tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 13

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 13


The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood proudly presents the Sexual Adventures of Gabrielle Union, Star of movies like Bring It On, Deliver Us From Eva and Bad Boys II. She's the newest recruit of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. And tonight we have one hell of a surprise for her. Serena Williams, the reigning Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood has declared that matching up sexy gay and bisexual women would be one of the Sisterhood's core goals rather than business relations and sexy hook-ups. Gabrielle Union is about to get the surprise of a lifetime. This decision is supported by the Queen's Consort, TV legend Lisa-Ray McCoy.

There was a bit of a disagreement among members of the Down Low Sisterhood. The Sisterhood's members number in the hundreds and they're wealthy gay and bisexual women from the worlds of business, politics, movies, sports, television shows, entertainment and the arts. Most of them are White, but that is slowly changing. As the first African-American female to be elected Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood, Serena Williams has immediately enacted policies of diversity and inclusion in recruitment.

Since the election of Queen Serena Williams, dozens of sexy and powerful Black women, Asian women and Hispanic women have joined the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Among them are singer and Hollywood Superstar Beyonce Giselle Knowles and her new lover, R & B music Superstar Rihanna Fenty. They're madly in love and currently vacationing together in Rihanna's native island of Barbados. Rapper turned movie Star Queen Latifah, tennis player Maria Sharapova, actress Charlize Theron and icon Lucy Liu are but a few of the sexy and powerful women from diverse backgrounds who have joined the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood during Queen Serena Williams reign.

The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood is heading in bold new directions and not all of the ladies are happy about it. Most of the members are White women and just because this is an all-female organization doesn't mean racism isn't present in it. White women are just as capable of being racists as White men. Queen Serena Williams has wielded her power with authority and wisdom. She appointed her rival and former lover Beyonce Knowles as Regent of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood while she vacationed in Sao Paolo, Brazil, with her lover Lisa-Ray McCoy. And she installed lovely and powerful young Superstars like TV Star and singer Raven Symone and actress Brenda Song in executive positions within Hollywood's Down Low Sisterhood. Queen Serena Williams is making a bold statement to the Sisterhood. That diversity is here to stay.

One person is leading the naysayers of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Tennis Star Maria Sharapova. She already tried to take over the Sisterhood by seducing world-famous tennis player Venus Williams but the young Black woman refused to betray her sister Serena Williams. Maria Sharapova has been banned from the Sisterhood but she wasn't acting alone. With the powerful quartet of Serena Williams, Lisa-Ray McCoy, Beyonce Knowles and Rihanna Fenty out of the country, many of the ladies in the Sisterhood want to revolt against the Queen. They want the Sisterhood to go back to being a lily-White club. Well, fortunately, Queen Serena Williams has an ally in actress Charlize Theron, who's now in charge of recruiting. And she's recruiting some sexy and powerful Black women to be Serena Williams allies in the Queen's coming showdown with the rebels.

It's Charlize Theron who recruited Gabrielle Union, one of the sexiest and most talented actresses on the planet, to join the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Gabrielle Union is a gorgeous, closeted bisexual Black woman whose beauty sparks lust in the minds and hearts of countless men and legions of lesbians. Oh yeah. She is smoking hot and talented and everyone knows it. However, she's also fiercely independent and didn't like the idea of joining this secretive club. In order to entice the sexy but fiercely independent actress Gabrielle Union into joining, Charlize Theron promised to make her dreams come true.

What is the surprise? For years, Gabrielle Union has lived a life in the closet. The mainstream media isn't exactly fond of Black male and Black female athletes, actors, singers and entertainers. That's why they went after Michael Jackson with a vengeance a few years back. That's why they're now dogging Kanye West, Serena Williams and Tiger Woods. African-American Stars are human, just like everybody else. Yet the racially biased media maximizes every mistake they make. The White media doesn't like Black male and Black female celebrities. And that's common knowledge among members of Black Hollywood. For these reasons, Gabrielle Union kept her bisexuality to herself. Somehow, the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood found out about her. Oh, well. Now she was here. She might as well get the initiation over with.

