tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 15

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 15


Serena Williams, the reigning Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood is back in action. The hiatus is over, folks. After her relationship with sexy paramour Lisa-Raye McCoy didn't go as smoothly as planned, Serena has moved on. The Black Amazon is back to doing what she does best. Playing a mean game of international tennis and dominating other ladies on and off the court. Tonight, her friend, Hollywood starlet Charlize Theron, a tall, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Teutonic goddess, is by her side. And they're in a loft in downtown Atlanta, presiding over a trio of sexy newcomers. Their way of welcoming these ladies into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood.

The first lady needs no introduction. Her name is Venus Williams, older sister of World Champion Tennis Player Serena Williams. A tall, athletic and gorgeously dark-skinned Black woman. She looks at her younger sister with pride on her pretty face. Next to Venus Williams stood the lovely Tyra Banks, Queen of Daytime Talk Shows. A legendary African-American supermodel, wealthy businesswoman and television icon. And last but not least, there was Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known by the moniker Lady Gaga. A lovely, blonde-haired and dark-eyed Italian-American Pop Star. All three of them are new inductees into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood.

Serena Williams smiled knowingly at Charlize Theron as they eyed this new batch of sexy rookies. This was definitely going to be fun. Serena Williams desperately wanted to take her mind off Lisa-Raye McCoy. After her reality television show became a hit on TV One, Lisa-Raye's head got bigger. She started getting more calls from Hollywood producers and television studios. Hell, she appeared in more television commercials, and had a few guest-starring roles in cutting edge TV shows like 90210, Gossip Girl and Smallville. Conflicts of career and romance drove apart the happy couple that Serena Williams and Lisa-Raye McCoy were becoming.

Sometimes, no matter how much two people love each other, some things are just not meant to be. Serena Williams is a gorgeous Black sportswoman, a multi-millionaire and an icon around the globe. Lisa-Raye McCoy is a gorgeous Black actress, who's starred in memorable movies and television shows. And now she's got her own TV series. To say that she's got a busy schedule would be a bit of an understatement. Serena Williams is busy too. Staying at the top of the cutthroat world of women's professional tennis championships requires hard work and dedication. As much as Serena loves Lisa-Raye and vice versa, they're both too busy. And that's ultimately what drove them apart. World-famous sportswoman Serena Williams was heartbroken over losing Hollywood starlet Lisa-Raye McCoy but swore she'd get over it.

In the immortal words of some bygone dyke, the only way to get over a woman was another woman. And Serena Williams definitely wanted to get over the sexy and unforgettable caramel-skinned Black goddess known as Lisa-Raye McCoy. Charlize Theron, her friend and sometime lover, was exactly what the doctor ordered for the lovely Serena Williams. The two of them sat side by side on a massive couch in the plush living room of the downtown Atlanta loft. From there, they admired the sexy bodies of Venus Williams, Lady Gaga and Tyra Banks. Serena ordered the three sexy young women to get naked. Time to get this show on the road.

Without hesitation, Venus Williams stepped out of the bright red party dress she wore and into her birthday suit. The tall Black Amazon was hot and she knew it. Standing behind Venus Williams, Tyra Banks let out a sigh of envy as she admired the tall, sexy Black sportswoman's uniquely sexy body. She took off her clothes, revealing her voluptuous form. With her big tits, curvy body and big butt, Tyra Banks knew she looked hot. So what if she wasn't a skeletal beauty like most supermodels? She was a bit older now but still good-looking enough to attract horny guys and curious lesbians left and right. And she damn well knew it.

Not to be outdone by these sexy Black women, Lady Gaga decided to show them what she was working with. Taking off her lily-white T-shirt and tight black miniskirt, she stood naked before Queen Serena Williams and Regent Charlize Theron, the Eminences of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Lady Gaga was a sexy Italian-American beauty. With her lithe, sexy body, ethereally pale skin, blonde hair and shiny eyes, she was kind of hot. She also had nice boobs, a slim waist and a nicely rounded ass that was reputedly rare on white chicks. Lady Gaga was hot enough to light up the fire of lust in Black men, and the occasional Black lesbian, including those who weren't usually into white women. Let's just say that Lady Gaga has mass appeal and is keenly aware of it.

Serena Williams and Charlize Theron smiled as they admired the sexy bodies of Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks and Venus Williams. All three women were uniquely sexy. Without a word being spoken, the Queen and the Regent rose from their seat and went to the trio of ladies. As was their right, of course. Serena Williams took out her bag of sexual goodies, and decided to let the party get started. Everybody was naked, horny and ready to fuck and suck. Five hot woman-loving women under one roof. What on planet Earth could be hotter?

Charlize Theron smiled cockily at Venus Williams and gestured for the tall Black sportswoman to come to her. Venus grinned, and went to Charlize Theron. Like a lot of butch Black women, Venus had a thing for horny white chicks. Charlize Theron could sense that a mile away. Growing up in the Republic of South Africa, she hooked up with a lot of Black lesbians. Charlize ran her hands all over Venus Williams body as she kissed her. The two sexy women began making love on the couch. Charlize's hands darted between Venus thighs and she began fingering her pussy. Venus grinned and moaned in pleasure as Charlize began fucking her pussy with her fingers. Charlize couldn't get enough of Venus. The sexy Black female athlete was even hotter than her sister Serena!

