SEXWHILEDRIVING contributed to the writing of this story, in its first inception on a thread in The Playground section of the forum, and I wish to publicly thank him for his inspiration and his contribution.


It was just after midnight. He couldn't tell you why, but from the day he bought the black Corvette he felt compelled to go for long drives at night. It seemed he was drawn to driving by the old cemetery. That's where he saw her in his dreams many times, waiting there by the road for him to pick her up. The dreams were so compelling that if he didn't take the Corvette out at night to look for her, he never got to sleep. She seemed to be calling to him and he was powerless to stop himself from answering.

He shifted gears and took the turn too fast, heedless of the misty fog that wafted through menacing branches and the light drizzle that slickened the streets. The black Corvette pulled up to the ornate wrought iron gate, the engine humming, purring, as he idled just in front of it. He sat there, hands clutching the wheel, and waited. What was he doing here? Was he going insane? There was no one here.

He lit a cigarette and was preparing to leave, but something stopped him. He heard it first, a soft sweet sound that seemed to whisper to him. It came from everywhere, and nowhere. He lowered his window, listening intently, trying to determine the direction from which it came. He flicked his cigarette into a puddle, and stared past the iron gate into the dark cemetery beyond.

"What the hell am I doing?" He opened the door, cut off the engine and exited the car. Without some trepidation, he opened the iron gate and entered the cemetery.

Her presence was palpable as he blindly walked along the cemetery drive, yet he seemed to know just where he was going. The sound, no longer a whisper, grew louder with every step he took. Nervous excitement coursed through his veins. She was here. He just knew it! He couldn't see her, but he felt she was near. The fog seemed to swirl around him, thick and dense, when he tripped into something hard, cold and wet. An old marble statue of an angel, marking the grave of someone long departed, loomed just before him. He brought his hand to his head, felt the cut and the hot sticky blood that oozed from it. And it was in that moment he saw her.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. He didn't care what happened to him, he just wanted to please her. Whatever she wanted he would do. The woman uttered not a word. She just stood there, an ethereal figure, not quite within his grasp. Silently, she stepped forward, and with her eyes transfixed upon his, brought her hand up to his, and wiped at the blood on his head. And then she brought her fingers to her lips, and slowly, and seductively, licked and sucked his blood from each one. She smiled then, a wicked grin, and his cock surged at the sight. Leaning in closer, she raised up on her tip-toes, and licked at his cut, at the rivulet of crimson fluid that trailed from it. He couldn't move, and he choked on an intake of breath as her hot wet tongue laved his cool damp skin.

He felt as though he should run for his life, but his desire for her meant more to him than life. "I bought a black Corvette recently, but I think it really belongs to you." He handed her the keys.

"Please, take me for a ride?" He stood there. Spellbound.

She stepped back then, and still didn't speak, but snatched the keys from his hand. Turning away from him, she effortlessly made her way down the drive towards the gate, and the waiting black Corvette. He followed, her willing victim, sure of his own doom, yet unable to resist her.

She slipped behind the wheel, her spike heeled shoe pressed down on the accelerator, and the engine roared. He stood rooted beside the passenger door, staring at her through the rain trickling down the window. Turning her head to the side, she stared back at him, and the door opened. He didn't remember reaching for the chrome handle as he sat next to her, breathing in the smell of her, and of leather. He loved that smell. He closed his eyes and breathed deeper, and then he held on tight as she peeled down the road.

As soon as he sat down in the passenger seat, the door closed of it's own accord, quickly, and locked. The way she drove the black Corvette showed that she had no fear of death, but why should she fear it? He glanced up to see the speedometer shoot past 100 m.p.h., and he watched as it continued to climb. Her stiletto heel pushing the accelerator to the floor, mesmerized him. She reached over and began to stroke the back of his neck, her ruby-red nails grazing his skin.

He wondered if she knew where she was going. She didn't seem to notice the traffic lights or street signs as she flew past them. And then there were no more lights, or signs, or anything that looked familiar. All he saw was darkness and fog in the glow of the headlights in front of him. Her hand trailed slowly down his arm and came to rest upon his muscled thigh. She squeezed it. Hard. He was surprised by the strength in her feminine fingers. Tauntingly, she lightly grazed her long nails up and down his thigh, and without thinking at all he reached over.

His fingers easily slid down between her skin and panties, and into her dripping pussy. He leaned against her and nibbled her ear, then whispered, "Faster!"

That he said this suprised him, because he was afraid. Even he had never gone so fast. It was as if her influence on him made him long for death. To be with her. He imagined her sucking the life out of him, and thrust his fingers inside her.

But she didn't go faster. Her foot slammed on the brakes, and the black Corvette spun. He closed his eyes again, his hand still inside her panties, as he waited for death to claim him. And when finally, the car came to a stop, she turned down a dirt road, lined on either side by large swaying trees. She lifted her hips up in the seat as she drove straight ahead, urging his fingers further inside her dripping hole.

He got the distinct impression that he was more in danger now than when they were careening along the highway. As she raised her hips, he plunged deep inside her, and it felt almost as if it was her cunt that was pulling his hand further inside. She was an enchantress, and he was powerless under her spell. Her ruby-red lips formed a sultry half smile as she drove down the dirt road, and then suddenly the Corvette came to an abrupt stop. She switched off the ignition and threw him the keys. With quick reflexes he caught them in his free hand. The fog was thicker and denser here in the middle of nowhere. The night even seemed to be darker. Her head tilted back against the black leather seat, long hair flowing over it, and she closed her eyes as his fingers foraged within her sleek folds.

