tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 14

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 14


Serena Williams is having the time of her life these days, folks. The tall, sexy Black female athlete is on top of the world. In the world of women's professional tennis, she is truly without equal. Serena Williams easily defeats just about every woman who comes up against her. And she's now the Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood, a top secret society of wealthy gay and bisexual women chosen from the realms of business, sports, music, movies and the arts. Serena Williams has recruited legions of sexy women of color into this previously lily-white club. Among them are Queen Latifah, Brenda Song, Charlize Theron, Lisa-Ray McCoy, Lucy Liu, Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union and many more. She's diversifying the club and many of the women in the club don't like it.

With her lover Lisa-Ray McCoy out of town while shooting a new movie, Serena Williams is back on the throne. She temporarily placed Beyonce Knowles on the throne while she vacationed in Sao Paolo in Brazil with Lisa-Ray. Beyonce Knowles was currently on tour with her newfound love, former rival Rihanna Fenty. Now that really surprised Serena when she found out. Everybody knew Beyonce and Rihanna hated each other. Oh, well. Sometimes common hate turns into common love. It seems the Down Low Sisterhood turned into a love nest while Serena Williams was gone. Sanaa Lathan was stunned to discover that her long-time friend Gabrielle Union was also queer and a new member of the Sisterhood. The two of them were on a lesbian honeymoon in the city of Atlanta.

Serena Williams smiled to herself as she thought of her own lesbian honeymoon in Brazil with Lisa-Ray. They had a lot of fun together. They also worked out the kinks of their special relationship. They agreed that it was okay for them to hook up with other people from time to time but their loyalty was to each other. Serena Williams loved Lisa-Ray McCoy. The sexy redbone was her soul mate. It was good to be back, though she really missed Lisa-Ray. What's a gal to do when she's home alone? One of the perks of being Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood meant she always had some tasty morsels to sample.

One of tonight's tasty morsels are India Arie, the tall, gorgeously dark-skinned and absolutely sexy African-American beauty who is the world's foremost Soul Singer. The other is Lauren London, a sexy light-skinned young Black woman who rocked the world in the 2006 hit movie ATL, where she starred opposite Rappers T.I. and Big Boi. They're new members of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood and the Queen is about to give them a proper welcome. India Arie and Lauren London stood inside one of the many splendid rooms of the Atlanta mansion owned by the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Both of them were really surprised to be here, to tell you the truth. It's amazing how quickly one's life can change in mere days.

India Arie wore a sexy blue dress under a light black coat. The R & B and Soul music singer looked really good and she knew it. When the recruiters of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood first approached her, she was really surprised. Like many gay and bisexual Black women in the public eye, India Arie kept her sexuality to herself. The Black community loves its celebrities. They come out in droves to support their people They absolutely love President Barack Obama, Actors Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishburne, Record-breaking Athletes like Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Lisa Leslie and Cappie Pondexter. They come to the theatre to support the plays and movies of Phylicia Rashad and Tyler Perry. They watch television shows like Sherri, The Cleveland Show, House of Payne, Meet the Browns and the Number One Ladies Detective Agency religiously. Yeah, they support their own. However, can you name one gay or bisexual Black celebrity supported by the African-American community? Hell no. That's because homophobia runs rampant in Black America. Black celebrities know it. That's why they keep their closet doors locked tighter than Fort Knox.

India Arie had relations with both women and men, but nobody knew this about her. When the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood confronted her with pictures and film of her doing it with another woman, she was shocked. The Sisterhood apparently knew everything. They were like an all-female, queer version of the movie The Skulls. India Arie was curious in spite of herself so she agreed to join. She was kind of surprised to see Lauren London there, though. The light-skinned young Black woman looked at India Arie and smiled. To be honest, Lauren London had been checking out India Arie ever since they were both led into the Meeting Room to await the Queen. Lauren London had a thing for sexy dark-skinned Black women. Too bad many of them rejected her because they thought all light-skinned chicks had a stuck-up attitude. Lauren London wasn't like that. She was cool and easygoing. And she would very much like to hook up with India Arie, sans DL Queen.

Lauren London recalled how she felt when she'd been approached by the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood's recruiters. The women claimed to know just about everything about her life. And apparently they did. They knew about her growing up in the city of Los Angeles, raised by an African-American father and a Jewish mother. And they also knew about her sexual adventures with other sexy young Black women from Hollywood. Well, Lauren London wasn't too surprised. She wasn't the most discrete person in the world. Hell, while filming the movie ATL, she hooked up with sexy women and handsome men left and right. From cast members to extras. Lauren London didn't discriminate. If you're hot and say yes to her, she will fuck the hell out of you. That's just how she rolls. And right now, this caramel nymph wants a piece of the chocolate goddess known as India Arie.

