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Driving in Snow Ch. 28


Chapters 1-7 are somewhat self contained and describe Matt being rescued from a Midwest snowstorm by a family that turn out to be his soul mates, girls with lots of past life ties. Lots of spirituality and lots of sex. This was mostly written in 2005 and was posted in 2010.

Chapters 8-13 describe Matt going home to the Northeast, discussing things with his wife. Ann, Barbara and Connie starting college. Matt and Ann setting up a business. Again lots of spirituality and lots of sex. Written and posted in 2013.

Chapters 14-17 are sort of a side story. They describe meeting two of Barbara's friends and what unfolds from there. I considered posting it as a separate work under the title: "Tall and Short." Written in 2013-2014 but the characters Becca and Zena were developed in 2007.

Chapters 18-33 are a continuation of chapters 8-13. With Pool parties and other activities. Several additional girls are introduced. Written in 2013 - 2015.

The spirituality expressed in this work represents my present view is to how the universe actually works. Note however: The miracles only happen when we allow them to.

I very much look forward to comments. I am very open to discussion about all of this. Both publicly with comments and privately by email.

Chapter 28.

Tuesday morning.

Joyce wanted me to take her on her desk. I thought that was a little too exposed, being visible from the front door and all. We compromised and used my desk.

Later that morning Joyce contacted Frank, a high school friend who had a pick up truck with a plow and a snow blower and arranged for him to plow 3i out as needed. Later in the day they met and added some posts at the edges of the parking lot as markers. She also arranged to get the road to the pool paved.

Yvonne still again.

The girls did not need to work on this lab together so Yvonne walked over to 3i while Ann went to the library.

This time we used the conventional Mattress. Yvonne had an absolutely mind blowing orgasm. Afterwards we cuddled and gently kissed for about half an hour.

Then she talked about a big change in her life. She found that race was no longer an important issue to her. She thanked me for that.

She said: "I have found that as soon as I forget that I am black, really forget, those around me forget it too. I have gotten close to several girls in my dorm and a number of classmates. I am starting to feel like they see me as just another student. It is really neat."

We talked about that for a while.

She said: "One thing I can't figure out. I don't think that I am behaving any differently yet the people around me are acting so differently and the change has been very fast. I would have thought it would take months but it seems to be happening in days."

I said: "Your vibration has changed and people notice. Not consciously usually but they do notice."

She said: "Another funny part of this is that my uncle has been telling me for years that: 'As soon as you forget you are black others will too.' I never really believed it before."

Our conversation continued.

We hugged again. Still great union.

Then we dressed and I drove her back to school.

Ron and Jan dinner.

We invited Ron and Jan to a late dinner . We had roast beef. It was a wonderful meal with wonderful conversation.

Some of it was about general spirituality and some was a discussion about the nature of love.

Both of them were really happy. They would look at each other in an incredibly lovingly manner, both ways. They would often touch hands. It was a joy to watch.

At the end of the meal we loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and moved into the living room.

It was dark outside.

As we were about to sit down on the sofa Janet said: "Why don't we soak in the hot tub?"

I nodded. Ann said: "Sure."

Ron looked panicked. He looked at me pleadingly and gestured with his head in the direction of the dining room. We walked that way.

As we walked I wondered if Ann had put Jan up to suggesting this.

He said softly: "We go in the hot tub nude, don't we?"

I said: "Yes."

He said: "I'd get an erection."

I said: "So. I might too. Look, has Janet seen your penis?"

He blushed slightly and answered: "Yes."

I asked: "Was she OK with it?"

He answered: "Yes."

I asked: "Have you seen Jan nude?"

He smiled slightly at the memory and said: "Yes."

I then said: "I know Ann, she sees mine regularly, seeing your penis, erect or not, would not upset her. Likewise I am OK with all of us nude together."

He asked: "Really?"

I replied: "Yep."

The girls were looking at us. Chuckling slightly.

Ron noticed.

I said: "The girls are obviously OK with this."

Ron looked slightly dejected then he said: "OK... I guess."

