tagGroup SexDouble Stuffed Ch. 2

Double Stuffed Ch. 2


We all lay back in the aftermath of our first fuck session of the evening which for me was the most exciting of my life until then. I was lying next to Tonya, Sam and Mary were next, and then Beth and Eric. I think I kind of passed out for a few minutes and was pleasantly awakened by Tonya lightly rubbing my cock up and down. We were both on our sides facing each other and I began to massage her fabulous tits with one hand and rubbed her ass with the other. I don't think either one of us was ready to start anything else just yet, so we were content to keep it at this pace.

I looked over and saw that Sam and Mary were doing similar things in the middle of the six of us. I looked past them to Beth and Eric and saw that they had become more active than the four of us. Beth was lying on her side facing me and Eric had reached around and started to play with Beth's great tits. I also noticed that Beth had lifted her left leg and, although I couldn't see, Eric was fucking her either in her ass or her cunt as I could see him moving back and forth on the bed. He was doing it pretty slowly as I could barely see Beth's body move as he thrust into her. I knew it wouldn't take long for Beth to get fired up again and, sure enough, after about 2 or 3 minutes I saw her back away from him, push him on his back, and came up to straddle his legs positioning her cunt at the head of his cock. She slowly sank down on his huge cock and, after it disappeared completely inside, she started to ride it faster and faster as she bent over and started to kiss him. He reached up and grabbed her tits again and started to pull hard on her fully erect nipples, and started to pound up at her as fast as she was pounding down on him. It wasn't long before I saw her body stiffen and shake as she had a violent orgasm. I knew from experience that she was far from being done as she usually became more and more aggressive, and tonight was no exception.

She broke her kiss and looked over towards the four of us who were content watching them for the time being, and said, "I want all of my holes filled now... PLEEEEEEEASE!"

I saw Sam look at Mary and I looked at Beth as if to say it was okay and sensing no resistance from either of them. Sam climbed over Mary and went over to kneel by Beth's head eager to get another superb blowjob. I got up and positioned myself kneeling between Eric's legs and rubbed my cock up and around by Beth's asshole, covering it with some leftover cum from Eric's previous entry. I was a little surprised that Beth was so eager to have me fuck her ass as we did it rarely because she said I was so big around it hurt her for days afterwards. On the other hand, once she got to this point of arousal she seemed to get more pleasure with the rougher I got with her.

I started to ease the head of my cock into her ass with little resistance, as Eric must have stretched her pretty good with his big cock. After about a minute, I had all of it inside her. I could easily feel Eric's cock pounding up and down in her cunt through the thin wall between the two openings. Beth had slowed down her movements on Eric's cock as I entered her, but now started to move up and down at the previous pace as I started to move my cock in and out of her tight asshole faster and faster. I looked up to see that Sam was now pounding his big cock as hard as he could into Beth's mouth, holding the back of her head as he drove in deeply into her throat. I couldn't believe that she could get the whole length of it into her, but she seemed to be taking it easily and enjoying it.

At this point, Tonya and Mary came over from where they were lying back and enjoying the show and decided to join in the action. Mary started to play with Beth's flopping tits, and Tonya reached her hand between Eric and Beth and started to rub Beth's clit. Beth had to be in sexual heaven -- the three of us guys were pounding into her three holes, and the women were pleasuring the two other sexual areas that we weren't. After about two or three minutes of this, and many mini-orgasms that I could feel Beth having, I felt her stiffen up like a rock, and stayed that way for about 30 seconds, having a powerful major orgasm. As she relaxed from this, I saw Sam pull his cock out of her mouth and spurt a huge load of cum onto her face and neck. I was right behind him removing my dick from her ass and shooting my load onto her back, and right behind me I saw Eric lift up and shoot his load deep inside her cunt, grunting and groaning as he did.

Beth was a mess with cum splattered all over her body. She rolled off of Eric and lay on her back as if she was dead. She later told me that it was the most powerful orgasm by far that she ever had, and said at times she felt like the three cocks were going to touch each other in her chest -- they were going so deep into her. Tonya and Mary weren't done with her yet. Tonya moved over between Beth's legs and pushed them wide apart. She then put her hands under Beth's ass, lifted her hips up, and started to tongue her asshole. Then she moved forward and began to lap at her cunt. I could see that Eric's load was running out of Beth's cunt and Tonya was quick to lap it up with her tongue.

Beth was starting to revive again, moaning as Tonya started to concentrate on her clit, flicking it quickly with her tongue. Mary, eager to get in on the action, came over and knelt over Beth's head facing Tonya, moved her ass down and started to grind her cunt against Beth's face. Mary was really hot. I could see that Beth's face was getting a bath with Mary's juices. Beth pulled Mary down further and started to suck on Mary's clit and reached up to play with her firm tits. I could see that both of them were getting close to cumming again and, since I was getting hard again watching them, I decided to be a gentleman and moved behind Tonya shoving my now rock-hard cock up her cunt and started to fuck her furiously. Now it was a race to see who would cum first. After about 2 or 3 minutes of this we all seemed to cum almost at the same time. I couldn't believe that first I got hard again that fast and two that I shot another big load of cum into Tonya's cunt. This was definitely it for a while as we all lay back on the bed and I think fell asleep almost immediately.

It was a good thing that it was Friday night and nobody had to work the next day as I don't think anyone had the strength to get up early. I will continue the accounts of the evening -- no, it's not over yet.

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