He wasn't sure what to do next. Even in the dim light, her raven hair was so beautiful against the black leather seat. It almost seemed as if she were one with the Corvette. He could feel her excitement build, though her face showed nothing but that wicked half smile. He felt drawn to her lips. He needed to taste them.

She must have known what he was thinking though, as he gazed upon her mouth, her wet tongue peeked out to lick a full pouty bottom lip. She did it slowly and seductively, and he found himself imagining what it would feel like to have that tongue bathing his balls, to have those lips suck his cock inside her hot wet mouth. He thrust another finger inside her then, as he leaned over to taste those crimson lips.

And then her lithe body spasmed again and again. He slid his tongue deep into her mouth as soon as his lips met hers. Their kiss was endless, the embrace deep, and it was as if time stood still for that moment. Something sharp cut his tongue and he pulled away in a daze. Blood drizzled down his lip and at once she kissed it away.

Without her speaking a word he knew she wanted him to drive. They exited the car at the same time, came around to the front and embraced. Her hand slid into his pants to tease his rampant erection. In his gut he knew that if he got back in the car with her he wouldn't leave it alive. It was already too late though, he didn't know how to escape from her. And he didn't want to.

Her fingers felt cool, wrapped around his long thick cock. It throbbed within her grasp as she slowly and methodically stroked him. He was amazed at how quickly she brought him to the edge, from just her hand pumping his cock, her long nails scratching his balls with every upstroke. He felt like a schoolboy with no control, fighting the urge to cum all over her hand, watching as his precum dripped onto her fingers. Somehow, she held him back from the edge, and she uttered one word, "Drive."

The engine started with a roar and he threw it in gear. As the car screamed down the road, he knew that not only was she in control of him, she controlled the car as well. He watched in horror and ecstasy as the speedometer shot past 100 m.p.h. without hesitation once again. And it just kept climbing, higher and higher. He felt helpless as she willed his foot to the floor, as she gazed at him and smiled, revealing perfect pearl-white teeth, the canines looked sharp and pointed. Then she lowered her head, long raven tresses brushing his thighs as she took him inside her hot wet mouth.

And the moment her ruby lips enveloped the head of his cock, he didn't care about anything else. Her blood-red nails scored his skin as she swallowed him whole, his cock disappearing inside her mouth. She fucked him with her mouth, sensuously slow, and then stopping to tease him with long lucious licks from the base but not quite to the head. His balls were tight against his body, aching to release the sustenance within them. She cupped them in her hand and squeezed as her tongue traveled up to the head of his cock to lap up the precum that oozed from it. He could feel the veins in his cock pulsing against her tongue as she sucked him deep inside her.

An eerie fog hung over the road, he could barely make out the edge, much less tell where he was going. The whisps of fog had a hypnotic effect as they passed over the windshield, and combined with what she was doing to him, he fell deeper into a trance of ecstasy. The black Corvette howled down the road faster than he ever imagined it could go. At this speed, and in the fog, any curve, any turn, could result in their death. He was barely able, in his present state, to do little more than keep the car on the road. And there she was, her head over his lap, driving him closer to the end.

Suddenly, without his effort, his foot shifted to the brake. The car downshifted and negotiated a tight turn before it accelerated rapidly out of a curve. He couldn't believe he had managed to make that turn since he hadn't even see it coming! Any doubt as to who was really driving, who was in control, vanished. He looked down to see her smile up at him, her wicked little grin, just before she sucked him inside once more.

It was she who controlled the car, just as it was she who controlled his cock. He knew he wouldn't cum unless she willed it. Her sucking became harder, the cadence faster, and the only thing that mattered to him was the pent up explosion aching to be released. All thought stopped. He let go of the wheel and reached down, wrapping her long silky hair in his hands, pulling hard to keep her close to his aching cock. Her sharp teeth scraped along the sensitive skin of his turgid shaft, it jerked inside her mouth as hot cum began to pour down her waiting throat. She swallowed convulsively, greedily, as she quenched her thirst. She sucked even harder, siphoning every liquid drop from him, to appease her hunger. And once she had been sated, she was gone.

He looked down at his empty hands that held her hair just a second ago. He quickly looked up and through the windshield into the pitch black night. The misty fog cleared, and the headlights illuminated the slick asphalt as the black Corvette flew over it. Uncontrolled. He reached up to grasp the steering wheel, to take control once again, but it was too late. And then it was over.

The man layed there, afraid to open his eyes, afraid he would look upon hell. He thought he had to be dead. And then he thought he heard familiar noises, familiar whispers. Very slowly, he lifted his lids, opening his eyes, amazed at what he saw.

It must have been a dream! He sat up in his bed and looked around at the four walls of his own room, almost relieved. He grasped the sheets on his bed as he heard footsteps coming towards the door. It creaked open slowly, blood-red nails resting on the door frame as she entered. She didn't seem to even notice he was there, lying upon the bed, as she walked over to the window and opened the blinds. The light hurt his eyes. He lifted the covers and peeked beneath them, saw the marks, the congealed blood and seed that covered his flaccid cock. She turned from the window then and faced him, smiling her wicked smile, baring it all.

"Good morning, baby!" As she spoke the words she licked her lips slowly and seductively. Hungry once again.

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by roja4uindians11/30/17

Very nice

Its a ver nice story.. like the end. Even I like to bj in moving car but can't describe like this . Very nicely described

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