tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 19

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 19


The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood is in full bloom, folks. After the unexpected departure of its Queen, the lovely Serena Williams, the Sisterhood was scrambling. Fortunately, Serena Williams named her Regent and former lover, Hollywood starlet Charlize Theron as the new Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood.

As Queen, Charlize Theron intends to continue the same progressive and racially inclusive policies of her predecessor. And she has chosen Superstar Alicia Keys as her new Regent. These two intend to usher in a Golden Age in the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. They're sexy, intelligent, famous, wealthy and powerful. Who in Hell can stand in their way?

Charlize Theron admired Alicia Keys prowess. The sexy young Black woman was smart, ruthless, ambitious and dominant. She would make a wonderful Regent. Examples of Alicia Keys handiwork included how she dominated the hell out of Charlize Theron herself. The two of them hooked up in a spacious mansion in Atlanta, all part of the initiation process. Alicia Keys is a strong Black woman who likes to dominate White chicks.

And she is quite good at it. First, Alicia Keys ordered Charlize Theron to get naked. Then she started barking orders at Charlize Theron, telling the TV star that what she shouldn't wear was panties. Hastily Charlize Theron got naked. Smiling, Alicia Keys admired Charlize Theron's body. Not bad. Not bad at all. Alicia Keys ordered Charlize Theron to get on her knees. When Charlize Theron didn't comply fast enough, Alicia Keys smacked her hard across the face.

A stunned Charlize Theron rubbed her cheek, shocked. Alicia Keys smiled at her maliciously, and said her orders were to be obeyed. Charlize Theron nodded slowly. Alicia Keys ordered the blonde-haired White woman to suck her toes. Obediently, Charlize Theron began sucking on Alicia Keys toes. Alicia Keys grinned. If there is one thing she loved, it's dominating White sluts.

Those silly bitches thought the world belonged to them. Many of them were under the false impression that they were the world's standard bearers in matters of beauty. As if the billions of women of color didn't matter. Alicia Keys hated that kind of arrogance. And she intended to become Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood and wield absolute power over these silly bitches. For now, she'd play nice with Charlize Theron but that bitch had better watch out. Alicia Keys wanted that number one spot so badly she could taste it.  

Speaking of taste, Alicia Keys decided Charlize Theron should get a taste of her pussy. Spreading her sexy thighs, she ordered Charlize Theron to put that mouth of hers to good use. Charlize Theron began licking Alicia Keys pussy like her life depended on it. Alicia Keys grinned. Charlize Theron had some sexy lips. Too bad most of the time when she opened her mouth, she was saying all kinds of shit about other people's clothes. Well, now she was without clothes and licking another woman's pussy. Charlize Theron was actually good at licking pussy. Which kind of surprised Alicia Keys because she thought the only thing Charlize Theron's lips could do was talk. Wow. After Charlize Theron made her cum a few times, Alicia Keys decided to give her some play.

Taking out her strap-on dildo, Alicia Keys made Charlize Theron get on her knees before sucking it. Charlize Theron fingered her own pussy while sucking on Alicia Keys thick strap-on dildo. Once she deemed Charlize's sucking satisfactory, Alicia Keys decided to fuck her. More than anything else, Charlize Theron is turned on by a sexy, bossy woman. Eagerly she got on all fours, offering herself to her sexy Black goddess in the most submissive way.

Alicia Keys smiled and patted Charlize Theron's shapely ass. Then she smacked Charlize's ass. The blonde chick gasped in surprise. Alicia grinned wickedly, then smacked Charlize hard across the face. That's what Charlize gets for being such a cocky White bitch. Then Alicia pressed the dildo against the White woman's pussy lips and thrust it inside. Charlize grimaced as Alicia's big dildo filled her cunt. She hadn't been fucked like this in a long time. Holding onto Charlize's hips firmly, Alicia Keys began fucking her hard with the dildo. And just like that, the wicked fun began.

Alicia Keys grabbed Charlize Theron's long hair and pulled her head back while slamming the dildo deep inside her cunt. Charlize Theron squealed, loving how rough and dominant Alicia Keys was. Charlize Theron, one of the world's biggest sluts, had been submissive with dominant women of almost all colors before. Asian women. Hispanic women. Arab women. This was her first time with a dominant Black woman and so far, she was having the time of her life.

Had she known bossy Black women were this much fun, she would have tried one a long time ago. Alicia Keys drilled the dildo into Charlize Theron's pussy, then switched things up. Dipping her dildo into some lube, she rubbed it against Charlize Theron's ass. Charlize Theron froze as she felt Alicia Keys strap-on dildo rub against her ass. Was the sexy Black woman doing what she thought she was doing? Apparently so. Charlize Theron licked her lips, knowing she was in for a treat.  

Alicia Keys spread Charlize Theron's ass cheeks wide open and pressed the dildo against the blonde-haired White woman's glistening pink asshole. Slowly, she eased it inside. Charlize Theron grimaced as Alicia Keys penetrated her asshole with the strap-on dildo. For ages, Charlize Theron, one of the most dominant women in the world, had a secret fantasy. She wanted to be dominated by a Black woman. And Black women don't get any more dominant than Alicia Keys.

The sexy Black female singer grabbed a handful of Charlize Theron's long blonde hair and yanked her head back. Charlize Theron squealed. Laughing, Alicia Keys thrust the dildo deeper into the White woman's asshole. Charlize Theron's howl was music to Alicia Keys ears. So she demanded an encore by slamming the dildo even deeper inside Charlize Theron's butt hole. Charlize Theron squealed as Alicia Keys dildo plowed into her ass like a miner looking for gold. Hot damn. It hurt but also felt so good. Wow.

Afterwards, Alicia Keys made Charlize Theron kneel before her. She ordered the blonde-haired White chick to suck her dildo and clean it up with her tongue. When Charlize hesitated, Alicia Keys smacked her face hard. Shaking her head, Charlize Theron sucked the dildo, tasting her ass on it. Alicia Keys smiled, pleased with herself beyond measure. She had finally dominated Charlize Theron, the bossiest White bitch she had ever seen.

The two of them had a talk afterwards. Charlize thanked Alicia for a wonderful fuck session, but she had a faraway look on her face. Alicia Keys asked her if everything was alright and Charlize Theron made a shocking confession. She was in love with Serena Williams. She didn't want to be apart from her. Alicia Keys smiled and told Charlize the only thing she could do was go after her beloved, and be with her. Charlize smiled, and nodded. Alicia Keys watched her go. Charlize's vulnerability was quite touching. And Alicia Keys decided to use it to her advantage. She coveted the throne, and would let nothing stand in her way.

The following day, Charlize Theron announced her departure from the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. She was going to Los Angeles, to be with Serena Williams, the woman she loved. And she nominated Alicia Keys as the new Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Why Alicia Keys? Because of her unique combination of beauty, sensuality, sheer talent, amazing intelligence, remarkable ambition, stunning presence and enduring leadership abilities.

The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood was stunned. They had three Queens in the same year! First, there was Serena Williams, the first African-American Queen of Hollywood's Down Low Sisterhood. She abdicated her throne to focus on her career in professional sports. Then there was Charlize Theron, Serena's former lover, who just gave up the throne because she felt empty without Serena by her side.

And now, there was Alicia Keys. The second African-American woman elected Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Amazing. Alicia Keys promised the thousands of Sisters assembled that she would be an effective and most of all, durable leader. And she meant that. Alicia Keys loves power. And don't expect her to give it up because of any silly business. This Queen is here to stay. A strong Black woman is now firmly in charge of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood.

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