tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 21

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 21


Tonight, the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood proudly welcomes a living legend, Hollywood actress and international icon Pam Grier. A woman whose name means excellence, beauty and strength. One of the few Black Princesses of the Box Office. The legendary star of iconic movies like Foxy Brown, Infiltrator and Jackie Brown. Superstar Alicia Keys decided to do the honors herself in her capacity as Queen of the Sisterhood. What happens when you put two of the world's finest women together and bridge the gap between generations? An unpredictable explosion of talent, sensuality and power. We proudly welcome you to a memorable encounter, folks. This historic meeting is taking place in a plush chamber of a gorgeous mansion in Atlanta, Georgia.

This meeting is set to determine the answer to the age-old question. What happens when two dominant women meet? What if they should find themselves attracted to each other? How does that play out in the bedroom? Well, we've got the answer to these questions, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, we've got two strong and beautiful Black women who are going to absolutely dazzle you with this evening's erotic festivities. They've got a gorgeous mansion all to themselves, along with sex toys, lubricant and various other necessities. What could go wrong?

Pam Grier looked at Alicia Keys and smiled. The gorgeous older woman could see right through her younger counterpart. It took more than a shiny leather outfit, a whip and some spunky attitude to make a dominatrix. Pam Grier is an avowed bisexual gal who has dominated her share of women and men. And she wanted to add Alicia Keys to her list of conquests. Unfortunately, Alicia Keys was under the mistaken impression that she was in control of the situation and could dominate the likes of Pam Grier. Well, the lovely Pam Grier put an end to that toot sweet.

Alicia Keys knelt before Pam Grier and looked at the sexy older woman adoringly. Pam Grier gently stroked Alicia Keys beautiful face and spread her shapely thighs invitingly. Alicia Keys got the hint and brought her face closer to Pam Grier's hairy pussy. Most women from Pam Grier's generation didn't bother with shaving down there. Alicia Keys began licking Pam Grier's pussy like her life depended on it. Pam Grier smiled. She loved dominating feisty butch chicks like Alicia Keys. They were so much fun in the bedroom.

Alicia Keys licked and fingered Pam Grier's wet pussy with gusto. She couldn't believe what she was doing. Submitting to a sexy older Black woman. Deep down, although she enjoyed dominating other women, Alicia Keys had a hidden submissive side. One that she was curious about exploring. She actually intended to dominate Pam Grier in the bedroom but the sexy older Black woman turned the tables on her. Pam Grier took total control, and Alicia Keys actually liked it. Of course, this wasn't something she would ever admit in public. After all, she had an image to maintain.

Pam Grier licked her lips as Alicia Keys went down on her. Oh, man. Butch sluts like Alicia Keys were truly the best pussy lickers around. Bar none. The way Alicia probed Pam's cunt with her agile fingers and magic tongue made the woman's toes curl. And Pam Grier couldn't get enough of it. When Alicia Keys was done, Pam Grier turned around and bent over. Spreading her big butt cheeks wide open, she ordered Alicia Keys to lick her asshole. Alicia Keys hesitated, but only for a second. Then she began licking Pam Grier's asshole like it was the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted. Pam Grier grinned. Alicia Keys was so docile and obedient, exactly the way she liked her women.

Next, Pam Grier donned a strap-on dildo and ordered Alicia Keys to suck on it. Obediently, the younger woman got on all fours and began sucking the dildo. Pam Grier grinned and ran her hands through Alicia Keys smooth, sexy hair. The sight of Alicia Keys starting to deep-throat her own strap-on dildo really turned Pam Grier on. Pam Grier squeezed her own tits while Alicia Keys sucked the dildo. Afterwards, Pam Grier served up some hot fucking to Alicia Keys. She made the younger woman assume the position, face down and ass up, then she took her. Pam Grier smacked Alicia Keys sexy ass and smiled as the sexy young woman yelped. Pam Grier laughed and then pressed the dildo against Alicia Keys pussy. Gripping Alicia's hips, Pam thrust the dildo into her.

Alicia Keys groaned as Pam Grier began fucking her with her very own strap-on dildo. She felt conflicted about it. Part of her was screaming that this was wrong. Alicia Keys is a butch woman in spite of her sexy and very feminine appearance. Butch women don't let other women fuck them. They do the fucking. Yet another part of her was squealing in ecstasy because her fantasy of being completely dominated by a sexy older Black woman was finally coming true. And deep down, she knew she was thrilled about it. So she completely gave herself over to Pam Grier, urging her to fuck her.

Pam Grier grabbed Alicia Keys hair and pulled her head back. Alicia Keys squealed. Pam Grier smacked her ass some more and slammed the dildo deeper inside her. She switched things up a bit after a few minutes and made Alicia Keys lie on her back with her legs in the air. In this position, Pam Grier completely dominated her. She ordered Alicia Keys to spread her ass cheeks wide open and the younger woman complied. Pam Grier then dipped her strap-on dildo in lubricant and then pressed it against Alicia Keys asshole. Slowly, Pam Grier began working the well-lubricated dildo into Alicia Keys asshole. Alicia Keys winced as Pam Grier began fucking her in the ass. Pam Grier looked into Alicia Keys as she sodomized her. She drank the look of surrender in Alicia's eyes. Dominating a butch woman was every femme's secret desire.

Pam sank the dildo even deeper inside Alicia Keys asshole, and the younger woman screamed. Pam got really rough with her and smacked her hard across the face while berating her. She also spat in Alicia's face while at it. Alicia looked at her, stunned. Pam Grier smiled nastily and continued slamming the dildo up Alicia's asshole. She then inserted three fingers inside Alicia's pussy and then added a fourth. And just like that, Pam Grier inserted her entire fist inside Alicia's pussy. Alicia's eyes bulged and she screamed louder than ever before. Truth be told, her screams were sweet music to Pam Grier's ears. How she loved that sound. Pam continued putting Alicia through hell until the young woman cried tears of pain and joy after experiencing a rocking orgasm.

Pam Grier was quite pleased with herself. Afterwards, she made Alicia Keys clean the dildo with her tongue. The same dildo she used to thoroughly fuck Alicia Keys pussy and ass. Is she cool or what? Once Alicia Keys was done, she thanked Pam Grier for an absolutely wonderful time. She was so thankful to Pam for allowing her to explore her submissive side. And of course Pam Grier was happy to oblige. Alicia Keys remains the Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood, the most powerful gathering of women powerbrokers on the planet. However, in the bedroom, Pam Grier pulls her leash. And she likes it!

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