Gabrielle Union found herself alone in a beautiful room inside a large mansion in suburban Atlanta. Queen Serena Williams temporarily made the city of Atlanta the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood's headquarters. She wanted the women of the Sisterhood to experience what it's like to be surrounded by hard-working and affluent African-Americans. Gabrielle sat on the bed, wondering what these devious ladies would make her do. Or rather, who they would make her do. She knew what she was walking into when she signed on the dotted line. The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood was a club for wealthy and powerful gay and bisexual women. No straight women and no broke women were allowed into the club. Those were the rules.

Imagine Gabrielle Union's surprise when she heard a knock. Rising to her feet, she bravely opened the door. Standing before her was a tall, sexy Black woman. One with a superbly familiar face. Gabrielle Union found herself Staring into the eyes of Hollywood Superstar and African-American icon Sanaa Lathan. Star of hit movies like Love & Basketball, Alien Versus Predator, Brown Sugar, The Family That Preys and television series like The Cleveland Show. Her best friend...and secret crush. In a million years she never would have guessed.

Sanaa Lathan looked into Gabrielle Union's eyes and smiled. When she was approached by the Down Low Sisterhood's recruiters, she turned them down. Why? Simply because Sanaa didn't need some lily-White queer women's club to aid her career or love life. She could have anyone she wanted, except that one person. Her best friend and fellow Hollywood superstar Gabrielle Union, whom she thought of as apparently "hopelessly heterosexual."

Gabrielle Union squealed excitedly and hugged the hell out of Sanaa Lathan. Grinning, Sanaa kissed Gabrielle tenderly on the lips. Gabrielle kissed her back and closed the door behind her. Taking Gabrielle's hand, Sanaa led her to the bed where both women sat down facing each other. Gabrielle had a thousand questions, and well, so did Sanaa. Gabrielle looked at Sanaa, amazed that she was even there. For years Gabrielle had been with the sexiest women and hottest men in the worlds of movies, sports, music and business. The only person she truly wanted was the one person she couldn't have. Sanaa Lathan. The supremely talented and sinfully sexy Black actress who had been her best friend for years.

Sanaa smiled at Gabrielle and gently took her hands in hers. She felt so happy she could jump. For years she dreamed of holding Gabrielle in her arms and tell her how badly she loved her. Sanaa thought Gabrielle was straight and that it would end their friendship if she revealed her romantic feelings to her. Apparently, Gabrielle was attracted to her and thought she was straight too. Wow. The two friends laughed at how life and confusion had apparently conspired to keep them apart.

While Gabrielle Union spoke, Sanaa Lathan tenderly kissed her. A deep, passionate kiss. For years she wanted to do this. Kiss the object of her affection. Gabrielle tenderly wrapped her arms around Sanaa's lovely form. The two of them lay on the bed, making out like college brats and looking into each other's eyes. They began caressing one another and slowly explore each other's bodies. For both women this was a dream come true. More than a casual hook-up. They were together at last. This was definitely real love at work.

Rising from the bed, Gabrielle Union decided to show her beloved Sanaa Lathan exactly what she was working with. She eased out of her clothes, revealing her sexy curvy body to Sanaa. Licking her lips, Sanaa admired Gabrielle's gorgeous form. The young Black woman had it all. She was all that and the proverbial bag of chips. Gabrielle's pretty face, curvy body, large and firm, all-natural breasts, narrow hips, sexy legs and big round butt really turned on Sanaa. She slipped one finger into her pussy and gestured for Gabrielle to come to her.

Grinning, Gabrielle walked up to Sanaa. They kissed again, and this time Sanaa took off her clothes as well. She had always looked good naked and she knew it. A look of wonder filled Gabrielle's face as she stared at Sanaa's sexy naked body. Sanaa gently cupped Gabrielle's breasts and softly massaged them. Sanaa got on top of Gabrielle, and began making love to her. Spreading Gabrielle's legs, Sanaa began licking her pussy. Gabrielle smiled to herself as her beloved Sanaa went down on her. She dreamed of this moment for years and years.

