from the top of the pile and rubbed the gossamer fabric between my fingertips, always being careful with my nails. Glancing to the sliding glass doors, Kim was nowhere in sight.

I slid the thong up my legs and arranged the strap between my cheeks. The only other article of clothing on the dresser looked like Swiss cheese! It took two attempts to figure out how to put it on. With it finally in place, I looked to the mirror on the wall. The sleeveless dress was white stretchy cotton. The high turtleneck made my neck appear elegantly longer. The small swatch of fabric containing my boobs was connected to the miniscule skirt by thin strips of material which acted as suspenders. This left my tummy, back and both sides completely uncovered. Both the top and bottom of the dress were stretched tightly around my body and held in place by zippers up the front of the skirt and between my boobs.

Back in the bathroom, I touched up the hot pink polish on my toes and fingers. Make-up was next, going darker than usual on my eyes and lips. It didn't look right being dressed like a tart without my hair being 'poofed' up, so I made my hair as high as I could. Leaving the bathroom in a haze of hair spray, I made my way back to the bedroom and slipped my feet into the teetering high, white, 6-inch spike heels. It took one final quick look in the mirror to let me know that I was ready for the day to begin.

Outside on my deck, Kim was still nowhere in sight. I slipped off my shoes and strolled across the yard. That damned contractor hadn't arrived to install a gate yet! Dropping my shoes to the other side, I scaled the fence. Flipping one leg to Kim's side, I barely caught my balance before falling on my face. Straddling the fence, the points of the chain link touching the sensitive flesh between my thighs, I wasted no time and flipped my other leg over and dropped to the ground with a grunt, even surprising myself by landing on my feet.

After collecting my shoes, I continued on to Kim's back door. I knocked on the glass pane and waited for a response, nothing. Timidly I cracked open the door and peeked inside, calling to her. The reply came from the back of the house inviting me in to join her. Turning the corner to her bedroom, I found her just pulling on the jacket that completed the dress suit she would wear. The suit was pale blue, very business like with a modest length skirt, matching jacket, white silk blouse and white heels. As always, her mammoth boobs drew my attention.

"And what are we so dressed up for today?" I teasingly asked, having never seen her look so dressed up before.

Without looking up from buttoning the jacket, she said "We have an appointment and we're going to be late if we don't hurry."

"What appointment, with whom?"

Raising her head to look me in the eyes, a devilish grin spread across her face. "That, my dear Dottie, is a surprise."

Unsure how to respond, I remained silent as I watched her finish getting ready. She checked her hair in the bathroom mirror while I prepared myself for my daily douche. I was bent over at the hips, leaning against the sink, with my skirt pulled up around my waist and my thong around one ankle, as she inserted the tip of the nozzle into my 'pussy'. I had learned to love the bloated feeling I got in my tummy as she squeezed the perfumed contents inside me. I held it for as long as I could, and she moved to leave the room while giving me the okay to let it out. Squeezing my cheeks tight, I took baby-steps to the toilet, lifted the lid and hastily sat to expel the liquid from inside me.

Kim called for to hurry up. I cleaned up with tissues and a wet-wipe. I adjusted my dress while rushing to join her in the living room. My stride wasn't broken as she directed me to the garage. She slipped behind the steering wheel while I made my way to the opposite side of her car. The car was moving before I had even shut my door.

"You really aren't going to tell me where we're going, are you?" I asked

"No, but I know you are going to enjoy it."

We left our neighborhood behind and entered the freeway. She was driving in the general direction of the city center. Just before the warehouses and 'not-so-nice' areas faded into the glamour of downtown, she took an exit dropping us into the same neighborhood where Stacy had brought me to be pierced. Kim apparently knew where she was going as she drove through the maze of narrow, dirty streets.

She pulled up to a guarded parking lot, took a ticket from an attendant and parked amidst the BMWs and Mercedes. I thought it odd that such nice cars would have gathered in a neighborhood like this, but quickly let it go still wondering where the journey would lead.

We left the lot and at a quick pace made our way down a dingy street. Grungy looking people sat on the curbs and stared at us as we walked by. I can't be sure, but I think I saw one guy urinating on a wall. I almost kept walking before realizing that Kim had stopped and was holding a door open to me to walk through. The sign hung over the door read "The Toy Man's Adult Theatre". Not even hesitating I stepped inside, grateful to be off the street.

I had been in adult stores before, but nothing like this. The store was clean, well lit and arranged with a customer's privacy in mind. The isles were wide and the shelves high. Lingerie was in one corner, general toys along two walls, and bondage gear in a third corner. The literature and videos took up the majority of floor space. The store wasn't occupied by the usual blue-collar guys on break; these were well-dressed men with ties and jackets. The clerk behind the counter was well dressed and didn't give us that "Yes I know you are a fucking pervert" look.

