tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 20

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 20


Alicia Keys, the new Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood is a sexy young woman with a progressive agenda. And she's decided that from now on, the Sisterhood should recruit women of substance rather than pretty faces with big paychecks. And the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood was made to agree. No one dares disobey Alicia Keys. The tall, sexy and absolutely fantastic young Black woman who's the second African-American leader of the Sisterhood. The Recruiters searched far and wide, and presented two potential recruits to the Queen.

American author, college professor and political analyst Donna Brazile is one of the new recruits. She's often seen on popular television programs like CNN's The Situation Room and American Morning. This curvy, sexy African-American woman is known to millions of people around the world for her intellect, sharp wit and great contributions to politics, human rights, international journalism and women's issues.

The other recruit is the legendary Christiane Amanpour, a gorgeous, dark-haired and bronze-skinned woman of Persian descent. CNN's Chief International Correspondent for more than a decade and the new Anchor of the ABC News show This Week. Both of these women are simply amazing. So the Sisterhood welcomes them with open arms...and legs.

The Sisterhood arranged for its Queen, the lovely Alicia Keys to 'interview' Donna Brazile and Christiane Amanpour at a mansion located near the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia. And to be honest, Alicia Keys couldn't be happier. You see, like a lot of young gay women ( and most straight men) Alicia Keys has a "MILF fetish". And sexy MILFs don't get any more delicious or accomplished than Donna Brazile and Christiane Amanpour.

The two sexy mature ladies were awaiting Alicia Keys in the mansion's plush chambers. You don't get to be at the top without knowing a lot about folks secret lives and the secret societies who rule the world. Donna Brazile and Christiana Amanpour were both keenly aware of the Sisterhood. And both were thrilled to be offered membership.

Upon seeing sexy Alicia Keys sitting on a throne-like chair, Donna Brazile and Christiane Amanpour smiled. Alicia Keys grinned and gestured for them to come to her. Donna licked her lips at the sight of Alicia Keys clad in a Japanese-style bright red dress. The sexy young woman looked good enough to eat. Alicia saw the look of lust on Donna's face and smiled. She loved the effect she had on women, and men for that matter.

Christiana Amanpour felt a slight tingle between her legs as Alicia Keys smiled at her. For most of her life, Christiane felt attracted to both women and men. Growing up in a strict Iranian household, she kept her queer feelings to herself. Later in life, she hooked up with a few women to satisfy her lust and curiosity. After her marriage she ceased all same-sex sexual activities. Well, now she wanted to make up for lost time.

Alicia Keys took off her bright red dress, revealing her gorgeous body. And she encouraged Donna Brazile and Christiane Amanpour to do the same. The two sexy older women didn't need any encouragement. Hastily they got naked, revealing their mature yet sexy bodies. Alicia Keys told them to get into bed with her, and the three of them shared a passionate embrace.

Then the fun began. Alicia Keys gently kissed Christiane, and told her she had admired her for years. Then she spread Christiana Amanpour's smooth legs and slid one finger inside the sexy Persian woman's pussy. Meanwhile, Donna Brazile caressed Alicia Keys shapely ass. Gently spreading Alicia's ass, Donna slid one finger inside the sexy young woman's asshole.

Alicia Keys gasped in surprise when she felt Donna Brazile's finger up her ass. Alicia Keys is probably the most feminine-looking butch lesbian on the planet but she is butch nonetheless. Allowing other women to penetrate any part of her wasn't something she liked. However, Donna's mature sexiness turned her on so much that she didn't mind.

Donna began licking Alicia Keys pussy and fingering her asshole. Meanwhile, Alicia Keys took a slim dildo and began thrusting it into Christiane Amanpour's hairy pussy. Christiane gritted her teeth and urged Alicia to fuck her hard. Alicia Keys grinned. Fucking women real hard is her specialty.

Meanwhile, Donna Brazile feasted on Alicia Keys pussy and asshole, eagerly licking them like they were juicy cakes or something. Alicia Keys really liked what Donna Brazile was doing but she wanted to take control of the seduction. Alicia Keps whipped out her strap-on dildo and ordered Donna Brazile and Christiane Amanpour to kneel before her. Eagerly Donna Brazile and Christiane Amanpour began sucking on Alicia Keys strap-on dildo. Like a lot of sexy older gay and bisexual women, they're really into bossy younger women.

Alicia Keys looked down at Christiane Amanpour and Donna Brazile as they eagerly sucked her strap-on dildo. The sight of these two sexy, wealthy and powerful women kneeling before her and sucking off her dildo really turned her on. And she wanted to fuck them badly. So she did exactly that. Alicia Keys put Donna Brazile on all fours and caressed the sexy older Black woman's big sexy ass. Donna spread her ass cheeks, offering herself to Alicia Keys. Grinning, Alicia Keys began fingering Donna Brazile's asshole, giving the sexy Black woman a taste of her own medicine.

Meanwhile, Christiane Amanpour made herself useful by licking Donna's breasts. Alicia Keys dipped her dildo into some lube and then pressed it against Donna's asshole. With a swift thrust, she penetrated the sexy older Black woman's tight asshole. Donna screamed as Alicia Keys penetrated her ass. Alicia laughed and smacked Donna's ass.

Gripping Donna's wide hips tightly, she thrust her dildo deep inside her. Alicia Keys took one look at Christiane Amanpour's sexy round ass and decided she merited some attention as well. Alicia ordered Christiane to spread her ass and the sexy Persian woman obeyed. Alicia grabbed another dildo, dipped it in lube and then pressed it against Christiane's asshole. Slowly she sank the dildo inside the hot Persian woman's tight asshole.

Christiane Amanpour squealed as she felt Alicia Keys big dildo slide into her asshole. Alicia smacked Christiane's ass and told the sexy older woman to shut up and take it. While thrusting her strap-on dildo into Donna Brazile's ass, Alicia Keys also slammed the other dildo way up Christiane Amanpour's booty hole. Christiane screamed some more. Alicia Keys laughed. She always wanted to dominate two sexy older women at the same time. And now her fantasy had come true. She switched things around. Taking off the strap-on dildo, she made Christiane Amanpour and Donna Brazile lie side by side with their legs spread.

Alicia Keys smiled at herself. Two of the world's most powerful women and she completely dominated them. She took four vibrating dildos and lubricated them before putting them to good use. She shoved one inside Donna's cunt and one up the sexy Black woman's ass. And then she shoved one inside Christiane Amanpour's asshole before working one up her pussy. And just like that, she activated them. Donna Brazile and Christiane Amanpour squealed in pain mixed with pleasure as Alicia Keys vibrators filled their holes. Alicia Keys laughed and fucked them until they came time and again before finally they begged for mercy.

Afterwards, Donna Brazile and Christiane Amanpour thanked Alicia Keys for a wonderful time. Alicia Keys asked them to bow respectfully as they thanked her for her works. Donna and Christiane were more than happy to oblige. It's not every day they got to meet a genuine Queen. The three ladies had a lot of unconventional fun that night, and thus Donna and Christiane were officially welcomed into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. The most powerful secret society on the planet.

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