tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 12

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 12


Serena Williams, the first African-American woman elected Queen of the top secret society of lesbians and bisexual female millionaires known as the Down Low Sisterhood is vacationing in the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil, with her new love, TV star Lisa-Ray McCoy. And that's pretty cool. In her absence, she named Beyonce Giselle Knowles, another sexy African-American powerhouse, as the Regent of the Down Low Sisterhood. This is the tale of what Superstar Beyonce Knowles has done while she reigned as the head of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood in the lovely Queen Serena Williams absence.

The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood is quite abuzz these days with news of World Champion Tennis Player Serena Williams falling in love with Lisa-Ray McCoy, sexy star of the television series All Of Us and movies like Contradictions of The Heart and The Player's Club. The two sexy, talented Black women have been seen together at the premiere of the movie The Book Of Eli in Los Angeles. That's where the global media first got wind of their affair. It was absolutely sensational news. And the Black community was shocked. Lisa-Ray and Serena Williams looked very much like a couple in love. And neither of them denied it. Hell, they flaunted it. This was their coming out moment. Was the world ready for two openly queer Black women millionaires living and loving in the public eye? I guess only time would tell.

Beyonce Knowles couldn't be happier when she got wind of Serena Williams great love affair with Lisa-Ray McCoy. Well, talk about Black Lesbian Cougar Syndrome. Beyonce knew Serena Williams and Lisa-Ray McCoy were queer. Hell, she hooked up with Serena Williams as part of her initiation into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Beyonce knew of dozens of Black women who worked in the international entertainment industry and were secretly gay or bisexual. However, she was surprised to hear that Serena Williams and Lisa-Ray McCoy were coming out of the closet. They even booked an interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show. How about that?

While the world reacted to news of Serena Williams and Lisa-Ray McCoy's whirlwind romance, Beyonce Knowles eased into her new role as Regent of the Down Low Sisterhood. The Down Low Sisterhood had hundreds of members. Women of all colors and backgrounds. To join the club, one had to be female, secretly gay or bisexual, and have a net worth of at least two million dollars. Overall, the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood was worth well over several billions. Its members were carefully selected from gay and bisexual women in the worlds of business, politics, entertainment and finance. And now she was at the helm of it. This was going to be good.

Inside her Atlanta mansion, Beyonce Knowles looked at the kneeling figure of her rival and former lover Rihanna Fenty. The short-haired, light-skinned young Black woman looked really good on her knees. Beyonce grinned, and gestured for Rihanna to come to her. Ever since last year, everyone was talking about this harlot non-stop. They thought she was the nicest thing since sliced bread. Guys loved her. Girls loved her. Straight people, gay people, African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics and white folks. All of America was apparently madly in love with Rihanna. Beyonce Knowles was absolutely sick of it.

Rihanna is a sexy and talented young Black woman from humble origins. She's smart, sexy and not above using her sensuality on both women and men to get what she wants. Most people were completely vulnerable to Rihanna's charm. Well, Beyonce didn't think Rihanna was all that. The chick looked okay, and she was an alright singer. She wasn't all that. Beyonce sees a woman who looks better than Rihanna every time she looks in the mirror. Recently, members of the international media and the African-American community of Hollywood had begun comparing Rihanna to Beyonce. To Beyonce, there was no comparison. She was better-looking, classier and more talented than Rihanna.

Imagine her surprise when she was told by the recruiters that Rihanna had been selected to join the Down Low Sisterhood. The young Black woman's popularity, wealth, fame and status in the international entertainment industry made her a prime candidate for the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. And the fact that she was a closeted bisexual pretty much guaranteed her entry into the club. Rihanna had been allowed into the club under the reign of Queen Serena Williams but Serena was too busy making lovey-dovey eyes at Lisa-Ray McCoy to sample Rihanna's goodies. She took off with her lover for a lesbian honeymoon in Brazil. Beyonce Knowles was left in charge of the Down Low Sisterhood in Queen Serena Williams absence. And she intended to have some fun. Her first order of business? Put that upstart bitch Rihanna in her place.

Rihanna Fenty looked at Beyonce Knowles sitting like a queen on the king-sized bed, wearing a sexy red negligee. In spite of herself, the young Black woman from Barbados found herself turned on by her sexy older rival. The truth is that Rihanna and Beyonce have always had a love-hate relationship. They're both insanely gorgeous and supremely talented. They're both multi-millionaires. And they've got crossover appeal. People across many demographics love these women. They're the new faces of African-American womanhood. Gorgeous, intelligent, educated, talented and empowered. The only problem is that only one person can be on top. There can only be one number one. And you had better believe that Beyonce Knowles doesn't want Rihanna to get that number one spot.

