tagChain StoriesDry Valley Ch. 10

Dry Valley Ch. 10


Chapter 10: Dark Obsession

The battered black pickup with the deeply tinted windows nosed in between two parked cars, where the driver could watch Jessica unseen. She didn't notice the truck as she exited her rented Taurus and went into the downtown market. The driver watched, however, fascinated by the movement of her hips as she walked. He imagined them free of the little white shorts they were encased in, those firm globes revealed to him as he bent her over. He could imagine stabbing his cock into their apex, and hearing her squeal. How sweet that moment would be!

Once Jess had entered the store, he leaned back into the seat and closed his eyes, now remembering the girl from yesterday morning. What a sexy little thing she'd been, and how gullible and trusting, too! He was hard, remembering, and he dropped his hand onto the massive cylinder of flesh that lay along one thigh, absentmindedly stroking the hardness that threatened to split the denim of his jeans. She'd noticed that lump, too; that little thing, almost as soon as she settled into the truck seat. She'd made no pretense of ignoring it. He smiled, thinking back to that first meeting with her.

"Hey, where you headed?" he'd asked her, as he pulled up in front of the bus stop bench. She was pretty, a couple of years younger than him, he supposed, and married, judging from the ring on her finger. "You want a ride, or do you want to sit on that old bench half the day?"

She'd smiled, at first not committing herself, but soon considered how nice it would be to ride in his air-conditioned truck, compared to that crowded old city bus. Plus, he wasn't bad-looking, she reasoned. She came over to the truck window and spoke to him when he asked where she was headed.

"Um...to work, I guess," she said, kind of shyly. She wore a dark blue Wal-Mart smock, and looked every bit the innocent little thing. He wasn't fooled, though. He could see the look in her eyes...that kind of far-off look that signaled to him that she might be unhappy with her life, and might welcome a new 'adventure.' His eyes met hers, and he smiled. He could certainly give her an adventure!

"Hop in," he said, leaning across and opening the door for her. "We'll work on getting you where you need to go."

She slid onto the seat, her eyes glancing at him as she did. When she noticed the bar of flesh laid out along his leg and stretching the material of his jeans, she couldn't look away. Her tongue touched her upper lip unconsciously, and the term "trouser snake" came immediately to her mind. He was big...bigger than her husband on his best night!

Jonis Owens was a sexual animal. Always had been, even back in high school. Lean and muscular, with a laborer's body, he seemed to have more in common with a wolf than a human. He was somehow feral-looking, and moved with a surprising grace. This had a peculiar effect on women, attracting them until they learned his motives.

He had always been abnormally large, and was almost always hard. He kept his mind stimulated with images of 'his' women, whether he ever actually knew them or not, and he masturbated many times each day. It was as natural as breathing, to him. This kept him constantly on a sexual edge, and got him into trouble, more often than not. It had once led to him hastily leaving Dry Valley, when that little Scout bitch decided at the last minute that she didn't want to put out. "Well, she did, despite what she said!" he thought. "That moment will soon be repeating itself!"

He thought of the girl again. She was cute, in a trailer-trash sort of way. Short brunette hair, nice tits under that Wal-Mart smock, and tight black slacks that hinted of muscular legs and a sweet, plump pussy. He doubted she'd had many lovers, though. Probably married the first guy that got into her pants, and considered herself happy, at least for the first year or so. Now, she might be eager for something else. These small-town girls were all horny! The tattoos covering each of his arms seemed to fascinate her, and she asked about them.

"Hell, they're just mementos," he said, and flexed his muscles as he showed them off.

Jonis chatted up the girl, and within two miles had her convinced that she didn't want to go into work today. Her eyes kept drifting to his erection, and he didn't fail to notice this fact. When he suggested that she forget work and go party with him, she smiled seductively and said, "You don't think I'd get into trouble, do you?"

He looked pointedly at the slab along his thigh and back at her. "Think you can handle this sort of trouble?" he asked, and smiled. She laughed, nervously, then licked her lips.

"I could sure try," she said, smiling back at him.

He pulled into a thicket off the small highway and shut off the motor. Within five minutes, she was bobbing her head aggressively over his lap, her hands clutching at the denim as she yanked at his jeans. She couldn't wait to have him inside her! He raised his hips and allowed her to peel his pants and underwear down onto the tops of his work boots, watching her pretty face all the while.

"That's it. Keep sucking, baby," he urged. She did, even while her hands went to the snap of her own slacks. She climbed onto her knees on the seat as she pushed down at the waistband, and her ass came into view. Nice and white, it was, the pink outline of her panties just creasing the cheeks. Jonis pushed her head down onto his cock with his left hand, while his right snaked between her legs.

Her moan was strangled as his finger entered her, her throat full of his throbbing meat. She spread her legs, though, and arched her back as his finger thrust up into her sloppy center, again and again. The sounds of her wetness filled the air, and he breathed deeply as her musk permeated the cab of the truck. It hardened him even more. He loved this: raw, gutteral sex, with no need for romance.

He studied her face as she sucked him. It was taut, her mouth opened widely, her lips stretched around the thickness of his meat. Her eyes were vacant and unfocused, her only thoughts now involving having him inside her. He flexed his cock muscles, and watched the effect it had on her throat. Her neck arched, and she gagged a little.