India Arie smiled at Lauren London. She wasn't usually into light-skinned chicks but Lauren was indeed hot. She was about to say something to her when suddenly, they realized they weren't alone. A tall, majestic Black woman walked into the room, clad in a bright crimson cape...and nothing else. India Arie and Lauren London gasped as they found themselves looking into the eyes of Serena Williams, the most dominant female athlete on the planet Earth. Serena Williams smiled confidently at India and Lauren as they gawked at her. She introduced herself as the reigning Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood, and beckoned them to come to her.

Serena Williams grinned as Lauren London and India Arie came to her. When she asked them to undress, they did so eagerly. Serena looked at India and Lauren's sexy bodies. The first gal was tall and slender, with nice tits and a cute ass. The second was shorter and curvier, with an even nicer ass. Serena really liked what she saw. Taking off her cape, she went to the bed and spread her legs. India and Lauren looked at each other, then went for it. India gently kissed Serena's lips and fondled her breasts while Lauren went straight for Serena's pussy. Slipping two fingers up Serena's snatch, Lauren began licking the older woman's pussy aggressively.

Serena smiled to herself as the two sexy young women began rocking her world. India was really into breasts, and she sucked on Serena's like her life depended on it. Lauren fingered Serena's pussy, gently biting her clit and teasing her with her fingers and tongue. Pretty soon Serena was moaning in sheer pleasure. She took sex toys out of her bag of goodies and handed them to India and Lauren. They made good use of them. India grabbed the strap-on dildo and put it on. Lauren took a small dildo and inserted it in Serena's pussy. Serena groaned as she was penetrated. Moments later she was silenced as India put her strap-on dildo into her mouth. India knew of Serena's legendary grunts and was having none of it.

Serena Williams got on all fours as India Arie and Lauren London began fucking her. She sucked on India's strap-on dildo while Lauren thrust a dildo up her pussy and spanked her big ass. That's when the really awesome fun began. They went wild on her. India smacked Serena's face when she failed to suck her strap-on dildo properly. Serena humbly apologized and promised to do a better job. They switched things around. Now Serena was face down and ass up while India fucked her from behind. India spread Serena's big butt cheeks wide open and pushed the strap-on dildo into her asshole. At the same time, she pulled on Serena's hair while fucking her. Meanwhile, Lauren decided to give the sexy India a taste of her own medicine.

To prepare the sexy India for her brand of fun, Lauren kissed India's sexy ass. Then she slipped one finger into the dark-skinned Black woman's asshole while licking her pussy. India gasped as Lauren began fingering her asshole. She kind of liked. Lauren could tell. That's why pretty soon she replaced her fingers with a slim dildo. Gently, Lauren worked the dildo up India's asshole while India thrust her dildo into Serena's booty hole. India backed her ass up, loving the feel of Lauren's dildo up her asshole. She screamed in pleasure as she got fucked in the ass while fucking another woman's ass. The sexy action continued. Lauren London took control. She had Serena and India lying on their backs with their legs spread. With two big dildos in hand she fucked them. Thrusting her dildos into Serena and India's respective butt holes, Lauren dominated the hell out of them.

India Arie and Serena Williams kissed passionately and fondled each other's breasts while they got fucked in the ass by Lauren London. Who knew the sweet-looking light-skinned chick from Los Angeles could be so dominant? The two sexy, dark-skinned ladies simply let go and let her rock their worlds. Lauren loved the look of submission and contentment on Serena and India's faces. She fucked them hard and lost count of how many times she made them cum. Later, they got to return the favour. Serena wore the strap-on dildo and filled Lauren's pussy with it while India fingered Lauren's asshole. Lauren screamed in sheer pleasure as she experienced double penetration for the first time.

Laughing, Serena playfully smacked Lauren's face while fucking her. Lauren grinned at Serena, nodding in approval. She loved the rough stuff. India spanked Lauren's hot bubble butt while filling her asshole with the dildo. She loved the way the light-skinned chick's ass jiggled while she got fucked. Serena took off the strap-on dildo and handed it over to India, who made really good use of it. She put it in Lauren's asshole and happily pumped away. Lauren screamed as India fucked her ass roughly, partly as revenge for the ass fucking India got from Lauren earlier and partly because Lauren's ass was so damn tempting. Serena silenced Lauren by burying the younger woman's face in her snatch. Lauren happily licked Serena's pussy and ass. The three gorgeous Black women sucked and fucked the night away.

Thus, India Arie and Lauren London, two talented, sexy and wealthy young Black women were properly welcomed into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood by its first African-American Queen, the lovely Serena Williams. Serena Williams kept busy in her beloved Lisa-Ray McCoy's absence. There were a bevy of sexy beauties in the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Gorgeous women of all colors. And none of them could say no to her. You had better believe Serena Williams had fun with as many of them as she could. It's good to be Queen!

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