Upon getting the signal from acting Regent Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna got up and walked up to her. Beyonce smiled, loving how obedient Rihanna was. Beyonce ordered the young woman to undress. Without hesitation, Rihanna took off her clothes. Beyonce licked her lips, admiring Rihanna's sexy body. Rihanna had definitely been working out since the last time they hooked up, shortly before she started messing around with Jay-Z. Beyonce admired Rihanna's perky tits, narrow hips, smooth sexy legs and nicely rounded ass. Yeah, the chick from Barbados still looked pretty damn good.

Beyonce Knowles grabbed Rihanna Fenty and Rihanna's eyes bulged in surprise. Smiling maliciously, Beyonce brought her beautiful visage close to Rihanna's terrified, pretty face. That's when Beyonce did the last thing Rihanna would expect. She kissed her. Rihanna was speechless as Beyonce's tongue darted into her mouth. It was a very soft and gentle kiss. With that, Beyonce pulled Rihanna into bed with her. Rihanna was at first hesitant but something about Beyonce's beauty and knowing touch melted away all of her doubts and reluctance. She kissed Beyonce back with a passion that surprised them both.

Beyonce Knowles got on top of Rihanna Fenty and began licking the younger Black woman from her head to her toes. Rihanna giggled as Beyonce's tongue tickled her breasts. Beyonce's hands gently stroked her between her legs. Beyonce licked a path from Rihanna's breasts to her belly and finally down to her pelvic area. She inhaled the scent of Rihanna's pussy and Rihanna was happy to have used vaginal deodorant that day. Beyonce gently bit Rihanna's clit and Rihanna gasped. Beyonce slid two fingers up Rihanna's pussy and began to give her a good old fashioned lesbian lick down. Rihanna let out a deep, satisfied moan as Beyonce worked her pussy with that magic tongue and those agile fingers of hers.

Beyonce eagerly licked Rihanna's pussy and looked into the younger woman's face, loving the near-orgasmic look in Rihanna's eyes. Oh, yeah. Beyonce still had what it took to rock a younger woman's world. Rihanna ran her hands through Beyonce's auburn-coloured weave as Beyonce sucked and fucked her pussy with her tongue and fingers. Rihanna licked her lips and rubbed her breasts together, loving what Beyonce was doing to her. To spice things up, Beyonce whipped out her dildo. Without a word she pushed it inside Rihanna's pussy. Rihanna gasped as Beyonce shoved the dildo inside her. She hadn't seen that one coming. With a mischievous gleam in her eyes Beyonce began fucking Rihanna with her dildo. Rihanna squealed as she got fucked. Beyonce was kinkier than she remembered. Being in the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood was doing her a world of good!

Beyonce thrust the dildo into Rihanna's snatch with gusto, wanting the little slut to really feel it. As Rihanna suddenly whined, Beyonce smacked her hard across the face. Rihanna stared at Beyonce, stunned. Beyonce smiled wickedly. She'd been wanting to smack the hell out of Rihanna ever since she first caught her going down on Jay-Z in his Manhattan office to secure a record deal. Without further ado, Beyonce proceeded to dominate the stunned Rihanna. Beyonce put Rihanna on all fours, face down and ass up. While thrusting the dildo deep into Rihanna's snatch, Beyonce spanked the younger woman's sexy ass. A spanking is exactly what Rihanna deserved. That's what she gets for being such a slut.

Beyonce replaced her hand-held dildo with a strap-on dildo which she strapped around her hips. Spreading Rihanna's sexy ass cheeks, she pressed one finger into the young woman's asshole. Rihanna gasped in surprise as Beyonce began fingering her asshole. Beyonce rubbed her dildo against Rihanna's ass, and felt the younger woman shudder. Holding the dildo firmly in hand, she thrust it into Rihanna's asshole. Rihanna's initial scream as she got anally penetrated for the first time was a sound Beyonce would never forget. It sounded downright primal.