Kim told the clerk we were here to see the toy man, Walt. He smiled and directed us toward the back of the room. Kim led the way through a labyrinth of hallways, stopping to knock on the last door.

From the other side of the door, we heard a cheerful "Come in!"

Opening the door, we stepped inside. The room was large, maybe 20x20. Mirrors covered the walls from floor to ceiling. In the center of the room, a middle-aged man of average looks was standing beside a table, which was covered by a white silk sheet. A single bed covered with an identical sheet sat just in front of the table. Offering his hand to me, the man introduced himself as Walt. As I shook his hand, I heard the door close behind me. Turning to look, I found Kim had left me alone with this stranger.

He held on tightly to my hand while leading me to the bed. "So Dottie, I understand you haven't had an orgasm for a little while."

Shocked at his forwardness, I replied honestly, "Yes sir."

"I also understand that you are a very special girl." He emphasized the word 'special' while gazing into my eyes.

I nodded my head a few times.

"I am going to help you to cum without even touching your penis."

"Uh, if you don't mind, I like to call it my 'clitty'." I sheepishly requested.

"Of course, my apologies" raising a single eyebrow while still smiling "I have discussed your situation at length with both Stacy and Kim. They believe you need some help in achieving an orgasm without touching your...'clitty'. They also believe you could use a little help building confidence in your womanhood. I am here to help you along with that."

I was completely lost, having no idea what was going on. I nodded my head again, knowing that neither Kim nor Stacy would ever let any harm come to me.

"To begin with, I'll need you to disrobe and lay down." He motioned to the bed.

I stood there stupidly as he walked to the table and removed the sheet. My mouth fell open as I saw every variety of dildos, vibrators and sex toys I could imagine, along with quite a few that I couldn't. He busied himself choosing several toys and lubricants, which I am sure, were to be used on me.

After a few moments, I regained my senses and stepped out of my heels. Shimmying out of my dress, I looked around the room for somewhere to put my things; the bed and table were all that were there. I meekly asked him were I should set my clothes.

"Oh, where are my manners?" He stacked up a few toys to clear a space on the table. "Right here would be fine." He patted the table as he spoke. I stood there wearing only my tiny thong and he barely took time to look up at me.

Setting my shoes beneath the table, I draped my dress in the space he had cleared. I hooked my index finger through the straps and slipped the thong down my legs. Holding it on the tip of one finger, I laid it on top of my dress.

"Alright," he said, leading me to the side of the bed as he grabbed several toys and a tube of lubricant, "go ahead and lie down on the bed, Dottie." He still did not even raise his eyes to see my nudity.

I took my place on the bed, my head resting on an oversized fluffy pillow. My head was elevated enough to see my body. I lay there on my back, my arms across my chest and my legs squeezed tightly together. He arranged the toys near my left knee and then sat down facing away from me near my left hip.

He placed his warm palm on my tummy, "Try to relax Dottie, I promise I won't hurt you."

The combination of his touch and the few words he spoke somehow put me at ease and I relaxed. He placed his hands on the insides of my thighs and gently pushed them apart. When they were spread sufficiently, he gazed between my legs and a strange smile crossed his face.

"Now I understand why Stacy wanted that hook installed." He reached down and pinched my 'clitty' ring, tugged on it gently to unhook it from my plug.

My 'clitty' was already erect and its petite length sprung forward as he released it. His smile broadened while grasping the base of my plug. Feeling his warm fingers so close to my 'pussy' put butterflies in my stomach. He pulled gently, slowly using more force until the plug slid out of me.

Holding the plug before his face, and then looked down to the collection of toys near my knee, "I guess we won't need the smaller toys I selected." Setting the plug on the floor, he picked out some of the smaller vibrators and dildos and set them out of my sight. Grabbing a white vibrator, about six inches in length, "I think we'll begin with this one." As the last word was spoken, he turned the vibrator on. The buzzing sound filled my ears. I found myself becoming very excited for all of the naughtiness that lay ahead.

He coated the vibrator with a thick layer of lubricant; "This stuff will make your ass feel nice and warm."

"Um, if you don't mind, I call it my 'pussy'." I shyly offered.

"How foolish of me, again I offer my apologies."

Lowering the vibe out of my sight, I was anxious, nervous and ready to jump out of my skin when it finally came. Gentle vibrations caressed my 'pussy'. He had braced himself with his left arm, placed between my legs holding them wide apart. He clutched the vibe in his right hand and it felt like he was moving it in circles around my 'pussy's' tight muscle. Slowly, teasingly he slid the vibe inside me. The lube was doing its thing and I felt the outer rim of my hole getting very warm. My hips began to grind in sequence with the pistoning of his movements.

