Downsizing Ch. 02


We spent most of Sunday with me dressed in the clothes for work on Monday. I practiced my feminine appearance. Sitting was very natural for me. I was already sitting like a woman does most of the time. With either my legs crossed or together. Walking was getting easier. It was learning to eat again, and carrying myself that gave me the most problems, though it didn’t take too much practice. I felt at the end of the day we had made a lot of progress, and I would be able to carry myself the way I should be dressed as I was going to be on Monday.

When Monday rolled around I got up extra early. I didn’t have to worry about going over to Stacy’s on Monday morning, as it was there that I woke up. I had spent the entire weekend. Even though things got hot and bothered on Friday, nothing happened the rest of the week. The only difference, was after I relieved myself Monday morning, my usual erection didn’t go away. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to contain myself in the skirt and would end up with a tent showing. I tried a cold shower but that didn’t work either. Finally Stacy took matters into her own hands, or should I say her mouth. It was not a passionate blowjob like it had been on Friday, but it did what we had both intended it to do.

Stacy was now able to get me dressed for work, and get my hair and makeup done. Getting ready for work took far less time than either of us had imagined, so we went out for breakfast before work. I was very uneasy when we walked out the door to head to the restaurant. I just knew someone would see me as a man, and would start a big stink about how I was dressed. Thankfully, nobody noticed, or if they did, they didn’t care. We had a very pleasant breakfast with coffee. It was definitely odd seeing a lipstick stain on my coffee cup when I put it down on the table the first time. Stacy told me not to worry, I would get used to if it I continued to go to work for our company.

When we got to the office, it took my five minutes just to get out of the car. I knew I had to go in, but I also knew I would inevitably hear some snide, or obscene remarks from people I passed by. Remembering the talk I had with Ms. Stanton, I looked around to see how many men were still working for the company now that we all had to wear makeup. Not one desk that usually had a male employee sitting behind it was occupied. “Well,” I thought to myself, “at least I don’t have to hear the comments from the make co-workers.” I continued to my desk and set down my newly acquired purse in my drawer that previously held the bag of makeup. I knocked on Ms. Stanton’s door, and waited for a reply. When she said come in, I entered her office for the first time in my new dress code compliant outfit.

Ms Stanton looked directly at me and asked, “Can I help you?”

For the last time in my employment with the company I used my normal voice when I said, “I take it you don’t recognize me?”

Ms Stanton looked a little bit closer, looking me up and down. “No I do not.” She said.

“Well, Ms. Stanton,” I began in my new voice, “My name is Daniel Davis, or should I say for the remainder of my employment Danielle Davis, so as to not look out of place. I was only wondering if I could get a new name plate that said Danielle instead? Oh and an updated employee badge.”

Ms. Stanton was in pure shock, she didn’t know what to say at first. When her shock wore off, I was sure the look I saw was one of pure fury. I was not wrong. Ms. Stanton looked at me, and in one of the most forceful voices I have ever heard bellowed out, “Mr. Davis, or Ms. Davis whatever you are calling yourself, how dare you make a mockery of our dress code. We will not make a new employee badge, or get you a new name plate, you will be lucky if you are still working here at the end of the day. I suggest you get back to your desk, and do as much work as you can until I come by later to let you know what the company’s decision is on this situation.”

It was all I could do to not smack here then and there. I looked at her with hatred running through me. Keeping my practiced voice I said to her quite angrily, “HOW DARE ME?! How dare you, you come into this company and cut most of the employees except those with exemplary service records and attendance. Then you come in and try to get rid of more of us by making us wear makeup. I want to see the written dress code and I want to see it now.”

Ms. Stanton was once again shocked. I don’t believe anyone had ever talked to her in such a manner the whole time she had been in a business situation. When she hadn’t moved after sufficient time I told her she could either show me the dress code, or I will use her phone to call the employment attorney I talked to on the previous Monday evening. She reached into her desk drawer and pulled out the employee manual with the new dress code already in it. She opened it up to the desired page. Looking at the page I noticed she could have read it to me, as she said it word for word. The dress code was not sex specific in any way.

I carried the page to the copy machine and made a copy of the exact page, and walked back to the desk. I handed Ms. Stanton the book back, and said to her, “Now you need to sign and date my copy that I am keeping for my record.” She was very reluctant until I threatened again to call the attorney. As I left the office, I turned to her and suggested the employee badge and name place again. Her look of anger returned at my words.

Before I returned to my desk, I stopped by my supervisor’s desk, and kind of reintroduced myself. I explained what I had just done, and she burst out laughing. Then a look of concern came across her face. When I asked what was wrong, she looked at me and asked, “Are you alright? The new attire isn’t a problem for you is it?”

