tagHumor & SatireDumpster Divin'

Dumpster Divin'


Chuck was one crazy bastard, but Deena wanted to fuck him nonetheless. She had listened to him talk about his crazy sexual exploits many times before, usually over lunch breaks with coworkers or on smoke breaks by the loading dock at their place of employment at one of the local big box retailers. From blowjobs in the back alley behind after-hours bars, to threesomes in cramped bathroom stalls at local night clubs, to trysts in the back seat of his Trans-Am in empty parking lots during daylight hours, Chuck had an endless supply of tales, and proudly told each one. There was almost no limit to what he would do, or where he would do it. That, and the fact that Chuck was hot, was what drove Deena crazy.

He was lean and muscular, ripped throughout, with a face that oozed rugged masculinity. She could see the chiseled outline of his chest and back in those just-a-touch-too-tight polo shirts he wore on the sales floor, his employee badge always dangling from his neck and nestling between his well developed pecs. His ass was firm and sculpted, easily noticeable under his slim fit khaki slacks, and begged to be grabbed and palmed. Whenever he was within a few feet of her, she could smell the unmistakable scent of Axe permeating her personal space, and that just added to her lust for him. Masturbating in the bathroom stall twice per day, fantasizing about all the vile things Chuck could do to her was no longer going to cut it. It was time to make her fantasy a reality.

Late in the afternoon on Friday, before her shift ended, Deena pulled Chuck aside on the sales floor and made her intentions known. She'd been burning with desire for some time, and was not going to take no for an answer.

"I need you to fuck me," she said, with a directness that almost caused him to stumble backwards as she pushed up against his shoulder with her weight. "I don't care what you're doing this weekend, you are fucking me."

Chuck wasn't the type to let an opportunity go to waste. He'd planned on fucking someone this weekend, but never imagined that Deena would be a willing participant in his weekend fun. After steadying himself on his feet, a wry smile crept over his face and he plotted. He had no intention of changing his plans however adding to them was well within reason.

"Ok," he said, as he pulled her aside and into a corner next to the sound room by the audio electronics. "I'm goin' out tonight and tomorrow night, but can meet you afterward. Come to the loading dock at 2am tomorrow night and I'll be there waiting for you." It was an offer Deena couldn't refuse.

Less than forty-eight hours later, Deena was both excited and nervous as she drove down the long driveway towards the loading dock in the small hours of the morning. The dimly lit corridor surrounded by nothing but weeded brush on one side and the cold concrete backside of the building on the other, left her with a feeling of unease as she made her way slowly forward. When she reached the end of the drive, she stopped the car in front of the large green dumpster that was used to collect cardboard and other store recyclables, and tentatively stepped out. She checked her phone and looked at the time. 1:55 a.m. – five minutes early. She wasn't surprised she'd have to wait. But for how long, she had no idea.

The air was thick and damp, and the mugginess of the summer's overnight wreaked havoc with her bouncy blond hair and make-up. She brushed a few damp strands from her forehead as she made her way over to the steps leading to the dock's platform. Deena took a seat on the top step, pushing the front of her lightweight, knee length skirt down between her legs, placed her forearms between her thighs and rocked herself back and forth impatiently while attempting to pass the time. She gazed at her surroundings and listened to the still of the night. A hint of traffic on the freeway in the distance was just loud enough to drown out any sound coming from the brush, and for that, she was thankful. The loading dock was eerie at night. Dim fluorescent lighting cast shadows on the ground and along the side of the building, making her more that a little nervous to have to sit and wait. But waiting is what she had been doing since she first laid eyes on him. She could wait a little longer.

Before she could check the time once more, she heard a rustling noise coming from the dumpster. Curiosity got the best of her so she left her seated position on the stoop and hesitantly walked towards it. The closer she came, the louder the noise became, but as she approached within a few feet of the container, she heard the sound of a car turning into the driveway. The low rumble of the engine was unmistakable. Chuck had arrived.

He made his way down the drive, pulled to a stop directly behind Deena's car and opened the door. Without saying a word, and looking like a lion stalking its prey, he moved in. Deena pushed a few moist strands of hair away from her face and tried to brush herself off quickly, but Chuck was already on her. When their bodies made contact, the force of his weight pushed her back against the dumpster, and along with a loud thud that echoed from it, came a horrific shrill from inside its guts. In a flash, something shot out the opening on the side of the bin and landed on the ground. A mangy looking black cat, covered in cardboard dust and shavings, was now staring back at them. They both breathed a sigh of relief, then Chuck turned back to Deena and said, "It's just a fuckin' cat," before jamming his tongue down her throat and ripping her ruffled blouse open. It was on.

Chuck worked his way over her body skillfully, first running his tongue down her neck, then between her cleavage, and then kissing her again, making her more and more wet with each passing second. Deena grabbed and tugged at him, pulling his body into hers and squeezing his ass with both hands while he unclasped the strap of her bra and pushed it up towards her neck. She then ran her hands under his shirt and up his muscular back as he began sucking forcefully on her tits. She heaved loudly as Chuck ran his tongue down her chest and under the elastic waistband of her skirt, while she grabbed at his crotch and fumbled with the button on his jeans.

"Oh god!" she cried as Chuck pushed her skirt up and put his lips to her soaked crotch. The only thing that stood between his tongue and her soft, dripping wet lips was a thin layer of cotton. He quickly pulled it aside with one jerk of his thumb, and began running his tongue over her slit and on her clit. Deena moaned with pleasure as he worked her over with his mouth, grabbing at her clit with his lips and sucking it, then running his tongue back down to her opening and rapidly gliding it in and out of her hole. She was being tongue fucked and she loved it.