He loved to watch his dick being sucked. Lacing his fingers behind his head, he thrust himself up to her, and listened to her slurping sounds. Her tongue was busy, swiping up and down his shaft as she sucked, and after awhile he found himself wondering what her pussy felt like. God, he wanted to fuck her!

He yanked her shoulder upward, slinging her against the seatback, and turned to her. His hands tore at the slacks bunched around the tops of her knees, dragging them down over her ankles and off over one shoe. He pushed her legs apart. Her eyes watched him warily now, hoping that he liked what he saw. Her pussy ached for his cock. When he licked his lips, she leaned back across the seat and put one foot on the dashboard.

"Fuck me?" she asked, as he pulled her other knee upward, wedging himself between her outspread legs.

"Hell, yeah," Jonis muttered, positioning himself on his knees. He could see her wetness; smell her desire. It drove him crazy with lust. When he entered her, it was swiftly...just what she wanted, he figured. His cock split the tender flesh as it barreled into her, his girth tearing a surprised cry from her throat. He grunted loudly, his approval of her tightness. Then it was off to the races.

There was no tenderness. Jonis always fucked as if someone were after him. Perhaps they were. Grasping her shoulders for balance, his hips slammed into the girl's pelvis brutally, each thrust rocking her head against the passenger's side door. Her face was a mask of barely-concealed pain, her hands grasping futilely at the seat cushions as he fucked her. She tried not to cry out. I made a big mistake, she thought suddenly, as he assaulted her body.

It hurt, but it was over soon. With a stiffening of his legs and a mighty bellow, Jonis thrust himself as far up into her as he could, and climaxed. He smiled as he felt the satisfied feeling of filling her narrow canal with his first copious load, and he held himself up on his knuckles, suspended over her as he pumped another, and yet another, scalding stream of semen deep inside her. Each contraction of his balls was accompanied by a groan of pleasure. Unable to look at him, the girl squinted her eyes tightly shut, praying she couldn't get pregnant this week.

When he pulled from her, it was abrupt. She felt his discharge draining from her gaping cunt, and sighed. "Oh, god," she breathed, and he laughed.

"Yeah! Haven't been fucked like that in awhile, huh?" he said, backing out of the truck and bending to pull his pants and underwear up. As he fastened the snap and zipped up, he surveyed her. She gingerly pulled her ankle off the dashboard, and lowered her foot to the floorboard. Grinning, he pulled her panties off one ankle and pocketed them.

"Souvenir, okay?"

He made her dress while he drove, dropping her off at the same bus stop bench where he'd picked her up. Watching her climb shakily out of the truck, he felt himself getting hard again, but he didn't have time to bang this one again. With a vague promise to look for her sometime later, he drove off...back toward the Scout girl's house. He hoped he hadn't missed anything. Mitch's truck in front of the house only angered him.

* * *

Now that he had Jess away from her house and friends, he was getting anxious for her to return to her car. He couldn't figure out how she could be buying much, anyway. God knows, those Walker boys seemed to be taking care of her grocery needs, and it looked like Mitch was attending to ALL her needs, now!

It was only by happenstance that Jonis had run across Jessica again. She and her reporter had pulled into the garage in Henry County where he worked with car trouble, three weeks ago. Jonis had been there almost two years, and had never known that Jessica Scout was a reporter for the paper up in Atlanta. Hell, they were almost neighbors! She'd not seen him, and he hid out around the back while they waited for Pappy to repair her car, watching her. She looked good, and the old feelings of lust he'd had for her had resurfaced. He decided that day to finish what he'd begun, so many years ago. This time, he'd take all the time in the world, and let her get used to what a real man felt like!

He got her address in Atlanta from the repair receipt, and began his surveillance that evening. By the second week, he'd quit the garage and begun to stalk her in earnest, learning her work schedule, her favorite eating places, and what time she showered. That was his favorite time.

Jonis had watched from the stairwell in the next apartment, his eyes trying to penetrate the obscure glass of her window. He could see her general shape, especially when she raised her arms to shampoo her hair, and imagined those pink-capped breasts in his hands as she hung by her hands from the shower rod. He masturbated wildly, leaving his discharge on the wall of the stairwell when he left.

Then, this week, she'd packed up the car and kept driving. He knew she was headed to Dry Valley before they hit the Georgia state line. "Good," he thought. "It'll be fun to take her in her own house!" He followed at a safe distance, once even passing her on the highway. She hadn't recognized him. He stroked himself, watching her in the rear-view mirror. When they got into Texas, he turned off and got a motel room in an adjoining town. He knew where to find her, and he'd followed her every day since.

Today looked like it could be the day, until suddenly his plans dissolved. "That damn Mrs. O'Grady," Jonis sneered, as she walked out of the store with Jessica. Together, the two women got into the Taurus, and Jessica pulled out into traffic. Frustrated, Jonis straightened up in his seat and made his hand leave his throbbing boner. He started the engine and followed, but he somehow felt that today wouldn't be the day.

"No matter," he said aloud. "I've got all the time in the world." He suddenly turned the truck left, in the direction of Wal-Mart.

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