Holding Rihanna's hips tightly, Beyonce thrust her dildo deep into the younger Black woman's asshole. Rihanna squealed as she got fucked in the ass for the first time. Beyonce decided to slow down the pace and let Rihanna's asshole get used to the dildo inside of it. Rihanna let out a sigh of relief as Beyonce slowed things down. Then abruptly she not only picked up the pace but changed the game completely. She flipped Rihanna on her back, wanting to look into her eyes to see her defeat. Rihanna looked at Beyonce adoringly with her angelic eyes. And stopped Beyonce in her tracks. With one hand playing with her pussy and another fondling her tits, Rihanna smiled at Beyonce. The auburn-haired Black starlet felt something strange in that moment. She should really be dominating the hell out of Rihanna, make the younger slut pay for attempting to dethrone her. Instead, she felt an overwhelming affection for her.

That's when Beyonce did something completely uncharacteristic. She gently stroked Rihanna's face before leaning over and kissing her. Rihanna wrapped her arms around Beyonce and pulled her in for a deep kiss. When their lips parted, Rihanna smiled and urged Beyonce to fuck her harder. Beyonce smiled and kissed Rihanna again. Then she plunged the dildo deep inside Rihanna's asshole. Rihanna screamed. Beyonce resumed fucking her hard and fast, drilling the dildo deep into her asshole. If rough fucking is what Rihanna craved, then Beyonce would give it to her. She made the young woman squeal like her life depended on it. After what was clearly the lesbian fuck of the century, Rihanna Fenty and Beyonce Knowles lay side by side on the bed, sweaty, dazed and happy.

Rihanna rested her head on Beyonce's belly, and the two young Black women talked about their careers and love life. Rihanna was stunned by Beyonce's passion, and asked her if she fucked her with such gusto because she hated her. Beyonce's heart skipped a beat upon hearing those words. She took Rihanna's face in her hands and told her that she didn't hate her. Chuckling, Beyonce admitted that she liked Rihanna more than she should. Rihanna cockily smiled, and said she had that effect on people. Beyonce laughed. Rihanna's confidence and sexiness was one of the things she liked most about her. Rihanna looked into Beyonce's eyes and asked her if she was ready for round two. Beyonce laughed, and nodded.

This time, though, they tried things a little differently. Beyonce pulled a brand new strap-on dildo from her bag of sexual goodies and handed it over to Rihanna. The startled young woman stared at it, surprised. Beyonce smiled and said she always wanted to try being on the receiving end of fucking with a woman she cared about. Rihanna looked into Beyonce's eyes, understanding the vulnerable position she was putting herself in. She kissed Beyonce tenderly, then asked her to assume the position. Beyonce lay on her back, legs spread. Rihanna came up between her legs and began licking her pussy. While going down on Beyonce, Rihanna thrust two fingers inside her. Beyonce gasped as she was penetrated by another woman for the first time. This was definitely different. She ran her hands through Rihanna's short hair as the younger woman went down on her.

For the grand finale, Rihanna put on the strap-on dildo. Looking into Beyonce's eyes, she pushed the dildo into her pussy. Beyonce bit her lips as Rihanna penetrated her with the dildo. Raising Beyonce's sexy legs in the air, Rihanna began fucking her with passion, thrusting the dildo deep inside of her. Beyonce was a bit tense since this was her first time being dominated by another woman. Noticing this, Rihanna asked her to relax. Taking a deep breath, Beyonce did just that. Rihanna fucked her good, thrusting the dildo deep into her snatch. Beyonce screamed in pleasure as she got fucked. She never knew it would feel this good. Rihanna put it to her, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. The two sexy young Black women sucked and fucked the night away.

When Beyonce Giselle Knowles woke up the next morning, she found herself in the arms of Rihanna Fenty. Her arch rival. Her nemesis. And her husband Jay-Z's secret mistress. Rihanna was still fast asleep. Beyonce looked at her, marvelling at her unique beauty. The islands of the Caribbean produced the hottest women Beyonce had ever seen. And Rihanna was proof of that. Gently she kissed Rihanna. At that precise moment, Rihanna woke up. She noticed Beyonce looking at her and smiled. Rihanna kissed Beyonce, The two of them lay on the bed, wrapped in each other's arms. Just talking and holding each other.

If their fans across America could see them now. Rihanna got up, offering to go get breakfast. Beyonce stopped her, telling her that she had all she needed right here. The two kissed again, and didn't leave the bedroom till much later. You see, Beyonce Knowles and Rihanna Fenty had done the last thing anyone who knew either of them would expect. They fell in love with each other. Now what would be the odds of that? No one knows. Where will they go from here? How will the world react? That's a story for another time.

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