Chuck then rose up and put both hands on her shoulders, forcing her down to her knees, then palmed the back of her head and played with her hair while she unbuttoned his jeans and pried his cock loose. She grabbed it at the base and began sucking. Chuck guided her head ever forward with each stroke until Deena was taking all of his cock in her throat. He grunted and groaned with each thrust forward, while keeping her head steady and pressing his pelvis into her nose. Deena gaged throughout and was having a difficult time swallowing his long rod, so Chuck took a small ounce of pity on her and moved his hands to her shoulders while continuing to thrust forward. Instinctively, she pulled back with each thrust, each time bumping the back of her head against the dumpster, the low banging sound it made echoing eerily into the night.

Deena's eyes watered and started to run. Dark mascara-laden tears dripped down her cheeks, but she was determined to continue working his tool through the steamy heat. Chuck pulled himself back just as she started to gain a rhythm deep throating him, then pulled her up in one motion and turned her around. He pushed on her back and shoulders, bent her forward, lifted her skirt up, and plunged his sufficiently lubed cock into her glistening pussy. He took no time to be gentle with her at all, ramming into her with jackhammer force and tugging on her tits at the same time.

"Fuck!" shouted Deena, as the top of her head smacked into the face of the dumpster with each of Chuck's thrusts. "Jeezus, Chuck!" she complained. But Chuck didn't care. He was beating the shit out of her pussy and was thoroughly enjoying himself. He giggled a bit while he worked her over, and the banging sounds echoing from the dumpster, along with her protests, served both to amuse and arouse him at the same time. Those just made him go harder and faster.

He was now hammering Deena mercilessly, using her as his own personal fuck-doll. She tried to steady herself by putting her hands on the dumpster, but it was no use. Chuck was too strong and his thrusting was too powerful. All she could do was shield her head with her forearm to prevent her skull from taking any additional abuse. She'd finally adjusted to his motion and started enjoying the ride when Chuck missed high and sent his rock hard dick into her asshole. She let out a painful yelp and cried out, "Damnit, Chuck! That was my asshole!"

Chuck pulled out of her and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands. He spread them wide in amusement and could see her juices all over her twat. He put two fingers into her pussy, played with her g-spot for a few seconds, pulled them out, then stuffed both of them into her quivering butt hole.

Again, Deena yelped and protested. "Chuck, I was starting to feel like I was gonna cum! What the fuck are you doing?"

Chuck moistened his mouth then spit onto his fingers. He rubbed the head of his cock with his saliva, fastened Deena in front of him by putting one hand on her lower back, and said, "Well, it was already half way in there," before forcing his semi-lubed head into her asshole.

Deena could painfully feel her ass being pried opened and tried to coax him out of it by reaching back and trying to take his cock in her hand, but Chuck was having none of that. He grunted as he continued pushing forward until he'd forced his way past her delicate sphincter and into her canal, while she moaned in anguish. She reached back again towards his pelvis, and through tiny gasping breaths, said to him, "I want you in my pussy!"

Chuck ignored her plea and began working her ass hard. "Yeah, baby!" he shouted, while Deena cringed and suffered. "This is what I like!"

"Chuck..." she pleaded repeatedly, while trying to slow him down. "You're killin' me! I want you in my pussy!"

Chuck continued pounding her ass as he saw fit, but was getting a little tired listening to her protests through her yelping. He drove one last long stroke into her, burying his cock as far as he could before pulling out and going back into her cunt. He then drove her harder, loudly smacking his pelvis into her delicate lily-white ass cheeks, making her forget all about his anal invasion. "Yeah!" she cried. "That's it! Beat my pussy up you mother-fucker!"

Chuck kept pumping faster and faster while Deena felt herself begin to quiver. Her orgasm was violent and came deep from within. Her juices flowed freely, covering Chuck's cock and balls, as she let out a loud moan that echoed long into the night. Chuck came shortly thereafter, driving Deena forward and her skull back into the dumpster one more time for good measure. He grunted and groaned for a few seconds while the remnants of his load oozed into her pussy. He pulled out of her immediately and pulled his pants up. Deena pushed herself upright from her bent over position in front of the dumpster and turned towards him. He was already buttoned and zipped up and in the process of lighting a cigarette when she noticed that something didn't feel quite right. A tingling and burning sensation from inside her pussy came over her and she immediately reached down with her fingers and began inspecting the crime scene.

"Oh god," she said while Chuck did nothing other than take a drag on his cigarette. "I think it's my ring!"

Chuck looked at her inquisitively and asked, "Ring?"

"My fuckin' birth control ring, you moron!" she said while shooting both an angry and concerned glance at him. "I gotta get it out! I can feel it burning!"

Deena reached inside herself while squatting and bearing down to free up the ring, clasped her finger around it, then pulled it forward through the mixture of vagina, anal, and seminal fluid that was settling in her pussy and removed it. She lifted it in front of her and shot a nasty glance at him before condescendingly saying, "See."

Chuck tossed his cigarette aside and rushed her. He pushed her back into the side of the dumpster and pinned both her arms against it, as she dropped the ring to the ground. As he forced his tongue into her mouth, the black cat that was curiously observing them cautiously crept forward, grabbed the ring with its teeth, and then scurried off towards the brush to play with its slimy, foul-smelling toy. When Chuck was satisfied with his work, he stepped back, turned away from her and walked back to his car. Before getting inside and turning the ignition, he said to her, "I'll see ya Monday."

Deena said nothing as she watched him pull away, then hung her head in shame. She looked down towards the ground and as she began feeling the first pangs of self-pity, she realized the ring was nowhere to be found. She looked around the side of the dumpster then behind her, but there was no trace of it. She thought about this for a moment but then quickly wiped the thought aside. She was once again alone in the heat of the night, feeling more empty than she did before the weekend began.

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