Looking up at my face he said, "I'll take your reaction as an approval to how we are beginning."

"Oh yes! It feels so good!"

"Try to calm down a little Dottie, we are only beginning."

He increased the speed of his fucking, in and out at lightening speed. I heard myself moan but didn't even know I had opened my mouth. Then suddenly, he pulled it out. I lay there, more horny than I can ever remember being. My hips were grinding, my 'clitty' rock hard, my body screaming for attention.

A strange looking toy was held up for me to see. He held the handle in his hand, from the handle a slim rod extended out several inches, on the end of the rod was a teardrop shaped bulb. He flipped the switch and a buzzing sound once again filled the room, the rod flexed and the bulb thrashed about erratically. With the crazy toy still on, he lowered it to the inside of my thigh and teased my skin letting the vibrating bulb gently strike my skin.

"I think you are going to love this one." While speaking, he slowly lowered it downward, all the while letting it bump against me. Goosebumps were erupting all over my body.

My legs were spread farther apart and he switched the toy off. My back arched as he expertly slipped the bulb past the tight 'lip' of my 'pussy'. Nothing else happened for what seemed an eternity. I lay there feeling his eyes finally wander over my body. He let his eyes linger on my 'clitty', a small pool of precum was just beneath the head, and another drop clung to my ring. I felt his warm breath on that, the most sensitive part of my body. I was in heaven. Then, he turned it on...

Stars appeared before my eyes. My hips thrust upwards, but his forceful hand on my stomach returned them to the mattress. He slid it deeper inside me, I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. My stomach muscles were fluttering and my arms and legs were twitching about uncontrollably.

He went a little deeper and I felt sheer bliss. That bulb must have smacked against what I can only explain as my G-spot. Repeatedly it knocked that ultra-sensitive area deep inside my 'pussy'. Chills were shooting up my spine. A tingly feeling shot out from inside my 'clitty', it washed through my body ending at my fingertips and toes.

Then, I came. No, I CAME HARD! My very being shook violently. I felt juice spew from my 'clitty'; the first blast deflected off my ring and drew two lines up my chest. Repeatedly my 'clitty' spurted out nectar, coating my chest and stomach. Every muscle in my entire body tensed up so tightly I felt as if they would strain. I gasped for air and found I was unable to utter a sound.

While in the midst of my most powerful, soul shaking orgasm ever, Walt slipped the toy from inside my 'pussy'. He swiftly swapped it with a realistic, cock shaped dildo. It was by far the largest thing to date that will pass inside me. It was at least ten inches long and almost as big around as my wrist.

Before I had fully recovered from that mind-blowing orgasm, he began to force the head of that monster inside me. I gripped the sheets beside me, my hips still gyrated. Somehow, he managed to drive the head beyond my tight ring. Grabbing the tube of lubricant, he doused the length of the dildo with the slippery substance. While twisting and pushing, that ungodly huge cock worked its way deep inside me. I had almost calmed myself down when he began to thrust in and out. The 'lip' of my 'pussy' was stretched so tightly, and its sheer size filled me up like never before.

He changed his position to offer better leverage. Then taking hold of the dildo again, he sawed that thing in and out of me at a vicious pace. His forceful movements were shaking the entire bed. My mind returned to that dizzy place it goes to when on the verge of an orgasm of a monumental proportion.

Reaching into his pocket, he withdrew a small piece of black plastic. In between grunts he said, "Dottie, look around."

Prying open my eyes, I turned to a mirrored wall and watched as he fucked me. Suddenly the mirrors flickered, and the reflective surface became transparent. Just beyond the glass panes were men, at least twenty of them. They were all jacking off in various stages of undress while watching me. These were the suit and tie men from inside the store! Each man sat in what appeared to be a private viewing booth; I could see closed doors behind each of them. They were all concentrating on the live sex show of which I was an integral part.

As the knowledge of the audience sunk into my mind, another immense orgasm shook my soul. The room echoed with my screams that I couldn't control. My body twitched around erratically and again, my 'clitty' shot forth load after load of my juice. My vision blurred and I lost myself in sheer pleasure. Walt unsuccessfully kept the monster cock inside me, it slipped out and he sat back to watch me in orgasmic bliss. My screams softened to moans and my twitching calmed.

Walt gathered the toys and excused himself, leaving me alone. I lay on the bed surrounded by men masturbating themselves. Some of them had already cum, others were very close. I watched as the last man came in a cup, just as the others had. He then stood and left his small room.

I was satisfied, content as I felt myself drifting off to sleep.


Kindly edited by Earl Grey - Thank you.

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