Sanaa Lathan tasted the sweet flavour of Gabrielle Union's pussy. For years she literally craved this woman. And now she was getting to taste her. Sanaa slid two fingers into Gabrielle's pussy and gently bit her clit. Gabrielle moaned in sweet pleasure as Sanaa fucked her with her fingers. Turned on by Gabrielle's pleasurable moans, Sanaa changed tempo. She put Gabrielle on all fours and playfully licked her big butt. She ran her hands through Gabrielle's spread ass cheeks. Tentatively Sanaa slipped one finger into Gabrielle's asshole.

Gabrielle grinned as Sanaa began playing with her asshole, fingering it and licking it. She took a strap-on dildo out of her purse and handed it to Sanaa. And Sanaa happily strapped it on. Winking at Gabrielle mischievously, Sanaa began fucking her ass with the dildo. Raising Gabrielle's sexy legs in the air, Sanaa playfully smacked her ass while thrusting the dildo deep into her asshole. Gabrielle pinched her breasts and fingered her pussy while Sanaa buried the dildo in her ass.

After fucking Gabrielle Union's ass with the strap-on dildo for a while, Sanaa Lathan abruptly pulled out. Gabrielle gasped as her ass suddenly felt empty. Grinning, Sanaa asked her to get on her knees. Gabrielle obeyed, and Sanaa rubbed the dildo against her lips. Smiling naughtily, Gabrielle sucked on Sanaa's strap-on dildo, right after it went up her ass. Then she asked Sanaa what was next. Sanaa told Gabrielle the wicked fun was just beginning. And she was right.

Next, Gabrielle Union showed her dominant side to her beloved pal Sanaa Lathan. She put Sanaa on all fours and licked her pussy from behind while spanking her. Sanaa grinned, loving the emergence of Gabrielle's dominant side. Gabrielle spanked Sanaa hard, loving the way the sexy Black woman's butt cheeks jiggled while she smacked her. Gabrielle put on the strap-on dildo, slipped a condom on top of it and then eased it into Sanaa's pussy. Holding Sanaa's hips, she thrust into her.

Sanaa purred in pleasure as Gabrielle's dildo filled her pussy. She backed her ass up, driving the dildo deeper inside of her. Gabrielle fucked her hard, just the way Sanaa liked it. It got so intense and so fun that she wanted to try something new with her new lover. When Sanaa made the request, Gabrielle was all smiles. Eagerly Sanna spread her ass cheeks as Gabrielle readied the strap-on dildo. Sanaa asked Gabrielle to be gentle, then braced herself for impact, so to speak. Gabrielle gripped Sanaa's hips and eased the dildo into her asshole. Sanaa licked her lips as Gabrielle penetrated her. Anal sex was something she craved but rarely indulged in because she didn't care enough about her lovers to make herself that vulnerable to them. With Gabrielle, whom she loved, Sanaa could finally let go.

And let go she did. Gabrielle fucked Sanaa's ass with the dildo, thrusting in deeply. Sanaa screamed in pleasure as she got fucked in the ass by the woman she loved. She fingered her pussy while getting fucked, loving the myriad sensations that flowed through her. Gabrielle really got into it, cussing Sanaa while fucking her. That shit really turned Sanaa on and she responded in kind. The two sexy young Black women fucked and sucked all night long, until they finally lay exhausted on the bed. Sanaa looked at Gabrielle and smiled. She thanked her lover for giving her the fuck of the century.

Sanaa Lathan and Gabrielle Union lay in bed together, lovingly cradled in each other's arms. Sanaa kissed Gabrielle's forehead and told her she loved her. With a smile on her gorgeous face, Gabrielle took Sanaa's hand in hers and kissed it. Then she hugged Sanaa tightly and told her she loved her even more. At long last, they were together. Two sexy Black women who rocked the worlds of movies and the entertainment industry itself. Two living icons of empowered and successful African-American womanhood. They finally had it all. Good looks, wealth, fame, success and at last, true love. What more could anyone ask for?

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