I said: "Remember - You are with friends."

He smiled.

I looked at the girls and said: "OK lets go."

We put on our coats.

I grabbed a flashlight for each of us and we took the elevator down.

We walked to the pool/hot tub area.

I turned on both underwater lights in the pool and both banks of heat lamps. Then I flipped off the spa cover and turned on the pumps.

Ron looked at the spa and said: "Neat."

We undressed. Ron was still feeling somewhat shy, particularly with respect to Ann.

Ann looked at Ron and said: "Ron, don't worry, it's OK, really."

He smiled back. It looked somewhat forced.

We were soon all nude. Ron had a full erection. I did not.

Ron looked Ann up and down. He blushed a bit as he did so. She smiled slightly.

The others climbed into the tub.

I turned off the white light in the pool and changed the LED lights to sequential color mode.

Then I turned off the heat lamps and made a dash into the tub.

Jan's nipples were out of the water. They would stay fully erect the whole time.

Ann's were just underwater.

Ron relaxed as soon as he was in the swirling water.

Jan leaned over and kissed Ron.

We continued the conversation we had been having over dinner.

Ann suggested that we try different seats. When Ron stood we saw that his erection had subsided.

Our conversation continued. It was clear that Ron was now totally relaxed in this environment. He was having fun.

We stayed in the hot tub about half an hour.

I exited the tub first and turned on the heat lamps.

Ron and I toweled off Jan and Ann respectively. Then the girls toweled us off. Many kisses were exchanged in the process. Ron appeared to remain comfortable even though his erection returned. He was giving Ann a thorough looking over as well as Jan. We dressed and returned to the apartment.

I asked Ron as we sat down on the sofa: "Well what do you think?"

Ron replied: "That was awesome."

Ann asked: "Do you want to do it again some time?"

Ron smiled and said: "Certainly."

Ann said: "There were some free seats. Should we invite a few more girls, say Joan, Ruth, Robin and Ellen?"

Ron blushed and replied: "Well I don't know about that. I am busy with just Janet."

Janet interjected: "Just?" She tried to look insulted but did not succeed, her grin kept coming through.

Ron smoothly replied: "As in: You are all I need."

They both smiled. Then they kissed softly.

Ann said: "Don't worry Ron. I would want your OK before I did that to you."

We talked for another hour. Jan and Ron held hands the entire time.

Ann drove them back to the dorm in the Miata. On the way Ann confided to them that Ron was only the second man to see her nude. Ron replied that she was the second girl that he had seen nude. Ann laughed and said: "I thought so."

I later asked Ann if she put Jan up to it. Ann said that she merely suggested the possibility and Janet grabbed it and ran with it.

Wednesday morning.

Joyce and I were back in the hot tub.

Janet: A new level.

We stayed dressed. We spent most of the hour sitting on the sofa, silently cuddling. Quietly affirming a special love. In some ways it was a meditation. At the end we stood and hugged. We were merging.

We held it for about five minutes.

We were sending love. It was not nearly as strong as with Barbara and I but it was definitely happening. This time the list included a male. Ron was receiving love too.

Afterwards Jan said: "I feel like there was only one of us." I shared the feeling.

Jan asked a favor: "Can Ron and I spend the night here at 3i?"

I said: "Yes. When?"

Jan said: "Let me talk with Ron."

Hot Tub 2.

Joan, Ellen, Linda, Robin and Ann arrived at three. We moved to the hot tub. The air temperature was cold. The two banks of heat lamps made the changing area quite pleasant and everybody loved the water. We stayed in the tub about one half hour and then adjourned to the living room sofa. We stayed dressed. Jan and Candy joined us at four. Candy suggested that we undress. We did. Everyone was very comfortable. The session broke up about five.

The girls decided that it was getting cold for the hot tub and that being late in the semester that we would postpone these gatherings until the spring.

Ann drove everybody but Joan back in the SUV.

Joan again.

Joan asked: "How come you stay limp when you are with all of us nude but now that you are with just me you are fully hard?"

I answered: "Just lucky I guess. Actually I think my body is responding to an expectation of sex."