Meanwhile, Serena Williams was having her way with Tyra Banks and Lady Gaga. Lying naked on the floor with her big legs spread, Serena Williams ran her hands through Tyra Banks hair as she licked her pussy. Lady Gaga squatted over Serena Williams face, allowing the sexy Black Amazon to lick her pussy. Serena absolutely loved the taste of Lady Gaga's pussy. What is about a white woman's pussy that makes it so addictive to Black lesbians and bisexual Black women? No one knows! Lady Gaga grinned as Serena Williams tongue and fingers darted in and out of her snatch. This was the most fun the sexy Italian-American singer had in months.

Venus Williams knelt before Charlize Theron and spread the sexy blonde woman's creamy white thighs wide open before licking her pussy. Charlize ran her hands through Venus hair as the sexy Black woman went down on her. Hot damn. Venus was a real fiery one. She licked and fingered Charlize snatch like a veteran dyke would. Charlize moaned in pleasure as Venus Williams worked her over. Later, they tried something else. Charlize wore a strap-on dildo and made Venus assume the position. Still kneeling before Charlize, Venus sucked her strap-on dildo. Charlize grinned. Venus was something else. Charlize hadn't hooked up with a woman this hot since Serena.

Nearby, Serena Williams was having more wicked fun with Lady Gaga and Tyra Banks. Lady Gaga now had Serena Williams on all fours. Spreading Serena's big butt cheeks, Lady Gaga licked her pussy and fingered her asshole. Meanwhile, Serena licked Tyra's pussy. Thighs spread, Tyra licked her lips as Serena went down on her. After fingering Serena's asshole for a while, Lady Gaga grabbed a strap-on dildo from the bag of sexual goodies. She rubbed the dildo against Serena's asshole, then pushed it inside. Serena Williams shuddered as Lady Gaga's dildo went up her ass. She continued licking Tyra Banks pussy with gusto. Of course, Tyra Banks was quite thankful for that.

After Venus Williams sucked her strap-on dildo, Charlize Theron was ready to give her the whole enchilada. She put Venus on all fours and spanked her big Black ass. Venus yelped in pleasure as she got her ass spanked. Spreading Venus ass cheeks, Charlize pushed a finger into her asshole while sliding the dildo into her pussy. Venus went wild and urged Charlize to fuck her harder. Charlize pulled the dildo out of Venus pussy and put in her asshole. Then, she gripped Venus hips tightly and thrust the dildo into her butt hole. Venus squealed as she felt Charlize's dildo entering her asshole. Charlize began fucking her with gusto, drilling the dildo deep into her asshole. Fucking both of the Williams sisters up the ass was a fantasy shared by millions of horny men and lesbians around the world. Charlize was finally making her fantasy a reality.

Serena Williams squealed as Lady Gaga's dildo filled up her asshole. Laughing, Lady Gaga spanked Serena's big ass as she fucked her with the strap-on. Meanwhile, Tyra Banks fingered her own pussy, watching the action with interest. Lady Gaga winked at her and told her she was next. Lady Gaga hammered the dildo up Serena's asshole, making the big and tall Black sportswoman scream. Lady Gaga dreamed of fucking Serena Williams asshole ever since that infamous outburst at the U.S. Open. Lady Gaga pulled on Serena Williams hair and yanked her head back while slamming the dildo deep inside of her. She berated Serena while fucking her, calling her a ghetto slut and a big-booty whore. This really turned Serena on, for she begged Lady Gaga to fuck her harder.

After fucking Serena Williams asshole with the strap-on dildo, Lady Gaga pulled out and ordered Serena to clean the dildo. Serena licked the dildo right after it exited her asshole. Then Lady Gaga gestured for Tyra Banks to come over. After Serena finished sucking off the dildo, Lady Gaga told her to make herself scarce. Tyra Banks knelt before Lady Gaga and sucked on the dildo. Grinning, Lady Gaga decided Tyra Banks would be a good fuck. After Tyra Banks cleaned the dildo with her tongue, tasting Serena's ass on it, Lady Gaga put Tyra on all fours. The Italian-American singer spanked the sexy African-American Talk Show Host big butt. Tyra yelped as Lady Gaga spanked her ass. Lady Gaga grinned. She loved dominating strong Black women.

Venus Williams squealed as Charlize Theron fucked her ass mercilessly with the strap-on dildo. This was the most fun she had since she hooked up with Maria Sharapova, who unfortunately got thrown out of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood for conspiring against Queen Serena Williams. Charlize flipped Venus on her back, wanting to look into Venus eyes while drilling the dildo up her asshole. This was fun. She noticed Lady Gaga dominating the hell out of Tyra Banks. The sexy Italian-American singer had the TV legend on all fours, face down and ass up. Lady Gaga worked her dildo into Tyra Banks asshole, spanking Tyra's big ass and pulling her weave as she did so. Tyra screamed in pleasure mixed with pain as Lady Gaga pulled her hair, spanked her big butt and fucked her in the ass with her strap-on dildo.

Serena Williams fingered her pussy while watching Charlize Theron dominating her sister Venus and Lady Gaga dominating Tyra Banks. This was really fun. She fingered herself until she came, squirting all over herself. Her own pussy and asshole were pleasurably sore from the fucking she got from Lady Gaga and Tyra Banks earlier. She watched the sexy quartet having their unique brand of fun, then headed to the showers. They joined her shortly after. All five women were smiling as they showered together. Thus, Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga and Venus Williams were properly welcomed into the Down Low Sisterhood by Serena Williams and Charlize Theron. The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood is happy to have them.

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