A smile crossed my face. Her’s seemed to ease a little when I smiled. I said to her, “This attire is strictly for Nine to Five. After 5 PM there is no more Danielle.

“Well,” she said, “I am glad that you have found a solution around the Bozo the clown look. I am also glad you are fairly well off with the way you went about it.”

When I asked her if I could get an extra hour for lunch break later that day, she was more than happy to allow me the time off. She said today was a slow day, and there wouldn’t be a problem. The rest of the day up until lunch went pretty well. I went an hour early, as I wanted to stop by an attorney’s office. I talked to the attorney for about thirty minutes before I needed to go back to work. I found out that if I was let go because of the dress code since I was complying with how it was written, that he could get me at least 51% of the ownership of the company in a lawsuit. He made a call while I was there and found out, dressed as I was, I could legally use either restroom when I needed as long as I didn’t doddle around in either one of the restrooms, whichever one I felt more comfortable in. If I were to linger in either one, they would have grounds to fire me on sexual harassment charges.

When I got back tot he office, I went to the cafeteria to join Stacy. When I put the keys down on the table and thanked her for letting me use her car, several other ladies gathered around. Stacy turned to me and said, “So Dani, how did it go?”

My response put a smile on her face. “The attorney said if they let me go while I am in 100% compliance with the new dress code he would keep fighting until I own 51% of this company. While I was there he also made a call to find out about the legalities of the powder room.” All the ladies burst out laughing at my comment.

Susan, after she quit laughing so hard said, “If you doddle in the ladies room, I’m gonna doddle on your lap hon.” Her comment brought about another round of laughter. I think that was the best lunch I had ever had with the company, and the ladies all accepted me as one of the girls from that day on. The remainder of the day was a good day. I never did see Ms. Stanton like she had inferred that I would. On Wednesday, when I walked into the office and to my desk, I noticed my new name plate. I turned on my computer, opened up my email and found a message telling me I needed to report to personnel, and would need my employee badge. I guess the message got through to management that I was planning on keeping my job, even if I had to go through such a change as far as dress code was concerned.

Ms. Stanton stopped by my desk on Friday to check to make sure I had my name plate, and employee badge as I had wanted. Not only that, but she told me that she had checked with the company’s attorneys, and found I was well within my rights to dress as I was, as long as I didn’t try to create a scene. She also went on to tell me she was going to try to make an effort to accept it as what it was, just compliance with the dress code. She apologized to me for her actions, and in the following weeks actually became friendly, and got to actually know me as she had done with several other employees.

After about three months since the new dress code, Stacy and I decided I would move in with her as we were seeing each other as a couple now. A few times we had sex in identical outfits at Stacy’s prodding. It was not something I wanted to get into a habit of. I let Stacy know this, and she was able to see where I was coming from. I did it mainly as a treat to her, to help turn her on a little bit more. I do have to admit, the sex was better, much better, when I was dressed in one of her outfits.

My hair was growing out a bit. And I had it styled so I could wear it to work without a wig. It was a style that could be make or female. None of my buddies noticed the new look, which I was grateful for. Once in a while one of them would give me a hard time about my appearance, saying I needed a weekend fishing, so I look a little bit rougher. That however, would defeat the work Stacy and I had done to make it so I fit in a little better at work.

It was about that time that some of the maintenance workers found out my true identity. They would walk by and give me dirty looks. At lunch I told Stacy and Susan about it. They exchanged glances, and both smiled. I guess they expected this to happen at some time. They excused themselves, and left the rest of us ladies hanging. I couldn’t help but wonder what they were upto.

Later that day, I got an email from Ms. Stanton asking me to stop by her office. When I got to her office and knocked, she asked me to enter. Ms. Stanton asked me to sit down opposite her, so I took a seat. She looked me in the eye and said Stacy and Susan had informed her of the actions of the maintenance guys. When I confirmed what they had told her, she had an idea that she related to me. The guys from maintenance would find new uniforms for them to wear the next day. She informed me that they would be wearing French maid outfits the next day, or would find themselves unemployed for sexual harassment and charged legally with the same infraction. I couldn’t help but giggle, and Stanton did the same.

The next day when we saw maintenance everyone had a laugh. They looked so funny in their maid’s outfits. Several pictures had been taken as proof of the incident. Ms. Stanton was waiting on them the second they emerged from the men’s room. Stacy came up to them with a print out from her digital camera of the guys, and informed them that if they didn’t chill out, pictures would be sent to their wives, and any family references they listed during applying for the job.

I wouldn’t say it was amazing, due to the blackmail job, but the guys seemed to be a little more open, and had even talked me to about why I was dressed the way I was. After explaining it was because of the makeup dress code, they seemed to understand.

For now, everything was back to normal, with the exception of my stylish work clothes.

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