I reached out and caressed a fully erect nipple. Then I ran my hand down her body to touch a very juicy mound.

She said: "Me too."

We shared a long and very sloppy kiss along with a very erotic hug.

I was caressing her ass. At one point I touched her anus. She hissed in pleasure.

She whispered: "I like that."

So I did it some more. Then I moistened a finger in her vagina and popped it into her ass.

She went crazy. Screaming: "YES, Yes... Oh God yes, yes yes yes."

Then she clawed my back again.

We stopped.

I said: "Girl you are getting dangerous."

She replied in a little girl voice: "I'm sorry."

Fortunately it was not nearly as bad as last week. Hardly any blood at all.

I went to our first aid supplies. Three simple band aids were sufficient.

She was very apologetic.

We kissed gently.

Then we moved to the conventional mattress together. We necked and petted for a while and then I had her ride me astride.

She laughed when I suggested astride: "Keeping my hands away from your back."

I replied with a laugh too and said: "It's probably safest."

She really loved the astride position.

Thursday morning.

Joyce was disappointed. Ann and I used the undamped waterbed. Joyce made it up at four. We used the regular Mattress.

Shortly afterwards a crew arrived and paved the road to the pool.

Lisa email.

I received an email from Lisa with a number of questions about the nature of the universe. I responded with what I hoped were thoughtful answers. This was the start of an ongoing email dialog. She asks good questions.

Thursday noon.

Ann and I allowed the lovebirds the use of the apartment Thursday night. Jan came over for a shave. I suggested that she have Ron do it. She said that I do an excellent job and she wanted everything to be perfect for tonight. I acquiesced.

I found myself thinking as I shaved her: 'Ron is a very lucky man.'

I found myself in a funny sort of nostalgia as I shaved a pussy, no that is not right, a yoni that I used to enjoy but never would again. I found myself being extra thorough as I rubbed in the massage oil to complete the process. By the time I finished it very much was a yoni, a sacred spot, her sacred spot but then again all of her was sacred.

She kissed me. It was a thank you kiss.

I found myself being very grateful that Janet had been in my life at all. Ron is indeed a fortunate man.

Jan and Ron Overnight.

Ann brought them over right after dinner. Ron could not have been more thrilled. He thanked us profusely. At Jan's suggestion they would use the conventional mattress. When Jan said that I knew she would be riding Ron astride. I wondered if there would be any psychic effects.

Friday morning.

Ann showed up to drive Jan and Ron back to campus. The two looked tired but very happy. They thanked us again and again.

Joyce and I used the damped waterbed. Joyce had more intense orgasms than usual.

Later in the morning Ron called to thank me still again. He thanked me not only for the use of a big bed but also for making Janet who she now was.

I said: "Who she is now was always who she was. She was just very hurt and very confused for a while. Treat her well Ron. You have a rare catch there."

He said: "I know and I will. Thank you also for teaching her about sex."

I replied: "I'll tell you a secret. She does not have that much experience but she definitely has a great deal of natural talent."

We both laughed.

Then I said: "Seriously however: Make your relationship a spiritual partnership and keep it one. You both deserve that. Allow your lovemaking to be sacred and keep it that way also."

Saturday morning .

Ann and I spent the whole morning in bed. Ann is easy to love: spiritually, mentally and physically. Our first lovemaking was quick for great was our need. Our second was slow and oh so loving. The third was exquisite, celebrating the depth of our love.


Fil and I spent part of Sunday discussing going to Florida.

I was very busy with 3i, not to mention the girls.

Ann may be running flat out with work and school but she was still managing to spend a significant amount of time with Fil.

Fil was also doing a lot of painting. She could paint anywhere.

We realized that we had been losing contact with most of our Florida friends and had been building a new group of friends here. Likewise heavy Florida traffic and opressive humidity left a great deal to be desired.

We ended up deciding not to decide. We might or might not go to Florida during the college winter break but not before. Another possibility that we had on the table was that Fil would fly to Florida on her own to visit the kids.

To be continued.

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